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from Peggy Kobacker Shiffrin

May 8, 2019

I’m Roseann’s first cousin once removed. Her Dad (my Uncle Raymond) was my grandmother Bertha’s brother. I grew up in Ohio. My parents and my brother and I used to make a couple visits to Chattanooga every year to visit our grandparents and these visits always included one or more days spent with Sheryl and Roseann. I can’t remember specific things that we did, but we always had fun. Looking at the pictures that Life and Tate have posted on this memorial page, the first thing that hits me is “WOW, she was beautiful!” That’s how I remember her, too. We were just about the same age, and I was always a little jealous.

I haven’t seen Roseann for probably 20 years - maybe more – and her passing also reminds me how fast the years go and how easy it is to lose touch with family. I am truly sorry for this. I knew Roseann as a little girl and teenager, but wish I had known the strong determined and still beautiful woman she became. 

Sheryl, Tate, and Life – I'm so sorry for your loss.

Love, Peggy 

May 8, 2019

My Little Sister

shared by Sheryl Effron Rose on 8th May 2019

Rosann is my little sister.  She was born and raised in Chattanooga, TN where she lived with her father, Raymond; her mother, Fannie; and me.  She was a cute, happy, and loving child. She always loved animals and enjoyed playing with the many cats we had. We spent a lot of times outdoors, playing in the woods and stream behind her house, digging in the dirt, and picking flowers and leaves. We often went barefoot outside and our northern (Ohio) cousins teased us unmercifully about this.  We always wanted an older brother and often pretended we had one. She especially liked the jungle gym and playhouse that our father built one summer when we were in Columbus, OH visiting our grandparents. For many summers, our father drove us to Columbus where we visited our grandparents and many cousins. One favorite cousins game was to turn off the lights and all pile onto the bed in one of bedrooms of our grandparents house. We sometimes visited our grandparents at Passover and Chanukah, too.  Other family trips included one to the Smoky Mountains, where our father made a fire and cooked breakfast outdoors, and another to Cumberland State Park, where we hiked and swam. We also visited Barbourville, KY where our aunt had a summer house on a lake (Swan Pond). We hiked, swam, and fished. The house had bunk beds which we both loved sleeping in. Most Jewish holidays and Thanksgivings were spend with our father’s sister and husband, Bertha and Abe Borisky. She especially liked Aunt Bertha’s duck and was enamoured with their rock and geode collection which was passed down to her.  Rosann inherited her love of the outdoors from her father. We spent many fall Sundays with him hiking in the mountains around Chattanooga. On one such hike with our family friends, the Silversteins, we were very late getting back because their dog would not cross a ledge. Summer Sundays and Wednesday afternoons were spent swimming at Lake Chickamauga and the Tennessee River. Rosann loved to climb on the rocks at the dam and inspect the insects we found on the ground. Trips to the river usually included picking wild blackberries and chiggers! Starting in seventh grade, Rosann went to Girls Preparatory School, a private girls school in Chattanooga.  She was an honor student and was very popular. She was a Sweetheart at both of the two boys military schools and was active in clubs at the Jewish Community Center. She attended Oxford College of Emory University for two years. After graduation, she moved to Atlanta where she worked in a bank and for a printing company. She fell in love with her future husband, David Blumberg, at Bill Brenner’s wedding. It was love at first sight (although she had met him previously when he attended boarding school in Chattanooga). She moved to Florida to be with David and they married shortly afterwards. After he finished law school, Rosann and David bought property in Tennessee which they named Cat Holler.  They had a honey business and Rosann made honeycomb candles. She was a perfectionist and her candles were far superior in quality to those normally found. Due to her good business sense, her candle business thrived; she sold candles all over the country. She loved gardening and raised most of their own food. She became interested in healthy nutrition, implemented organic gardening techniques and cooked wonderful vegan meals. Her two children, Tate and Life were born at Cat Holler and had free reign of the surrounding woods. Rosann home schooled them and they helped with the garden and honey business. She was devoted to her children and tried to give them the experiences they wanted. When Life wanted to learn Hebrew, she drove to Jackson, TN so she could have lessons.  When Life and Tate got interested in hunting, she gave up veganism (sorta) and ate the meat they brought home. After her divorce, she moved briefly to Barbourville, KY and then finally settled in Berea, where she was a licensed massage therapist. We were not the closest of sisters, but I am so thankful for the time we spent together before she died. I love her very much and will miss her.

If we are lucky we meet a person like Rosann in our Lives

May 6, 2019

Rosann  and I knew each other from Church but were not real close however when I was in a life threating situation a few years ago and no one was available to help me! Rosann spent 2 nights in my home cleaning up after me & caring for me! When I was rushed to the Hospital, she was there for me, when the Dr's didn't know what to do with me, she was there for me!  Rosann drove 60 miles round trip every day to assist me in the Hospital & rehab for weeks. I feel her understanding of Alternative Health saved my life & protected me when I was in the Hospital! She was so tough on the Dr's that they thought she was my sister, ha ha! This was a time I really got to know Rosann and how caring she was for others! From that point on we became good friends! I am so grateful I was able to give back to Rosann a small amount of love that she had given me!

I was so lucky to spend time with Rosann & watch Rosann transform to this amazing loving person as she suffered in her final days. You could feel GOD flowing thru her and it was amazing! Her wonderful family and friends showed her how much they loved her & she was surprised to get this long desired feeling of belonging and approval!

The lives that Rosann touched are too many to mention but know she loved each and every one of you! Rosann will be missed as a Healer, Friend and an active giving member of the ECK community! - friends forever! 

May The Blessings Be,

May 6, 2019

i remember Rosann from high school...what a smart, kind friend. I regret that we lost contact with each other over the years. I will always remember that sweet, smiling face. My condolences to her family.

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