Posted by Dee Osemeno on December 27, 2021
My heart goes out to Rowena's family. Losing a dear loved one comes with indescribable pain. I pray that Jehovah- 'The God of all comfort' (2corinthians 1:3-4) comforts her family during this hard times .
Posted by Lillian Hsia on November 13, 2021
Dear Rowena,

You weaved God's word into your daily life. You faithfully served the Lord and loved your brothers and sisters in Christ. (1 John 3:18)

I was blessed with your assistance in serving and caring, and with your visitations in church life ministry. You always paid attention to those in need, including scholars coming from overseas. I especially remember during our LA trip to visit an aged sister, the rental car was keyless, but you still managed to drive to our destination. Your caring also reached to brothers and sisters who live in different areas in Sacramento.

In the late 90s, it meant a great deal to everyone when you helped organize the workshop on Marriage and Family led by Pastor Huang Ming-Chen (黃明鎮), and when we attended a loving and caring seminar given by Pastor Fu Li- De (傅立德) in Fremont.

I always appreciated your talent in organizing our Sunday lunches, and your banquets at the church for holidays, weddings, and funerals were very special. You always put your heart into planning and made them work well.

Thank you for compiling the DCCC cookbook for the cooking teams--the beginners on the teams especially appreciate it. We also like having your savory dishes such as sweet and sour soup, braised chicken wings, and lion heads. In addition, thank you for organizing meals to be delivered to church members who were in need. And your faithful attendance at the women's prayer group on Friday mornings encouraged us greatly.

Your heart was surely focused on missions and evangelism (Matthew 28:19-20). In recent years, we really appreciated how you led DCCC short-term mission teams to China and Taiwan-and later when you worked as a volunteer at Christian Born Anew Fellowship in Taiwan for one-and-a-half years.

I can't possibly count how many good deeds you did for others, Rowena. As for me, thank you for helping me move and for delivering my keys, which I had left buried in a pile of cherries in the supermarket.

Rowena, how much I miss you!

Lillian Hsia
Posted by Cheng-Wen Liang on November 13, 2021
Posted by Glenn Bartley on November 10, 2021
Rowena was truly a force for good and a good friend.
We will miss her.
Posted by Dolly Toan on November 8, 2021
Thank you Rowena, your love of Jesus and for His sheep is exemplary to us all. Also thanks to Roy, your support of Rowena is pleasing in His eyes and is admirable. May His strength be with you as you process the loss of your beloved wife, and in time begin to heal. Blessings with much love and prayers to the Geng family
Posted by Kim Thuy Seelinger (Geng) on November 7, 2021
Dear Auntie Rowena,

It was so moving to hear so many beautiful, loving stories about you during the memorial service. As only your nephew's wife, there is so much about your life I never knew. And yet everything others said of your kindness, your generosity, and your intelligence resonated fully. From the day I joined the Geng family, I saw these things in you. Over the last 15 years, I have always been grateful for your warmth at holiday dinners and your thoughtful gifts and cards. 

Your devotion to your children has always been clear, as well. When David shared the story of your traveling to Sacramento during chemotherapy to buy mooncakes for your friends, I was not at all surprised. I was also reminded of your own generous, selfless children. For example, even while she was preparing to fly home from Shanghai to be with you during your chemotherapy, Diane somehow took the time to gather a few beautiful gifts for Kaien. That she took the time to do this amid a scary and chaotic period showed how deeply your values of kindness, generosity, and selflessness were sown in your children. Diane and David are truly extraordinary people. We love them and thank you for them. We cannot wait to see them again.

For now, our love, Auntie Rowena. Your memory is a blessing.

Kim Thuy Seelinger (Geng Hsing's wife, Kaien Thuy Geng's mother)
Posted by Helen Livingston on November 7, 2021
What an honor to be able to share in a special time to honor "Shou Lee" 's life. I only knew her as "Auntie Rowena" because I was a typical Asian American that didn't know any Mandarin. Who knew that I would one day be a full-time missionary in Taiwan. After 12 years of serving here in Taichung and raising my family here. Diane and David, I want you to know that tho' she is not a "showy" type...she does boast about you guys to me in her letter. She is forever proud of you. To sacrifice 1.5 years in her last season of her life to be apart from you guys and Uncle Tears came streaming down when I think of the aching of her longing to be in both worlds. Me and my family know of that deep aching of living in two worlds.  But at the same time, I know clearly that I am to be a bridge first for Jesus and then culturally. So, I want you to know that I will be sure to visit the Halfway house in Hua Lian and see what I can do to make "Shou Lee Garden" beautiful. I will also bring them some "banana cake" in honor of my Auntie Rowena. Diane and David, I've not seen you since my VBS days when Pastor Gershom talked about it...but as I saw you on heart ached. I longed to just give you a long hug. I want you to know that when I lost my mom in 2010 (my first year of being in Taiwan)....and my dad came to Taiwan to visit me in 2011. He stayed in the Bay Area to grieve one full year of my mom's passing. Then I hosted him here for a "new beginning". But he returned home from that vision trip only to feel a sharp stomach pain. I kidded around with him and said "it is cuz he missed me and the food here." To my shock, he had unoperable stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I flew home to see him through until he went HOME where we will all meet again one day. To hear from Auntie Rowena's sister of how Diane fed her spoon by spoon towards her last days...tears streamed down from my face. I remember. I will always remember those days. Dad passed away in 2012. Almost 10 years later, I remember those last moments clearly. I created a place where I go in Taiwan to remember my parents. I'm so grateful that when I go serve at Agape House (nearby Xin-Yuan), I have a place to go to remember my forever special...Auntie Rowena. She was more than a college mom to me. When I serve in Taiwan, and my Mandarin is just bad...often, I feel so useless because my heart longs to SHINE and MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD....I feel so limited here. I can't tell you how OFTEN her words, her example, and her life encourages me to keep going. "Helen, remember Matthew 5...Blessed are the pure in heart, the meek...for there's is the Kingdom of Heaven". As I press on in this race, Auntie Rowena to keep on learning the truths you've shared with me....I hope to one day host your kids and grandkids in Taiwan so I could help guide them to the places you loved here. I love you, Auntie Rowena. 
Posted by Will Zhou on November 6, 2021
My family moved away from Davis just before I started high school, and although I keep in contact with David periodically, it has probably been over 20 years since I last saw Auntie Rowena. But hearing the tributes and testimonies at the memorial service tonight, it's clear that everything I've ever known about Auntie Rowena has not changed. 

Growing up in Davis, DCCC was a huge part of my life. And anytime I find myself reflecting about DCCC or my time in Davis, I always think about Auntie Rowena and her family.  I will never forget how approachable, how warm, how kind, and how loving she was.

Thank you Auntie Rowena for showing me the gospel, helping me understand the love of Jesus through your own humility and servant heart, and feeding me countless meals in your home. 
Posted by Chris and Howe Chao on November 6, 2021
Great memories of Auntie Rowena go way back to pre-college years. She was a dependable, steadfast, and faithful servant of the Lord. She cared for all ages. She had such a gentle, kind, and generous heart. As many have mentioned, she brought much joy through her cooking: DCCC cooking team, potlucks, food ministry for us as new parents and when we were sick. She brought great organization and skills as church secretary. The whole church body was so blessed by her. She also gave incredible support to the children and youth ministries. We are so thankful for her wonderful presence in our lives and our church family! To Uncle Roy, Diane, and David, and families: our hearts mourn with you at the loss of such a wonderful, beautiful, loving mother, auntie, wife, and sister. Hugs to you all. We look forward to a fabulous reunion with Auntie Rowena once again in heaven!
Posted by hannah kim on November 6, 2021
Like a sister of mine,
She brought me a dish, right after my delivery of Hannah, that Chicken soup- I’d never forgotten.
and she gave me small David’s clothes,
and helped me to buy a home, just right for us.

She prayed for me when I had no power and wisdom left. She was a big sister, caring for me….
with my tears I thank her.

I’ll never forget her smiles-
A beautiful flower like
Camellia -


Posted by Raymond Lee on November 6, 2021
Dearest Auntie Rowena,

We will miss you so much.
I know we will meet again in Heaven.

Raymond, Sandy, and Hermon
Posted by K Thomas on November 6, 2021
Dear Rowena,
I am grateful for your kindness and big heart. Your life was a blessing, and your memory is a treasure and inspiration to me.
Rest in peace Rowena. No more pain and suffering. You are dearly missed and fondly remembered.
May God's peace be with the family.
-- 桂英
Posted by Grace Chen on November 6, 2021
Dear Rowena,

I Haven’t gotten over the shock of the sad news of your cancer, and you're already gone in the presence of God. 

You left so many treasured memories of your love for God's Kingdom and His people, and your tireless labor of love to expand His Kingdom in Davis, ShangXi and Taiwan and more. You did it all so quietly and wholeheartedly!

Wish we follow your example and be ready anytime for the Lord:  "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." "当跑的路,跑了。当打的仗,打了。有公义的冠冕为我存留。"

My heart is aching for this great loss of our beloved sister in the Lord. We’ll miss you greatly and dearly.
Posted by Felix Lai on November 6, 2021
As I reflect on my memories with Auntie Rowena, I am so thankful to have her in my life during my years in Davis. I can always picture her smile, the laughters we shared and her genuine care for people. She was my mom away from home, and I am thankful that God placed her in my life during those years.

While she was often in the background, she is the quiet influence that made things flowed. She truly demonstrates humility. I am thankful to get to see her fairly often while she was the secretary at DCCC. She supported me and often fed me and my household. My time at Davis and as a youth counselor would not have been the same.

Having lost my mom just 3 years ago to cancer, her battle with cancer and passing brought back a lot of the same emotions of loss. While I only get to visit her once in the recent months, I am so glad to see how well she was loved and cared for by her family: Diane flying back from China, David driving up and down I-80, family members flying in with other places, etc.

I am thankful for the life she lived; the gentle, loving spirit that she exemplified. I am thankful that she loved us all so well. I look forward to the day that I get to see her again when we are home with our good Lord.

Uncle Roy, Diane and JP, David, Erin and kids, you are in our prayers. May God bring you comfort during this difficult time. May He help you cherish the loving memories of Auntie Rowena. May He grant you peace.
Posted by Humble Servants on November 6, 2021


主, 死亡存在。
Posted by Guoping Xu on November 6, 2021
昨天晚上(星期五),我们学者团契本来是查经讨论,结果不由自主的话题转到了Rowena姊妹,变成了一个小型的追思会。我想这是圣灵的感动,因为大家都从她的身上看到了那有行为的信心是什么样的,就好像从所结的果子就知道是什么树,从她的行为我们看到她所信的神是如何真实。对Rowena来讲,好像事无巨细,只要是做在弟兄姊妹身上,或是为教会的,是为神的国度的,她都尽心竭力。透过他的对弟兄姊妹的爱,对神的家(教会)的全心付出,是我们大家的好榜样。我们不禁感叹, “我们既有这许多的见证人,如同云彩围着我们,就当放下各样的重担,脱去容易缠累我们的罪,存心忍耐,奔那摆在我们前头的路程,” (希伯来书 12:1)
Posted by Rainman Zhang on November 5, 2021

看到你这张照片,就已再次见到了仍然活着的你。你的微笑是我们的神赐的,从内到外,真实呈现,有如在神的光中闪亮,把爱和温暖带给了你周围的人。感谢神把你带给我们,让我们看到神的女儿是何等的美丽善良!雅各书第二章十七节:“照样,如果只有信心,没有行为,这信心就是死的”。你虽话语不多,但你所做的一切已成为对神最美好的见证。我们曾经在一个小组准备主日午餐,你是组长。每次做饭你都提前计划准备,尽量不麻烦其他组员花太多时间。因此,每次我们去做饭都发现你已提前做了大量的准备工作, 包揽了许多当日需要预备的东西。你比我们年长,但你总是抢着干重活。当你带领我们为大家提供美味的主日午餐时,我们的内心都充满了热忱和爱,因为你那从神来的爱已将我们大家全部的热情和爱唤起、加热、并融入主日的午餐中!感谢神,赐给我们这样一位好姊妹!我们的主已接你去天家,去了那美丽无比的地方,愿你在主怀中得安息。


Xiaodong & Ning
Posted by Tony Wang on November 5, 2021
Rowena was the church secretary when I was in Davis, from '98 thru 2002. She was a tireless worker, committed and faithful, always ready to do whatever was needed, and always ready to help anyone in need. A true servant. The college kids (along with everyone else) really appreciated her consistent and smiling presence. She also kept the church running smoothly.

It's a blessing to know that she continued to serve the Lord in many different ways for so many years, right up until the end. It's also a great encouragement to hear that she journeyed well, in spite of her difficult illness. Definitely in keeping with her character.

I'm sure she heard the words "Well done, good and faithful servant."
Posted by Yi Tian on November 5, 2021
虽然知道你已荣归天家,在那里是好得无比,但我们现在的暂时离别不舍和思念的心情, 确也是难以言表。相识到如今已有30多年了。相处的往事点点滴滴历历在目,这些天一直呈现在我们的脑海里。回忆神透过你对我们家的关爱和帮助, 数算神的恩典。
30多年前我们来到Davis,到教会不久就认识了你和光群。你们的热情友好关心爱护对我们认识并决志信靠主耶稣有很大帮助, 彼此间的友谊和在主里的交通从那时就开始了。从帮我们买房子,每年的报税(直到田毅学会为止),到生活上的许多事,你和光群都给了我们很多的帮助。
记得那时周五晚上,你事奉儿童团契。孩子很多,孩子们一周不见聚会时在一起很活跃,笑闹打斗很调皮,很不容易带领。你不辞辛劳用爱心和耐心,教导他们学习神的话,带给孩子们很多欢乐,也让当时我们这些年轻的家长父母可安心参加自己各自的团契活动。不会忘记圣诞节的早上,你送来儿子所期待的圣诞礼物, 儿子很惊喜;下班回家看到你送来的自家后院水果挂着我们前门把手上。我们和许多其他弟兄姐妹忘不了你做的美味可口的菜肴,象白蘸鸡,台湾炒油饭等等。好多好多这样的情景,让我们难忘。当有慕道朋友或弟兄姐妹有一段时间没来教会,你总是惦记关心,想法了解他们是否有什么需要。然后你会自己或请别人尽力给予帮助。神借着你赐福给很多很多的人。你在教会中的事奉给我们树立了忠心事奉敬拜神,以教会为家的好榜样。患病前你在台湾的宣教服侍,传回来的视频也给我们作了美好的见证。
正如保罗所说“那美好的仗我已经打过了。当跑的路我已经跑尽了。所信的道我已经守住了。” 你的一生确是荣神益人的一生, 现在有公义的冠冕为你存留。愿爱我们的神主耶稣基督自己亲自安慰光群,Diane, David 及其所有亲属, 和所有爱你的和你所爱的众人。  
Posted by Grace Kao Li on November 5, 2021
Auntie Rowena was in every part of my childhood memories at DCCC. Sunday school, VBS, church retreats, good news club, children’s fellowship, youth group. I spent many an hour at her house on Grande Avenue, in shenanigans with all the kids. She and Diane trekked out to the Bay Area to celebrate my wedding in 2005. Her immense faithfulness and servants heart were so evident in all my memories. Although I mourn now, I know I will see her again and Jesus is rejoicing that His daughter has come home.

This world is not my home I’m just a passing through
My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue
The angels beckon me from heaven’s open door
And I can’t feel myself in this world anymore
Posted by Calvina Nguyen on November 5, 2021
Auntie Rowena shows her love through her quiet actions and kind smile. It's been more than 2 decades since the years we served together at DCCC. She will always remain an integral part of my college life and faith.
Posted by John Cai on November 5, 2021
I'm thankful for Auntie Rowena for her faithful service to the Lord. Growing up, I always remember her working hard in the church office. She was very supportive of the youth group and helped out whenever she could. I'm thankful for her passion for the Gospel and zeal for the lost. I'm thankful for the ways my life was blessed indirectly and directly through her service to the Lord, and for her model of steadfastness and faithfulness over the decades. I'm grateful for her salvation, and that one day we will all be together in Heaven!
Posted by Qiqi Li on November 5, 2021
  还记得第一次跟Rowena做教会星期天的午饭。跟过她做饭的人都知道,Rowena一向是不怕麻烦,不计成本,千方百计做最美味的饭菜给弟兄姐妹吃。那天是“葱油鸡”,三百多人的量。整只鸡煮好还需剁块。我们当中有的剁到手起泡。但我们还不是最辛苦的。最辛苦是Rowena她一早就在厨火旁做主厨早已被热火烤得满脸通红 ..........当我们分餐的时候Rowena总是反复嘱咐我们不要少给,要多给。让大家吃得饱足。从这些生活的点滴中,我在Rowena身上看到神那不保留的爱......此时,我脑海里又浮现起Rowena穿着围裙,那带着喜乐而略显疲惫红扑扑的脸在星期天主日学的时间在教会厨房为大家忙里忙外的情景........
  深切怀念我们亲爱的Rowena姐妹, 愿她成为我们的榜样,激励我们奔走天路!愿神亲自安慰Rowena心爱的家人们!!
Posted by Jinjie Li on November 4, 2021
亲爱的Rowena姐妹,谢谢你给我的温暖和关怀。神 说“你们是世上的光。城造在山上,是不能隐藏的。人点灯,不放在斗底下,是放在灯台上,就照亮一家的人。你们的光也当这样照在人前,叫他们看见你们的好行为,便将荣耀归给你们在天上的父。” 谢谢你照亮包括我在内的许多人的心!
Posted by Joe Toan on November 5, 2021
Auntie Rowena, thank you for your warmth, kindness and service. My childhood is filled with happy memories of going to DCCC every Sunday, the hustle and bustle between services and events, the delicious food; and you were always there in the background, backbone of the church, serving and working. I feel so privileged to have such a role model in my life and feel so grateful. Thank you.
Posted by Meile Zan on November 4, 2021

你是我们DCCC 每个人都喜爱的。我和先生也都喜欢你,对你印象很好也很深刻!你曾是教会的秘书,对神的工作忠心耿耿,对教会的每个人都关爱照顾!


在我父亲病危躺在床上时,他信了耶稣,我很想让李牧师去伯克利帮助给我父亲受洗。你和李牧师在繁忙之中,抽空远程去了伯克利我父亲家为他受了洗。 在我父亲受洗以后,他身体渐渐恢复,结果又活了一年半才离世。

在这之前几个月,我父亲因严重肺气肿二氧化碳排不出去(当时斯坦福医生誤诊导至二氧化碳压力达到100%,严重中毒上了呼吸机。当时他已经82 岁,所有的医生都认为他要死了,关照家人这个老人你们要准备后事。我打电话给教会告诉你: 我父亲上了呼吸机正在ICU抢救,生命垂危,请教会众弟兄子妹为我父亲祷告。结果你就把为我父亲祷告的事放在祷告会事项上,在众弟兄子妹的祷告下,我父亲竟然活了过来。后来在斯坦福的医院里,许多医生都去我父亲病床边看神迹了:所有的呼吸科医生都认为他是死定了二氧化碳压力已经达到100%,怎么会活过来了?



Posted by Cheng-Wen Liang on November 5, 2021

來自最最最會吃的又最最最會撒嬌的小豬 ~ 文龍
Posted by ROBERT JENNINGS on November 4, 2021
When I picture Rowena in my mind, it's not like a photo of her standing or sitting with a pretty smile on her face. No, she is always doing something positive and helpful. I see he with a clutch of papers in hand moving from one place to another in the DCCC office area. When she was church secretary Rowena often knew more about what was happening in the church than even the pastors. I also see her in the church kitchen on a Sunday morning wearing an apron and holding a ladle in her hand, directing her cooking team. 
  I was privileged to serve on three short term mission teams with Rowena. Of course, I remember her teaching in a classroom, but more than that, I see her talking in the afternoon and evening with students, teachers, and administrators. After she retired, and she went to CBAF in Taiwan, she wrote to me and told about her working in the garden, cooking for the entire group, and teaching English to two young men in addition to her regular duties.
   We all talk about "putting faith into practice." In that regard, Rowena was the real deal. James, the author of the New Testament book that bears his name, must be very proud of Rowena.
Posted by Angela Brown on November 4, 2021
Auntie Rowena, what a loved and loving woman and servant of the Lord. I grew up often going to her house to play with her daughter Diane and, sometimes when we let him, her younger brother David. Those memories of playing in their safe second home, pretending to be police and criminals, rich and poor people, and eating yummy snacks, will stay with me forever. Later Auntie Rowena started a Good News Club, every Wednesday I think, in her home, and I remember being so excited every week to go, so we could sing the songs she led with big colorful posters with lyrics on them, and listen to her tell Bible stories or guest speakers give lessons. She was so faithful to serve in children's ministry and instilled her love and the Word in countless young children's lives, including mine. I had no idea the work, faithfulness and sacrifice it took for her to do that every week until looking back in retrospect. And, I still remember all the songs she taught us! (as well as all the books of the Bible and Jesus' disciples' names :D) In fact, I was just playing Bible songs for my almost 2-year-old daughter the other day, and a song that Auntie Rowena sang with us at Good News Club came on. I thought immediately of her. It was about Noah and his ark, and it was how I initially learned about the flood story. After the ark is built and the 40 days of flooding has come and gone, causing death and destruction in its wake, the last (and my favorite) verse comes on. "The sun came out and dried up the landy landy / Look! There's the sun! It dried up the landy landy / Everything was fine and dandy dandy / Children of the Lord." When I heard it, I envisioned Auntie Rowena where she is now, singing it just as she sang it all those decades ago. There she was, with her big posters out, enjoying the sun that has now come out forever for her -- a sun that will no longer set. There she is, on the other side of death -- still one of, and leading, the children of the Lord.
Posted by Melody Tang on November 4, 2021

隨後,我們舉家遷往南加,但您的愛心義舉,卻仍然在我們的家族邊環繞,尤其是我們的母親,經常提起,Rowena 又邀我陪她去沙加緬度燙頭髮了,您就是這樣愛人卻不給人負擔的好姊妹。而您的弟兄光群,更是我母親的摯友,不時帶把吉他到家中陪伴母親唱她喜愛的聖詩。我們就是總把弟兄姊妹的愛當做理所當然的生活著,直到這無價的恩典從我們的腳邊偷偷的溜走⋯⋯。上回回大衛市還慶幸得探望到您,這回您就這樣安安靜靜得離開我們去了那更美的家鄉⋯⋯。我們為您感到高興,也會按步就班的排隊,直到在天家再見⋯⋯。願神祝福您們⋯⋯⋯^-^。
Posted by Chen Ying Chi on November 4, 2021
Posted by Cheng-Wen Liang on November 4, 2021
感謝神 讓我們在耕心園與您相遇
從您身上 我們看見神的美善
更讓我們學習到 生命為主付出的價值
願慈愛的父神 親自成為您的安慰
將您寶抱 在祂的懷裡
我們全家會持續 為您禱告! (華松/智慧/以柔/以謙)
Posted by Cheng-Wen Liang on November 4, 2021
  我願如此歌唱, 我願與主親近,我願與主親近,願更親近。」(慧純&昭敏)
Posted by Cheng-Wen Liang on November 4, 2021
親密的戰友 周師母
Posted by Cheng-Wen Liang on November 4, 2021
Posted by Cheng-Wen Liang on November 4, 2021
謝謝紹莉一年半來委身在耕心園的服事,感謝主賜下500多個能與您同心、同行又同工的日子。感恩有妳,陪伴我們經歷了各式的挑戰,也一起領受了各樣的福氣,能與您一起在耕心園配搭服事是上帝給我最好的禮物! 紹莉,好好休息,因為全路程我們都有主陪伴,我們毋須擔憂,只要全然交托給祂,相信我們最後都會到達那一個更美更好的境界,齊唱哈利路亞!
Posted by Cheng-Wen Liang on November 4, 2021
Posted by Cheng-Wen Liang on November 4, 2021
獻給我敬愛的紹莉老師 天生
Posted by Cheng-Wen Liang on November 4, 2021

本來 好期望等您康復,再與您多聊聊,
將來 在天上再相見了。

Posted by Helen Livingston on November 4, 2021
After hearing the news of your passing, my heart ached. A deep sorrow came. It took me a week before I found the stillness, and courage to find words to honor the life you POURED into me and the life you SHARED with me. Thank you for BEING YOU. Thank you for the simple ways you reached out and loved me when I didn't feel so loveable. In 1993, I was a lost Freshman at UCD who lived across from DCCC at the dorms. I didn't know anyone. I became a Christian the month before I went to college so all I knew was to DRAW NEAR to God and He would draw near to me. And at the time, you, Auntie Rowena was the secretary of DCCC. I had so many questions about life, faith, and where to find good food. You patiently listened and pointed me in the direction I needed to fulfill my needs. You were my first mentor. You were also too humble to let me call you my mentor. I'm now the age you were when I first met you....and I aim to pass on that same kind of Matthew 5 lifestyle of meekness and purity of heart to those God puts in my path. Auntie Rowena, thank you for loving me AS I AM. When I went to PT school and met Sam, I was scared to come back to DCCC with a white husband because I thought that you were going to be "disappointed" in me. But you and many old friends there threw me a FEAST to celebrate my new life with Sam. Thank You. I will never forget that moment where I felt accepted, cherished, and loved. From that moment on, I lived fearlessly following the call God put on our hearts. When you learned that God put full time missions on our hearts, you supported us and cheered us on. I'm going on 13 years serving in Taiwan with my 4 kids....and some times I honestly feel like I'm cray cray and NUTS because my heart longs to be with those I love (like you and many others in the USA)...but yet, the peace of knowing I was exactly where God wanted me, Sam and the kids to be and to shine. So, we stay where God planted us. We're blooming here, Auntie Rowena. Tho' I miss out on weddings or funerals in the USA...when the pain of grief (like losing my mom to breast cancer, then the following year in 2012...I lost my dad to pancreatic cancer) and loss come my way and being so far away....we missionaries often just have to get still before God, get alone, cry our brains out, then take the tears and the crappy feelings...and like holy fertilizer, we take it and spread it in a way that makes us bloom where we are planted. Knowing that compassion with those who grieve makes us go deeper with the people God puts our way to help and minister to. This is the way you modeled for me....a life of simplicity, humility, and faithfulness. You were faithful to love "the one"...and I'm thankful that that "one" was me. I know that many other people also felt like they were "the one" as well...and I'm learning that LOVING WELL is the highest calling God gives to us no matter where He plants us. I will continue to pray for Uncle Roy, Diane and David (and their families) in this coming year. The first year of grief after my parents passed away was so hard. Uncle Roy, Diane, David, my condolences to you. The journey ahead will not be easy ....but God is with you. I pray that ONLY HIS PRESENCE will satisfy your soul and comfort your spirit.
LOVE ALWAYS (Forever grateful),
Helen (was Chen) Livingston
Posted by sumei yee on November 3, 2021
Auntie Rowena was a constant in my childhood thru teenage years at DCCC. I always felt acceptance and warmth whenever I was in her presence. She had the kindest smile and sweetest voice. When my father passed, Auntie Rowena was at my house everyday helping my family with his service and bringing us constant comfort and strength. A few years ago, Auntie took my mom with her to Taiwan to spread the word of God. My mom constantly speaks of this trip and for that I am so thankful and grateful they had this time together. Auntie Rowena was one of God's brightest Angels on earth and she touched so many. Her light will continue to glow in all of us and shine upon us. Thank you Auntie Rowena.
Posted by Daniel Yang on November 3, 2021
我和內子Hong 在 2000年搬来Davis居住. 记得Rowena 姊妹给我的第一個印象是她那温柔的微笑,给人舒服的感觉.

直到2004年,因为事奉的关系,我与她的接触就渐多了。姊妹的人缘非常好,许多人都与她交往頗深。她像是我们教會的天地线,连通了講 英, 國, 粵語的弟兄姊妹.

Rowena 姊妹爱神, 也爱人. 她对别人体贴入微,將教會當自己的家一樣。她用自己的生命見证了主耶稣基督的真,善,美 。她当时任職教會秘书. 但在许多時候,她都是超时工作。她常说「無所谓啦,反正我有时间」。 凡她做的事,总是全心摆上.

或许有人不知道,教會每主日饭后各團契輪流洗碗清潔. 除此之外,她还特别组织了一个姊妹团,每周二早上回教会清潔炉头,将厨房的油盐醬醋,碗碟廚具重新归位. 此工作十数年如一日。她还多次委託别人从台湾买來几个極大的「大同电饭煲」。

有两年的DCCC 感恩节午餐盛宴, Rowena姊妹親自一个人为全教會炒50磅的糯米饭. 花了很多的心思,精力及时间, 为兄弟姊妹提供更加美味的午餐. 



李伯伯李伯母回台湾后,她又帮助Auntie Ming大装修 位於Maine 的condo,从Davis 到New England , 飞来飞去几趟.

Auntie Ming 之后,她又开始照顾Auntie Stella 的起居饮食,替她寻找合宜的家居护理人选.


今日,虽然親爱的 Rowena 姊妹先我們回天家,但她的基督精神永远活在我们心中,也激励着我們每一个人.

林前 4:18 原来我们顧念的是看不见的,因为看得见的是暂时,看不见的是永恒的。我们顾念的是那美好的家乡…

提摩太後書 4: 6-8 那美好的仗我已經打過了,當跑的路我已經跑盡了,所信的道我已經守住了。 從此以後,有公義的冠冕為我存留,就是按著公義審判的主到了那日要賜給我的;不但賜給我,也賜給凡愛慕他顯現的人。 
以上聖經的教導和應許, Rowena 姊妹活出來了, 更 得之無愧 !

Daniel Yang 敬上
Posted by Kathy Huey on November 3, 2021

    祈求您赦免我的一切錯誤,接納我成為您的信徒,並終生侍奉您為唯一的神。祈求主耶穌基督能引領紹莉姑姑在您的國度,永享太平、快樂、無憂無慮、幸福。姑姑她一生無悔奉獻於主耶穌您,她心地善良,耐心引導我走向正道,引導我向善,教導我在遇見困境、徬徨無助時禱告求主賜我智慧,終生感激此恩惠,讓我不再走錯方向。我必遵守對姑姑的承諾,求主賜福於紹莉姑姑在神的國度無憂快樂,姑姑 我們天家見,阿們!
       梅洲之子 凌弘 叩首
Posted by Elvin Geng on November 2, 2021
I will always remember what a kind, warm and wonderful aunt Roweena was to us.  I think I met her when I was a kid, probably 10 years old or so, and she I went to Uncle Roy's place in Davis and I remember she spent the afternoon helping me build a kite of some sort.  It wasn't an ordinary kite, it was a very complicated and big kite and I realized after I started to build it that it was too hard for me, as a 10 year old, to make it. I was disappointed, but Auntie Roweena came to the rescue and spent a long time with me that afternoon to put it together. Over the years, I was always impressed with her quiet strength, generosity and kindness - and happy to see her from time to time even after I grew up and moved away from Davis on the holidays when I was back in town. It's no surprise that she and Uncle Roy raised my cousins Diane and David, who are the kindest, smartest kids (they aren't kids anymore!) in the world, who have gone on to do such amazing things.  I was fortunate to see her not long ago in the August when we were in Davis, so very courageous and strong in the face of illness. We will miss you Auntie!   
Posted by Jane Chen on November 2, 2021
Dear Rowena (紹莉大姐)

從去UC Davis(1992)唸書到現在,認識您數十年了。回想起來,真得是主的安排,讓我們全家(彥蓁、維思、維恩和我)跟您之間有如家人般的情誼,雖然相聚次數不多,時間不長,無論是在美國還是台灣我們都待過彼此的住家,往日情景歷歷在目。更為您在退休之後,毅然決然回台灣獻身更生團契的服侍感佩,也因為您這樣的選擇讓我們去年有機會見面(也是最後一次)。本以為待疫情穩定後,小孩大學畢業,有機會再見面,就得知您生病的消息,而沒多久您就回天家了,雖然惋惜,但因我們都是神的兒女,仍有盼望。紙短情長,所未竟者尚有萬千!
See you in God’s Home, my dear sister!

Posted by Lisa Lau on November 1, 2021
The image of the energizer bunny comes to my mind when I think of Rowena, a dear friend, a wise mentor, a faithful servant of the Lord.

I met Rowena in a supermarket ( which has since closed down at the Anderson Plaza shopping center) when I first moved to Davis in 1991. We clicked almost instantly. She introduced me to DCCC and encouraged me to meet friends in different fellowship groups and join a Bible study group. As someone new in town, I went to her for anything. She was always happy and eager to help out. She even volunteered her daughter and son to be my flower girl and ring bearer at my wedding.

Rowena was gifted with a mind of organization; she was goal oriented and driven with determination. With these characteristics she served well as the secretary of DCCC. She served as a role model for what a servant of the Lord should be like. Her actions spoke louder than her words. I looked up to her and often sought out her advice and guidance whenever I came upon challenges and difficulties.

Not only was her dedicated service to the Lord evident, but her maturity in making wise decisions speaks even today. She pioneered the DCCC mission to TaiGu county of SanXi, China. Single-handedly, she initiated & took care of all the logistics, rallied a group of mission-minded brothers & sisters of DCCC, and brought the gospel message to the children & youth there in TaiGu, SanXi. I had the honor of joining her on one of these mission trips and I was greatly impressed by her resilience, adaptability and mature leadership.

I could go on and on listing Rowena’s many acts of love for the Lord and His people. However, my words are limited and would not be enough to describe the person who dedicated her whole life to God. One thing I am sure, that God has kept her going as the energizer bunny and has accomplished His good, pleasing and perfect will on her earthly journey.

Rowena, my dear Sister in Christ, until we see each other again in our glorious heavenly home, you will be so dearly missed.

“The righteous perish, and no one takes it to heart; the devout are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil. Those who walk uprightly enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death.”
Isaiah 57:1-2
Posted by Wei Feng on November 1, 2021
好难以言表…… 想念到我们亲爱的Rowena姊妹。 实在是太多的缅怀、太多的思念、太痛楚的离别忧伤。好几天、好几天…… 常虹和我,似乎感到神志怎么也缓不过来, 那即使是在主里的离别,那痛楚也实在难以表述呢…… 然而,我们心所受到的安慰与激励,却也真真实实让我们有着述说不尽的感恩与赞美: 在我们Rowena姊妹生命中,见证到恩主耶稣基督生命的美丽和馨香 — 仁爱、喜乐、和平、忍耐、恩慈、良善、信实、温柔、节制。

常虹和我在DCCC受洗蒙主恩23年,一直深深地被Rowena姊妹的爱心、举止所感动。这感动也不断成为我们的鼓舞和激励。她热情爱主、侍奉主、热忱关爱弟兄姐妹、关怀众人、热切见证主耶稣救恩, 每一点每一滴,时时处处,深深铭刻在我们宝贵的记忆中 — 她亲切可掬的笑容、她辛勤快伐的步履、她似乎永不倦乏的身影。 是! DCCC的每一处,里里外外!从圣堂、祷告室、办公室、教室、到卫生间、楼道和厨房、从敬拜、代求、代祷、探访、关怀、到造就门徒、投身福音;从大卫市、从温暖的家,到艰难困境的山西乡村、到台湾 …… 从幼儿主日学、到儿童学前班、从安排关怀高龄长之辈,到服事监狱受刑人和出狱、盼望重生者…… 洒下了多少艰辛的汗与泪, 触摸温暖到了多少人的心,难以言尽,也令人惊叹、令人感恩 — 这位看似普普通通、言辞不多的姊妹,却是因蒙恩召、甘愿摆上自己、为主所用、为主而活 — 好荣耀、好尊贵!那是复活主的荣耀生命!

好多往事,历历在目,仿佛都是在不久的日子里。最近的是9月11号,Rowena姊妹第一轮化疗开始的前三天,常虹、我和Rowena一起,在Davis小区林荫道上60分钟的快步行走。她谈从到交托天父上帝所得着的平安、讲述她甘愿顺服主旨意,在信心里顺服由主带领医疗方案的安排, 让我们好感动。交谈中,好多的时候成了她在不住安慰我们。令人不禁垂泪的是,当想到,我们握在一起的手, 祷告、拥抱分开后、竟然会是复活在天家相见之前的最后一次。

Rowena姊妹 — 主里安息!一粒落在地里的麦子: 拥抱的是主的称许、蕴藏释放的是无穷生命的大能。天父那纯全、善良、可喜悦的旨意、实在是超约蒙恩儿女们所能测度的。愿我们慈爱的天父上帝、我们信实的恩主、大能的圣灵,照着他丰盛的恩典和他宝贵的应许,成就Rowena姊妹您所有的美好心愿,使您所眷爱的Roy、David、 Diane、以及他们所有家人、和您所有的亲眷们,丰丰富富得着天父在基督耶稣里不断赐下的丰盛恩典与祝福!

Posted by Li Yong on November 2, 2021
I have known Rowena for 20 years through Auntie Stella and Ming. I have a lot of the memory about her as one of the most loving, caring and kind lady. We communicated quite often during Auntie Stella’s last a few years regarding her health condition and Rowena helped a lot when I went to Davis for Auntie Stella’s funeral.

Rowena visited me in Singapore together with Auntie Stella in 2009 and she is also a dear friend of my mom. We conspired a surprise to Auntie Stella by not tell her about my visit in Davis and surprise her in the morning by sudden appearance. Rowena helped me to sneak into the house in the midnight and we had a unforgettable laugh the next morning together.

Rowena has a wonderful character, always cheerful and kind. The last time I met her was in Hong Kong, on her way to missionary trip in Shanxi a few years ago and the last time I chatted with her was in Feb this year when she was in Taiwan. I never thought that I will never be able to meet her again and I feel so sad, but I am sure she will be in heaven safe and sound, with happiness.
Posted by Jianmin Huang on November 1, 2021
I first met Rowena during the time that she served DCCC as a secretary. After so many years, her warm smile, her eagerness to help and her welcoming voice are still so vivid. Rowena’s unselfish service to everyone in the church has touched many people’s lives, including myself. I will miss her dearly.
Posted by Kathy Huey on November 1, 2021

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