Mom & Lee living with us

Shared by Tammy Van Horn on February 28, 2019

Mom had lung surgery in April  or May of 2005 and we moved her in with us since she wouldn't be able to keep her apartment. Then in January 2006 Lee had a stroke and I moved him in as well. Monty being in Iraq at the time finds out the next time he called me. His reaction was a little bit of shock and a lot of "oh no!" Mind you Ruth and Lee had been divorced for 21 years by now and hardly spoke to one another. Within a short time they were driving me nuts wanting to know why the other one was looking down the hallway each time the other left their room etc. I have to put a divider up in the hallway so they couldn't see each other. Lee lived with us for two years before he passed away. In that time frame Ruth and Lee buried the hatched and became friends again. Needless to say,  the divider came down. Lee would pop his head in her door and ask if she needed anything each time he left. He brought her candy and flowers for Valentine's Day, Mother's day, and her birthday before he passed away. God works in mysterious ways.

Shared by Rebecca Larson on February 27, 2019

Aunt Ruthie, I would have given anything to have seen you one last time. I know your better now and celebrating with the Taflinger gang. I have so many fond memories of you visiting our house and getting to be with cousins Monty & Marty. I love you and until we meet again, “behave yourself.

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