Posted by Bill Smith on July 15, 2020
So sorry to hear this news earlier today. Mrs. Attanasio was always so welcoming when I would visit. She had such a great spirit about everything including her beloved Mets! Always loved being around her.

A profound loss but I am sure that she is resting in peace. God bless her and the entire Attanasio family
Posted by Kieran Denehan on May 29, 2020
Ruth and I met over 30 years ago, but her warmth, love and laughter made such an impact on me that it still lasts till this day. I am so fortunate to have had this wonderful person in my life and who was so good to me...will forever be grateful for how she treated me.
Posted by Marcia Bryce on May 12, 2020
Grace, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Having met your mom briefly a few years ago when she visited the CDA with you, I can truly say she was mild-mannered, loving and cheerful. Keep her memories alive. Those we love are forever in our hearts. 
Posted by DeCan Family on May 6, 2020
I remember meeting your mom when she was visiting Atlanta. She was so robust and full of life. Her smile and sense of humor were obvious even in a short meeting. I'm so sorry for you and your family for your loss. May prayers of healing and happy memories help your healing.
Posted by Priscilla Centeno-Hernand... on April 12, 2020
I had the honor of knowing Cuchy for almost 50 years. Met her when Adrianne and I were in kindergarten together. She was basically a part of my educational years because we, A, Gigi and I also went to grammar school and HS together. She pushed us to be better and to never give up! I also worked with her at Isham Park Pharmacy. She was so good with all of our customers! She knew what they wanted even before they enter the place! She was one of the most amazing women that I have ever met and I am thankful that she was part of my life! She was like a second mother to me! RIP Cuchy
Posted by Elias Rodriguez on April 11, 2020
Cuchy, a very helpful and understanding person who was loved by many of us in Inwood.  Even when I moved out of Inwood i always saw her when I went to Inwood weekly since my Mom still lives on the same block. Gigi,my prayers and thoughts are with you, Adrienne and the family. Many good memories of Chuchy and your Dad since I was a child in Inwood.
Posted by EBony Hollis on April 11, 2020
Titi, may you Rest in Peace, your memories, love, and laughter will live in our hearts until we meet again. This an absolutely beautiful tribute
Posted by David Samaria on April 11, 2020
To my TT Cuchy and her daughters Grace (GG) Adrian and son Alberto, I love you all with all my heart and morn greatly, the loss of your mother. She was such a large part of my life in the early days. And with you my cousins it was if we were more like brothers and sisters than cousins. More importantly I have always thought of you as friends. 

God brings people together in family, with no choice of how or who we are related to But even if we weren't connected by the blood of your mother my moms sister, I would have wanted you people in my life, by choice. I honestly have never known finer people with so much love, than you all have.

Your mother and father both are responsible for most of that but it's your inner selves, that are a reflection of the Almighty, that shines through. Thank you for having been in my life.

Ruthy, Cuchy daughter to Altita, wife to Pepino and mother to the above adult children and my aunt, till the day we all meet in Heaven KNOW that I love you and always have and always will. Goodby and may God keep your soul for us, till we meet again.
Posted by Janet Vecsey O'Rourke on April 9, 2020
I met Ruth once, and will not forget her. I am so grateful to get this glimpse into her life. She was an extraordinary woman, and her daughters are also. What love, planning and care went in to getting her to a place of safety and happiness when she was transported to the facility where she spent the end of her life. I love seeing the photos posted. What a beautiful spirit she (and your dad) had. I pray for those who remain, as Ruth is already with her loved ones who have reached there before her. Sending much love.
Posted by Mary Beth Quick on April 9, 2020
Sending you all love and prayers. Will always remember the special adventure, "Where's Cuchey?"!! ❤❤❤

Love you all, Frank, MB, Nic & Shannon
Posted by Carlos Franco on April 9, 2020
This wonderful lady was a God sent to the Franco family. Cuchy was my mother's mentor, counselor, and English interpreter. Cuchy was the instrument God used to get my brother and I enrolled in Good Shepherd. Cuchi was the one who would drink coffee with my mom make her laugh while Cuchy's dog, Duchess, would stand by her side. Cuchi was a funny, hospitable, understanding, and overall caring individual. Pepino and Cuchi will always be remembered and I know they are now in heaven having coffee with my mom and Duchess by their side. 
Posted by Carmen Giubilei Remax on April 8, 2020
Blessings to Ruth's soul as she meets with her beloved husband and our maker. I loved visiting the Attanasio home as a child and an elementary school friend of Gigi. It was astonishing to me at the age of 9 or 10 that she had a collection of unopened toys tucked away, high in her closet, to choose from to give as gifts for future birthdays or celebrations.  Barbie dolls, board games, etc.! As an adult, I was able to write and call her at least once a year and we'd talk for 20 - 30 minutes at a time. She loved to talk about her wonderful son-in-laws, her beautiful grandbabies and then of course her daughters.  We also spoke a lot about our wonderful Italian-born husbands and how dedicated they were to family, food and good wine. Such a wonderful legacy of a true New Yorker, mom, grandma and friend. My condolence to her loved ones. May she RIP! Encore!!!
Posted by Jodi Reed on April 8, 2020
What an amazing tribute to a woman who seems to have lived an amazing life! How lucky are those who knew her to be a part of it?! Prayers to your family during this time.

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