This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Rosetta Gabel, 73, born on June 12, 1938 and passed away on August 27, 2011. We will remember her forever.

Rosetta is survived by her beloved partner Margaret and cherished daughter Dominique. Rosetta graduated from the prestigious Belleve Hospital School of Nursing in 1958. She loved her country and proudly served in the US military from 1958-1962. Once she completed serving in the Army, Rosetta worked professionally as an RN. She would later become supervisor of nurses and use her knowledge and compassion to champion patients' rights.

In her personal life she could always be counted on to help family and friends with not only physical and medical needs but also with spiritual guidance. She used her skilled hands to create a garden of phenomenal proportion year after year. And when she wasn't tending to her ever growing garden, she could be found in her woodworking shop or firing up some polymer clay. An avid music lover, she enjoyed the listening to the blues, 70's r&b, and classical music. She even played banjo!

Rosetta enjoyed her family and friends and will be greatly missed by all those who were fortunate to have been a part of her life.



Posted by Joanne Saliani on June 12, 2014
Rip my friend Rosetta we had good times working together always missed loved you
Posted by Margaret Petro on June 12, 2014
My Rosetta, Happy Birthday. You are always in my heart and thoughts. My prayer is that you be at Peace. You are loved by so many and have touched many lives with your kindness and love. Your, Margaret
Posted by Margaret Petro on April 15, 2014
To All of you ,who have left a tribute or checked into Rosetta,s site, we wish to thank you. A thought, a prayer , a remembrance, keeps her Spirit alive in us and this world is in a better place. She will give us the inner strength and peace of mind as she did before and continues to do so.
Posted by Bridget O'Doy on March 27, 2014
  Rest assured, we are all looking after the woman who rocked your world, Gee. She has grown in strength and insight over the days since your rebirth. I'm sure you are very proud of her, and that your love is eternal. When I go to your home, I can still feel your presence, your warmth, your slow deep laugh, and above all, your love and wisdom. Spring is showing in the gardens, and that is a comfort to all...renewel and rebirth. With love and respect, Bridget
Posted by Kathy Harvey on March 27, 2014
Today is a special day for both of you! You two woman have taught me a lot about life and love! The love that you had for each other is still felt today by me and my family and I am sure by many others. Thank you for sharing and teaching me. I love both of you!
Posted by Margaret Petro on March 27, 2014
Dear Rosetta,  How far beyond this world you must be and yet how near to me and still close to God at Home.  This life will always be a mystery.   Love never ends ... never. This is still a special day for us. My Love and Prayers to you.
Posted by Margaret Petro on February 14, 2014
Happy Valentine Day, My Rosetta. You are the sunshine of my life. May you be surrounded by Love. You are always in my heart, thoughts and prayers. Je l'adore. Your Margaret.
Posted by Margaret Petro on December 23, 2013
Dear Rosetta, Merry Christmas. There will always be times of sadness and with gratitude and love. I am grateful for the life we shared and to be aware of the ways you continue to watch over us. I open my heart to all the love that is around me. Forever is my love for you. Your Margaret.
Posted by Margaret Petro on November 18, 2013
My Rosetta, each day that passes I think of you, I see all the beautiful clay and wood objects that you did. The cactus is blooming, the garden is ready for spring and your love and spirit are here . The holidays are different now but my love for you will never change. You are loved and missed. Your Margaret
Posted by Gloria Weber on August 28, 2013
Dear Rosetta,
I picture you surrounded by beautiful gardens and playing lead guitar
in the Rock and Roll Heaven Band! Say hi to Jimi, Janis, Johnny and Billie for me.
Love and Peace
Posted by Bridget O'Doy on August 28, 2013
Spending time with Gee Gee brings me closer to Rosetta, for when you are around Gee, you can sense the love and care Rosetta continuously wraps around her. May Gee Gee find comfort in your presence, Rosetta, and may you know the peace and joy that your beautiful soul deserves. As always, Bridget
Posted by Margaret Petro on August 27, 2013
Today, I honor and treasure my love one, Rosetta. " While we are not grateful for the experience of loss, we may in time become grateful for the wisdom it can bring us -that we are ,in fact, stronger, wiser, better equipped to deal with life, more helpful to others, more confident of our place and that of our loved one.'' My love for you is Forever.
Posted by Margaret Petro on June 12, 2013
Happy Birthday, My Rosetta. You are loved and missed so very much, my love for you is forever.
Posted by Bridget O'Doy on June 12, 2013
Happy Birthday to our lovely Rosetta. I'm sure that you know everyone thinks of you and your warm hugs, wonderful laugh and your generous heart. We will be celebrating your life today with family, friends, sunshine and strawberry shortcake. Sending you love forever....
Posted by Margaret Petro on March 27, 2013
Happy Anniversary, My Rosetta. My love and prayers are yours every day. Your love is always in my heart. Your Margaret.
Posted by Margaret Petro on February 14, 2013
Happy Valentine Day, My Rosetta. My love for you is forever. You are loved and missed. Thank you for all that you have given to me . I am forever grateful ,je l'adore. Your Margaret.
Posted by Kathy Harvey on December 28, 2012
I cannot believe we are in the second holiday season without you, but then there are moments that it seems like it has been forever. I think of you often and attempt to live what you have taught me. I miss you I miss our talks, I miss you help in raising the kids. Sadie misses you too. Please keep on watching over us all.
Posted by Margaret Petro on December 27, 2012
Merry Christmas, My Dear Rosetta. .I pray that you are at Home with all those that love you and that you love. There are so many people that you have helped and that you are always thought of, loved and missed. I am so grateful that you were in my life and know you are still here with me . We will be together again. Your Margaret
Posted by Bridget O'Doy on December 4, 2012
Warm hugs, deep laughter, caring spirit, and loving heart, these are the essences of Rosetta that remain within my memory. What a gift it is to have such comforting within our lives. Thank you, Rosetta, for the gifts. We will treasure them, forever.
Posted by Margaret Petro on December 4, 2012
Rosetta Gabel.   A Most Admirable Woman.  Your Spirit Lives within Us. You Will Always Be Our Love.
Posted by Gloria Weber on December 3, 2012
The Love Margaret and you Share remains timeless. My hope for Margaret is for time to ease her sorrow. Always thinking of you Rosetta
Posted by Margaret Petro on September 21, 2012
Memory can tell us only what we were,  In company with those we loved;  It cannot help us find out what each of us, Alone,must now become. Yet,no person is really alone; Those who live no more still echo  Within our thoughts and words, And what they did has become Woven into what we are.  My love for you is Forever.
Posted by Margaret Petro on August 27, 2012
My Rosetta, I will always cherish and love you. May you be at peace and may you be surrouned by all who love you and know thatyou are missed and loved by family and friends. My love and thoughts are with you every day,Your Margaret.
Posted by Charlotte Norton on July 19, 2012
my dearest rosetta, i miss you todday more than ever...i just cant seem to stop thinking about you and your beautiful smile and laugh... i miss you so in peace<3
Posted by Shannon Harvey on June 13, 2012
I know you move the name,I know you make the bangs in the closet and I know your always there .....happy birthday Rosetta .<3
Posted by Margaret Petro on June 13, 2012
For those who have lost a loved one."You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you really lived,are the moments when you have done things in a spirit of Love"
Posted by D Gabel on June 12, 2012
June 12 will never, ever be just another day for me. June 12 will always be your birthday; will always be my mom's birthday. I love and miss you so much. Happy Birthday, Mommy!!
Posted by Margaret Petro on June 12, 2012
Happy Birthday,My Rosetta. Celebrating your birthday was always a joyous day. May you have Eternal Love and Peace. I will always love you.
Posted by Gloria Weber on June 12, 2012
Happy Birthday Dear Rosetta. Today,Your sunflower seeds will be planted in honor of your memory. They will bloom, I know for sure, as your spirit will show & sow the love. Forever Missed, Love You!
Posted by Bridget O'Doy on June 12, 2012
Happy Birthday, Rosetta....thank you for gracing the world with your presence, your talents, your wisdom, your vigor, and your love. Such an incredible smile beamed from your face, and such strong loving hands always clapping or reaching out to another person to help or to hug. We all miss you, Rosetta....most of all Dee and Gee Gee, of course, and the Harveys...I planted your sunflowers<3
Posted by Clare Tallon on June 12, 2012
Dear Rosetta,
Happy Birthday! I think of you often and miss you much.
We planted your sunflower seeds this weekend. The birds we feed will love them and we will enjoy their beauty and think of you.
We even have crazy squirrels like you do.
Posted by Colleen Harvey on June 11, 2012
im thinking about you today, the wind blowing in my hair, the birds singing a song in the distance and the sun as bright as it can be! it seems as if everything brings back memories of everday that we have spent together its almost your birthday!!!
Posted by Barbara Dunham on June 8, 2012
Rosetta, I had only met you once, but what I have found out is what a loving person, and how you made my Aunt Gee Gee so happy. You are an Angel, and you are missed by so many who loved you.
Posted by Shannon Harvey on May 29, 2012
As I look outside I see the wonderful sun shining down on my face...I never stop thinking about u and i know there Are moments wen I'm over margrets house and ur there whether me and margret know it or not ur always watching ovr us love you Rosetta <33333
Posted by Margaret Petro on May 28, 2012
Dear Rosetta, Memorial Day was the day you wore red,white and blue, and displayed the Flag. Thank you for serving our country . You are a most admirable woman. Thank you for sharing your love and life with me. I love you forever, Your Margaret
Posted by Shannon Harvey on May 27, 2012
U were talking about doing a design on ur head and whoever came up with the best design u would get shaved in ur head....I remember heating ur heartily laugh one last time....feeling ur arms tightly squeeze me as u whispered in my ear I love.....that was the last day I saw u<3
Posted by Shannon Harvey on May 27, 2012
Rosetta....I just woke up from a dream that was the standing in ur kitchen with margret,you,my dad,my mom,dee,Lilly ,me,Owen and first I had no idea what the dream was...and then I remembered it was the day u and margret came home from the hospital after finding out u were I'll again.........
Posted by Charlotte Norton on April 29, 2012
''Rosetta, just letting you know that I'm thinking of you...all the time. I miss you so, so, so, much.''
Posted by Taylor Harvey on April 29, 2012
Dear Rosetta, i known u and Margaret since i known the harveys i loved u so much Rosetta i still will intil the end. I wanted to let u know i miss u sooooooo much and thinking about u always. I love u. Rest in peace Rosetta
Posted by Shannon Harvey on April 10, 2012
On Augest 27th Was The Day My Heart stopped
For a minute horrible hit me and my heart hopped
The sun was shiny like n angel on my face
as the tears dropped down like lace
Posted by Shannon Harvey on April 10, 2012
My face lacks
As my mind is racing around being a wack
My mom starts crying,my dad starts crying
As my friend pushes me down so I am lying
Posted by Shannon Harvey on April 10, 2012
I walk outside wanting to yell at the sky
But then I realized that would be saying goodbye
As I think of the bad times I also think if the good
Posted by Shannon Harvey on April 10, 2012
I love you till no end Rosetta
Posted by Shannon Harvey on April 10, 2012
Posted by Jean Moran on April 10, 2012
Plant good seeds without thinking of the return.
Who knows when they will blossom..
This life or the next.

Remember to plant your sunflower seeds with love for Rosetta.
Posted by Jacqueline Quinitchett on April 8, 2012
Posted by Shannon Harvey on April 8, 2012
Happy Easter My dearest Rosetta<3
Posted by Shannon Harvey on March 31, 2012
Rosetta I know that u r always watching me,my family and margret...thanx for moving ur wood name it really meant a lot to me and margret ....yes I cry everytime I go this website but it's only because I think of u<333
Posted by Shannon Harvey on March 19, 2012
Rosetta u hav had me crying everyday!!! I miss u so much I would pay anything just to see u one more time.......<\3
Posted by Bridget O'Doy on February 20, 2012
This is a note of thanks to Rosetta, for sharing her self & love with my awesome Godmother "Gee Gee" (known to many as Margaret). Rosetta, you and Gee built a beautiful life together, and lovingly created a home that has so many personal touches that you can not ever miss a mark by you or Gee .... To visit that home is like crawling into a warm hug from both of you. Rosetta is home.
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Posted by Jeff Sherman on December 28, 2019
Thinking of you from Texas
Posted by Margaret Petro on December 25, 2019
Merry Christmas, Rosetta. Thank you for your Gift of Love and I Gift Love to you. Forever.
Posted by Jeff Sherman on August 27, 2019
Rosetta...thinking of you always, I miss my woodworking instruction
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