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Good Man

March 4, 2011

Dear Abby,

My thoughts are with you at this time. I know how close you and your husband were and I can only imagine what you must be going through right now.

Your hubby was one of the kindest, wisest, most thoughtful people I've ever known. I'll never forget that time, when he came to my rescue after wrecking the car. I was so upset about what my parents would do. Your hubby helped me calm down and deal with the situation like an adult. he taught me to take responsibility and I still carry that lesson with me today.

Even though you and I are thousands of miles apart right now, please know that I'm praying for you. I know that you have the strength in you to move on and I want to remind you that I'm here for you. I'd like to spend some time with you as soon as possible, so I'll call you to find out when I can visit.

Take care,


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