Posted by Karen Gillespie on April 27, 2022 seems you haunt this were here with me for so long..I miss you so much and hope to see you again..until then I will think of you and take you with me wherever I go..
         Love Karen
Posted by Lela Jones Haynes on April 25, 2022
Missing you Momma. Can't believe it's been 2 years. Love you forever
Posted by Jennifer Baumgartner on April 25, 2022
Thinking of you today and missing you, especially. I imagine a heaven that is just what you hoped for, and pray that God's everlasting love and comfort surrounds you.
Love you, forever.
Posted by Linda Jones-Hayes on April 25, 2022
Hi mom! Can't believe you've been in heaven for 2 years today. We miss you every day! We enjoy your "visits" with us when we play Yahtzee! You always make your presence known In small ways! We wish you were here, playing with us, so we could let you sneak in that extra roll of the dice! Love you so much! Love, Linda
Posted by Linda Jones-Hayes on February 17, 2022
Just wanted to say Happy Birthday, mama! You always loved the little parties we had for you. I have an ache in my heart, without you in my life. I will eat some crablegs today, in your honor! You loved going to Red Lobster. So, maybe I will have some coconut shrimp, instead! Love you, & miss you. Give everyone my love! And kiss my sweet grandson for me!
Posted by Linda Jones-Hayes on May 2, 2020
Mom, I will always love you, & miss you. My fondest memories are of you. Now, I have tragically lost my beautiful grandson & your great-grandson Austin, too! As I struggle to support my child in his loss, the hardest thing in my life, ever, I really need my own mom to comfort me. All I can do, Is to pray you will hug & kiss, & take care of my beautiful boy. I take comfort, knowing he is with you in heaven. Love you. Tell him I love him too. Thanks, mom.
Posted by Jennifer Baumgartner on April 30, 2020
It broke my heart that we could not be with you these last several weeks due to the Covid virus. I hope all the phone calls and video chats helped you understand why we were not there. Please know we appreciate that you always did your best for us, and we will love you, forever.
It gives me comfort to know that you are safe now, no pain, no fear; forever in the arms of Jesus. Love, Jenny.
Posted by Becca Trott on April 29, 2020
Hi grandma !! I miss you so much! I still can’t believe you are gone! Our family gatherings will not be the same without you.. there’s going to be an empty spot with every holiday and celebration that comes and it will never get easier. I know you’re having the time of your life with Jesus, Johnny, grandpa and very sadly Austin. It brings comfort to know you all are watching over us! Give Jesus A hug for me ! ♥️ I love you!
Posted by Karen Gillespie on April 29, 2020
Mom..I am missing you so much..I keep wanting to go upstairs and see how you're doing..or ask what you want for breakfast..I think I hear you walking had a long and difficult life in many ways..I pray that I was able to give you some comfort and security in your last year's. Rest in Heaven..kiss daddy and Johnny for us
There is a precious and unexpected young soul who is joining you, Austin..Shannas baby, please hold and comfort him, too.
           Forever in our hearts
Posted by Renee Jones on April 29, 2020
My sweet Mother, I will miss you so much. I know your in heaven, and I’m glad you’re not suffering here on this earth anymore. I love you forever, your baby, Nay

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