Posted by Nickie Sullivan on December 9, 2020
Hey Ruthie it's been 8 years since you left us. We miss and love you. I'm kinda glad you not down here with all this Rona mess. Anywho wish could hug you. We gonna continue to celebrate your birthday no matter what. I love you. Continue to watch over us.
Posted by Nickie Sullivan on June 1, 2020
I miss you so much. I wish you were here to celebrate your birthday with us. I just want to hug you and sit at the table and talk to you. We didn't let this viruse stop us from celebrating you. Love you. Talk about you all the time. Trell said he wish he had more time with you. We all wish we had more time with you. Continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Devin Hemphill on May 30, 2020
Today is your 83rd birthday and oh how I wish we could be celebrating it with you. You are deeply missed. I am continuing bringing the family together. I know that's something you would have wanted. I hope you received the balloons we released in your honor. I love you.
Posted by Talisha Clark on May 30, 2020
Happy 83rd birthday hunny i still think of you often ..missing you wishing i could have one more conversation or hug or tell you i love you one last time❤️
Posted by Devin Hemphill on December 9, 2017
My heart never felt so much pain
The sky came together and dropped lots of rain
I thought my life was coming to an end
All I know is I will never give in
You were the reason I became who I am
You hold my life in the palm of your hand
You showed me right from wrong
But the day you died everything went wrong
You knew me oh so well
The day you died my heart fell
I will never forget you until I die
Maybe someday we will meet up in the sky
I know the lord took you cause it was time
But he should of let me say the right goodbye
I think of you from day to day
Wondering what you would think 

Miss you
Posted by Devin Hemphill on June 1, 2017
Somehow, I think you came to visit me one night while I was sleeping. You whispered and said that you were proud of all that's been a blessing for me. You said to keep bringing everybody together and that you were happy to be back with Albert, Ronnie, and Peanut. You were sadden but happy when Tony came. That conversation lasted awhile and oh how it left me wanting to talk more but you had to go. Just knows I missed you dearly and wish you were still here. Love
Posted by Talisha Clark on May 30, 2017
Happy 80th birthday beautiful still missing you as always
Posted by Talisha Clark on December 9, 2016
I love and miss you today and everyday♡♡♡♡
Posted by Nickie Sullivan on December 9, 2016
I miss you so much. I still use your hand mixer that yoy gave me to make my cakes and pies. I talked about you to my friends. This are not the same without yoy. I love you so much.
Posted by Devin Hemphill on December 9, 2016
Today and every December 9th, since you've transitioned on... my tears still fall with passion like rears conceived in stars. Someday they'll be full of brightness and energy only seen from afar. If only I could hear your comfort to put a smile upon my face. How I miss your warm embrace.

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