Let the memory of Rubie be with us forever.
  • 99 years old
  • Born on July 30, 1916 in Tennessee, United States.
  • Passed away on March 21, 2016 in Huntington Beach, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Rubie Barmore 99 years old , born on July 30, 1916 and passed away on March 21, 2016. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Gary Eugene Barmore on 21st March 2019
I miss being able to tell Mom and Dad about their amazing progeny. Yet it is of great joy to see "Grandma Great" living within the personalities and abilities of her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren ... and now a great-great grandson who from all appearances possesses Rubie's go-go-go energy.
Posted by Gene & Bonnie Endo on 21st March 2019
This tribute is just as special three years later, particularly as we note the seven month mark since Gene left us. Particularly poignant, two people I love so much. Mom was a most wonderful mother to me as a child and an adult. Love and miss you, Mom. Love, Your daughter Bonnie
Posted by Gary Eugene Barmore on 3rd August 2017
July 30, 2017, was a beautiful day of family fun: Becky and family came down from San Francisco; Beth's family joined in for the pool party and a birthday celebration for Darby Rose. She turned 18, and Mom would have been 101. We reflected on the legacy of Eugene and Rubie, and how proud they would be of Bonnie and Gary's off-spring. There are times when I want to exit the 405 at Springdale to visit Mom, or dial her number to share the latest. I really miss her and cherish the goodness of my folks.
Posted by Gary Eugene Barmore on 21st March 2017
It's been a year of often wanting to visit with Mom, to talk about the kids or to scream about the political state of affairs or to fix my torn jeans. But turning West toward Mid-Iron will not reach her, So I think of her laugh, her determination, her strength and her clear grasp of what was right for her and for those entrusted to her cultivation and care. Love you Mom
Posted by Beth Hughes on 22nd March 2016
Grandma was the absolute best grandma in the world. She spoiled us so much, with breakfast in bed, slushies all day long, McDonalds, homemade chocolate cookies, anything that would make her grandkids happy. I remember having my oldest daughter Dylan (grandma's great granddaughter) spend the night with her when she was about 5. When I picked her up I asked what she had for breakfast and Dylan said a piece of toast with the crust cut off and 12 pieces of bacon. Grandma sewed my clothes all while growing up and for a long time after. She made me prom dresses, along with everyday things and I was always asked at school where I bought my clothes and I was proud to say it's a Grandma original. I knew I could always count on her for help, always. Grandma was fiercely protective of her family and I know I get that from her. I hope I do her justice when I'm a grandma because she was everything a grandparent should be x 10000000. ❤️
Posted by Dylanjade Barmore on 22nd March 2016
I remember being in a department store with my mom and I don't remember what the exact situation was, but someone was being rude and unhelpful... I remember my mom saying she needed to be more like Grandma Great who would never let such a thing happen! She was the strongest and I am so lucky to be able to have had her in my life. She made my Bappy, which I would have probably never survived without!
Posted by Jennifer Keuilian on 22nd March 2016
Grandma was the best! She spoiled us like crazy. She would put all the grandkids in her king size bed and tell us stories before bed and she made Grandpa sleep in the guest room. She let us bury her costume jewelry so we could make treasure maps and then go dig it up. She took us to McDonalds and never ordered French fries but always ate some of ours. Does anyone else remember that time at the bank when they wouldn't let her deposit Grandpa's check because it wasn't signed so she signed it right there and didn't understand why they wouldn't help her. She kept ringing that bell calling for a manager.. She was fearless and took care of her brood with tireless energy. We spent every New Years with her banging pots and pans at midnight. What other grandma picked all the seeds out of the watermelon? (That was before seedless watermelons were so common) I LOVED her and will MISS her. TTFN Grandma. Tell Grandpa I said "Hi"
Posted by Gene & Bonnie Endo on 21st March 2016
She was a wonderful mom. Sewed all my clothes. But first we rode the red car into downtown Los Angeles where she let me pick out fabrics and after we got home she let me draw pictures of what I wanted her to make. That was just one of the many amazing things she did for me.
Posted by Becky Barmore on 21st March 2016
She was the best grandma a little girl could have. She served us breakfast in bed and cut the crusts off our toasts. She came to every tennis match of mine she could. She was the best cheerleader ever. She made me tuna sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies & had ice cold pepsis for me. I learned so much from her and carry her in my heart.
Posted by Gary Eugene Barmore on 21st March 2016
While father Eugene worked for justice in the nation and world, mother Rubie was ferocious for fairness to her family, and I recall her holding my little hand as she took on a clueless clerk at Penny's or a misguided teacher at my school. When the retirement home limited to two their gate passes, Mom forged one for every grandchild, because the rule was just wrong and an affront to family values. I learned from her to press hard for what's right. My Compton High teammates just recall her watermelon chunks with the seeds removed, and tailored stretch-bands to keep our athletic socks in place: gotta' look good to play good. It's fact, not fantasy, that I was gifted with the best mother ever!

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