Carry a smile for Rosi
  • 46 years old
  • Born on October 30, 1964 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on April 5, 2011 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Rosi Kirker Miller 46 years old, born on October 30, 1964 and passed away on April 5, 2011. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Dorcas Crawford on 8th April 2018
Late tribute here as I couldn't seem to get access from USA on the actual anniversary - made me smile when I thought you'd have sorted that out in a jiffy Rosi and, if not, then you'd have had a damn good rant about it! I cannot believe it's been 7 years and as I took time on the 5th to tune into some memories I realised it wasn't very hard as I can still hear your laugh and your voice without even trying. Lovely as that is, it still brings tears to my eyes to know that I can't simply give you a call and arrange a glass of wine (or 7!) and I still desperately miss those on-our-way-to-work conversations on our hands-free (weren't we the girls?!) just to get us through the stressful early starts as exhausted working mothers! I miss you every day xxx
Posted by ALEX ROBINSON on 4th April 2018
Rosie, the time may have passed but our memories are as strong as ever. Spent St Patricks Day with Lush in France and we chatted and reminisced about the many good times we had with you. Always remembered as are Martin and your boys. Lexie xxx
Posted by Janet Kirker on 4th April 2018
It’s hard to believe it is 7 years since you left us. You are still talked about by so many here in Australia and how you made us all smile. Your boys are a credit to you Rosi. How I wish you could see what fine young men they have become. ❤️I will raise a glass to you tonight
Posted by Lisa Hogg on 4th April 2018
Thinking of you Rosi.... Your name still pops up in conversations frequently. You are remembered and missed today and every day. Lisa
Posted by ALEX ROBINSON on 29th October 2017
Seems like only yesterday we sat chatting in your living room Rosi. You are thought of often and still sadly missed. Lexie xxx
Posted by Peter Kirker on 29th October 2017
Hi Rosi, Just back from NZ fishing trip, but then you'd know that. I think of you often, particularly when the cherry blossom is out, you and mum always loved that. Happy birthday kiddo, I always miss you. P xo
Posted by Dorcas Crawford on 29th October 2017
So - today would have been your 53rd birthday - the date each year when you'd catch me up. Oh how I wish we could have a few glasses (only ever a few!) together to celebrate today. I miss you as much as ever and long for those laughs - there were so many! xx
Posted by Lisa Hogg on 29th October 2017
Big happy birthday to you Rosi! I remember fondly a birthday part of yours in Melbourne...I think you were 30.... lots of laughs, lots of fun and of course, lots of mischief. Love always, Lisa
Posted by Janet Kirker on 4th April 2017
Rosi, wee Erin now 21 visited NI this weekend. You could not be prouder of your boys and never a day goes by when we think about the influence you had on them and all of us. Forever in our hearts xx ☘️☘️
Posted by Peter Kirker on 4th April 2017
Hi everyone, isn't it wild how quickly time passes. Think of Rosi every day, even more as we now have a mutt called Rosi too. Interesting how the personality is the same. Doesn't listen to a thing we say and just does it her way. I'd give anything just to hear her voice again. L&K Rosi xoxo P
Posted by Lisa Hogg on 4th April 2017
remembering you Rosi, today and everyday xx Lisa
Posted by Janet Kirker on 5th April 2016
Smiling for you today and always Rosi xx
Posted by Peter Kirker on 4th April 2016
Miss you as always Rosi ne'er a day passes when we don't have a wee smile together. P
Posted by Dorcas Crawford on 4th April 2016
Five years - so hard to believe. I can still see you laughing and hear your voice so clearly sometimes that it seems you're not gone at all. Then I remember - and still the pain of losing you stings my heart and my eyes. But you live on in so many ways - not least in your great legacy - your inspiration to keep doing the work for Bowel Cancer UK and I know you'll be with us at our big fundraiser this month - the Cathedral Quarter Bake Off - cakes - what more would you want! We'll have a special one for you xxx
Posted by Dorcas Crawford on 6th April 2015
Another year without you my lovely friend and still you go on inspiring me to keep up your work and to give others a better chance than you had. Someone asked me the other day if I had to pick a woman I was inspired by who would it be? I didn't have far to look - there you were smiling at me across my desk from the photo of our last big night out together - neither of us too sober! I miss you Rosi xx
Posted by Lisa Hogg on 5th April 2015
Dear Rosi, still missing your big wide smile and sparkling eyes, your big joyful laugh and a great friend.
Posted by Peter Kirker on 4th April 2015
Hi Everyone, hard to believe its 4 years. Miss you as always. New addition to family, much like you really - cheeky, happy, cuddly only she has a wet nose. Miss you kid ! P
Posted by Janet Kirker on 4th April 2015
Today we got a puppy and Erin and Alec called her Rosi - a lovely and beautiful soul like you and very cheeky!!!! She will remind us of you always. xx
Posted by Peter Kirker on 30th October 2014
Hard to believe its your birthday again. I think of you most when the sun shines and the moon rises. Love you always. xoxo P
Posted by Dorcas Crawford on 22nd April 2014
Lovely Rosi - I left a note on your magnolia tree in our garden on the day of your anniversary but thought I'd add one here now as well. You are never far from my thoughts and I keep finding people and things that happen because of you. I am convinced you left us a treasure trail to help us all cope with missing you. Wonderful as that is - having you around was so much better - wish you were here xx
Posted by Lisa Hogg on 4th April 2014
Dear Rosi, it is hard to believe that 3 years has passed. You are still very much in our thoughts, today and always. Love to Martin and the boys. Lisa
Posted by Janet Kirker on 4th April 2014
Dearest Rosi, i créated à mémorial garden hère In Australia ( à place You loved so much) 2 days ago Our flowers came into bloom today! rIp Rosi xx
Posted by Lisa Hogg on 29th October 2013
Hi Rosi, as always, thinking of you today on your birthday. I always have a very strong sense that you are around, keeping us all on the right track. I have man, many things that still make me smile. Thanks for those lovely memories. Lisa
Posted by Dorcas Crawford on 29th October 2013
It is 3 years since we celebrated your last birthday with that amazing flight to Enniskillen for lunch - a bucket list event if ever there was one! I miss you more as time goes on and just long for your company - not a day foes by without thinking of you my lovely friend.
Posted by Janet Kirker on 29th October 2013
Dear Rosi, always in our thoughts and conversations.Erin took a Shamrock that you gave her to her VCE exam today, we know you will be looking down and helping her through her VCE. Miss you, Janet,Erin and Alec x
Posted by Peter Kirker on 29th October 2013
I miss you every day Rosi and the craic. I was a bit mean telling you a haggis was a wee scottish bird with one short and one long leg - for running around mountains. But as I recall you got one back on me. I look at your pictures and they make me smile. How I wish you were here. Love & kisses as always to Martin Matthew and Owen Peter
Posted by Janet Kirker on 29th October 2012
Today would have been Rosi's 48th birthday. The beautiful rose in this tribute is called a Rosemary Rose and we planted this special rose in a wee memorial garden in our home. Today,our first few Rosemary Roses came out in flower on a beautiful 30 degree day in Melbourne. She is constantly in our thoughts and forever with us. Janet Kirker
Posted by Lisa Hogg on 4th April 2012
It is hard to believe it is already a year since Rosi died. I think of her most days and she is still very much with us in our conversations and memories; I am smiling for your Rosi, today and every day

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