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Lost a friendship based on mutual trust and proud.

Shared by Jyoti Jyoti on December 28, 2021
It took me quite a few months to be able to write this note. Your memories shall always make me smile as well as cry.
People said that you don't make good friends after school or college, but there I found you. Both of us joined PRADAN together in the same batch. Your ever smiling face and laughter irritated me in the beginning and soon I knew the concerns and pain that you would often hide behind that smile. We became very good friends and shared a feeling of mutual trust and proud. A genuine human being who was very passionate about his work, loved his family and cared for his friends. I would forever live with that feeling of helplessness that I had when you informed me about you catching COVID. You seemed okay but I was scared (knowing the health situation all around). My fear came true and we lost you. 
You dedicated a song to me when I left PRADAN and now I shall always remember you through that song. You were our gem!!! Miss you dear friend!

Remembering your simplicity and dedication

Shared by Smita Smita on May 28, 2021
Dear Rubab,
Your were such a fine person, your face is coming in front time and again since I heard of your passing away. I had written a message when I heard you were going to hospital, but most probably it could never reach you. We remained in touch even after you left PRADAN and I always remember you as a bright and committed professional and for your simplicity.

You will always be remembered

A truthful Human Being- Rubab Bhaiya

Shared by Vinay Rana on May 27, 2021
Dear Rubab Bhaiya, 

Actually, I have no words to express my internal pain, unbearable sorrow, and disappointment to see you left us with a pleasant smile keeping in your face.

I will never forget the day, you shifted to Godda, and had come to Boarijore block to serve the community from a different perspective, full of passion. I was a newcomer to this development sector, but the way you trained me, taught me and mentored me in the field and at my personal level, I will never forget. Day, by day time passed, and don't know when you became so close to me and became part of my family, part of my life. We had a lot of cherishable, enjoyable, and delightful moments in the Mohanpur office and at the field as well. Every time, you scolded me, cared for me, and mentored me like my older brother. And that was the reason, why I started calling you "Bhaiya". छोटी सी छोटी चीजों को लेके बात करना, समझाना, और अपना वो मंडल जी के पास जाके सुबह का खाना खाके फील्ड निकलना , शायद मैं कभी भी उसको भूल नहीं पाऊंगा ..... टीम मीटिंग में हमारे मुझे सपोर्ट करना, चाहे मेरी गलती ही क्यों ना हो, वो एक बड़ा भाई ही कर सकता है .... आपको याद है, जब आपका सितम्बर , 2013 में फेयरवेल हो रहा था , वो मैं ही था जो सी आर पी मीटिंग में बच्चे की तरह फुट फुट कर रो रहा था. तो आपने बोला कि "से काहे रो रहे हो, बोआरीजोर से जा रहे है , दुनिया से नहीं जा रहे है " . और आज देखिये भैया आप दुनिया से भी चले गए ... ये बहुत गलत किया आपने ..आपने वादा किया था कि विनय , ये कोरोना ख़तम होने के बाद कंही फॅमिली ट्रिप पे जायेंगे , कंही तुम्हारा भाभी को कंही घुमा नहीं पाया हूँ.. और देखिये, आपने अपना वादा तोड़ दिया भैया , आपसे ये उम्मीद नहीं की थी मैंने ...
You are the only person, through which I could start a new life with family after leaving godda, and it's you, who changed my personal & professional life, way of thinking, and I could become a good human being. 

ऐसा हंसमुख , जिंदादिल इंसान शायद ही मैं अपने जिंदगी में देखा हूँ. जब भी आपसे बात होती थी , एक खिलखिलाहट वाली मुस्कान , एक बड़े भाई वाली प्यार एवं दुलार , एक गाइड के तरह हर छोटी से छोटी चीजो को लेके समझाना , मई हमेशा याद रखूँगा. 

इससे ज्यादा मैं लिख नहीं पाउँगा , भैया, बहुत रोने का मन कर रहा है और रो रहा हूँ... 

लेकिन, आप जन्हा कंही भी रहे, सितारों की तरह हमेशा चमकते रहेंगे और आप हमेशा मेरे दिल में, दिमाग में, मेरे जेहन में, और मेरी आत्मा में हमेशा जिन्दा रहेंगे.. 

एक छोटी सी पंक्तियाँ है आपको दिलो-जान से समर्पित भैया 

जब मौत चन्द कदमों के फासलों पे खडी हो, तो निर्विकार भाव से तब हिमालय की तरह अटल जिंदगी को जश्न की तरह जीने का मतलब ही कुछ और होता है ,
सांस का हर डोर , जिसका एक सिरा थाम रखा हो, निर्दयी काल ने, 
सिर्फ तभी दिल के हर धड़कन की एक रिदम की तरह जीवन की हर ले में बांधना जरूरी है. 

कला जब हम नहीं होंगे, जिंदगी की हर ख़ुशी और मातम में हिस्सेदारी बनकर , 
जिन्दा रहेंगी , हमारी गूँज , अनुगूंज बनकर 

सादर प्रणाम और ढेर सारा प्यार आपको .

इश्वर/अल्लाह आपको जन्नत बख्से और अपने चरणों में स्थान प्रदान करें . 

आपका भाई 
विनय राणा  

One, that shines and will remain with us.

Shared by Dheeraj Kumar Gupta on May 27, 2021
I have not much interacted with you, but have spend two days in Patna with you and team for our Blended learning program and sometime in field .I can say only, I was influenced by your helping, calm nature and your smile. You are true gem. My condolences to family. May God give the strength to family to overcome this sorrow. 

My dear brother Rubab, love you so much...

Shared by Binod Dahal on May 27, 2021
Dear Rubab,
it's so unfortunate, it's so terrible, it's so unbelievable that you are no more. Though we both were in PRADAN and you had  worked in Dhoplur, Hazaribag and then Koderma, time came when you were to transfer to Godda. How our team at Godda went through the systematic improvement in our team meetings and overall functions after you joined us is known only to me. The Kusma initiatives by you in Boarijore with other team members had  brought a sea change motivation among the colleagues in the team. Your presence in the team made a huge change in the overall climate very positively. 
I don't know  since then how you had been so close and so Dear to me. You had been always updating your thoughts and progress you were making in both of your personal and professional life. I can't describe how enjoyable those days were for us. Whenever we used to talk, we used to forget anything around us. Once, I forgot to switch off my gas stove, and lost the entire milk meant for the evening while busy in talking. You were so happy, so dynamic with full of respect and integrity and inspiring people whether within the team or in the villages, there is no parallels.
A very very tragic loss for me, for the family and for entire development fraternity. You were so close to my family. When heard this news, my wife cried, not believing it's true. But reality is something else. Whether you were in Jaipur, Patna or even in Kishanganj during the home visit, you always used to phone me. How social you were, how passionate you were. The MESHA project on goat leading by you in AKF in Bihar was making a headlines in the small ruminants livestock secotor. Kudos to you for all the contribution you made to your community, to your country! 
May God, Allah recall all these and keep you always happy wherever you are and give strength, confidence and capacities to bear this loss to your family especially wife to move forward with these little children to progress to the ultimate.

You will always be with me and my family forever in our heart.  Om Shanti.

Rubab Azam...

Shared by Mohd Husain on May 27, 2021
A tons of memories are there...
During the MSW (2005-07),  I was one of the group members along with Rubab, Asif and Fuzail. I used to take regular help of Rubab in preparing my assignments and weekly seminar presentation. Rubab whole heartedly supported me whenever I need it. Often I used to visit his Hostel at VM Hall.
It was in the month of May 2006, when we both went for our 45 days summer training in PRADAN in Madhya Pradesh's Sidhi district under the supervision of our very kind hearted and cooperative senior Aleem Bhai. There I got a chance to stay with Rubab for 45 days on three different locations of the district. On the basis of this experience I can say that he was a fantastic human being. 
As we completed the MSW course in July-August 2007. All the students of our class started searching for job, few of them had secured their jobs through campus placement. Rubab was selected for PRADAN. Those who left were placed in different Delhi based NGOs, but I was jobless till October 2007. One day Rubab got a call from Md Shahid Raza sir about one ad-hoc teaching vacancy in one of the Social Work college of Hyderabad. In the very next minute Rubab called me and told to book the ticket to Hyderabad and attend the interview. I reached Hyderabad before time to attend the said interview. He was very much concerned about my job. I have lost a true friend of mine.
I joined the Roda Mistry College of Social Work Hyderabad on 22 October 2007 as an ad-hoc lecturer and begin my professional journey.
Last word I had with him on 20 March 2021when he was writing the synopsis for PhD admission at TISS. 

It seems my personal loss brother...will miss you a lot mere Bhai...mere yaarrr RUBAABBBB.....
Shared by Namrata Sharma on May 26, 2021
I have not got to interact much with you recently and I feel guilty for not calling the last time I thought of calling you. I should have made that call is what is going to remain with me forever. The first time I got to know you was in Retreat way back in 2012 in the Kesla campus, while in PRADAN and later we met quite a few times when you were in AKF. What I recall and remember the most about you is your non judgmental comment on my sharing. I was reading out my retreat report and halfway, I begin sharing on my own. You heard it all and finally you said, " you wrote it so well Namrata, send me the report in my mail again, I might missed reading it in the sea of reports in my inbox". I gleefully agreed but i do not remember if I really shared it or not. What stayed with me is the line you said and it was the first for me in the sector " You write so well!". I haven't said this to you but those words really made me rethink and changed the way I write. Thank you so much for being kind. You will be remembered forever
Shared by Jawaid Ahsan on May 26, 2021
You were my best friend. We used to studies together during MSW till 1.00 am night in Seminar/Maulana Azad library.All assignment,discussion we used to done together. We used to prepare lunch and dinner occassionally in my Room 37,S.S.Hall North. After joining job, Once in a week we used to discussed various thing. Even before hospitalisation we discussed about your AKF job and future. I strictly said that you have to work with AKF and you were agreed on this. Whenever I took flights from Patna we always met for some time.Last Time on 21/5/21 when I was in Patna also called twice but you didnot picked my call.on 22/5/21 eveining I came to know that you are in Hospital. In Every sajada I paryaed for your recovery but Allah decided something else.Allah aapko Janntulfirdosh me ala mukam de or family ko sabar ata karye. Ameen!!

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