Posted by Tara Menschner on August 24, 2018
I miss you, I'm still waiting for my daily phone call. 2 years has gone by but it seems like yesterday..I love you. Give kiss and hug to gram
Posted by Tara Menschner on August 24, 2017
Wow one year has past. I look at your picture everyday with Rayna and I at our wedding. I miss you Poppu dearly. It's not the same without you calling me. I love you so much.
Posted by Tara Menschner on November 17, 2016
Dear Poppu,
It's been almost three months since you past and I still can't believe you're gone..I miss hearing your voice.. I will always hold a special spot in my heart for you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
Posted by Sharon Ebner on November 17, 2016
Happy Birthday in heaven Rudy.
Posted by Janai Wilson on November 17, 2016
Happy birthday poppu I can't believe u have been gone for 3 months already. Of course u know what I'm going to say ur getting old. I love u and u will have a special place in my heart, at least u get to celebrate a long over due birthday with gram. Love u jaynay
Posted by Dolly Bruno on September 3, 2016
From Ray Parks
I work at bayway for over 30 years, Rudolph was a good person. It was not easy.
Posted by Tanya Tyler on September 1, 2016
You will always be remembered, Pops, by us. Paris misses you dearly and says kiss Jayda for us. We will miss your phone calls. Rest well; until we meet again. Prayers for the entire family. Peace and blessings. Karl and Tanya.
Posted by Tara Menschner on August 31, 2016
To my loving grandfather, I will always miss those late nights throwing the softball and all those trips up north to get me to be a better pitcher. All the lives you've touch along the way will never be forgotten. You will always be with me. I love and miss you dearly. I miss your daily phone calls. Tell Gram we love and miss her.
Posted by Laurie Vreeland on August 31, 2016
Dear Rudy,
You were a quiet, peaceful gentle man who never complained. I miss you and thank you for being my "dad". Thank you for being there for us all. I know you are in a wonderful place and at peace. Give Mom a big hug and kiss for me !
Posted by Sharon Ebner on August 31, 2016
Dear Rudy, I remember all of the family gatherings for the kids' birthday parties where we would just sit and chat. You were always so kind to me and gave me lots of good advice when we talked about life's lessons. Rest in peace.
Posted by Janai Wilson on August 31, 2016
You will b missed poppu. Christmas won't the same without you trying to steal our money. You are a wonderful person n I love you. Thank you for always supporting me. I will always b ur "jay bird".
Posted by Deborah Moore Tilton on August 31, 2016
Poppu, so many memories growing up with Tara... You were the best softball coach ever!!! Your heart was big and full of love.. You will be greatly missed. Say hello to Gram and of course if u c my mom and dad always❤️
Posted by Erika Walton on August 31, 2016
Mr. Tyler
I am so happy to have seen you more recently. You will always be remembered as a positive person in my childhood. A great coach and always dedicated to your softball girls! Thank you for your guidance. May you rest in peace. Love Erika

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