Happy birthday

Shared by Cheryl Oliver on March 24, 2020
I remember when she would get so mad because none of us did the dishes. She woulld knock the screen out of the back window and throw them all in the pool. Then she would make us go swim and pull them out and wash them anyway. Hard to believe its been 4 years. It still hurts like it was yestetday.


Shared by Cathy Jackson on March 25, 2019

i miss you momma and love you happy birthday

Happy bday Gma!

Shared by Noel Joy on March 24, 2019

Remembering you this day is almost too much to bare. I remember how happy you were always to see me when I’d come visit your hugs, your wisdom and how proud you were of me. You loved me so much and I keep that with me every single day. I know your in heaven smiling down on me and I’ll continue to make you proud and be the best I can be. I love you grama rose  and miss u so much.

Shared by Jim Stratton on June 23, 2016

 I remember I was about 15 and me and a few family members all went to Arizona to visit and we went to a store and I seen beer on the shelf ..first time I ever seen that is a grocery store so I said ..hey aunt Rose get me a 6 pack...joking around...well we get back to grandma's house and we unpacked the groceries and sure enough she got me a 6 pack...I was surprised so I grabbed it and went outside to the pool and putt feet in and drank it...I was a moment I will never forget...thank you aunt Rose for that I never forgot and never will .....not sure it's the best story to tell but it's one that I will always remember...

Shared by Noel Joy on June 23, 2016

I remember my first training bra grandma took me shopping for it, no heads up we were going to go shopping for this!! We're at the store and grandma tells me to come here she has a white training bra it had little triangles on it, she puts it on me over my shirt to try it on me, In front of everyone! (I doubt anyone noticed ) but still! Lol 

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