Rose Milbeck
  • 63 years old
  • Date of birth: Aug 9, 1947
  • Date of passing: May 21, 2011
Let the memory of Rose and Darby be with us forever

This Celebration of Life website was created in the memory of our loved one, Rose Milbeck and...Darby of course.  Rose was born on August 9, 1947 and passed away on May 21, 2011. Darby passed shortly thereafter. We will remember her and Darby forever.

Rose's Memorial Service titled "A Celebration of Rose's Independence" was held on July 4, 2011.  Many friends and business associates celebrated with Rose's family. She actually has many families come to think of it.  Immediate family, Aviation Family, Coaching Family, Hawaii families (known as various pods) and Friends who she treated as  Family.  Many tears, a beautiful slide show , a video featuring Christine Ortner, her son, Rose and Darby and a remarkable flyover by Janet Nottingham (thank you Janet!). What a wonderful Day!  One notable discussion was around "connectivity".  Rose connected many, was connected to many and loved by many.

Please continue to share stories and light candles and share this site with those who knew Rose.


Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by GREGORY DUFAULT on 22nd May 2017

"Hey you! I will never forget what you said after we learned those insane "canyon turns" in Mc Call Idaho! The instructor asked what we thought of them and you said, " that was fucking awesome!!!!" The place exploded into laughter! I miss you terribly!  G"

This tribute was added by Angela Willis on 21st May 2017

""I want you to know, , that you need not feel so vulnerable.

You're an ancient gladiator of joy who chose the jungles of time and space with your superhero friends to experiment with shape shifting, mind bending, and planetary transformations. Any twinges of self-doubt are just to keep you grounded enough to refrain from laughing at the things your protégés might find terrifying.

You need not feel so vulnerable,
    The Universe"

This quote came in to my inBox last week. I was instantly taken back to our coaching sessions where you kept cheering me on when no one else (except Lee Ann) thought in a million years that I would figure out how in the world to keep pushing through my darkest days in business. 25 years celebrated this year in a much more peaceful place.  You are "forever missed"."

This tribute was added by Christine Ortner on 21st May 2017

"Rose, I miss you every day. I've made some difficult decisions recently and kept hearing your voice of encouragement throughout it all. Thank you for continuing to support me from wherever you are."

This tribute was added by Kathy Milbeck on 21st May 2017

"I think of you every day, but today I want to remember the laughter.  Sometimes we laughed till we almost peed our pants. I'm not sure anyone else would have laughed at our humor but we thought we were so funny. I miss you and all the good times."

This tribute was added by Christine Ortner on 10th August 2016

"There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of Rose.  The life lessons she taught me can be applied to so many situations, not just flying.  I don't fly anymore. That special chapter in my life was a beautiful time that she was a part of from beginning to end. I pass the airport often now that my children and I are horseback riding at Narnia farms in Aurora.  I know how much she loved her horse, so I think of that as I pass the airport.  I know she is happy that we are riding.  My life is better because of her and I miss her every day.  Love You Rose!"

This tribute was added by GREGORY DUFAULT on 9th August 2016

"Happy birthday my dear friend! I miss you terribly, Darby too, flying my plane without you next to me seems empty. I still haven't found an instructor to replace you. All my love to you her ever you are!"

This tribute was added by Janet Nottingham on 9th August 2016

"Happy Birthday Rose.
. Your smile and the cheer that you brought to
aviation is missed by all."

This tribute was added by Kathy Milbeck on 9th August 2016

"So today you would have been 69 and we would have celebrated.  I miss your laugh and your kind ear. You were such a great listener and of course you had an opinion!!  I will eat cake for you today in celebration of the 55 years we had together."

This tribute was added by Angela Willis on 22nd May 2016

"Miss you continuing education I have honed in on the topic "the ONE Thing"....when I reflect on our time together with you as my business coach and friend the ONE thing that comes to mind is COURAGE.  You inspired and encouraged me to leap over buildings with confidence in order to make change and reach my dreams and goals. Thank you!!!  I carry your words of wisdom and direction with me daily to this day. I can't believe 5 years have gone by so quickly without you."

This tribute was added by GREGORY DUFAULT on 22nd May 2016

"Hey you, remember the "canyon turns" we learned in McCall Idaho? You reaction was priceless. I miss you terribly my friend. Hugs to Darby and don't forget to use the brush I gave you. Many blessings to you, I know you are givin them hell up ther!! I love you. Greg"

This tribute was added by Christine Ortner on 22nd May 2016

"Always in my heart and your words of wisdom in my ear. Gosh , I miss you."

This tribute was added by Kathy Milbeck on 9th August 2015

"Today I choose to remember and celebrate your birth. I sure miss you and wish we could have a good laugh over dinner. You always told it how it was, which made life so much more interesting."

This tribute was added by Christine Ortner on 22nd May 2015

"It's amazing how often I think of you.  Every time I look at the sky or see a small plane. Driving in my car thinking about things and I will hear your words of wisdom.  I think about trying to be the most authentic person I can be and I think you had truly achieved that goal.  You are still my inspiration and my mentor. Love you and miss you tons!"

This tribute was added by GREGORY DUFAULT on 21st May 2015

"dang i miss you girl! i have yet to find a replacement instructor, I'm flying solo! blessings from below!"

This tribute was added by Kathy Milbeck on 21st May 2015

"Thinking of you today and remembering all the laughs and fun we had. I am grateful for the memories. You sure were something, girl!"

This tribute was added by Kathy Milbeck on 9th August 2014

"Happy Birthday Rose, thinking of all the fun birthdays we spent together.  Wish you were here to celebrate with a great dinner.  Thank you for being the best big sister there ever was."

This tribute was added by Marti Benjamin on 9th August 2014

"Happy 67th birthday, Rose! I'll celebrate your rich, generous life today and let the Universe know how glad I am you were on this plane and came into my life. Thanks for your wisdom and for sharing your joy."

This tribute was added by GREGORY DUFAULT on 9th August 2014

"Hey girl! I miss you barking orders at me in my airplane! No, you were firm but gentle in your guidance, I am grateful to have spent so much time in the cock pit w you. Especially our trip to McCall for the mountain flying school and the infamous "canyon turns"! You were awesome!  Love you.  Greg"

This tribute was added by Angela Willis on 9th August 2014

"Rose, I must say that you must be having some huge Birthday Celebration because the Big Island is ROCKING and ROLLING!  You are so missed. Think about you often and this day...ask myself in times of struggle...what would Rose guide me to do...a time of reflection on the eve of your Birthday...P.S. Sure miss our annual BD Lunches too."

This tribute was added by Marti Benjamin on 21st May 2014

"Dear, dear Rose. I miss you deeply my friend and coach. Your guidance and wisdom are with me everyday. I'm grateful for your presence in my life."

This tribute was added by Kathy Milbeck on 21st May 2014

"Rose, You are still so missed, but today we should remember your life, how you touched others with your guidance, love, and best of all your laughter."

This tribute was added by Marti Benjamin on 9th August 2013

"Happy 66th Birthday, Rose! I'm raising my coffee cup to toast your immense spirit and love this morning. Coffee, because we shared that passion over many meetings and conversations. I see you being in a joyful space, appreciating beauty and love, snuggling the Darby Lama and laughing with delight. And, stirring the pot, just a little. Love you and miss you, but know you're well."

This tribute was added by Peggy Joyce on 9th August 2013

"Rose, you are still in my life every day -- from my kitty named Missy to certain colorful words you added to my vocabulary -- and here it is your mortal 66th birthday! Now you can take Darby and swim/fly with those dolphins. What a deal! I count the years and still miss you; love lasts forever. Happy, happy dear one! From old Whosie Whatsis"

This tribute was added by Jenn Koenig on 21st May 2013

"Rose's memory is always in my heart. The other day my daughter said how much she missed Rose and her beautiful voice. I miss talking to her and sharing our horse stories. Rose was one of a kind and I miss her so much."

This tribute was added by Marti Benjamin on 21st May 2013

"Rose, you've been on my mind and in my thoughts more so recently, as I'm about to take a big step into an ambitious goal. I know I have your support in doing this--just wish I could talk to you about it. I miss you being on the same plane as me, but I know your energy persists and that you and Darby are smiling and cuddling."

This tribute was added by Lee Ann Erickson on 21st May 2013

"My Dear Rose,
My life has been forever changed because of the gifts you gave me.  I miss being able to physically be with you, but I know you are still poking me regularly to be my highest self.  I can feel you often.
Cheers to you and much love."

This tribute was added by Christine Ortner on 21st May 2013

"I think about you every day.  I miss you so much but I know you are in a beautiful place.  You helped me achieve something I thought was impossible.  You taught me so much. Love you, Rose!"

This tribute was added by Angela Willis on 21st May 2013

"Two years have passed and you are missed and loved just like it was yesterday."

This tribute was added by Christine Ortner on 9th August 2012

"I know many people are thinking of Rose today on the 65th anniversary of her birth.  I am so grateful for her life and the positive impact she had on so many.  I think of her so often.  I miss her but feel the joy of knowing she and Darby are happy."

This tribute was added by Marti Benjamin on 21st May 2012

"Rose, today is the first anniversary of your departure from this planet and I'm reminded of how much you gave me through your mentoring, coaching and friendship. I'm deeply grateful that Kathleen connected us and that from that lunch meeting with you, my life was transformed. I miss you. I hope you and Darby are whole and happy in the great beyond. Fly high, my friend! I love you."

This tribute was added by Michelle Rivera on 15th September 2011

"Rose, you re-sparked my love of flying. You taught me so much and for that I will be forever greatful. You will be in my thoughts everytime I fly.  I know you will be right there next to me and in that, I find comfort.  As soon as I pop this kiddo out lets hit the skies together!"

This tribute was added by Christine Ortner on 28th August 2011

"Dear Rose, I am going flying today for the first time without you.  I'm going with Paul's instructor, John.  I'll be thinking of you the whole time and hearing your voice  guiding me as you always did. "Pitch to speed, power to altitude."  I miss you so much!  Love, Chris"

This tribute was added by Peggy Joyce on 9th August 2011

"I've been thinking of you all day, Rosie! And I know you know how much I miss you. Much, much love, old friend. Your smile and your laughter will be with me forever! Peg"

This tribute was added by Chris Reid on 9th August 2011

"I celebrate you, Rose, today and every day.  Knowing you and sharing life's adventures has been one of the greatest blessings of my life.  Love and remember you FOREVER!"

This tribute was added by BJ Levy on 9th August 2011

"Thanks for letting me know today is Rose's birthday--she reminds me to appreciate each moment, each experience--and to wink at life."

This tribute was added by Chris Reid on 4th July 2011

"Beloved Rose, you are my dolphin sister and forever friend.  We've worked and played, laughed and cried, dived deep and flown high, together.  Even now, in the silent stillness of my heart, you are always there.  I love, treasure and remember you always.  Ke akua aloha pu me 'oe."

This tribute was added by Janet Nottingham on 4th July 2011

"Rose. I said goodbye today the best way I could,in an airplane. As I circled your friends and family gathered below and waved goodbye with the wings I remembered that you used to refer to me as the "Been there Done that Pilot". Today I finally feel that I have earned that honor.."

This tribute was added by John Strauss on 4th July 2011

"I got a student to tolerate steep turns;  Rose got that same student to enjoy them!  What a mentor.  I will be remembering her blessed style whether at 41,000' in a Citation Mustang or during short field landings in the back country.  Dearest Rose; what a class act!"

This tribute was added by Bonnie Berneck on 4th July 2011

"Thank you Rose, for the generosity & kindness you showed my mother. She loved being up in the plane with you, and smiled for days after.  What a gift you gave to her as she neared the end of her life.   Rose, you are greatly missed."

This tribute was added by Karen Pierce on 4th July 2011

"A dream come true was made possible because Rose and I shared a common dream.. to swim with the dolphins.  The help I received from Rose in my business made my life so much saner and enjoyable.  I loved the friendships made through our meetings and trips, so THANK YOU ROSE."

This tribute was added by Jennifer Roller on 30th June 2011

"Dear Rose :

Even though I only met with you a handful of times here at PrintSync, what an amazing comfort you brought with you. Thank you for helping keep Angela in line when need be . Thank you for helping out our team and finding new ways to d"

This tribute was added by Peggy Joyce on 29th June 2011

"Rose was a superlative person andcoach. She helped so very many people and did so much good in the world. She was an irrepressible character and a delightful friend. We had an absolutely wonderful time together coaching,laughing, dolphining. Miss you"

This tribute was added by Wanda Lee on 9th June 2011

"For over ten years, Rose was my coach and one of my dearest friends.  Her tough love guided me through multiple transitions and relationships.  She took me swimming with the dolphins, but the real highlight was when I realized my dream of flying."

This tribute was added by Susan Sullivan on 6th June 2011

"Thanks to Rose I spent my 60th birthday realizing a life long dream to swim with wild dolphins.Rose initiated us all to new experiences and ideas. Thank you, Dear Rose. You are a teacher of teachers!"

This tribute was added by Justin Schlimpert on 6th June 2011

"Rose, I will never forget you or your love of life and the passion you carried in anything you did! I will miss you and the smile that you always had on your face around me. I have learned from you not only in aviation but in life as well…I miss you."

This tribute was added by David Waggoner on 5th June 2011

"Rose joined the Willamette Aviation family with her love of flight and passion for life.  Rose gave us more than can be expressed.  Her gentle touch guided us for many years.  Her absents leaves more than just a personal void.  She is missed."

This tribute was added by Angela Willis on 3rd June 2011

"My dear Rose-I cannot put my head around what I'll do when I need re-direction now that you are not here. You would probably say "ok missy, you know what to do, now go knock 'em dead, the only roadblocks in front of you are the ones YOU have created"

This tribute was added by Amorah Ross on 2nd June 2011

"Rose was one of my most treasured mentors and teachers. She helped me overcome my fear of the water by introducing me to the wild dolphins of the Big Island. I miss her laugh and her love of life. Fly high and free, my dear friend!"

This tribute was added by BJ Levy on 2nd June 2011

"Rose was a great mentor/teacher/partner on the journey of being authentic, no matter what, and in the face of whatever the externals seemed to 'dictate'.  May she truly fly in limitless joy now--along with Darby of course."

This tribute was added by Christine Ortner on 31st May 2011

"Rose gave me courage to fly even though it scared me.  Her patience had no end.  She'd always say, "When you're ready."  She never got frustrated with my itty bitty baby steps with flying or my frequent moments of getting startled while flying."

This tribute was added by Lee Ann Erickson on 29th May 2011

"Rose, I admire your openess to keep learning, your courage to demonstrate in your life what you knew, and to teach others to discover that knowing for themselves.  Your presence on this earth will be missed by many.  Your gifts treasured forever."

This tribute was added by Lee Ann Erickson on 29th May 2011

"Rose's guidance, her love and her friendship have changed my life in ways too numerous to list. The 3 trips with her to be with the dolphins are some of the most treasured moments of my life.  Her delight and joy in the Dolphin energy was a gift."

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