Let the memory of Ruby be with us forever
  • 60 years old
  • Born on November 13, 1955 in Titusville, Pennsylvania, United States.
  • Passed away on March 25, 2016 in Titusville, Pennsylvania, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ruby Britt 60 years old , born on November 13, 1955 and passed away on March 25, 2016. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Linda Rodgers on March 25, 2017
 What can I say , it's been a year since you left this earth. ,
 We all miss you. And I mean everyone,  Mom has such a heart full of loss., but she's still mom., holds it all in. She missses you your phone calls , stopping in to see her , the only thing different is she doesn't worry about your health, Ruby you were a trouper you were ill for so many years and you gave it a all you had.  So many memories, unbelievable the memories posted on face book,  I hope heaven is like we all vision it to be, wish you had a way to tell us about it. Hey this sounds like a phone conversation but your line is silent,  Damn I'm still crazy.   But  I MissYou and your forever loved.
Posted by Linda Rodgers on November 13, 2016
Happy Birthday Sis.
 This is your 1st Birthday in Heaven , I really do miss you , your laugh was like no other. , life is crazy hear on earth.. if there was a way to email heaven your box would be full of Birthday Wishes, I hope you have a wonderful Birthday celebration with Jesus, and the Angels. 
          Love n miss you ,    Linda
ps. Mom says say Happy Birthday from her ! And so did Mike. Love ya Gotch ya
Posted by Rita Jolly on October 12, 2016
Hi Sis
Are you dancing in the streets of heaven?
I truly believe you are. You sure could dance. Wish you would have taught me how to..
I miss you but you know that as I speak to you everyday. .My buddy too.
I will see you again one day till then keep singing and dancing without me...love you
Posted by Rita Jolly on August 15, 2016
sorry Ruby
I meant to say Kay
Kay Delong (Hosey) and I were reminisicing
love you
Posted by Rita Jolly on August 13, 2016
Hi Ruby
Hows it going today?
I miss you
want to call say hey
Love and miss you
I want to hear some more funny stories
I found your friend Pam
She is a sweetheart
no wonder you loved her so much
we were talking about feeding mark the cat food..lol
great memory
love you
Posted by Rita Jolly on August 1, 2016
Hi Sis
Hows everything?
Been pretty good here.
Busy at work..Mary Kay business is going okay
I have 3 team members now but none are active so that really don't help me much..
I am wondering how many children do you have to watch over?
I bet God gave you and Rick a bunch.
How do you like your new body? Pretty cool we all get a new one isn't it?
You and Rick are missed very much here..
Hows daddy? do you get to spend time with him? hows Rashell ?
bet she is beautiful how bout Gramma.. you spend time with her?
I love you  I wish you could write back
till we can... I miss you and I love you very much
Posted by Linda Rodgers on July 31, 2016
Oh my Gosh here it is Sunday afternoon , just sitting here reminiscing my life the sad , the lonely days , the fun times the phone calls I remember my last memory of my phone call to you was sing parts of barneys song I love you , you love me. Some say they hate that song but it will always be precious to me.  Love and miss you. Sis. Damn I wish I would have told you to take a phone so we could call and bug ya. We all miss you Ruby , Rick Dad And Rashell. Mike don't say much but I know he misses you all too.  Hugs from your earthly family.   I know what you would say.  Your so funny.   Hugs.
Posted by Tonia Mcgarvie on June 12, 2016
hey ruby and rick,think about you guys alot.love and miss you.
Posted by Tonia Mcgarvie on May 1, 2016
miss you and rick so much
Posted by Rita Jolly on April 25, 2016
Heyyyy Rubbbyyy
How are you doing in heaven?
what is it like?
Are you dancing?
I think you are..probably doing the twist...
God is funny isn't he?
How's my buddy?
Tell him I miss him too..
And daddy? how is he?
Have you seen them all yet?
Rashell? what is she like?
I miss You every day
I love you also
How and before you left us here You asked me a question one day and I lied to you
I am sorry I did but I didn't want to hurt your feelings.
You bought me a slow cooker and you ask if I used it yet and I said yes
But I didn't .I have one so I used mine...I didn't want to hurt your heart so I said yes.
But now I can honestly say YES because I made scalloped potatoes in it yesterday.
Please forgive me...
Now my heart will go on with out you.
Tell Daddy I miss him sooo much and I will see you all one day..
I am so thankful that I had you for a sister.
love you
talk at you tommorrow
Posted by Linda Rodgers on April 23, 2016
My Dear Sister,
   I miss you , I miss our phone calls, I miss you on FB,
    I miss your laugh, I miss your jokes , I miss the the way you would
Say "your funny" when I would make you laugh at my jokes, 
     I love you and I wish I could have just one more day with you! 
Posted by Marti Goodwill on April 23, 2016
Rick N Ruby.It`s so hard to believe that you both are gone. I`m sure your together now. I know Ruby was so lost when Rick passed.I miss both of you.I miss your laugh Ruby N us playing our dice game.You both were more than just best friends of many years but you were the brother N sister I never had.Fly high N you will always be in my heart. Love you both
Posted by Penny Foshay on April 23, 2016
You'll forever be a true sweetheart.. I will never forget the way you were always so happy to see Ken and I .. always made me feel like part of the family.. I will miss you for now...BUT...will see you again soon my friend.. We love you and miss you and Rick both.. Save a good spot up there for me okay?  love you
Posted by Tonia Mcgarvie on April 23, 2016
miss you so much ruby,think of you ,dad and rick everyday.i know you are all in a better place,no more pain and with each other.love you always and till we meet again.
Posted by Amanda Gilson on April 23, 2016
aunt ru , love you bushels and barrels and hugs around the neck and apples and pineapples tooooooooooo !!!!!!!!! love your panda bear

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