"Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing."

UPDATE:  A celebration of Rosemary's life is being planned. 
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A life well lived...

Rosemary Knower—actor, director, artist, writer, poet, mentor, and teacher to hundreds—left us on March 27th, 2019. Her end was quiet and quick, as she had wanted it to be; she was attended by people who loved her.  A celebration of her life will be held later this year, most likely in Baltimore in early summer. Please check back here or subscribe to updates for details.

Posted by Kristen Humphrey on June 18, 2019
Rosemary Knower was a force of nature in the best of all possible ways. She was razor sharp, highly educated, had an acid wit, and could scare the begeezus out of you (if you were a mis-behaving student!) with a look. It was all in that pair of astonishingly expressive eyes and majestic, rather gymnastic, eyebrows. She could stop you in your tracks with a single arch of a single brow.

I believe she started her career at the Park School the year I entered 9th grade and was in fact my 9th grade English teacher. She was also the Upper School Theater teacher.

I can remember that first semester with her: she was tough, demanding but fair, and didn't suffer adolescent foolishness in her class very well. (I on the other hand was very good at adolescent foolishness.) Come to find out, however, it was a bit of a ruse. She confessed to me a little further into my high school years that it was a favorite teaching tactic of hers to "never smile before Christmas" with a new class so that her students would be on their toes. Genius.

Her daughter Torre started in 9th grade that same year and her sons Zac and Cyrus were in grades a year or two below. They were, and I'm sure remain, as bright, animated and energetic as their mom. I would like to extend my deepest condolences to them for their loss.

Rest in peace, dear Rosemary. You were an amazing human being, teacher, actress and a great influence to so very many of us. You are remembered and held in highest esteem.

Thank you.
Posted by Ben Donahue on June 7, 2019
Sorry to hear this. Watching Hairspray right now. May she RIP.
Posted by Tamara Brent on April 24, 2019
Dear Knower family,
I am very sorry for your loss, and wish all of you the best in a challenging time. Rosemary made such an impression on teenaged me, with her personality, her wit, and her ability to push all of us just a bit past what we thought were our limits. What a wonderful experience it was to be in her class or participate in a production - she gave me some of my clearest memories of Park and incredible learning moments.
Best wishes,
Posted by Dee Rosenberg on April 19, 2019
Dear Knower family,
Jackie and Kelly and I have been sharing stories about Rosemary for the past half hour. I'm so sorry for your loss. She is one of the few teachers from H.S. that I think of still. That fake (or not so fake) cross look she could conjure up in an instant, her wonderful earthy but not vulgar humor, her smile. She was always present. Never dialed it in, ever. Always seemed to be ready to wring the joy out of any moment. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful Mom with the rest of the school. It couldn't have always been easy.
My love from our family to yours.
Dee Rosenberg
Posted by Wolfe Wagman on April 3, 2019
I read today that Mrs. Knower has died, and burst into tears. I am still so in love with her. I see Mrs. Knower as one of my Masterful Teachers. These are people who taught me the love of learning and the perspective on how to use what we know. That first year at Park when she arrived changed me as a person. Mrs. Knower saw through my outward shell that hide the clumsy awkwardness of a boy-man. She immediately put me to work, even giving me small roles to play. When she cast me in the Japanese play, Rashomon, with my very best friend Craig Edwards, it changed my life. (Still crying) The confidence, courage, strength and kindness that developed has served me through life.
The climate which Mrs. Knower and Les Harris created in the theater and arts was so electric, that we students realized we were working with true professional artists. And their skills taught us how to find a way of life. She taught us to embrace all people and never doubt your ability. I can walk into any place and quickly engage in conversation with people I don’t know. Although the shyness is still there, I hear “it is all a play” go play the part. She showed me we can be anyone at anytime. My life has been truly affected by this great teacher. It is the world’s loss that we mourn Mrs. Knower.
Thank you Mrs. Knower!
Dr. Wolfe Wagman, “78
Posted by Ann Ellis on April 2, 2019
I left a remembrance in the Stories section of knowing Rosemary and Barry in my 1970’s college years.
I didn’t know Rosemary that well but I remember a sense of her and snapshot memories. I studied with her husband. She was around and in plays and at rehearsals and cast parties.
I just feel her scene in “Hairspray” (the original!) captured some of her qualities. A sense of wicked humor and a twinkle in her eye slapping her hand on her chest for the pledge of allegiance. A stern seriousness about the business at hand flicking the door closed, clicking her heels and giving them the evil eye. And a deep kindness and respect for those special ed kids in the scene. All that in a short scene.
Rosemary will never be forgotten. My sincere sympathies to all her loved ones.
Posted by Nancy Basira Langsner on April 2, 2019
Dear Knower family,
My Condolences. I just happened to find out of Rosemary’s passing online. I have very fond memories of her at Park. I loved her passion for learning, her humor and kindness. She was also a great help to me. May peace be with her and you at this time.
Posted by Debbie Roffman on March 31, 2019
One morning in the latish 1970's I walked into school and was greeted by someone who said, "Deb, have you seen the 'womb room?''' By dropping red and pink shades of crepe paper from the ceiling, Rosemary's senior playwright class had turned the inside of their classroom into the interior of a uterus. There they put on a play about "VD," as it was called then. It only had three characters (gonorrhea, syphilis, and penicillin), that's how long ago it was. Relatively new to teaching at Park, and the product of public school education, I said to myself, "You're definitely not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy." Indeed, Rosemary was one of a kind,
Posted by Laurie Bacon on March 31, 2019
Rosemary will always be an integral part of my memories of US Park, as my teacher, director, advisor, friend, I'm shocked by this news and sad to realize how little I've been in touch. My condolences to all of you and specially big hug to Torre.
Posted by Emily Crocker on March 30, 2019
I have fond memories of Rosemary — an excellent teacher with great wit and an infectious laugh. Condolences to you, Torre, and your entire family.
Posted by Stephanie Schwartz on March 30, 2019
I was traveling back from Boston on the 27th when a young lady was speaking loudly to her seat mate about her studies in literature and how she loved reading the Odyssey. Wow- I had an immediate flash back to high school English with Rosemary where the poem came alive. What about Watership Down, I wanted to interject into the young woman's conversation...Rosemary made reading a lifelong pleasure. I hear her theatrical voice when I think back to those fond days in class. Zachary - to you and your family- my deepest sympathies. I am sure Rosemary is resting in peace...well really dancing and performing with the likes of artists and writers. In Sympathy, Stephanie Bloom Schwartz
Posted by Eric Drachman on March 30, 2019
As a sheltered kid coming from McDonogh, I found Rosemary simultaneously shocking and comforting, supportive and challenging. She pushed me and made me feel safe while exploring the depth of the porter’s lewdness in the Scottish play! I haven’t seen her for so many years and yet I feel like she’s always been with me. I gasped when I read this sad news and I feel the loss deeply. My thoughts are with you, Zachary, and the rest of her family!!
Posted by Emily Ginsburg on March 30, 2019
She was such a passionate animated teacher. My 9th grade english teacher circa 1979 or sorf. I loved seeing her on the sliver screen in Hairspray! Condolences to Zachary! Your Mom was a formative part of my education at Park!
Posted by Brian Miller on March 29, 2019
My deepest condolences; I remember Mrs Knower from 9th grade utopia class at Park School (1977 or 1978); a great teacher and mentor
Posted by Jennifer Palmer on March 29, 2019
Saddened by the news. Hoping you all are doing okay. Much love,
Posted by Stephen Betty Cooper on March 29, 2019
We remember Rosemary from her roles at Center Stage and Everyman Theatre. She was always a joy.

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