This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Rose Obilor, 70 years old, born on October 25, 1950, and passed away on March 24, 2021. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Hadizat Nicholas-Iyoha on June 26, 2021
I have never met mama before but from what I have heard and experiencing from her daughter sis Ngozi and daughter in law sis Ose I am convinced that u were truly a rare gem ,full of compassion and love. That story of how you fed so many students with meals free of charge really taught me a big lesson to show compassion to the needy. You lived a good life many should emulate I have no doubt that u re at the feet of Jesus. Rest on mama of many nations.
Posted by Ihuoma Ikpeama on June 23, 2021
Still can't bring myself together to believe that you are no more with us Aunty. Where do I start, being my second mum throughout my stay in UNN, living in your house and cherishing the motherly love you had for everyone around you. You were a mother to hundreds of UNN students who came in contact with you. You gave us food, motherly advice, love and would have given us the sky if it was possible. My entire family greatly mourn your exit because you can never be replaced. 
Adieu Madam Fulton ,the Virtuous woman with a heart of Gold and a heart for God.
Posted by Akarachi Nwoke on June 23, 2021
To the world i'm fine. When i'm alone i'm the REAL me and I miss you dearly. You were a part of my life, my very being and you'd forever be in my heart.
My mind still talks to you.
My heart still looks for you.
My soul knows you are at peace because earth's loss was heaven's gain.
Love you forever mum.
Posted by Nwabueze Okeiyi on June 22, 2021
Mummy, a woman of impact and great generosity. Your heart of gold is second to none. You touched my life and so many lives at our Nsukka community and beyond.
In those days, after a hectic day at those lecture halls, the beautiful smile we got from you as we walked into Fulton Restaurant , the extra heap of garri, extra scoops of soup and extra piece of meat (all at no additional costs), will always brighten our days.
Da, go to the peace of God’s bosom. You have fought the good fight; you have finished the race; you have kept the faith and the crown is yours.
We will miss your gentle disposition and your love of God, family and humanity.
We pray God to comfort and strengthen the entire family at these difficult times.
Posted by Ngozi Utoh on June 13, 2021
Rose Umunne Obilor is my uncle,s wife she is beautiful inside and outside she has a heart of gold and l remember when I used to visit them at nsukka and she would take care of me like l am special but I am not. We will miss her very much we love her but God loves her most rest in perfect peace De odimba my brother and the entire family should look upon the cross for comfort. Praying for all of you. Victoria Uzoanya USA
Posted by MACLEAN WOKOH on June 12, 2021
We received with grief and pain the sad news of your sudden death. Our hearts are deeply saddened; however, 1 Thess 4:13 says that we should not sorrow like those who have no hope. We take solace in the fact that you died in the Lord and will rise again on the resurrection morning.
We pray that the Holy Ghost, the great comforter will grant all your family members the fortitude to grapple with the realities of this irreplaceable loss.
Adieu Nneoma Rose
Pastor and Dcn Maclean-Wokoh.
Posted by tochukwu okebugwu on June 11, 2021
Madam Fulton! Mama Ihuoma as we call you. Remembered how you took care of me in my university years. Sweating, stressed and still smiling to every student that walks in. You fed many.
Daddy and all of us will definitely miss you as each day goes by.
The last time I heard your voice was still sound and golden. Rest in peace. ❤️
Posted by Ijeukwu Ekobay on June 11, 2021

Wow! We are still in deep shock! Moreso when Ije had a phone conversation with her on Monday, March 22nd. She said she would be discharged by weekend. Puff! Barely 48 hours after, her candle went out! It is well. " To live in the hearts of those we love is never to die." Memories of her great care and love to us will never die. She impacted our lives(Chinwe, Ijeukwu and Uchechi) in diverse ways. How can we forget her rod of correction(lol), the Bible story-telling times, family history and relationships, counselling sessions on good conduct and onenness. She loved, feared and served God from an early age. Ije recalls that the first Bible she ever set her eyes on and read back in the 60's was her worn out pocket Bible.

She was there for us speaking out for us when other extended family members would act funny. She was a defender of the oppressed. A rare gem! Going through the numerous tributes already written to her, there was no exaggeration. She was all that they said about her and much more.

Umunne Dioma! We will miss you sorely!There were two Umunne's by two Sisters (Nmanma and Dioma) and among the Okorie Abalihi descendants, one was differentiated from the other by suffixing her name with her mother's - Umunne Nmanma, Umunne Dioma. However, in addition to Dioma, our beloved late cousin had a second suffix, Ndi-Udu, to her name, which indicated her father's clan in Ovim. Hence, while growing up, we came to know her and refer to her as Umunne Dioma or Umunne Ndi-Udu.

We say to our Ogo, Elder Odimba Obilor and to you her children: Ihuoma, Dozie, Nnanna, Ngozi and Onyi, be comforted by the truth that she did not die. She transited to God's eternal glory and she is in a better place.

May her sweet and gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Shalom!

Adieu Umunne Dioma!
Adieu Umunne Ndi-Udu !
Adieu Umunne Obilor!

Your Cousins:
Lady Chinwe Nzimako
Ijeukwu Ekobay
Barr Uchechi Okorie.
Posted by Justina Njideka Ohiaeri on June 10, 2021
Sweet Mummy, it is hard to believe that at the time we least expected, you went to meet with our Lord. It is hard to believe we will never hear from you again.
Sweet memories fill me anytime I remember your nurturing me specially, and others too at UNN Nsukka, I will forever cherished it. Your benevolent smile lifted my heart anytime you smiled. It’s gone now! Never to come back. I admired your kindness and warmth towards me and everyone that came across you. I pray I live your good Legacy. You had excess love to share and always worked hard, with great wisdom and morals which you passed on to us. This is the reason why you were able to raise my best friends as role models with the kindest hearts ever.
Admittedly, we have lost a precious jewel; I know you are in good hands now. I love and really miss you dearly. Hard to let you go, but wherever you will be, you will always be in my heart. Your memories will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace Mummy
Posted by Kanu Kingsley Lechukwu on June 9, 2021
"IYA"...mother of all! Though you left us to be with the Lord, but it was a sudden one for us to bear. I couldn't hold back the tears when the ugly news of your sudden demise filtered in. The question that never left my lips is “who will fill the vacuum your sad and untimely departure has created in my life, that of my siblings and the entire family? But in these thought filled moments, one sure option for me is to take solace in the Lord; know that you are now in a better place...for there is no death for the righteous. And reflecting on your times and life, this Scriptures came alive: "If we live, we live for the Lord, and if we die, we die for the Lord. Therefore, whether we live or die, we belong to God" (Romans 14:8). "Nneoha", truly you were so special and an amazing woman. You lived a selfless life here on earth, always concerned with the welfare of others. You were a great woman blessed with a golden heart. You cared for anyone around loving, generous, tenderhearted, and full of fun to be with. Being around you is a moment everyone treasures, for it is joy assured!! You made every moment with you worthwhile, always dishing out jokes and won't stop teasing anyone around you all in a bid to keep the person in perpetual excitement. You cared for me the way a virtuous biological mum would. You lived a fulfilled life, a life full of sacrifices; providing for those in needs. Your love and care made me relished my stay with you for years in Nsukka. Until your sudden departure, you never ceased from caring and wishing the best for me. You were often seeking to know how well I am doing. Iya, Nnedi Oha nma, Ezigbo nwanyi, Ezinne anyi, laa nke oma. We love and miss you, but God loves you more. I promise to carry on with your good legacies. Adieu till the resurrection morning.

Kanu Kingsley Lechukwu
Posted by Ifeyinwa Ebeze on June 6, 2021
I was sad to hear of your demise. Aunty was a good woman who loved God. She believed the bible and followed its teaching. Aunty always had a smile on her face, even at the busiest times while at work. She was full of kindness and love. We love you Aunty and you would be greatly missed. Adieu and continue to rest in the bottom of the Lord.
Posted by Emeka Utoh on June 6, 2021
I find it difficult to put down my feelings about my mother in-law's demise. She's a woman of substance, mother, councillor and peace maker. Her immesurable value beats my imagination. May her soul rest in the bossom of the Lord till we meet again.
Posted by Uwaosayemi Constance on June 6, 2021
Mummy,Words cannot heal the pains of your passing on. You were an angel in human form. A sweet soul. Jovial and kindhearted.
My growing up memories will not be complete without your kind gestures.My siblings and I never lack what to eat whenever we come around. You extended it to all, that's why fulton was a stop over spot for greenhouse children coming back from school and you never grew weary in supporting children. Your life is worth emulation ....Nneora niile.
Nne you fought a good fight ,your good deeds to humanity speaks on...
Good nite Ezinne Rose Obilor
Posted by Chinwe Dike on June 6, 2021
A Tribute to Madam Fulton (Mrs. Rose Obilor) by a former student/former VP of Student Union
Government of UNN – Pharm. Chinwe Dike
Madam Fulton – a name that rings a bell and brings out beautiful memories of the den at the
University of Nigeria Nsukka. For those who did not know her and those who schooled at University of
Nigeria Nsukka when she no longer was the caterer, Madam Fulton was kind, neat, jovial, hardworking,
and above all loved the students that she served! She provided quality meals at affordable prices to the
students and was a great mother figure to them all. On several occasions during my visits to her
cafeteria to eat I personally witnessed how nice she treated my fellow students. Starving students with
big appetite would very often request more food portion for the same regular price and Mrs. Obilor
would with a smile comply and never complained.
Madam Fulton was very observant to notice those students that were wandering off at school
and would offer them good motherly advice. She also would acknowledge the good behaviours and
achievements of the good ones. Thank you very much Madam Fulton for loving us.Your kindness extended to the churches where you worshiped. Always willing to contribute and
to make a difference. This earned you some well-deserved titles – Nneora and Ezinne. You revered God
and this always manifested in your dealings with other people. You were someone that could be
Ezinne, jee nke oma. You will be greatly missed and will always be remembered by all those
who knew you.
Rest In Peace Nwanyi Obi Oma. Adieu.
Posted by Alban Ugoagha on June 6, 2021
Dearest Mother,
I feel honoured and privileged to have heard much of your unconditional love and nurture for both your children and many others at large. Through the testimonies of your daughters Mrs Ihuoma Iwuala and Mrs Ngozi Utoh you were the best mother anyone could wish for.
Yes we will miss you on earth but your spirit lives ahead.
Rest in peace Mama like no other.
Posted by Ebere Lilian on June 6, 2021
I was shocked when I heard the news of your demise. It brought back a lot of memories . How we were always welcomed in your home when we were kids as your children's friends, and were also privileged to eat/taste those things(popcorn, fried plantain etc.) that very few people had access to then. Is it how Chioma Onuoha and I were always looking forward to stopping over at Fulton for free food each day on our way from school, before continuing our journey under the scorching sun. You were very kind hearted and a mother to all. Who doesn't know mama Onyinye Obilor, as we fondly call her.
Hmmmmmm! This world is deep. I thank God that you lived a very good life and touched so many souls. May our good Lord rest your gentle soul, NNE ORA. Adieu! Mummy nwere obi oma
Posted by Uchenna Onyeke on June 5, 2021
It's hard to believe that you are gone but our consolation is that you are in a better place.
You were a strong woman with a loving and caring heart. You extended the love you had for Onyi and Nna as you fondly called them to us their friends when we were kids. 
You will be forever missed.
Farewell Mummy!!!
Posted by Pst Cyril Areghan on June 5, 2021
Dear Mummy, you left a legacy in your children that is worthy of commendation. What I have seen in your daughter, Dcns Cynthia Areghan typifies the kind of mother you must have been to her. You must have been very committed to God, very hardworking, very intelligent yet very humble and loving. These are a few of the beautiful traits I find in your daughter who works closely with in CC3 group in Christ Embassy PH Zone 3. Mummy, enjoy your rest in the Lord. .... Pastor Kelson Onoriode.
Posted by Chidinma Apuogwu on June 4, 2021
Tribute to My Aunty
  The News Of your Death Came as a shock to me, Cos I was still trying to recover from the the death of my mum and now comes yours, You have been a great woman and iyaa Ora ( general Mummy) who love to carry every one along, you never neglect anyone but always insist to help no matter how little, you don't hesitate to give advice when necessary, whenever I call you, you are always praying and advicing me, it so sad I won't hear from you again, I know where you are is better, continue to rest in peace till we meet to part no more Amen.
Posted by Ihuoma Umoren on June 3, 2021
Aunty you have fought a good fight ,she was a great woman, hardworking,kind-hearted, always willing to render help and advice. I pray that God will grant you internal peace and Grant your family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss
Rest in peace Aunty.
Posted by Osita Uzunnaji on June 1, 2021
Mommy Obilor was a quiet and kind woman who affected the lives of students positively in UNN. Her restaurant was a popular place for so many of us when we were hungry and up Campus. We thank God for the children she raised through such her great effort. We pray that God almighty give you all the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. Adeue Great Mom.
Posted by Kosi Utoh on May 30, 2021
Grandma, you have passed on but your memories will always be with me, even though your in a better place,and i am grateful that your my Grandma.
Posted by Pst Cyril Areghan on May 29, 2021
A tribute to great woman with uncommon personality.

You love without reservation, always willing to discomfort yourself for the comfort of others
Every time l call once you pick my call the next word would be baby baby boy, there after you will start speaking in tongues, the sweet language of the Holy spirit,

Grandma as l always call you, the life you lived here on earth was purposeful and inspiring, you were so kind, respectful, you were really a Christian, you lived and display the virtue of Christ while you lived.

Anytime and Everytime we come visiting, the first time l would hear after welcome is that food is ready, come and eat.

Although l would have love you to stay a little longer before departing to the heavenly, like the Apostle Paul said in Philippians 1:21 ' For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain.

I am will surely missed you, the love you have for me ,my great and lovely family was exceptional, l take comfort in the Holy Spirit that in the ressuration morning, we will see again, you were a great wife, mother and a grandmother, you were just too exceptional.

I conclude this tribute for with what Apostle Paul said in 1 Tim 6:6, you lived a life of godliness with contentment which is a great gain.

Keep enjoying the bliss and glory of heaven until we meet again after the RAPTURE.

Pastor Cyril, Deaconess Cynthia and Prince Richmond love and missed you greatly.
Posted by Eddyson Nweke on May 29, 2021
It is hard to believe that you are no longer here with us.
Words cannot heal the pain of losing you.
You were an adorable person and a member that every pastor desires for.
The little time I spent with you as your pastor revealed high level of commitment you had in the Lord's vain yard.
On the day you came to the church last, that faithful morning during the 40 days program, you met me after the program with your first fruit which you told me that one of your daughters taught you to do every year. The same morning you gave me prayer points for your children one after the other as if you knew that you are passing.
You said vividly that's all you want God to do for you in this 40 days program.
"Nneoma mu," l knew that death is a necessary root for all mortals that has no dirversion but we never expect to miss you at this time.
We love you but the Almighty God your creator loves you most.
I knew that heaven is smiling for you already.
Nneoma Rose sleep on till the resurrection morning adiue.
The Rev Nweke Eddyson Chibuzo minister in charge of St. Paul's Methodist Church AUU.
Posted by Princess Utoh on May 29, 2021
Grandma up in heaven may your soul❤ rest in peace i don't have any other words to say but thank you for being the best grandma in the world to me.
I luv you
By Chiamaka and Princess Utoh
Posted by Ebere Gomwalk on May 27, 2021
Ngor my friend and sister, we are with you in prayers.Sending all our love to you.May mummys soul rest in perfect peace. May God comfort and strengthen you.
Much love Eby and Family from
Posted by Goodhead Uchendu on May 25, 2021
I will not mourn you because I know you have gone to heaven.
I know you are a good soldier of Jesus Christ
See you soon Mama Fulton Avenue Canteen- those odu azu and ofe egusi

God bless you nwanyi obi oma

You left a lot of great life examples from which we’ve and are still learning lots of good lessons
Posted by nkechi anozie on May 24, 2021
May her gentle soul rest in peace
Posted by oby ezepue on May 23, 2021
My condolences to the entire Obilor family. May God in his infinite power grant you all peace. I pray for guidance during this time. Jisike. Oby Abana.
Posted by Chinwe Nwachukwu on May 22, 2021
It really came as a shock to me when I heard of your departure. My best friend's mother was such a loving and caring woman that one was always free with her. I remember back in those days when we were in school, you would always persuade me to eat even when I didn't feel like it. Your restaurant was something else on campus due to your kindhearted nature. This was also reflected in your children who also were kind like you. To Ihuoma, Ngozi, Chidozie, Onyinye and Nnanna, I say take heart. The Lord knows it all. She has gone to be in a better place resting in the bossom of our Lord. It is well.
Posted by Ifeoma Chidume on May 22, 2021
My Dear Ihuu, Ngo and Siblings,
I was saddened and sorry to hear about the loss of Your Mummy Auntie Rose was one of the nicest women I’ve ever known. Always with a smile and friendly disposition to everyone. I remember her most especially for all the free food she dished out to me whenever I visited her eatery (Madam Fulton) with Ngo. Oh, She made University days a lot easier with her assortment of yummy ready delicacies. I am sure She must have been so proud of You All and Your accomplishments. She will Be greatly Missed.
May Her Kind and Beautiful Soul Rest In Perfect Peace Amen ❤ My Condolences
Biko Unu Ebezina. Kasie nu!!! I know Auntie Rose is with the Angels and at Peace now, smilling down on All of us. Ndo nu

IfeOma Orji - Chidume
Rep of Ireland
Posted by Ezeh Chidi on May 22, 2021
We the Alumni community recieved the news of your demise with Shock and disbelieve. You were a real mother indeed to most of us that passed through UNN in the yesteryears. Who dosen't know madam Fulton. Your Children who were our classmates were a testimony of your dexterity in motherhood and gpod upbringing. Wooo what a painful lost. We thank God for the opportunity of knowing you and nuturing us all to adulthood. To Ngozi, Onyinye and other sibblings biko unu ebezina ,Chukwu ga akasi unu obi.
Rest in perfect Peace Mrs Rose Obilor till we meet to part no more.......Adieu madam Fulton.
Posted by Agomoh Kelechi on May 22, 2021
Your departure came to my Family and I as a shock. However we are grateful for a life well LIived.
It is our Prayer that our Good Lord will grant you rest in His Bosom.

Adieu Daa Rose.
Posted by efe akpotor on May 22, 2021
Hmmmmmmm,you will greatly missed mummy,can't forget our days in school with your daughter Ngozi my friend,how nice you were to us,you never discriminate you were a mother to all,a giver,lover of all,continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord,till we meet to part no more.Adieu mummy.
Posted by Doris Ezeokafor on May 22, 2021
My mum from another husband I call you. Your memories cannot be easily forgotten especially during our childhood. You made me never to be let down among my peers during my primary school days. What do I mean by that, you took it upon yourself taking care of school run for me and my siblings. No body knew my parents doesn't have a car back then because in the University community where we school almost every parent drives car .When I became a mother and the time for school run came up I realized how stressful it was. I asked myself who was there for us that time no one but you. You are cherished and forever in our memories. Chaii ! ! It is difficult to say goodbye. But jee Nkeoma ! Mummsy anyi !
Posted by Obi-Ozomah Modesta on May 22, 2021
Sweet Mama, you came, you saw and you conquer. Your impact in the lives of your children speaks volume. You are an amazing mother to those that knows you. May your beautiful soul rest in peace.
Jee nke oma, Ezigbo Nee
Posted by Chiamaka utoh on May 21, 2021
Grand Ma you have been the best you were a cheerful loving person, you were a giving person when we came to the village you treated us with love you were a happy woman and peaceful woman ,especially the pocket money you gave us thank you for everything .Adieu grandma .may you rest in perfect peace .
Posted by Sharon Iweala on May 21, 2021
A grandmum like no other,cared for everyone like her own.when we would go to the village she would say "take as much as you want drink as much as you want but be careful not to take too much sugar", visiting her was something I always looked forward to because of how blessed my pocket and stomach would be after that.i miss you grandmum but I know that God has something special for you with Him. rest peacefully in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ.Adieu granny
Posted by Chisom Obilor on May 21, 2021
I'll always remember the things you taught me and how much you loved me.Your life was a blessing maamiii, your memory a treasure.. You're loved beyond words and we'll forever miss you.. You're a mother to all and a good one at that..
I always admire your resounding strength, wisdom and courage..
God knows the best and you're forever loved and cherished..
Laaaadooo NNE MURU-ORA!!!
Posted by Ugochukwu Chijioke on May 21, 2021
It is with Utmost Shock I received the news of your demise.
Truly words will fail me to really Express the Pains, Shock and Vacuum your demise left me with. How I wish the prayers of agreement we had on your sick bed prevailed to afford me more opportunity of time to enjoying your motherly care,Love and all that you represent.

Today we not only mourn the demise of a Woman but of a Mother, whose Life, Character and beliefs depicts True Motherhood.
Since your return with De from Nsukka I'd found Succour & Embrace of a mother in you,seeing that I have none. Your words of advice, encouragement, prayers, care & Love during my undergraduate days, as a job applicant and till your last breadth impacted my Life tremendously.
In the Words of Bishop TD Jakes, truly Life is simply a Small Hyphen between two dates(1950-2021),,,hmmmm

I take Solace in Christ Jesus and in the Hope of the ressurection morning when death Looses it's sting forever and we meet to part no More.

We are proud of the life you lived and Legacy you left. Proud to Call you ENEOMA not as a title but what you truly represent.

La n'udo Ezinne anyi, NNEOMA

But FOREVER In Our Hearts

Good night,,,,

Posted by E Nduka Olivia on May 21, 2021
continue to rest in the bosom of our lord where there is no more pain sleep on super mummy like no other, I love you peacemaker!!!
Posted by Kellyn Akabogu on May 21, 2021
I want to thank Jehovah for giving me the rear opportunity to meet a great, caring and a kind heart mother and her family. The greatest mother that has been there not only for her family but also for my late Grandmother and others.
My love remains with you Mummy and the family. Death might think it has succeeded but time will come when we all will defeat death.
May Jehovah give us all the heart to bear your temporal absent especially Daddy.
I truly lack words ever since I heard the news but Jehovah knows best.
See you again in the new world as promised in 2Peter 3:13.
Posted by Felicia Ijeomah on May 21, 2021
Nneoma, good and gentle Mother.
You were a peaceful mother and kind.
You were my friend, Ngozi Utoh,s mum.
You will visit us in Lagos.
Bring a lot of goodies and leave everyone laughing with your jokes.
Very humorous mum.
. I learnt of your kindness from my elder sister, a former U.NN student.
How you gave free food to all those who have nothing in your canteen in U.N,N.
Only a kind soul would remember the less privileged.

God has called you home Nneoma.
As heaven rejoices over the saved soul.
U are in better place.
We love and will miss you dearly.

Rest well Nneoma anyi.

Posted by John Ifokwe on May 20, 2021
I lack words to express my grief occasioned by your demise. I have accepted it because death is inevitable for all mortals. My joy is that you made peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. This gives me the confidence that we are going to meet again to part no more.
 I cannot forget your contagious smile, your love, your care and special hospitality shown to my wife and I while schooling at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Keep resting at the bossom of our Lord Jesus until that glorious day.
Posted by Nonye Okoye on May 20, 2021
Nneoma! You lived a life worthy of emulation. I was looking forward to calling you when my sister told me she spoke with you this year. We can't question God. May your gentle soul rest in peace amen. We will miss you. Jee nkeoma ezigbommadu.
Posted by Goziem Ekekwe on May 20, 2021
My Aunty Umunnem was phenomenal, exceptional, gifted, kind hearted, adorable AdaOvum, who had empathy, love, understanding, patience and a listening ear. She raised very beautiful, well bred children with the best pedigree.

Being a darling to my Mum and Dad, Iyà Umunnem was cherished and we adored her. As a young lad, I would walk 11 kilometers with my brothers to her house, just to see her lovely family and be pampered.

Dutiful and God fearing, Iyà lived a life of glory and virtue. My Iyà as we all fondly call her, was a beautiful SOUL.
Posted by BLESSING PRAISE on May 19, 2021
Iya, as I fondly call you, your demise was a big shock to me... I never knew that seeing you in November, 2020 at my younger sister's marriage with your usual smiles on your face was the last time, I was going to see you .
I was so privileged to have you as my very special aunt that meant so very much to me and my family, you were a rare gem. I am so grateful that some day I will see you again and get to spend eternity with you

Your memories will never be forgotten! It will always remain with us forever.
Adieu Iya!
Posted by David Iweala on May 19, 2021
Grandma was a great, loving, caring, kind and peaceful woman. She had a big heart for both her family and also outsiders. She lived a life of love, a life that anyone would want to emulate. I never for once met grandma angry at anyone just always showing loving every single time I was around her. I love you grandma and I would miss you.
Posted by Emeka Iweala on April 21, 2021
I shared over twenty exciting years of love, kindness, and peace with my mother-in-law. She was a precious gift from God and loved unconditionally, she loved people when they were at their worst as well as their best. I witnessed my mother-in-law feed, clothe, house and provide for so many people. She labored to help and make me and everyone happy. I was truly blessed to have the best mother-in-law. I love you forever and your spirit will continue to be afresh with me. I miss you, my dearest mother-in-law. Adieu!

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Posted by Hadizat Nicholas-Iyoha on June 26, 2021
I have never met mama before but from what I have heard and experiencing from her daughter sis Ngozi and daughter in law sis Ose I am convinced that u were truly a rare gem ,full of compassion and love. That story of how you fed so many students with meals free of charge really taught me a big lesson to show compassion to the needy. You lived a good life many should emulate I have no doubt that u re at the feet of Jesus. Rest on mama of many nations.
Posted by Ihuoma Ikpeama on June 23, 2021
Still can't bring myself together to believe that you are no more with us Aunty. Where do I start, being my second mum throughout my stay in UNN, living in your house and cherishing the motherly love you had for everyone around you. You were a mother to hundreds of UNN students who came in contact with you. You gave us food, motherly advice, love and would have given us the sky if it was possible. My entire family greatly mourn your exit because you can never be replaced. 
Adieu Madam Fulton ,the Virtuous woman with a heart of Gold and a heart for God.
Posted by Akarachi Nwoke on June 23, 2021
To the world i'm fine. When i'm alone i'm the REAL me and I miss you dearly. You were a part of my life, my very being and you'd forever be in my heart.
My mind still talks to you.
My heart still looks for you.
My soul knows you are at peace because earth's loss was heaven's gain.
Love you forever mum.
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Sweet and Excellent Mama!!

Shared by Justina Njideka Ohiaeri on June 12, 2021
Honestly I can’t tell the story of my life without mentioning my BFF’s mummy. The relationship I share with them even now is more of sibling’s than friend, our kids, our families... all made possible by the warmth and love offered freely by mummy, while growing up and schooling at UNN. 
The best couple I have ever met. Your marriage is a model to me. You are an excellent mummy and will live to remember you always. 
I love ❤️ you mummy
Shared by Chiazokam Okoye Omali on May 19, 2021
This is just to appreciate you for your love during my short sojourn in Nsukka while in the Secondary with Ihuoma(over 30 years now). Anytime I came to the house, you made me feel at home. When I connected with Ihuoma, I was hoping to see you again but we give God praise for a life well spent. 
May God strengthen your family at this time and always. I pray that a God will give you all
the fortitude to bear this.