Celebration of Life

Shared by Dawn Marple on November 4, 2019
It was great to see all the folks that turned out for the Celebration of Life at Richard and Juanita's home yesterday. So much love and laughter was shared by all. Uncle Russ was loved by so many. It was an amazing afternoon! 

Love and miss you Uncle Russ!!! 

The Baseball Expert

Shared by Dawn Marple on October 23, 2019
When I was very young, all my Uncles used to hang out in Grandpa's garage listening to baseball on the radio and telling tall tales. This was a "No Girls or Children Allowed" space. Two strikes against me. One day, Grandpa, My Dad and Uncles Russ, Bob and Mike were all there laughing and having a good time. I wanted so badly to be there with them. I was way too young to understand what they were even joking about. All I knew is that garage was full of some of my favorite guys in the world and I wanted to be there too. I sat across the way in front of the laundry room just watching them. Uncle Russ calmly waved me over. I snuck to his side, knowing I was going to get caught and sent away. He didn't say a word. I just stood there, waiting for someone to catch on. Finally after a few minutes, my Dad saw me. He said "Missy, you know the rules." I started to back away and Uncle Russ grabbed my hand. He told My Dad and Grandpa that I was not just any kid, I was an expert on the Dodgers, Grandpas favorite ball team. I was maybe 5!!!  Dad and my Uncles didn't say a word, they just looked at Grandpa and waited. After what seemed like an eternity, Grandpa shook his head and started to laugh. he reached over and cleared off the top of his work bench, picked me up and set me on top of it. I spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with the coolest guys in my universe. And thanks to Uncle Russ, I had a spot in that garage any time I wanted it. 

Uncle Russ, 

You were my hero as a child as well as now. You had a fearless way to handle everything life threw your way. You faced life with with a sense of humor the rest of us only wish we had. I am blessed and honored to have spent time with you. You touched the lives of everyone around you. Rest in peace you fabulous human!

Country Boy

Shared by Richard Thomas on October 23, 2019
Dad was a country boy through and through and never let anybody forget that. We all remember the "Hillbilly Wisdom" he had and the good natured disposition he shared with all who knew him. He would never turn down someone who needed help no matter the personal cost. I remember as a child him teaching me how to ride a bike without training wheels. Promising me he would not let go of the banana seat of my Schwinn Sting Ray and all the time never having hold of it. He knew more than I did what I was capable of. I remember in West Virginia getting stung by a large hornet and running to him for help only to find him asleep on a large hay bail, when I awoke him in terror he giggled grabbed an onion cut in in half placed it on the sting then curled me up with him on the hay bail and we both fell asleep. When I awoke the sting was non existent and Dad was next to me eating an Onion and Cucumber sandwich...Go Figure he would turn my catastrophe into lunch. He always said "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" and he had a way of making you realize other than Love and Family it's ALL "Small Stuff"..Father your simple ways and endless Love will forever be missed. I can't tell you how much you effect my life everyday
May God rest your weary soul and return you to Heaven
Your Loving Son Richard

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