The greatest mother ever

Shared by Antonio Gutierrez on April 24, 2016

Sorry mama for not being there the last day of your life on this earth I wish I could have made it to spend the last day with you before you walked into gods hands I was in a bad place in my life at the time and didn't want you to pass away. Knowing your son was doing bad at the time but I kept my promise to you and I graduated like I said I would and I'm doin great I miss goin down at nite while everyone was asleep and you would open your doors to me wen I was down and I would lay down next to you and you would give me so much good advice and I would leave feeling good from the talk we had I thank you for lifting me up wen I was about to give up I keep your pics rite next to my bed and continue having them talks with you I miss you so much I can't even go to your old house anymore cuz it hurts so bad that u not there it just ain't the same no more hold me a spot up there can't wait to be in your arm again mama r.i.p mother your the greatest love you so much your son Antonio 

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