Shared by Patricia Karr on July 23, 2020
My encounters with Mr. Alvarez began with humorous telephone conversations before we ever met when I would call looking for Anna on his house phone after meeting her in college. Was that before cell phones?  I’m showing my age.

When we did meet, I felt instantly welcomed into his home, into his family and into his arms, often with a hug and kiss on the cheek.  For someone raised in a ‘touch me not’ home, this felt like a ray of sunshine.

As I grew to know him, my admiration increased along with my fondness.  What an amazing role model as a father, a husband and a leader!  While Mr. Alvarez’ many accomplishments are obvious, it was the simple act of fixing his wife’s tea to her liking at every meal that impressed me every single time.

When I think of Mr. Alvarez, my relationship with him was always framed with his kindness to me, in small and large ways.  He always made sure I had coffee to drink and offered food.  He and Mrs. Alvarez came to stay and help me open my first solo business in Fredericksburg, just jumping into help.  They welcomed me into their home when I was going through a stressful time with our Valley business.  I’m sure they had no idea how nice it was to just sit with them and watch some TV in the evenings after a difficult day.

How often in life do we enter into a relationship with no expectations to be rewarded with so much love and thoughtfulness? It is truly a rare thing and I feel so fortunate to have been included in such a remarkable life and family and feel the warmth of that sun, Roy Alvarez.  Thank you, sir.

Shared by Sandra Salinas on July 21, 2020
Uncle Roy as I knew him a wonderful, kind man. A real family man that loved his family. I have very fond memories of you and godfather to my son Michael Rey. You will be missed. Love you Sandy Salinas

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