Roxy Faith Applebaum
  • 66 years old
  • Date of birth: Apr 2, 1947
  • Date of passing: Aug 14, 2013
Let the memory of Roxy be with us forever

Roxy Faith Applebaum, 66, of San Jose passed away peacefully Wednesday, August 14th, 2013. She was born to the late Albert & Esther Orenstein, April 2nd, 1947 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Roxy graduated from St. Louis Park High School in 1965 and received a two-year AA degree from the University of Minnesota.

She married, former husband, Richard Rosenberg in 1969, and gave birth to two wonderful sons, Robert and Evan Rosenberg.

In 1978, she married Michael Applebaum who had three lovely daughters from a previous marriage: Amy, Laura, and Leslie Applebaum.

Family meant everything to Roxy and Michael and, together, they created a vibrant and successful blended family.

Her son Robert went on to marry Rachel Brown. They had two beautiful daughters, Reese & Riley Rosenberg.

Roxy took being a “Grammy” to her granddaughters very seriously. She was actively involved in their daily activities, schooling and social life.

Roxy had two careers. She owned Aloha Roller Palace/Roxy’s Roller Rink with her partner, Roxy Sax (Michael Applebaum’s sister). Roxy developed many wonderful programs that parents and children could share including Rollersize, which appeared on national television. As family was very important to Roxy, on any one day at work, her children would be manning the snack bar, dj’ing, skate guarding, and running the pro & skate shop.

She was also a trainer & fragrance representative for the Estee Lauder Company where she developed many promotional & marketing techniques still being utilized today.  

Roxy was a tireless worker who spent many hours raising money for many organizations including: American Cancer Society, Leukemia/Lymphoma Society and Susan G. Komen Foundation as well as local charities like Sacred Heart, Jewish Family Services and Second Harvest. She was also actively involved in supporting Yavneh Day School.

Her daughter Amy Applebaum married Matthew Fine and they had a beautiful baby, Michaela, 7 months ago. Her daughter Leslie, married Philip Marzullo and they had a beautiful baby, Kendall, 6 months ago. Unfortunately, her dream of being a Grammy to her two new grandchildren was cut short.

Everyone knew Roxy as, ROXY – her force never requiring a last name. She was an inspiration to others who were afflicted with medical conditions and often spoke to them for hours, helping to make their health journey easier. Everyone who entered Roxy’s life was a better person for the experience. She will be missed.

Roxy is also survived by her beloved sister, Sheila Locketz and children Marc Gittleman and Ellen Noll, as well as sister-in-law, Roxy Sax, mother to Adam and Mandy.

Donations can be made in Roxy's memory to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

May her memory be a blessing.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Rachel Brown-Rosenberg on 14th August 2017

"Thinking of you today as always. We all miss you every day. Time is going by so fast. Everyone is doing well. You would be happy and proud. Reese and Riley are both in high school as of today! Riley is a freshman and Reese is a junior. Robbie is doing great. Life is going on. Mike and the girls are all well. So many times I think to myself, "what would Roxy do?"  Anyway, it's nice to be able to put some thoughts here for you. Love you"

This tribute was added by Michael Applebaum on 14th August 2017

"My Dearest Roxy,
I am thinking of you today and my heart is heavy. It just never seems to get easier. How do you replace in your heart that one person who was your heart? Your memory stays with me forever. The family you raised prosper. Your two beloved grandchildren Reese and Riley are both beautiful and smart young ladies. You would be so proud! You have three others that you have not met, Aela. Kendall and Jake, but they all have your spirit. We all miss you. Please help me dry my tears!
Yours forever,
Mickey Honey"

This tribute was added by Michael Applebaum on 2nd April 2017

"To my Roxy. Not a day goes by that I don't remember our wonderful life together. There was only one girl for me and you were her and will remain her forever. Thank you for bringing me joy for fifty years! I miss you so very much. I know that you believed in God and I pray that he believes in you.
Your Husband, best friend and greatest admirer...Love,
Mickey Honey"

This tribute was added by Rachel Brown-Rosenberg on 2nd April 2017

"Thinking of you today when you would have been 70! I know you are having a party with your parents! miss you as always."

This tribute was added by Victoria Lewis on 15th August 2016

"Thoughts of Roxy make me smile - still very missed. Vickie"

This tribute was added by Rachel Brown-Rosenberg on 14th August 2016

"Missing you today as always. Never forgotten."

This tribute was added by Paula Brown on 14th August 2015

"Time surely slips away quickly. We think of you often and miss you deeply. At each family celebration, I think of you and regret so that you are not with us. Your memory is a comfort."

This tribute was added by Rachel Brown-Rosenberg on 14th August 2015

"Another year flew by! Miss you every day. Thinking of you all the while. Love you always"

This tribute was added by Victoria Lewis on 14th August 2015

"Roxy would have loved the latest family additions - Zeke and Zander - and would have been so proud of her grandchildren's grades and achievements. They grow up so fast and she would have been in the middle of it all and glorying in every moment. I miss you my friend, and how your kind heart could heal with just a word, a hug, or a tear. Vickie"

This tribute was added by Victoria Lewis on 2nd April 2015

"Roxy sure inspired others by her loving example and thoughtfulness. I love that she loved my yorkie Mia. She is thought of today with a smile and I miss her. I would have loved hearing all about how she celebrated her special day and what her family would have done - I'm sure something extra special for her  - to honor her."

This tribute was added by Applebaum Rosenberg Family on 18th August 2014

"**Michael's memorial speech given in Minneapolis at Roxy's final resting place**

Roxy and I are blessed with five wonderful children, Amy, Rob, Laura, Evan and Leslie and four grandchildren, Reese, Riley, Aela and Kendall. As if that wasn’t enough blessing for one person, I have Reese and Riley’s incredible Mom Rachel and two amazing sons-in-law, Kendall’s Dad Phil and Aela’s Dad Matt. Before she passed, Roxy was able to see the two babies, Aela and Kendall. I know it brought her much joy. All of my children insisted on being here to support me, but I said no. They were all there for Roxy and me during Roxy's long fight. They were at my side when Roxy took her last breath and they held me and comforted me when I was beside myself. They were always there when I needed them, but today I have wonderful friends around me and that's what I needed now.

Rich Rosenberg and his beautiful wife Micki are here today. 36 years ago, I broke Ritchie's heart when his boys were shipped off to California with their mother  Roxy to start a new life. Roxy and I lived with that guilt all these years. I can only hope that he knows they were raised in a loving home. They always knew who their dad was and Roxy and I tried hard to include Richie in every important event and give him his rightful place as Rob and Evans father. He has his new family with Micki and his daughter Aaron who just got married...congratulations!

The 1st time I saw Roxy she took my breath away. It was Feb. 14th, 1962.and we had been fixed up by mutual friends. I knocked on the door, she opened it up and I saw the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I'm sure I looked like a deer caught in headlights!

Later, I asked her to go to my senior prom. She wore a beautiful blue flowered party dress when I picked her up. She took my breath away. When we got married at our Rabbi’s house and I saw her standing there with loving eyes locked to mine, she took my breath away. The first time I came home from work and she greeted me at the door looking like an angel, she took my breath away.

I had Roxy for 35 years. Walking beside her, I felt like a king. The final day of her life, when she lay there frail, so small, so beautiful, she took my breath away. And when she took her last breath, she took my heart away.

Most of you know her as a larger than life personality filled with life and joy who cried at movies and TV commercials, laughed at my crazy jokes. But underneath that large personality was a kind, caring sensitive woman who was a great friend to all who knew her, a wonderful and loving mother and my best friend. She had a way of making everything in life, no matter how ordinary, a wonderful story and adventure. She would tell me stories of her day and make a trip to the grocery store seem like the adventure of a lifetime.

She loved her family. When anyone needed something, she came through. She never turned away a friend. If you were in need of comforting or just someone to help out, Roxy was always there. When Micki’s mom died, Roxy was on the next plane. You did not have to ask her she just did it. Her whole life is filled with stories like that.

She survived breast cancer and made a commitment to help others get through those difficult times. She spent hours on the phone helping strangers get through the ordeals of breast cancer. She gave of herself and her time freely and willingly. Whether it was convenient or not never mattered. She felt that it was a mitzvah if she could help others. Her parents lived at our house for three years. They were both old and sick. Never was there a mention of rest homes. She took care of them without a complaint though I know it was incredibly hard on her both physically and emotionally.

Co-workers who were short on rent money or could not afford to fix their cars came to Roxy for help. She never said no. Sometimes they paid her back and sometimes not. I would ask her why she would lend money to someone who did not pay her back. She said simply, "because they needed it more than I did,"

And what a courageous woman! No matter how sick she was, she always thought of other’s well- being first.

My wonderful and dear friend Micki came to see Roxy during her illness, but Roxy was mostly in a coma. When she finally awoke and I told her that Micki was here all week to see her and comfort her, Roxy wanted to be sure that I had taken Micki out and had some fun! When our friend Marilyn came out to visit Roxy, she was a little better and the two of them got to talk about old times. Again Roxy wanted to be sure I showed her a good time.

When Roxy's sister Sheila's husband Joel died, Roxy insisted that I go to Mpls to help Sheila. I told her it was out of the question. I needed to stay with her. Roxy said Sheila and Joel have both come out here many times and Joel was sick too, but he still came and helped me. Joel was your friend and Sheila needs your help. I will be just fine. You must questions! Roxy was so sick, but helping Sheila was the most important thing.

Roxy taught me more about being a righteous person than anyone else in my life. The day she died, I made a promise to her that I would live my life in a way that would make her proud. I pray I can live up to that.

Roxy and I shared a great love story. She was my soul-mate. She never gave up until her last breath. And to the end, she took my breath away."

This tribute was added by Rachel Brown-Rosenberg on 14th August 2014

"Where did the year go? Doesn't seem like its been that long.
Thinking of you often...always in our hearts. Love you and miss you."

This tribute was added by Rachel Brown-Rosenberg on 2nd April 2014

"Miss you every day but today especially."

This tribute was added by Victoria Lewis on 18th September 2013

"Roxy was so very kind & tender hearted. She was a wonderful person in all aspects of her life - mother, wife, mother in-law, sister, aunt & friend. I am very privileged to have been Roxy's friend. I loved her sense of humor, emails she shared that she laughed or cried over, our little mini chats. I especially loved her for loving my pets. We will all miss you terribly. Love, Vickie"

This tribute was added by susan golovin on 11th September 2013

In sickness and in health...your marriage epitomized what love is all about.  It is a blessing to have known you both.
Susan Golovin
Jewish chaplaincy volunteer"

This tribute was added by Kate Lorig on 11th September 2013

"I visited Roxy at Stanford and had the privilege of talking and praying with her husband, and family.   She, and you  taught me so very much, the importance of support and love, the ability to keep shining light into the growing dusk while hoping for a new day.  May all of you find joy in her memory.  Thanks for sharing her.  Kate"

This tribute was added by Jon Levinson on 11th September 2013

"I am a volunteer at Stanford in the Spiritual Care Dept.  I had the honor to visit Roxy many times and talk and say misheberachs for her.  I will forever remember her courage and grace amidst al of her travails as well as the caring attentiveness of her husband.  Her memory is for a blessing.  Boruch Zichrono"

This tribute was added by Kristine Wilson on 7th September 2013

"This was all so beautiful to read. Hugs and love to all of you. word. Love it! So true."

This tribute was added by Kristina Dunnaway on 4th September 2013

"Thoughts and prayers to Roxy and her family from the Gow family (Richard, Krissy & Steven). My dad Richard worked as a skate guard at Aloha for several years around the late 70s to mid 80s. Thank you, Roxy, for giving us a place where our family could enjoy wonderful times together along with the many special friendships that developed."

This tribute was added by Amanda Richardson on 18th August 2013

"Oh, darn! Forgot. Candle lit! IRL"

This tribute was added by Amanda Richardson on 18th August 2013

"too soon"

This tribute was added by Sharon Lin on 18th August 2013

"Roxy, you were a never forgotten friend of our family including my late parents you treated them always with respect, my children, Victoria and Gloria always with love, and me and my husband always with friendship.
You will always live in our memories.
Sharon Lin"

This tribute was added by Heidi Zuccaro on 17th August 2013

"Roxy...It didn't matter if you had just met someone or had known them for years, you were always gracious and treated others as if they were your own family.  I feel truly blessed to have known you.  I am so sorry that we will not have our walk together.  You will be forever missed!! Please give Fonzie a big kiss and hug for me."

This tribute was added by Sharon Napolitano on 16th August 2013

"I am so blessed to have known Roxy, she certainly was a "gem" precious and rare."

This tribute was added by Christine Collins on 15th August 2013

"I first met Roxy when was a teenager. My BFF Amy and I met 27yrs ago and my life became enriched tremendously! Mike and Roxy made me a part of their family unconditionally. I will be forever grateful to Roxy for the love and support...and my fragrance modeling career! Roxy and her purses, the Jewish holidays, the hugs and love and SO much more are forever in my heart! Love you Roxy.  RIP."

This tribute was added by Conrad King on 15th August 2013

"Thank you for ALWAYS treating me like family, you are and will always be a CLASS act! Say hi to my Mom and Dad for me!"

This tribute was added by Ruth Levin on 15th August 2013

"As an "extended family member" we did not have the opportunity to share many moments together - but those we had are easy to remember because of Roxy's wonderful outgoing personaltiy always made us feel so warm and welcome.  Your memory will be with me forever.  You will be missed by many.  Ruth Sax Levin"

This tribute was added by Sharon Cannoles on 15th August 2013

"It was a pleasure to have known Roxy....I think back on our many conversations and especially our was most of the conversation..just catching up on the latest arrivals...she will be missed. Rip my dear friend.  Sharon Bennett Cannoles"

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