If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again.
  • 58 years old
  • Born on August 5, 1951 in Richmond, Indiana, United States.
  • Passed away on May 31, 2010 in Richmond, Indiana, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Rosa Richard 58 years old , born on August 5, 1951 and passed away on May 31, 2010. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Sarah Moll on March 1, 2016
Loving and missing you. Tonight and every night. I carry you on my heart and my mind daily. We will see each other again one day. Wish you could see my babies. They wouldve loved you as well. Hugs and kisses to you
Posted by Sarah Moll on May 31, 2015
I light this candle not just in memory but to keep the flame in my heart burning. I miss you and love you so much that i cant breath at times. I cant go in ur house still. I make it to the porch and panic sets in. Ben took me to see you few weeks ago and it felt good to know i can find u now when i need to be with u. Ur always in my heart. I always talk to you in my prayers. I will never understand why those we love are taken from us but to know u was a big part of my life helps to be ok 5 yrs later. But one hug one more time hearing ur voice one more anything...all leads to one day i will get to see u again. The miles and galaxies between us mean nothing cause ur always here with me in my heart.
Posted by Crissy Scalf on July 15, 2014
I cant believe I'm a grandma! Taylors delivery went well and Colton is 2 months old! He is GORGEOUS! and healthy! Mariah is so smart Jacob will be 15 tomorrow! dads good. We all keep ourselves very busy. Daniel won our singing contest at the fair this year! Ben got a motorcycle and he worries me with it but he is SO HAPPY finally. We take one day at a time still. Still missing you SO MUCH! LOVE YOU!
Posted by Crissy Scalf on February 16, 2014
In 2 months Taylor is going to make me a grandma & you a great grandma! It's hard to believe how fast time keeps flying. Dad is so depressed breaks my heart how sad he is no matter how hard we try to cheer him up , it's just not enough. Taylor felt you rub her hair In grandmas kitchen when we were doing the baby shower invitations! Thanks for coming around! We miss u!!!! Keep protecting us all Ma! Love you !!
Posted by Crissy Scalf on October 16, 2013
Taylor is now pregnant & due this coming April. Dad's kidneys are getting worse and he is closer to dialysis. Me & Daniel are doing good Jake is still a great kid! Mariah is the best baby! she will be 3 soon! kills me youre not here! I carry a big load around.Trying to stay stress free.but it finds me too. Ben is married and happy. Wrap your arms around us all. We need it. Love you Ma. XO!
Posted by Crissy Scalf on October 16, 2013
I miss how you made treat bags for the kids for Halloween. NOTHING is the same without you. The wind even blows different. I pray for strength daily. sometimes I think God thinks I am superwoman with all he throws my way. Losing you was the Hardest. its still hurts so bad. Dad is so lonely.me,Ben & the kids cheering him up isn't enough. I take good care of him. Keep watching over us xoxox
Posted by Crissy Scalf on December 18, 2012
Another Xmas is coming without you.I Miss you and Will Never get over you.Mariah will be 2 this Saturday.I wish you were here to hold her Mom she's Gorgeous! Looks just like Jake & Taylor.It's still not getting easier.Daniels doing So good and it shows on us all! What I'd give to have one more day with you, theres so much to talk about and I want to Hug you So hard! Merry Christmas Ma!
Posted by Sarah Moll on August 5, 2012
i am trying to be strong today, its what you would want. for us left behind to remember the good times and to just be happy, but there has been a void and always will be that only you can fill, maybe one day ill be able to see you smile or hug you or even just hear your voice. wesley would love you, so sorry you missed him hes a stinker lol! but we love you and miss you always :-)
Posted by Crissy Scalf on June 21, 2012
Taylor just Graduated High School.She was so beautiful! and it was so hard without you. She has a job now as a CNA nurse at the nursing Home. Not bad for a first job.Wish you was here to share all these new memories and stories.Jacob's starting middle school and Mariah is growing like a weed.Her hair is Still red! She's a good baby! it's summertime and nothings the same without you.
Posted by Crissy Scalf on June 21, 2012
you are not here to guide and advise me on all these life changes. I am having to figure them out by myself. It has been hard watching Taylor grow and graduate, and theres nothing I can do about these babies of mine growing too fast! proud of them , but they won't stay little. (ha!ha) wish you were here to have our Kitchen table girl talks. I miss that and you so much. Love you!
Posted by Crissy Scalf on May 7, 2012
God took you home to Heaven I begged you not to leave. He had a place set aside for you and I am left to grieve. I miss your smile, your laugh, your neverending Love. Please watch over me down here from your new home up above. My life has changed Forever There is a hole now in my heart I will wait until I am called THEN we will never part.  Happy Mother's Day! LOVE YOU!!!!
Posted by Crissy Scalf on May 7, 2012
Dad's kidneys are better, now his broken leg is healing from his scooter wreck.He probably will Never stop riding.Taylor's her mothers daughter and her Grandma's Grandaughter.Very stubborn, but a Good girl! Jacob is so considerate,lways helping someone with your smile on his face.Mariah is Bossy! and sweet at the same time.Missing you isn't getting much easier WIsh I can hug you right now!
Posted by Crissy Scalf on March 14, 2012
Dad spent all last week in the hospital. I seen you in his room the night he was the sickest.. around 3:30 am. Wish you was here with us. It's not easy taking care of everyone and everything, but I'm doing the best I can. Dad's kidneys are worse. Taylor is out of school and will be 18 Friday. You would be so proud of her! I have great kids. Hope Dad gets better..Love & Miss you !!!!!
Posted by Crissy Scalf on February 21, 2012
I miss you so much. Everyday I expect the phone to ring, but it doesn't. I hope you know how much I love you and even though you have passed from this life you are forever in my heart. You were such a fine young person and ready to sgare with the world the talents you had. I count my blseeings to have had you here as long as I did, but I wish it were longer. Still can't sleep, Miss YOU!
Posted by Crissy Scalf on February 21, 2012
I think about you and cry often. I miss you more than words can say It feels as if it were yesterday you were here.Here for me to ask advice of, here for me to share my hopes and dreams with and most importantly..just here. you left TOO soon. Children are NEver ready to let go of their parents. we feel you should live forever. you WILL live forever in my Heart. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! XOXOXOX
Posted by Sarah Moll on February 21, 2012
I miss you and love you sooo much. I wish you were here daily but i know you are in a better place. I know you are missed by more than just me and i feel their hurt. I cant take my own hurt away let alone someone else's pain. I love you Ro-Ro
Posted by Crissy Scalf on December 21, 2011
We're about to spend our 2nd Xmas without you. It's no easier than last Xmas. God what I'd give to see you sitting holding Mariah in your lap. She will be 1 tomorrow! and she's been walking for days! I thought about you all day at her party. I know you was there. I feel you around me A Lot. Times going by and the babies are growing too fast. Dad's still so sad. Keep watching over us!
Posted by Crissy Scalf on November 15, 2011
Your face is always on my mind.A smile I've seen a million times, even when you felt bad.I look back at memories I forgot I had, and I still smile even though it still hurts me. I know the meaning of A Mother's Love is like no other every time I look at my own. I hope you always hear me. Thank God you will be my guardian angel for the rest of my life! I miss you more than you can ever know
Posted by Jordan Hollingsworth on August 31, 2011
from christina I think about you when I look at your new gran baby, it makes me sad knowing that she won't know you only threw us. I feel some comfort in seeing what a wonderful mother crissy has turned out to be. Taylor is the best big sister and jake is such a loving brother.
Posted by Crissy Scalf on August 4, 2011
Happy 60th Birthday Momma. (tomorrow) The kids are getting so big and still talking about you everyday. Now they say you come to them in their dreams.That blesses me!Don't stop that.I'm sill watching over Dad, but he's lost without you.Ben's going to church. I Love you & Miss you
Posted by Taylor Scalf on August 4, 2011
I thought of you today, but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday, and days before that too. I think of you in silence and often speak your name. All I have are memories and a picture in a frame ; Happy Birthday Grandma, I love you so much <3
Posted by Vicki Tate on June 1, 2011
Yesterday was my daughters birthday and 1 year ago that you left us. You know, its hard here, without you and momma. Jackie passed in Feb and I realized how alone I really am! It's difficult! I miss you all sooooo much!!!
Posted by Crissy Scalf on May 31, 2011
Today makes a year that you left us. A Butterfly flew in between me & grandma & Mariah yesterday on her porch. You did that. I smiled. I Miss you so Much! More & more everyday! Dad, Ben, Taylor & Jake Misses you Like crazy! Keep Whispering to me..Lov
Posted by Trena Eversole on May 8, 2011
Happy Mothers Day Rose, even though you are not here with us. We think of you everyday, and missed by so many. Love you Trena
Posted by Crissy Scalf on May 8, 2011
Still missing u every minute!Today's my 1st Mother's Day without you.I miss planting your rose bushes.I bet there's lots of roses in heaven! Thanks for giving me a little more strength and sweet security everyday.Keep whispering to me~it's beautiful!
Posted by Kristina Johnson on March 26, 2011
Miss you Rose! We had so much fun on that farmville :)Love ya! :)
Posted by Crissy Scalf on March 25, 2011
Mariah turned 3 months old 3 days ago. She's such a good baby! Never hardly cries. Its funny how bossy she is. Wonder where she gets that from? She already had her Daddy and the rest of us wrapped round her little finger! We all miss you soo much!!
Posted by Crissy Scalf on December 26, 2010
Yesterday was Christmas without you and on Dec,22 my daughter Mariah was born. It was so hard being in labor without you here even though several times I felt you standing beside me. The next morning Mariah got choked and quit breathing, the nurse took her from me and rushed her down the hall.I know it was God and you that saved her. You whispered in my ear that she would be ok.and she was. Thanks
Posted by Stefanie Donahue on December 15, 2010
I didnt know Rosa but I know she has one amazing daughter so she must of been pretty amazing herself!
Lots of love and prayers to the family! ♥
Posted by Crissy Scalf on December 8, 2010
It's a few weeks from Christmas and it's hard to believe me, you, and Taylor aren't baking cookies. I miss you taking me to my prenatal doctor appointments, even though I know you are really there with me in spirit. I'm doing my best to stay strong (thats what I've learned from you) and to take care of Dad. You knew I would, God what I'd give to talk to you even on the phone.
Posted by Kristina Johnson on August 27, 2010
Rose was one if the sweetest person I know here and I will miss her dearly!!!
Posted by Crissy Scalf on August 26, 2010
There's not a night that goes by that I don't lay awake for hours and think of what all we would do if we had one more day together. I hope I inherit just Half the emotional strength that you had. Sorry you're body was weaker than most. Keep visiting me in my dreams.. and each time I see a butterfly...I can't help but think it's sign you're watching over me. I Promise I WILL see you some day!

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