Let the memory of Rosalie be with us forever
  • 91 years old
  • Born on February 8, 1924 .
  • Passed away on May 30, 2015 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Rosalie Vortriede, 91, born on February 8, 1924 and passed away on May 30, 2015. We will remember her forever.

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Posted by Lohn Gartner on 1st June 2016
I cannot believe its been a year. Rarely does a day go by that I don't think of Rosalie and use some trick she taught me. I am ever grateful that I fell in your sphere of influence.
Posted by Karen Maxwell on 30th May 2016
Mom, A year ago I was in a panic, trying to get my expired passport renewed to get back to the US, when I got the news that you had passed away peacefully. It seems somehow long ago, and just yesterday. Today I carry your memory with me lovingly. Mitzi
Posted by Karen Maxwell on 8th February 2016
Mom, this is the first time we celebrate your birthday without you. Goodness knows, one of the things we all remember about you is how much you loved a party! So, we will party on, and remember you always. Your spirit is here among us.
Posted by Kathleen Krasity on 23rd June 2015
Rosalie was a true Grande Dame in Indian Village. I have very fond memories of Indian Village Woman's Garden Club meetings at her beautiful home. She was always very generous with her time and energy. I consider her a role model and hope to help continue her legacy in our community. It as a pleasure to know her.
Posted by Eric Vortriede on 21st June 2015
I'm leaving this tribute according to written instructions from my aunt Tinka Worthington: Rosalie brought two fine, talented children to the marriage and gave my brother four wonderful, gifted sons, one of whom, sadly, is no longer with. She made my brother a very happy man. Thank you Rosalie. Tinka, your sister-in-law
Posted by Arya Thr on 20th June 2015
Dear Rosalie, I am so glad to have had the opportunity to visit you in over Christmas 2011. Do you remember, we ate dinner together, Grandpa ordered Chinese food, Rollie was there too? It was a beautiful time. I heard many good words from Andy about you. You taught him to read music, went swimming a lot and you were preparing very delicious food and lots of orange juice for him. Weeks, months, years are passing but the memories remain at heart forever.
Posted by Jen Vortriede on 19th June 2015
Mom, I feel sad you were my mother-in-law for only eight years. I wish I had known you much longer and better. One memory I will always treasure, though, was during one of Eric's and my first visits with you and dad in Grosse Pointe Park. I think it was in 2007, the year Eric and I got married. I'll never forget singing with you. What a beautiful voice you had! I was blessed to have heard it. Thank you for that memory and for giving birth to my true love, your son Eric. Your memory lives on through him. Rest in peace.
Posted by Lohn Gartner on 19th June 2015
In between my sophomore and Junior years in college, due to a series of misadventures, I was left with no permanent address…couch surfing and worse. With an introduction from Eric, Rosalie and Dr. Vortriede agreed to allow me to live at their mansion in Indian Village in exchange for household duties. This kindness allowed me to complete an aggressive course load with far less economic pressure. I lived there for nearly two years, and they treated me with dignity and kindness. We remained friends for the duration. I count her children among my best friends, as near as siblings. When someone passes on that we knew well and loved (I knew Rosalie for more than 35 years), we inevitably reflect on how they touch our loves. While I often refer to her as my benefactor, Rosalie was a natural teacher, and she taught me many things…that I still use almost daily, ranging from household skills to social graces and the arts. Among them: - How to vacuum any given surface with the least work and how to make the nap look best - How to season and care for fine cookery - What constitutes a movement in a symphony, and how to distinguish one - Any sauce can be rescued…if you are patient enough - How to properly wash and dry a crystal wine glass so it has no lipstick marks, spots, or streaks - How to properly fold a napkin, and how to set a formal table - How to plan a dinner party for 10, 20 or 200 guests - ANYTHING can be found at wholesale cost, if you are willing to dig I will miss this wonderful and talented woman – my benefactor – who was a wonderful surrogate mother, a terrific chef, a gracious hostess, a world class singer and musician who could harmonize at will, an accomplished businesswoman, and, perhaps, the finest unrepentant paronamisiaist who ever passed this way.
Posted by Andy Kleidouhakis on 18th June 2015
Thank you Grandmother, for sharing such a rich cultural background, a distinguished taste in music and food as well as in the arts of living, loving and giving. You passionately inspired me as my first piano teacher; our best moments together resonated with classical music. Although I knew so little, I could understand a good composition by the smile on your face. I always felt welcome at your home and you visited many times in Europe, leaving countless cherished memories. Death doesn't mean the end, but a gateway leading to another place. Farewell.
Posted by Karen Maxwell on 14th June 2015
Mom, I miss you so much. The message that I hear from you is two-fold: Celebrate life! Choose love. Always choose love. There is no way to express my gratitude to you, and for all that I am I thank you.

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