his Life

Your Family

I wanted to say that we as a family came together after so many years apart and you would be proud of the people that we have become.
Kristina and Megan have grown to be such beautiful young ladies.  Kristina is still working hard at becoming a doctor, she will be the best that will ever be, she is so dedicated to her passion. Kristina is also working as an intern at a missionary and she loves helping people, you would be proud of her and all of your grandkids and great grandkids.
Megan is a manager at a store in the mall, and she is doing so well...she loves being around people and she has made a big impact on Joshua with her likes in her music and her movies, they both like the same type of music and bands.  
Trina, Ted and Kristina keep your flowers and plants so nice in your Garden at their house.
Patricia, Rick and Megan keep the memories going on and on with pictures of happy times at Holiday's
I have come back to Florida to be around the family that we all have missed.  I make it a point to go places with the family on birthday's, have dinners and enjoy the company.  Everyone is having a hard time after you left to be with mom and God in Heaven, so we try to be there for each other.  We went to Olive Garden for my birthday this year and we made sure as Trina and Patricia do everytime at Olive Garden to have an empty chair there for mom, and now it is for the both of you to be able to join us in celebrating.
I live here in Florida with Brandy and my wonderful grandson, that you would definately be so proud of...he has grown to be such a great young man, no drugs, no smoking or no drinking, and I am so proud of him that when I talk about him my heart gets a very warm feeling.
I  also have Sonnette with my three grandaughters that you would also be very proud of..they live in NC and I am unable to see them very often because I lie here in Florida.  Dad, Cheyenne is so beautiful and you would be so proud of her, Kianna, has momma's attitude but she is a great kid, and Lexi, what can I say about the little one that also has my middle name.  She is grandma's shadow...just like I was around momma....she gives me so much memories of how I was when I was growing up.
Now that I have said all of this, minus a lot more I would love to say, but no room, I will let you go for now, but I will keep you informed of how we are all doing...I love you daddy and momma...we will meet again one day, and I want to have another dance with me a dance       

Your Family

We will never be able to let you go, as we have been having a major hard time with you leaving us so soon.

I was on my way from Jacksonville, NC when I made the phone call to Trina to see what was the sizes of your shorts and shirts since you had lost so much weight....then my world was yurned upside down with her statements of telling me that you were just then being air lifted to St. Joseph hospital where mom had passed away 10 years before, that was not what I expected to hear.....I waited on the next call when she said that you had gone, and it wasn't registering at all, but then I realized that you were not going to be there when I came to Florida for Valentine's Day surprise.

Daddy, you were unable to stay long enough for me to be here to say good-bye, and it really killed me...the one time that I was able to come to Florida and I wasn't going to make it fast enough.

Trina did tell you when you asked about me, that I was on my way, and that was all that you needed to hear, and then I know that mom was waiting for you when Trina asked you who you were looking at and you told her that it was momma, as I write this, I get chills and my heart aches for the time that I wasn't here for you and for Trina and Patricia, Kristina and Megan, and Ted and Rick...they were here with you when you took that last breath....Trina made sure that you were taken care of and all of the tubes were removed and I know that was a major hard time for her....but she took care of what was needed.

I came to Florida a few days sooner, but not soon enough....I just wish I could have been here to say Good-Bye...but God had a different plan for me and it wasn't to be here at that time.

I had Brandy and Joshua here in Florida and that is where I am now.  Sonnette and the girls, Cheyenne, Kianna and Lexi came to the funeral from Jacksonville and that was a family reunion that I thought would never have happened, but Trina and Patricia made it happen and opened their homes to them and their open arms as well, I just wish it could have been done a lot sooner and maybe then you could have been able to get to know your great granddaughters better, Joshua has grown so much since the last time you had the pleasure of being around him...He was even a paul bearer for you and he wanted to do that and I was so proud of him for asking to do it....

Dad you have a great family here on earth that miss you and love you so much, as well as mom...we miss her and you so much that it is hard to go on each day without you....I know that we will see each other again and when we do, I want another dance with you, and until that day keep dancing with mom and always watch over us, because we know that you are our Guardian Angels and we do know that you are watching us...we all love and miss you very much....

Your oldest daughter,