This tribute was added by Karl Johnson on May 22, 2019
I have known Rosann over for over ten years. Never met in person, but became close phone friends. Many didn't fully understand Rosann, perhaps because of her unique wisdom. I will miss her dearly.
This tribute was added by Linda Hamilton Howell on May 14, 2019
I had the pleasure of meeting Rosann while we attended the New Opportunity School for Women in the winter of 1996-97. Later, she intermittently provided me opportunities to share a meal, conversation, her home and her work. Inconvenience seemed irrelevant. Proverbs tell us: "Blessed is the (wo)man who listens to us." Rosann was an excellent listener. This in itself is a wonderful virtue. Thank you, Rosann, for taking the time.
Namasate... Life and Tate
This tribute was added by Marilyn Center on May 12, 2019
Dear Sheryl
I was so saddened to read about Rosann in this morning's Chattanooga paper. How well I remember you girls growing up. We loved your dear Mother and Father. (I didn't know your Mother had died). Rosann was a beautiful gracious girl. My deepest sympathy to her Family.
Marilyn Sherman Center
This tribute was added by Peggy Shiffrin on May 10, 2019
I’m Roseann’s first cousin once removed. Her Dad (my Uncle Raymond) was my grandmother Bertha’s brother. I grew up in Ohio. My parents and my brother and I used to make a couple visits to Chattanooga every year to visit our grandparents and these visits always included one or more days spent with Sheryl and Roseann. I can’t remember specific things that we did, but we always had fun. Looking at the pictures that Life and Tate have posted on this memorial page, the first thing that hits me is “WOW, she was beautiful!” That’s how I remember her, too. We were just about the same age, and I was always a little jealous.
I haven’t seen Roseann for probably 20 years - maybe more – and her passing also reminds me how fast the years go and how easy it is to lose touch with family. I am truly sorry for this. I knew Roseann as a little girl and teenager, but wish I had known the strong determined and still beautiful woman she became. 
Sheryl, Tate, and Life – if you’re ever in DC come visit me.
Love, Peggy Kobacker Shiffrin
This tribute was added by Merry Denny on May 10, 2019
I loved Rosann and still do! She was such a loving soul and always ready to help anyone who needed it. She also had a special connection with animals. We were brought together by our mutual love for God and the awareness that we are each a unique eternal spark of God. In that respect, i know our paths will continue to cross. I am a better soul for having known, shared stores, traveled with, and shared the love of God through ECKANKAR, with her!
This tribute was added by Maria Ashmore on May 8, 2019
I didn't know Rosann, but I wanted to say, sorry for the loss, she seems like a beautiful person, on the inside and the outside.
This tribute was added by Ginny Jolly on May 8, 2019
My dear Rosann, I knew you as a wonderful friend and explorer of life. Such a gentle Soul, you and I had loving conversations and delightful visits. And I was glad to provide a place to rest your head while you visited Louisville for an ECK Regional Seminar so that you could travel easily.
We shared many a delightful meal, and we laughed and shared our thoughts. Your burning questions about spiritual life reminded me of my own burning quest, and you came up with significant points and issues.
I wish you well on your continued journey through the worlds of God. You have brought peace and comfort to many. May the Blessings Be!
This tribute was added by Nancy Armetta on May 7, 2019
Lovely Rosann...I have missed seeing and talking with you for many years. I've had the treasure of delivering Tate and Life, and will never forget those experiences. I have had the additional pleasure of interacting with your amazing trio on and off while my daughter Adanta and Life were friends for several years before Rosann and children moved to Berea. What a blessing their experience with us was...thank you three for being in our lives. It seems like only yesterday...and indeed it was. I can find only a couple pictures of Rosann and children, at a gathering at their cabin in Tennessee, where Adanta and I visited fairly frequently. I do have one picture of a gathering at our farm, Dunmire Hollow, in 1992. I will add this to your awesome collection. Thank you for reviving these memories. I have been wanting to see Rosann in Berea for many years, and will have this experience in another way. Thoughts and sincere feelings of condolences on her passing, as I am sure you will miss her, Life and Tate.
This tribute was added by Mary Cooney on May 7, 2019
i will miss our lively conversations. I always think of Rosann as pepper-adding spice to life and events around her and, as someone posted earlier, not afraid to speak her mind. I will also miss-and admired-her artistic gifts.
  I wish I had more time with you, friend. But we will meet again in a better place.
This tribute was added by Anita Dubose on May 7, 2019
Rosann was a dedicated friend to many.
She always seemed to gravitate towards someone needing a release from pain be it through massage therapy or events that happen in life. She was a good listener and would encourage others struggling in their life in some way. We had long talks about life’s problems, shared natural remedies, talked often about the love for our children, and of course our pets. Rosann was so proud of the accomplishments of Tate and Life. . She never missed a happy birthday wish or a congrats regarding any celebration in my family. I am happy we spent some of her last days together rehashing the events of the past and a bit of catching up. My heartfelt prayer is that she is now peacefully enjoying heaven with The one true God.
This tribute was added by Victoria Blakeman-Bordelo... on May 6, 2019
In the scheme of things, Rosann was her own light, her own direction, her own self. Those who crossed her would get an earful of what was right and how to change the path you are on...lovingly, sweetly, she cared for people but in a way that you could anticipate...."Are you
living up to your potential?" I am so glad I had you in my life Rosann, you saw me and helped me when I most needed it. I am forever grateful. Love you, Victoria-Blakeman-Bordelon.
This tribute was added by GJ Stiles on May 6, 2019
If we are lucky we meet Special people in this life that have a major effect on helping us to be better people and effect who we are today in a very positive way! Rosann was one of those few people that gave unconditional Love to all she helped! I am alive today because Rosann came to my rescue & became my advocate when I was in the Hospital. She taught me the importance of having an advocate to speak for us if we are unable! Rosann was amazing and knew exactly what to do and say!!! She will be sorely missed by all. It is interesting that she was Dreaming of becoming a 5th initiate in Eckankar ( and passed on the 5th day of the 5th month! We Love you Rosann!
May The Blessings Be
This tribute was added by Libba Adams on May 6, 2019
My high school memories of Rosann have faded a lot, but I remember her as having an elegant simplicity and artistic flair. It was a treat to connect with her at our 20 th reunion, and to learn that she continued to live close to the land, with her characteristic flair, and true to her values, near Berea.
When we met again last year at our 50th reunion, she said that she was having health issues but was at peace with it. She seemed very clear, present, and very warm-hearted.
I am very sad to learn that she has passed, but happy to know that she was surrounded by so much love!
What a kind, beautiful and gentle soul we have lost. I hope that her family will feel the love of all of us, and I want to say that I am grateful to have known her.
This tribute was added by William Brener on May 6, 2019
Christine and I were shocked to hear of Roseann’s demise. It’s been many years since we last communicated and so in my mind, she remains the beautiful high school girl, full of life, going her own way. I remember her at my wedding. Condolences to the kids, whom I have been lucky enough to meet, and to Sheryl.
          Billy Brener and Christine Lloyd
This tribute was added by Ellen Blocker on May 6, 2019
When I think of Roseann, I smile...thinking of her beautiful hair and her cool hairbrush since we shared next door lockers, we always talked between classes...I smile as I remember that it took over 6 months to get her to”see” her FB message about reunions or birthday greetings...and mostly I smile that she told me she had the best time, enjoying reconnecting with friends at the 50th reunion and being pampered at the Westin. I smile because we were friends and that her kind and gentle spirit remains in my heart.
Love and prayers.
This tribute was added by Linda Gurganus on May 6, 2019
Rosann was a special friend. She loved her kids, her friends, her critters, her wildflowers, the environment, cooking, Asian food, helping people, and she cared deeply about truth and justice. We had so many talks back when I taught at Berea. She was so proud of you, Life and Tate. I wish I had come back to visit more often. I remember when she bought those huge wind chimes and hung them from the tree. They did make a beautiful sound. She had special memories of her dad. He must have been a gentle soul, too. I still have one of her beeswax candles. I guess I was saving it for a special occasion. I think this week is the time.
This tribute was added by Gloria Moore on May 6, 2019
So said to hear about Rosanne’s passing. I loved reconnecting with her at our 50th high school reunion. We spent about three hours the morning after the reunion party having breakfast and reminiscing. I enjoyed hearing about her children and her work. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.
This tribute was added by Ellen Yellin on May 6, 2019
I grew up with Rosann in Chattanooga. Her mother and my grandmother were siblings. I was 2 years younger so I was the tag-along kid. I recall many wonderful family times at Aunt Bertha and Uncle Abe Borisky’s home. Sending sympathy and healing to all.
Ellen Schwartz Yellin
This tribute was added by Martha Jones on May 6, 2019
So glad that we had such a nice visit at our 50th GPS reunion. Rosann and I went through Barger and GPS together. I loved her pretty hair and sweet smile! ❤
This tribute was added by Lora Beth Gilbreath on May 6, 2019
I was so blessed to reconnect with Rosann at our 50th high school reunion last year. I will always remember Rosann fondly and with wonderful memories. She was a kind, gracious soul.

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