This tribute was added by Susie Cook on January 31, 2020
Cliff and I (Susie) just scanned pictures of Rusty’s dune buggy and Rusty racing his 3 wheeler at Brown Field today! Decided to google him. So sorry for your loss. Cliff says Rusty taught him how to pop a wheelie with dune buggy, forever greatful.
This tribute was added by Mary Baptist on December 29, 2019
Claire thank you for writing I remember you, it was so nice to hear from you , thank you so much for writing to me
This tribute was added by Mary Baptist on December 29, 2019
Christmas was real nice with the kids and mom, you are missed more than you can imagine, forever in my ❤️
This tribute was added by Claire Lopez on November 30, 2019
Mary, so sorry to read this about Rusty. Not sure if you remember me, I was your neighbor on Maple St in Escondido. My name is Claire Ambrozich. I lived and married (for a short time) Mike Anderson. We lived in the house in front of the garage when you lived above the garage. I was out with a nephew this evening and we were talking about coyote canyon and flames and I thought of you and Rusty so decided to google. Sorry you lost the love of your life, my heart goes out to you. Know you are in my thoughts and prayers.
This tribute was added by Mary Baptist on June 28, 2019
Another year gone.Happy Birthday my Love, they say time heals all, I am still waiting ❤️❌⭕️
This tribute was added by Mary Baptist on June 27, 2018
Happy Birthday my Love. Missing you so much... ❤️
This tribute was added by Rusty Baptist on April 19, 2018
They say time heals..... In this case time makes me feel more and more empty. There is so much to tell you. Your cowboys "my kids" are so rad. The boys miss you so bad. I take you everywhere with us. I will carry on the Desert Life you showed me. Keep it pinned pops. Love You.
This tribute was added by Sue Baptist on April 18, 2018
I love you, I miss you.
This tribute was added by Mary Baptist on April 17, 2018
Two years, Miss you so much, I know you would be proud of your kids and grandkids amazing things are happening, Your mom is Happy with me now. You are so missed everyday... I know you watch over us all !!  
All my Love always ❤️❤️
This tribute was added by Susan Garvey on April 17, 2018
Hey Bro, you are missed so much by so many but I know you are at peace and that makes me smile! Have fun in the dunes always, love you ❤️
This tribute was added by Mary Baptist on June 27, 2017
Happy Birthday Babe: missing you so much , watch over your mom she is doing good . Fam is good . ❤️❤️❤️
This tribute was added by Susan Garvey on June 27, 2017
Hey Bro, Happy Birthday
This tribute was added by Mary Baptist on April 17, 2017
Rusty, love you and miss you so much. In my HEART Forever❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
This tribute was added by Gordon Kaesemeyer on June 27, 2016
You used to come to my house every morning for Coffee before I left for work. You helped get me started
This tribute was added by Mary Baptist on June 27, 2016
Happy Birthday , Love ..You are so missed.....
This tribute was added by Rusty Baptist on June 27, 2016
Happy Birthday Dad. Miss you so much.
This tribute was added by Todd Peter on May 26, 2016
Big Russ, I never met a guy quite like you. You always had a way of looking at things thru a positive window. Thanks for all the Pauma Valley days, horseshoes, bbq's, off-road antics, a place to sleep, and great times. Days I will never forget. Don't worry your son will carry on your legacy off off-road love and especially the one liners. Rest In Peace Big Russ
This tribute was added by Susan Garvey on May 26, 2016
My bro Rusty, what a brother in law! We sure had some Great times over the years, Pauma Valley especially and the Casinos, you will be forever loved and missed till I see you in Heaven
This tribute was added by Michael Allee on May 25, 2016
One of my greatest friends. I enjoyed every second we had together. He showed me and taught me so many things. The greatest was to look at life and not take it for granted. Work through it. Words can never describe the way I felt about that man. I will think about him and i will miss him till the day I die. I will miss the tequila. Shot to you senior. Thank you for your knowledge and your friendship. God speed. Oh and also look down on me next time I'm working on a 22R. I might need the help.
This tribute was added by Gordon Kaesemeyer on May 25, 2016
We shared many adventures together. We were best friends for many years. Even our dogs were buds. I remember going fishing in a 10 foot aluminum boat with Tony and our 3 dogs. We had no life vests and we followed a charter fishing boat out about 30 miles off the coast to take advantage of their chum. That was the plan. We stopped the boat and we was attacked by Barracuda. they were even jumping in the boat. Dogs were freeking out and the swells were over 50 ft high. then we lost our bearing. so we followed the direction of the waves til we seen land. We were even feeding the pelicans gliding behind the boat fish right out of our hands. We had some terrific Margarita parties at Barbs place. He had an MG midget and I had a fiat Spyder and we would race around Escondido inches off of each others bumpers squaring off corners at 50+ like they was go carts. WE played in the desert in dune buggies.He took me to Glammis we got their at dark in the summer We had the place to our selves. With margaritas between the seats life was in the headlights. As the sun came up I began to realize the magnitude of what and where we were. I got trapped in Oldsmobile....Him and Lil Russ was standing at the top of the bowl flagging me up. I didnt have paddle tires so I had to circle the huge bowl building momentum. I sailed over their heads breaking my sternum on the steering wheel on the landing. Then he took me for a ride in his buggy. A toyota Mid engine powered rocket. It was like a roller coaster ride WOW!
I would take his entire family breakfast or too breakfast nearly every Sunday. I owned an auto repair business and made more money than I could spend alone. I would buy cars and he would help me prep and sell them. We would split the profit. He was aw-sum with a buffer. We made a potatoe cannon and blew the fence over in his back yard. He helped me on many projects. We hung out together every day. I miss those days. He once told me that we would always be friends it would just be in different venues. Then I moved away and we didnt speak for 20 years. When Mary finally found me it was as if we spoke yesterday. A true friend. I will miss you Russ
This tribute was added by Sue Roberts on May 25, 2016
Rusty. I love you. You and Mary always made me feel happiness. You always made me feel so special. I loved bring your favorite. Even in your last days, you made me feel special I could't beleive it. . Standing at the hospital and hugging me and your wave as I left , I will always remember. I am so so thankful Mary called me, All the memories with you, Mary, Barb, Bill and Mike, will live in my heart forever. I pray you are out of pain and with your Dad. You were a very special person and I will miss your humor above all. I will always miss you and always remember - Peace  sue <3
This tribute was added by Chris Carson on May 12, 2016
Big russ you taught me so much over the years... You are like no other, we have had many conversations about life and living it. You will live on in our hearts forever! Angel flying to close to the ground
This tribute was added by Joshua Martelli on May 11, 2016
Respect and peace. Proud to know your son!
This tribute was added by Mary Baptist on May 3, 2016
Forever in my heart. All my love

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