Let the memory of our Beloved Mother, Grand Mother and Aunt Ruby be with us always.

she loved us all so much.
  • 91 years old
  • Born on February 26, 1923 in McCarr, Kentucky, United States.
  • Passed away on June 4, 2014 in Leitchfield, Kentucky, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of my Beloved Mother, Ruby E. Taylor, 91, born on February 26, 1923 and went home to be with her Lord, on June 4, 2014.

I will remember her forever

I ask that all of her Family and Friends to please view the site, as often as needed, and tell us your favorite stories of my Mom.  And please, feel free to leave your tributes, photos, stories that you wish.  I'm sure that Mom would love to know that you came to visit with her.


I have created a personal video from me to my Mother - if you wish a copy you should be able to download that video from the "Gallery  -> Video" section of the site.

The download version is an mp4 video/audio file and will ONLY play on a computer that can handle mp4 files.

God Bless us All,

Paul D. Williams (Ruby's son)

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Posted by Paul D. Williams on 15th March 2018
Just checking on you Mom. I think about you all the time now. I finally decided to buy a house. Moved to Cave City, KY - right at the base of "Guntown Mountain," where we used to stop each trip we went north or south to visit. I will never forget how you loved our ride up the mountain on the lift together. I wish we could do it again.....Today. Love you Mom,
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 25th February 2018
Mom, Tomorrow is your Birthday, and each year the memories flood in and my heart hurts for you so much. I am so glad that you are at peace with your Lord and suffer no more here in this world. Love and miss.
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 11th November 2017
Your Mother is always with you She's the whisper of the leaves as you walk down the street, She's the smell of certain foods you remember, flowers you pick, the fragrance of life itself. She's the cool hand on your brow when you’re not feeling well, She's your breath in the air on a cold winter’s day. She is the sound of the rain that lulls you to sleep, the colors of a rainbow, She is Christmas morning. Your mother lives inside your laughter. She is the place you came from, your first home, and She's the map you follow with every step you take. She's your first love, your first friend, even your first enemy, but nothing on earth can separate you. Not Time, Not Space... Not even Death. I so miss you, Mom - especially during this, your favorite time of the year. Love and Miss, ~ life learned feelings
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 20th July 2017
Ruby E. Taylor-Williams In Loving Memory Passed away 3 years ago, June 4, 2014 Don’t remember me with sadness, don’t remember me with tears. Remember all the laughter, we’ve shared through the years. Now I am contented That my life it was worthwhile, Knowing that as I passed along the way I made somebody smile. When you are walking down the street And you’ve got me on your mind. I’m walking in your footsteps Only half a step behind. So please don’t be unhappy Just because I’m out of sight, Remember that I’m with you Each morning, noon and night. I miss you, Mom Your loving son, Paul July 20, 2017
Posted by Sammy Grant Williams, HAS... on 4th June 2017
Mom . . . Think about you often. You will be "FOREVER MISSED ".
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 11th May 2017
-= In Loving Memory of my Mother =- Happy Mothers Day Mom; (Sunday) You are Always on my Mind and Forever in my Heart Lord knows I miss you.
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 26th February 2017
- My Dear Mother on your 94th Birthday - I have missed you so much 0her the past 3 years. Not able to talk with you on a moment's notice really hurts. Sure could get used to if the Good Lord were to give you back to us at least another 40 years. I visited your resting place yesterday after my visit with the VA... Have to go for now - you are holding my heart in your hand.
Posted by Sammy Grant Williams, HAS... on 26th February 2017
Mom: I miss you. Will forever love you and try to live up to the ethics and values you stood for. I'm doing OK on my end and am looking forward to seeing you in the future (hopefully not to soon as I have much to do). Love ya. AND . . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 9th January 2017
I still need my Mom!!! It doesn't matter how old I am. My Mom has made me laugh... She has dried my tears... She has hugged me comfortably... (Even after she went to be with her Lord) She has seen me triumph... She has seen me fall... She has given me courage when I was down... And sometimes she has driven me crazy! BUT, my Mom is a promise that I will always have a friend. I have an amazing Mom. Love and miss you terribly.
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 31st December 2016
- Good Morning Mom; It's New Year's Eve - I Love and Miss you so much, Every time I visit you here, I find myself being able to see your loving face and to feel my Mother's touch once again. New Year - Starts 2017 in this world in the morning. I take things pretty literally nowadays, so I'm thinking that since New Year's Day falls on Sunday; "The Lord's Day". Hopefully this is an omen of good things to come back to this world - the Man above surely knows that this country needs his loving touch again, so maybe this is the year that he restores this world to something with a little sanity for all. ---------------- Life without you is like Walking in a dark tunnel But because of your light, I know that I can make it through That’s why saying thank You will Never be enough to thank you For everything you do…. Wishing You a Happy New Year Mom Love ya', Paul
Posted by Tom Williams on 4th June 2016
Hello Mom. As I awoke this morning I saw my light flasing on my phone. When I check my messages I notice a post from one of my favorite nephews , Jason. The post read I have the best Mother in the world. I remember when I made those same statements in past years and I still make them today. I miss you Mom, love your son, Thomas Lee williams P.S. For everyone who reads this statement, be sure to tell your Mom and Dad you love them.
Posted by Tom Williams on 7th May 2016
Happy Mothers Day Mom. Missing you always Mom. You never said I'm leaving you never said goodbye. You were gone before we knew it. And only God knows why. In life I loved you dearly. In death I love you still, that only you can fill. It broke my heart to lose you but you didn't go alone apart of me went with you the day God took you home. Loved by many, Love your son Mr. Mrs. Thomas Lee Williams and Family.
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 4th May 2016
Here's to you Mom, for the upcoming Mother's Day this Sunday on 8 May 2016. Two years now since you went home to your Lord. I miss you more that anyone could ever know, 'cept you of course. Love you Mom, I found the following from another family member with my Genealogy work; She misses her mother as well. Here are her words, but I echo them to you; "In honor of the sacrifices my mother made for all her children while we were growing up. A mother's love is unparalleled to any other kind of love. Love you Mom, you are missed every day of my life."
Posted by Sammy Grant Williams, HAS... on 29th March 2016
This tribute was added by Sammy Grant Williams, HAS, HIS, ACA on March 29, 2016 but have been trying to get here to say: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY (26th February 2016). "I love ya Mom. I miss you. Happy Belated Birthday. AGAIN . . . I Thank you for all the guidance, advice and "mothering" you gave. I am all those things you gave on a daily basis and my survival today is because you cared enough to BE THE BEST. Thank you for embracing with LOVE the TITLE of MOM!" Rest well Mom. Looking forward to being with you in the future. Sammy
Posted by Bonnie Varney on 1st March 2016
RIP Aunt Ruby...You are loved and missed everyday..
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 26th February 2016
. . Not one day passes that I don't think about my mother and to be honest, there are still times when it's a lonely world without her. . But I feel that I was blessed to have her in my life, and I believe she's still looking out for me. . I love you Mom and miss you more and more with each passing day. . Don't forget to save a place for me; right beside you. .
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 24th December 2015
Wishing you a wonderful and Merry Christmas Mom; I know it will be a Great one for you there with the Heavenly Father and all our other Family Members. Sure wish you and Dad were able to at least visit for Christmas - Lord knows that I miss you so much. Dear Lord, keep blessing this wonderful Mother.
Posted by Tom Williams on 10th May 2015
Happy Mothers Day Momma. I wish you were here so I could talk to you. Debbie, LeAnn and Amy say hi and that they love and miss you very much. Have a wonderful Mothers Day in heaven. Your always in our hearts and thoughts. Your Son, Thomas Lee Williams.
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 3rd May 2015
Happy Mother’s Day to a Most Wonderful Mother Love and Miss You So Very Much Mom Happy Mother’s Day - 2015 (A Week Early I Know) PS... I also left you a poem in the Story Section
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 24th March 2015
"Call your Mom, call your Dad. If you're lucky enough to have a parent or two alive on this planet, call 'em. Don't text; Don't email; Call them on the phone. Tell 'em you love 'em, and thank them, and listen to them for as long as they want to talk to you. Thank you, Mom and Dad." J.K. Simmons
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 20th March 2015
Well, its only the 20th of March 2015 - but I sure wish it were just 26, August 1950; that way we could do it all over again. Yea I know, I'm grinning too. What's that you wouldn't do it again? Yes you would and you know it, especially since you already know that I'll be there . Just think of all those wonderful times that you had, when you had to chase me down; change all those diapers, feed me, bath me - I just know that you miss all that - but I love you so much Mom for going through all that; and you did it for me, because you loved me. Thank you. I was going through a lot of the Facebook post that Family and Friends had posted when I made them all aware of your passing; here is mine; --------- "She was a wonderful person; but you knew that - The best Mother, my Best Friend and Advisor a person could hope to have in their corner. She sure busted my ass many times during my growing years, and I will admit that I probably needed every ass busting I got; but I would go through it all over again if I could have her back for another lifetime. Love Ya' Mom - But you were so tired and needed rest. You are where you need to be - no more pain or agony; go with God and Live a wonderful life now - God Bless I'll see you on the other side.
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 8th March 2015
Another poem Mom that reminds me so much of you; God Bless You - --------------------------- Quiet Moments When I was young I used to love to sit upon your knee. I’d gaze into your loving eyes as your arms enfolded me. Your gentle kiss would stir the golden tendrils of my hair, as whispered sentiments of love we quietly would share. We’d read a book together, the same time after time. I knew all of the words by heart, you didn't seem to mind. When darkness fell you tucked me in and gently kissed my cheek. You’d wish upon a shooting star the Lord my soul to keep. The years have passed so quickly, death parted you from me. I hope you know how much it meant when I sat upon your knee. Gazing to the heavens, as I quietly reminisce, I’d give a million of those stars to feel your gentle kiss. I’d give all my tomorrows to hear you read to me, and remember those quiet moments when I sat upon your knee. Copyright – Louisas Lodge
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 26th February 2015
Last year; 4 June 2014, I lost my Beacon and my Anchor. She was my Guiding Force - I of course am speaking of my Mother, and just want to let you know Mom that you are so missed here. Love you so much, and still trying to deal with the loss of you. Happy Birthday Mom; I know you are in no more pain and sorrow. I'll check back in with you a little later this coming month. Love you always, Paul
Posted by Sammy Grant Williams, HAS... on 26th February 2015
I love ya Mom. I miss you. Happy Birthday. Thank you for all the guidance, advice and "mothering" you gave. I am all those things you gave on a daily basis and my survival today is because you cared enough to BE THE BEST. Thank you for embracing with LOVE the TITLE of MOM!
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 7th February 2015
Well Mom; we are just 19 days from your birthday, on the 26th of this month - I'll sure miss seeing you across the table blowing out your candles (It would have been 92 Candles). I so enjoyed those days each year when I was home. Someone sent a message today; I was discussing a friend of mine in Summerville, SC that had only passed just yesterday, and they knew that I was having some issues with this life changing event. The image that was attached to their message read the following: "All Mom's gave birth to a child; except My Mom - She gave birth to a Legend - Me." I had to laugh a bit here; BUT you know, depending on who is part of the conversation at the time, IF I'm the subject of the conversation about YOUR children; That Legend would always be ME. Love and miss you so much Mom I'll check back in on your Birthday. God Bless,
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 1st January 2015
Well Mom; we all made it to the year 2015 - I'm sure that somewhere you probably wondered about some of us . Sure would have been nice to again enjoy having the Traditional New Year's Dinner at Brother Buddy and Carol's home. You so looked forward to that day and a Great Meal. Love and miss you so much Mom - I don't worry about you too much anymore, knowing that you are with your Lord in the safety and comfort of your new home, and again with all your Parent's family. I'll check back in with you again soon. Love ya'
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 27th December 2014
Well, Mom, it is now a few days past Christmas 2014, and everyone is getting ready for the coming New Year. Just want to stop and visit for the Christmas Holidays as I remember it was one of your most liked Celebrations. Here is a photo that I put together for us. You keep a copy with you and I'll keep one down here with me. Love ya Mom,
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 7th December 2014
Mom; here is a poem I came across today and thought it appropriate to share it here with you during Christmas Time. Love and miss you; ---------------------------------------- Missing You at Christmas Every day without you, Since you had to go, Is like summer without sunshine, And winter without snow. I wish that I could talk to you, There's so much I would say, Life has changed so very much, Since you went away. I miss the bond between us, And I miss your kind support, You’re in my mind and in my heart, And every Christmas thought. I'll always feel you close to me, And though you’re far from sight, I’ll search for you among the stars That shines on Christmas night. ~ Vicky Stephens
Posted by Tom Williams on 27th November 2014
Happy Thanksgiving MOM, I missed talking too you on this day. I know your with the lord today along with Daddy, Grand Ma, Grand Paw and all our other relative family members . I can see you all just sitting around enjoying a big feast with the Lord and all the Angels ever where. I've been meeting many of my Cousins. Finding out so much about the home place back home in Matewan and other areas around West Virginia. I've been talking with one of my cousins in Kentucky, her name is Ona Mae, she is such a sweet person. She posted on facebook one of all of the kids favorite candy she was making, home made fudge. It brought back so many memories of when I got home from school and smelled you cooking the fudge candy. I miss you Mom in so many ways. I'm so glad I had the time with you over Thanksgiving last year. I always know your with me everyday, along with Daddy. Please tell him I miss my time with him and I still have our flag pole flying old glory every day in my front yard. Debbie and the kids say hi and that they miss talking to you and also my Tequila Rose, my golden retriever says hi, she comes in my bedroom every morning when she here's me praying and talking to you and Daddy. I pray for you and all my family everyday. Good night Mamma, sweet dreams in heaven, I'll see you one day in the future. Love you, your son Thomas Lee Williams
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 27th November 2014
Well Mom; It is now Thanksgiving, and you are so missed, especially today. No matter where I was I would always find a way to travel your direction on this special day, and I miss those times together so much. Of course, there were always your tremendously delicious food that you would cook; I so miss your homemade biscuits and gravy in the mornings, and everything else in between, till dinner. After you moved us to New Orleans for a period of time, you wasted no time in picking up on the French Creole Cuisine, and graced us with your Oyster Stuffing on Thanksgiving (Today), and Christmas Dinner each year; Lord those were the days; and your touch with these special occasions really added that touch that will always be missed, but never forgotten. Love you Mom, and miss you so much. I know you are Blessed, and sitting with the Lord. I'll check in with you again during Christmas time Mom,
Posted by Pam Basham on 14th November 2014
Miss you grandma.
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 12th November 2014
Well Mom, I found a wonderful song, and it is by our mutual country singer; Garth Brooks - the song is called, what else, "Mom". A Beautiful song Mom; I don't know if you have ever heard it before, but I'm sharing it with you today. God knows it really got me. Hope you like it Mom; I put it on the Gallery, Audio list. God Bless you, hope you like it. Love and miss,
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 25th October 2014
Just checking in Mom - Sometimes I will try to get through to you with my own words; if I'm not able to, then I'll just have to find something appropriate to share; found this today. Love you Mom - Miss you so much, God Bless. ------------------------------------------------------------ "Your Mother is always with you. She’s the whisper of the leaves as you walk down the street, she’s the smell of certain foods you remember, flowers you pick, the fragrance of life itself. She’s the cool hand on your brow when you’re not feeling well, she’s your breath in the air on a cold winter’s day. She is the sound of the rain that lulls you to sleep, the colors of a rainbow, she is Christmas morning. Your mother lives inside your laughter. She’s the place you came from, your first home, and she’s the map you follow with every step you take. She’s your first love, your first friend, even your first enemy, but nothing on earth can separate you . Not time, not space…not even death." — Unknown
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 9th October 2014
Mom this is a long message, but I need to share it here - Love and miss you so much - God Bless. I will visit again soon. ------------------------------------ For those Nurses that cared for you at the Nursing Home - May God Bless them all. -------------------- About Nurses: Somebody once asked a Nurse: "You're a nurse? That's cool; I wanted to do that when I was a kid. How much do you make?" The nurse replied: "HOW MUCH DO I MAKE?" "I can make holding your hand seem like the most important thing in the world when you're scared. I can make your child breathe when they stop... I can help your father survive a heart attack... I can wake myself get up at 5 am to make sure your mother has the medicine she needs to live. I work all day to save the lives of strangers. I make my family wait for dinner until I know your family member is taken care of. I make myself skip lunch so that I can make sure that everything I did for your wife today is charted. I make myself work weekends and holidays because people don't just get sick Monday through Friday. Today, I might save your life. How much do I make? All I know is, I make a difference……..." ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (My Soap Box Mode is Now On) As the above internet piece came my way, it really opened my eyes to think of the many people that I have met in this Profession. And this is just a small piece of what these Nursing Professionals do every day of their working careers. You know, Nurses are so very important to our Society, and most times when YOU see one it is on a most personal basis. Nurses are really the Lord's angels in disguise. Be kind to them, you may need one of your own someday. I Love them all. I have a Sister-in-Law, in the Louisville, KY. area that is an RN. She has been in nursing for years; Love you Carol Christine Dickie-Williams. Others in my family that are in Nursing are Nieces, In-Laws, and Out-Laws (Yep, Even those that ride on Harleys – Love you too, Renee. ), and I love each and every one of them. Since working on my Family Genealogy now for 18+ years, I have met much family that is in the Nursing Profession; My Cousin, Ona Mae Hall-Scalf of the Corbin, Kentucky area is the closest geographically and holds a large part of my Family Heart; she is an RN that works in CCU; a very skilled Nurse and a real peach of a person. I have talked with and communicated online with Ona Mae now for several years, but it feels like I've known her since we were just young kids - However, I have never met her and her family in person; but I know and can tell that she is REAL and SINCERE, Very Dedicated to her patients and family. I consider myself so very lucky that I have met and have become great friends with so many Nursing Professionals and others in the Pharmaceutical area, with the Job that I have. I stop at so many nursing homes around Kentucky, and I see the difference that these caring souls and those that support them, the care that they put toward their charges daily - there are so many support personnel behind this profession that it simply amazes me. So trust me, we live in a wonderful society to have these dedicated people around us that we have - God Bless them all. On a very personal note: I remember that I became so close to one of the residents of one of the nursing homes that I visit on a daily basis; her name was Gertrude. As I am on my way out the front door to head home, she was just sitting there in her wheel chair; obviously she had just finished her lunch and was sitting in the main lobby, and she would touch my hand and begin talking to me; feeling that she just wanted some company, I would sit with her for about 15 or 20 minutes. She was a smaller version of my own mother, as she was also in a nursing home; the same silver gray hair and all, even the same age (91 yrs) - and just enjoying the days she had left. I found myself getting so close to her that I began to feel somewhat guilty that I was only able to visit with my own mother one day a week, because of where she lived in Kentucky. Sometimes Gertrude would have family members visit from Indiana and Ohio; One day, two sons and their wives were with them - one played a Dulcimer (A stringed guitar type of musical instrument), and would play many of his mother's favorite Gospel songs - many of them my own mother's favorites. Trying not to interfere with their family visit that day, I went to the exit to leave. Gertrude grabbed my hand as I was making my way out the front door, and she would not let me go until she was allowed to introduce her family to me. This really got to me; I mean GOT TO ME; that's hard to do to an 'Ole Retired Marine (If you know anything about Marines, you would understand this.) One week, I had noticed that Gertrude had not been in the lobby for several days, so I figured that I was either early or a bit late those days and she had to retire to her room to rest. And then when several of the Nurses on Gertrude's wing, returned from a short vacation, they told me that Gertrude had passed several days earlier. I just about lost it, and could not get out the front door quick enough. As I was loading my van to leave I felt so much anger that this blessed soul had been lost, I found myself almost throwing the empty Medicine totes into the back of the van. What a shame more people could not have met and known Ms. Gertrude; but she will always have a piece of my heart. I had to pull to the shoulder of the road several times this day, and I cried like a baby on the entire trip back home thinking of Gertrude and how much sorrow her family must be feeling. I immediately increased the frequency of my visits where my own Mother was; instead of one day I started going twice a week, and then three and sometimes 4 days a week. On the 3rd of June 2014, I had a VA Doctor's appointment near Mom's location, so after this I went to visit with Mom and sat with her the rest of the day, or at least what was left of it up till they were starting her evening meal. I leaned over her to tell her that I had to get home, and reminded her that it was about 2 hours home and it was already dark. She raised her head and said "OK Son, I love you so much." I hugged and kissed her Good Night and had to leave quickly, as I always do. The next morning I awoke and received word that she had passed about 4:45am on the 4th of June 2014. I was at a total loss without her, and was a total wreck. I like to have never made it through the funeral - God I do miss her so. I feel as lost today as I did the day Mom passed. I felt the same loss when my Father passed back in 1989, and still miss him terribly. This type of loss does not go away as so many people have told me, but I appreciate their concern. Here are a few words from a very close and dear friend after Mom’s passing: "I know it hurts, but you are strong and you get to keep all those good memories; the ones that no one else took the time to talk about or listen to. She is in your heart. She will whisper in your ear. She will brush your cheek; and she would tell you not to be too sad. It is difficult let them go but they are just on another plane. You will always be her son, and she will always love you." Just a little message to ALL of you; "Always count your blessings; AND give thanks for them, always welcome new friendships into your life - I know, some work and some do not, but at least you tried and you are a better person by doing so. Help the needy; do you need to feel exhilarated, give all you can to help someone that needs help - this will do it, guaranteed. I would like to dedicate this piece that I share with you, to those that are in the Nursing Field, and for all the sacrifices mentioned, ALL of those Professionals in the Medical Field, on ANY level; but it really is close to my heart when I know that I have some of these very important people in my Family and my Life, and this also includes those that I work with through the week. God Bless you all, hold each other close and remember I love you all. (My Soap Box Mode is now Off) ------------------------------------ "Children are born, Traditions are passed, Life and Love Continues on,...." ~ Unknown “To my Children and Grand Children; Through you, I will be assured a place above ground; Always.” ~ Paul D. Williams, USMC (Ret) "You cannot save People, But you can Love them; and that just might be enough." ~ A Friend "A Marine fights not because he hates what is in front of him, ~ but because he loves what is behind him" "Be Relevant, Respectful, Honest, Discreet and Responsible" "Among all the Honors, among all the Postings, Promotions and Medals that have been awarded me, the one in which I take most Pride is to be able to say, I am a Marine." -- General John A. LeJeune, USMC “We, the people of the Commonwealth are grateful to Almighty God for the civil, political and religious liberties.. -- Kentucky 1891, Preamble ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 9th September 2014
Hey Mom, I know it's been awhile - just trying to stay busy so my mind doesn't wander too much. We lost one of Dad's Grand Nephews Last week on the 7th of Sept. 2014; and sent him home to be with his Lord yesterday. This was one of Aunt Maggie's Grandson's. Maggie's last surviving daughter, Dollie's baby boy. Please make him feel welcome. I met him last year when I went to Huntsville, AL for a family reunion with Maggie's family. Talk about welcoming someone; they all opened their hearts to me, and I them. I really got close to them, as I find the family attraction was our connection to Aunt Maggie. They are some great people. Dollie's son, Derek Andrew Akers just 36 years old - a real loss. He was a great person. We discussed computers during a lot of time at the reunion. Very technical minded person and a great cousin. Just wanted to stop by again Mom and say hello, and to let you know that Derek is joining you. God Bless and I'll stop again. Love and miss,
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 10th August 2014
Well Mom, we are getting into the middle of August; three months since you left for your Celestial Home; God knows how much you are missed. Today is Brother Billy's birthday - We speak with each other whenever we can get one another on the phone. I'm still working, I think that I have visited most of the nursing homes in the state of Kentucky and two in Tennessee. I will continue to stop by and leave a few words from time to time; but just wanted you to know that I have you in my heart and mind every single day. God, I do miss you so much. Love ya' Mom.
Posted by Tom Williams on 28th June 2014
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 26th June 2014
Hey Mom; just stopping by to say hello. Rather boring in my world of late, but my memories of you keep me going. I guess the hardest times for me is when I have so much time on my hands, Thursday thru Sunday. That is when I get out and cut the grass, walk the dog or just take a long drive and clear my head. I'll keep stopping by, remember to tell Dad and all our ancestors hi for me. God I do miss you so. Love ya' Mom,
Posted by Eugene Maynard on 7th June 2014
I did not know Ruby, but I know her son Paul. Knowing the patriot and person of excellent character that she imbued in her son, I am sure she was a lady that had untold and endless virtues. These are mirrored in her son Paul. May she rest in peace and may I know her for the first time when I reach that heavenly plain after my body leaves this mortal world.
Posted by Diane Murphy on 6th June 2014
I last seen Aunt Ruby when we had the Taylor Jacobs Family Reunion on August 2011. I enjoyed it so very much. I wish that I had taken the time to go and visit her. We had good intentions but didn't make it. I hate it so very much. I have fond memories of her especially when dad used to talk about him growing up with his family. He seemed to be very close to Aunt Ruby. When I sat with him while he was sick, he used to relive his life with her and her family. He talked many times about them and how much he loved them all. May God bless you all during this difficult time. I wanted to share some wonderful pictures that I had of that last time with Aunt Ruby.
Posted by Tami Sorgi on 5th June 2014
dear paul , i'm sorry to hear of your mother's passing. i'm glad i got to meet her @ the family reunion,she was a lovely woman to talk with ,i just wish we had more time to get to know one another.i'm sorry i cant be there with you & your family at this time but please accept my apology
Posted by Bonnie Varney on 5th June 2014
In loving memories of my Aunt Ruby, I know she was loved my all of her family. She was a wonderful mom and sister to my dad. Through there's little that I can say or do. but may my unspoken words of caring and the prayers that comes within my heart give you strength and peace. She is safe within God's care. Paul was a god sent to my Dad always calling and coming to visit him to talk about their time in the Marines..I just wished I could have been able to do the same for his mom..Love you Aunt Ruby...I know she will be missed.
Posted by Diane Murphy on 5th June 2014
In loving memory of my dad's last remaining sister. May her memories bring a smile to our faces and love in our hearts. I am so sorry for her children. I know losing a mother is one of the hardest things ever that one has to do. Saying goodby is never easy. Much love is sent out to all my family members during this sad time. I love you all and am praying for you to find comfort from your precious memories of your dear mother.
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 5th June 2014
God knows that this is really taking its toll on me, so with help from a very dear friend, whom I feel that Mom is speaking through to reach my Heart and soul, I can only extend these words and offer this very fitting tribute to help all of our Mother's Family and Friends. God Bless you Mom, I love you so much. Words from a friend: "I know it hurts, but you are strong and you get to keep all those good memories; the ones that no one else took the time to talk about or listen to. She is in your heart. She will whisper in your ear. She will brush your cheek; and she would tell you not to be too sad. It is difficult let them go but they are just on another plane. You will always be her son, and she will always love you."
Posted by Paul D. Williams on 4th June 2014
My Wonderful and Loving Mother and Friend passed this morning - 4 June 2014. Mom, You are now home with your Lord, which you were with and conversed with daily. I just saw you yesterday at about 3:00 pm or so, and really enjoyed our wonderful conversation; I’m sure that it was more for my benefit than yours, as you were so tired and ready to go home. It was your way of making this time easier on me, because you knew I was having a little trouble with this Goodbye thing; I've asked the Lord to hold you close, and I will miss you so. I know in my heart that you are now sitting next to the Lord and in no more pain or worry and that you are, in your own right, where you need to be. God Bless you Mom, I will miss you and our talks so much; you have done a wonderful job with all your children, and I will continue to pass your values and memories on to your Grand Children. I will continue to keep your Memory in my Mind and Heart always Mom - I love you. Amen

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