Posted by Rebecca D'souza on July 20, 2021
Uncle Roque and Aunty Genny will always be remembered as one of my favourite uncles and aunts. Their generosity, kindness, and hospitality was matchless. Uncle Roque always had smile on his face no matter what. His patience, wisdom, and calmness was something I always admired. Aunty Genny’s joyful heart always made us feel at home. Going to Vasai always meant going to Uncle Roque and Aunty Genny’s. She made sure we never left home without being well fed and treated us like her own kids. She would randomly call to check on me which always brought a smile to my heart. I have always known Aunty Genny as my Dad’s closest sibling cause of the humble and generous nature that they shared. Both, Uncle Roque & Aunty Genny, were a tremendous blessing to my Dad and Mum’s ministry. Their happiness was in seeing others, mainly the underprivileged, happy and investing in God’s kingdom. It’s still hard to believe that they are no longer with us but I know for a fact that they fought the good race and are enjoying in the presence of the Heavenly Father & I know we will see them one day in the hope that we have in Christ. They will always be irreplaceable and when I think of them, I will do so with a smile.

Sending lots of love, hugs, and prayers to Vivian, Glen, and family.
Posted by Jeniba Phelan on June 26, 2021
So grateful to uncle and aunty for all they did for us. We were so blessed to have had them in our lives. I remember when dad would send us there for overnight stay when he was working late and they both made us feel at home. They were so kind and faithful and opened their house for having church services. I remember learning maths from uncle and he always had such a way of making it all so simple to understand and learn.
We will miss them so much but know they are in a better place and we will see them one day.
Praying for you all vivian and glen and family. We are sending love and our deepest condolences. Praying for Gods comfort and peace in this difficult time.
Lots of love, jeniba.
Posted by Melvina Moore on June 5, 2021
Uncle and Aunty have been such a blessing to us all. God servants, always encouraging, serving, giving and hospitable. Uncle has never said no to anything. He would go out of his way to help even if he would come home so tired. Aunty has always been so loving and giving.
It’s a huge loss for all of us. We may not be able to express our feelings in words. Its like a part of us is missing. They will always be in our hearts and alive in sweet memories.
But one thing for sure, they are in a much better place or I can say the best place - free from all the cares, worries and pain of this world, safe and secure. Heaven is being populated with all Gods generals, I wonder what it will like there.
Viv, be strong and take courage because we have the assurance that we will see them on the day of the Lord.
Love, peace and comfort of the Holy Spirit to Vivian, Glen, Dsilva’s, Dsouza’s and Nadar’s family

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