My Grandparents by Royce Nadar

Shared by Royce Nadar (Grade 9) on August 1, 2021
Throughout the years, I'd listen to conversations between classmates in my school about their grandparents. Most of their grandfathers or grandmothers has passed away when they were very small or around the time of their birth. I didn't realize it at the time but later I would understand the value of having spent time with them, as well as the knowledge that they passed on to me along with their love. My grandfather always had a kind heart that was generous and full of giving to others and those around him. Spending summers in India, my parents would usually leave the house leaving me and my sister with our grandparents. It seemed like every time my grandfather would spend with us, it was to learn about math skills, problems and tricks. I found it tiresome as well as my sister but my grandfather's love language was through his math that he taught which was hard to see at that time. He helped so many students that were around him through his actions as a math tutor blessing those around him with his talent. My grandfather created a legacy that will never fade and till this day inspires me to create a legacy like his. My grandmother's love language however was through her actions. She would treat me like I was her own child displaying her love in the phone calls that were year round long. Sometimes I wish that she would treat me as an adult, but her love for me remained the same regardless of my age. Before I could create memories, my grandmother was taking care of me since I was baby when my mom stepped out of the house coming out of her comfort zone by travelling from India to Hong Kong. Both my Mai and Papa (Grandmother and Grandfather) have created memories for me as well as others and although they are not with us on this earth, their actions will be remembered by those that they loved and helped throughout the years.

Uncle Roque

Shared by Royal Santhumayor on July 25, 2021

A father is implored to bring their children up in the ways of the Lord, to discipline them and to encourage, comfort and instruct them.

Uncle Roque who's been so close with me and with my family from past 6 months. The person who always carried a generous heart for every person and a great disciple/follower of Christ. 

The person who's always been close to me, praying for me out of nowhere to get a job. Talking to uncle was always a new experience sharing all his struggles and God's hand over his life. 

Uncle Roque always carried a heart for God. Always served God with everything he had. Loved God with everything and always been and spoke blessing for everyone. Uncle Roque carries a greatest example of being Humble, Kind, Patience, Generous and served people in every possible way. 

Uncle Roque whom I knew in person from past 8 years till date. All I knew about him was an Excellent Maths teacher that's all I knew about Uncle Roque before meeting him in person. 

My sister was one of his students. Where Uncle used to teach her maths. And she scored best in that subject. In a mean time even I had an opportunity learning maths from uncle roque where I still remember him quoting the sentence, (when I was learning maths during my school time) Which said.... 
1. Same sign add and put the same sign
2. Different sign subtract and put the greater sign

I never felt like calling Uncle Sir. Because of his behavior being humble, patient and kind to me during learning. I always saw him as a father figure and has always spoken blessing over my life. 

All I can say is Thank you Uncle for everything❤
Yes it definitely makes me sad of you not being around but at the same time it makes me happy that you're in a better place where we'll be with the uppermost father serving and worshipping him. 

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