Riding Iron Sleds forever...
  • 45 years old
  • Born on September 12, 1968 in California, United States.
  • Passed away on November 30, 2013 in California, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our friend and colleague, Russell Trounce. We will remember him forever.

Please support the Trounce family -- His wife Allie, and five children: Cassidy (8), Lauren (11), Adam (15), Tanner (18), and Nick (21) --  at this time of their most urgent need with your donation to the Russell Trounce Memorial Fund.  Details here or donate now.

Posted by Daniel Gray on 30th November 2018
Big Russ! Still the man, still loved by us all. Think of you and still talk about you brother...!
Posted by Chris Hanaoka on 30th November 2018
I think of you often. Sometimes I think about the fun times we had together — especially during the football season. But I think about you most often when I need some advice or want someone to talk to. I miss you Russ!
Posted by Donald Plumley on 30th November 2018
Thinking of you, Russ, and your family today. Sales calls were a lot more fun with you.
Posted by Daniel Gray on 14th September 2018
Big Russ...Happy 50th brother. You are not forgotten my man...I think of you often, thank God for what you did for me, and the friendship we had. You're STILL the man bro.
Posted by Mel Faux on 12th September 2018
This business is just not the same without you. Miss your sense of humor, but also friendship.
Posted by Alonzo Maestas on 12th September 2018
Hey Russ, Miss you buddy. You were a good dude man. Loved playing ball with you, talking God with you, just hanging out man. Hope heaven is treating you well. :)
Posted by Delaney Trounce on 14th March 2018
Working on family history today and though of you. Miss you Uncle Russ <3
Posted by Mel Faux on 12th September 2017
Happy Birthday Russ! You are truly missed.
Posted by Thomas Edwards on 12th September 2017
The other day I said to myself: "What would Russ do?" ...and it helped me deal with a challenging work issue. You are missed, Russ!
Posted by Shane Grevin on 12th September 2017
Hey buddy, went to opening day for the Niners this week. Took a photo with the 5 Lombardi trophies. Wish you were there Russ, you would have loved it.
Posted by Daniel Gray on 12th September 2017
Big Russ - thinking of you and your family, today and always.
Posted by Noel Finnegan on 2nd December 2016
Sleep well my friend, hope things are good in the other dimsension.., Noel
Posted by Janis Shea on 30th November 2016
Still feel like I can just pick up the phone and call you. You are forever in my heart, Russ!
Posted by Santiago Cuartas on 30th November 2016
Russ, amigo, te extrañamos mucho!
Posted by Joe Dougherty on 30th November 2016
Russ, look at all the people whose lives you touched. What an amazing legacy.
Posted by Chris Hanaoka on 30th November 2016
hi russ! it's bittersweet seeing your children growing up to be such wonderful people. you, and now especially allie, have done such an amazing job. you inspire me every day. miss you.
Posted by Daniel Gray on 30th November 2016
Hey Russ - you still the man brother. Never forgetting bro.
Posted by Frederic Journoud on 28th November 2016
Thinking of you, man.
Posted by Donald Plumley on 13th September 2016
Thinking of you every day, Russ
Posted by Chris Hanaoka on 13th September 2016
hey russ -- watching the niners game and sad that we won't be able to chat about it tomorrow, but it brings me joy when i think about all the great times we had in the past. so much i want to talk to you about -- i guess it'll have to wait until we see each other again. you're always in my thoughts bro. miss you and love ya!
Posted by Daniel Gray on 12th September 2016
Happy bday Russ. You're still in our thoughts, not forgotten. Till we meet again brother.
Posted by Julie Anne Lawlor Holmes on 12th September 2016
Thinking of you today Russ. X
Posted by Thomas Edwards on 12th September 2016
I just received a reminder that it is Russ' birthday today. Thinking of you and often wonder what you would do with this or that situation in life or at work.
Posted by Jill Tower on 11th April 2016
I only just learned of Russ' passing, and I am heartbroken. The last time I spoke with Russ, he reached out and called to let me know that Larry died. It was terrible and tearful, but cathartic to reminisce together. To hear that Russ is gone, too, it’s too much. We shared so many experiences together at IDOC/BGS. We "grew up" together professionally in those years, advancing through the organization at similar paces with Russ on the Sales side and myself on the Operations side. When he first moved into a management role, it was inspiring to see how seriously he took it. He was put in charge of a group of young, independent salespeople that (from the outside) appeared a bit like wrangling cats (no offense to any "cats" reading this!). But Russ was successful. He was a great listener, collaborator, and persuader. I learned from him, too. There is one memory in particular that I wanted to share. The timeframe is shortly after BGS moved into the new office on San Vicente. Several of us were together discussing an Important Client Meeting scheduled for an upcoming day. Russ had not been part of the scheduling process, and told us all that he couldn't attend because he had committed to a whale watching trip with his son. He got pressure from many sides to change his plans or find a workaround of some sort, because it was Very Important. Russ was generally a flexible guy and perhaps this is why the memory remains with me so strongly. On this situation, he wouldn't budge. He had made a commitment to his son, he made it clear it would be too disappointing to BOTH of them to miss the trip. These many years later I don't remember the client, the meeting, or the business outcome. But I remember Russ and his commitment to and love for his family, his kindness, humor, and how he lived his principles. Gone way too soon.
Posted by Frederic Journoud on 1st December 2015
Ruuuuusss! How are you man? Hope you're not making too much of a mess up there :-D There's not been a week in the last two years when I've not thought about you. You're still a major inspiration to me as a true American icon. Take good care! Cheers, Frederic
Posted by Thomas Edwards on 30th November 2015
On Oct 7, 2013, at 1:42 PM, "Russell Trounce" wrote: Thomas, I was just thinking about how I miss you being around…Elanex. You may feel otherwise, but I do miss you being here. How are things? We ought to catch up sometime. Are you around? Russ PS: this was an email from Russ to me just a few days before his passing. Out of the blue he pinged me to say he missed me around at our company. I miss you too, Russ!!! I think of all I have learned from you and so many of us have benefited from your wisdom and easy going style. I was fortunate to be able to catch up with Russ on Skype after this e-mail ....and the news a few days later. I am still in shock.
Posted by Donald Plumley on 30th November 2015
Russ - thinking of you today, missing having you around every day.
Posted by Chris Hanaoka on 30th November 2015
i still think about you all the time buddy. i miss seeing you when you come up to seattle. i miss im'ing with you spontaneously. i miss chatting about our niners. i miss hearing you talk so lovingly about your family. and most of all, i just miss YOU. ㅠㅠ
Posted by Donald Plumley on 12th September 2015
Happy Birthday big guy - thinking of you today.
Posted by Janis Shea on 12th September 2015
Whenever I see your name come through in emails, I still can't believe it. For a second I think it was just a bad dream, and I can email you or call you and hear "Heyyyyy Shea!!!!!!" Happy Birthday up there, buddy! My prayers to your family today and everyday! Miss you, boss!
Posted by Alonzo Maestas on 14th February 2015
Russ, Wow. I met you over a decade ago playing church ball. I didn't see this coming. You were a great man, always there to lend a hand or simply listen if needed, and the impact you had on me, whether you knew it or not, was huge. The world lost a great man, but heaven gained one. May you rest in peace, and until we see each other again. Your brother, Alonzo
Posted by Tricia Treacy on 1st December 2014
Always keeping your family in our thoughts and prayers...
Posted by Frederic Journoud on 1st December 2014
Hi Russ - One year already. Gosh I miss you! Hope you have been riding the clouds up there with your 10,000cc Harley! Send a sign from up there once in a while... Take care, man!!!
Posted by Young Song on 30th November 2014
I saw the news for the first time only this morning and am in shock. While I didn't have many opportunities to work closely with Russ at Bowne, I remember him to this day to be kind, optimistic and always smiling. I send my deepest condolences to the family.
Posted by Donald Plumley on 30th November 2014
Russ, not a day goes by that I don't think about you or revisit a memory. Big guy left a Big hole. Allie and I chatted the other day and I know you must be so proud of your family. RIP my friend.
Posted by Chris Hanaoka on 30th November 2014
I don't know how many times I've wanted to pick up the phone and call you... only to remember that I only need to look up and within now. Thanks for still being there for me. Congratulations on Nic's engagement! You are loved and missed, and let me know if there's anything I can do for Allie, Nic, Tanner, Adam, Lauren and Cassidy. BTW, if there's anything you can do about our Niners up there -- our last game was horrible! I'm sure you're working on it... :-)
Posted by Katherine Kehl on 12th September 2014
Our wish that today is filled with wonderful and loving memories for Allie, the kids and the Trounce family.
Posted by Janis Shea on 12th September 2014
Today, in your honor, I will find some time to play golf, love my kids unconditionally (OK I admit I do that every day), be the best person I can be and go eat sushi for dinner. Still miss you lots, my friend! Happy Birthday!
Posted by Donald Plumley on 12th September 2014
Happy Birthday my friend.
Posted by Jane Freeman on 19th December 2013
Words cannot express how sorry I am for your loss. I worked with Russ remotely when at Tek and he was a true gent. I can't believe someone with so much talent has been taken from us so soon. I am sure he will be watching over his family - keeping you all safe. Stay strong! Sleep tight Russ x x x always in our thoughts
Posted by Lara Daly on 16th December 2013
Dear Allie and family, I have been so saddened by this over these last weeks. I now know I was so lucky to have had that wonderful 1 hour conversation at Loc World in October after quite some time. I wasn’t able to come to the memorial in person but wanted to share that conversation with you. None of it is new to you--he was so proud of (tanner I think?) and couldn’t wait to pick him up in South Africa. He was proud of all the family. We marveled at the journey of life, about all that had passed since we had met at IDOC/BGS in the 90’s. I was happy to have found him just as before--a peaceful, confident, unwavering friend/man of family and faith. I believe I found him happier and even more resolute in those traits. Was it more wisdom or was I just late in noticing it? How fortunate he was so productive and impacted so many so early in life. My family and I are so very sorry for your loss. Russ, I appreciated all I learned from you and the kindness you showed me, especially during 2 key events in my life. I will remember you and your family often. RIP/RIF. Lara (Shackelford) Daly
Posted by Riccardo Velez on 15th December 2013
I am Elder Velez of the Colombia Cali- Mission, May Heavenly Father bless him and his family, any man that give part of his life to be a missionary and help others, like Russ did in Colombia, God already has a place for him in his house, Russ is with Heavenly Father, and his family will be bless for the his kindness and Good deeds of helping people in Colombia! Until we meet again!
Posted by Aoife Murphy on 12th December 2013
Very sad to hear of Russ's passing. My heartfelt sympathy to Russ's family from an old BGS colleague. A more genuine guy you will not meet. May he rest in peace.
Posted by Arnold Koh on 11th December 2013
So sad to hear the news of Russ' passing and sending my deepest sympathies to Russ' family and friends. No words are enough to ease your pain but know that the way that Russ lived his life is a model, and inspiration, to many. RIP, RIF (well put Shane) and God Bless.
Posted by Michael Klinger on 10th December 2013
I did not know Russ well. Whenever we spoke at a conference or meeting, was struck by how clear, strong and healthy he was. He was friendly, upbeat and forthright. It saddens me to think about his death and leaving his family. It is also clear that his family, imbued with his strong spirit, will grieve and move forward in a similar fashion
Posted by Christiane Bernier on 9th December 2013
What sad news... I knew Russ very briefly after Lionbridge acquired BGS, but his big smile and kind personality left an indelible impression of a good person. My heartfelt condolences to his family.
Posted by Yusef Mirza on 9th December 2013
"….Verily, unto God do we belong and, verily, unto Him we shall return." 2:156 Holy Quran “Treat people in such a way and live amongst them in such a manner if you are alive they crave for your company and when you die they weep over.” Sayings from Imam Ali From Nahjul Balagha (Peak of Eloquence.) Russ, truly embodied the above saying as was evident by the respect and outpouring of love I witnessed from his family and community and the numerous participants from so many different backgrounds at his memorial, not to mention the hundreds of people from around the world who’s hearts he touched that would have loved to attend if they could have. I want to wish the family and the extended family of my dear friend Russell my deepest condolences and pray for Gods helping hand at this time. May he grant all of you the patience and perseverance necessary to carry on and thrive. As a believer in the Supreme Creator, we know that his soul is in the hands of the merciful and Just Lord and there is no better place to be. While at BGS, Russ and I often shared our spiritual beliefs with each other openly and we always came away with an overwhelming feeling of commonality, respect and kinship, though we were from different spiritual traditions. Thank you Russ for being my friend and a mentor in my career as well as to the many of us who worked with you over the years: We all owe you our gratitude for touching our lives, and improving them from having you been a part of them.
Posted by Veronique Ozkaya on 9th December 2013
It is hard to put words to such sad news, and it seems so unfair that you would leave this world so early. My heart goes out to your family. May you rest in peace.
Posted by Wendy Hamilton on 9th December 2013
Big smile, lots of energy, clear sense of discipline, committed, dedicated -- a force to be respected, a presence to bask in.
Posted by Keiko Ando on 8th December 2013
We are all deeply shocked to hear of the sudden death of Russell. Unfortunately, I never had the meeting him in person, however, it was such an honor I could worked with him not only at Elanex but BGS and LB. I would like to offer my deepest sympathy and my thoughts are with his family at this most difficult time of loss. RIP.

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