Rosiemary ann thomas

mum is well known for being called rose or dosey rosie some called her. My mum did so much for lots of people mum was an amazing mother mum also looked after friends children so they could work its funny because mum looked after the doctor who helped deliver me in to this world.Mum loved to work in the arcade she would take no messing either you did as your told or you where out she is a cool mum.
Mum married my dad in summer of 69 and together they have 4 girls me im the middle one.Mum has 13 grandchildren and a great granddaughter .Mum always put others first befor herself.Mum is my super mum my best friend and the world has lost an amazing kind and loving person.

Sadley on the 29/5/2015 we lost my mum in  a call never to be forgotten if i can be like my mum i will be proud mum is amazing grace now in the arms of her angles.                                      LOVE YOU MUM