This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved mother and grandmother, Ruth Mojirola Oguntola, 78 years old, born on January 22, 1943, and passed away on January 27, 2021. She is forever in our hearts, nothing can ever take away a love the heart holds dear.
Posted by Oluwadamilola Ajiboye on January 27, 2022
It's 1 year today that we lost a rare gem. I miss you so much mummy, you will forever be in my heart. Till resurrection morning mama daada
Posted by Olubunmi Ojienabor on January 27, 2022
It is one year today that you went to be with the Lord. Mama, the last one year has been the longest year of my life….hmmmm I cannot put into words how much I miss you, thinking about you still brings tears to my eyes and it feels like the heartbreak will never end. But, I have peace in knowing that you are at rest, no more worries and care of this world, you did your best when you were here, your legacy lives on Mum. Rest on dear Mama, until resurrection morning when we will meet to part no more. Forever in my heart ❤️
Posted by Dapo Oguntola on January 27, 2022
Always and forever will love and miss you. Continue to Rest In Peace mum!
Posted by Arinola Oguntola on January 26, 2022
It's one year already and you are still gone.
I miss you, your infectious smile , our unending gists and your candid approach to issues and situation.

Rotimi misses you so much, you know, in his heart, he is still your baby. Tumi gets emotional when we talk about you not being here anymore, he would not have us talk about you like you are not here, he keeps reminding us that you are alive... in his heart, in our hearts. Firekunmi and Fayokunmi keep asking if it is possible to visit you...
We all miss you and wish we could have you around a little longer. 
We know you are in a better place, you are at rest...
Rest on, you deserve it!!!!

Posted by Olurotimi Oguntola on June 8, 2021
From Mrs Modupe Ololade

Tribute to a "MOTHER INDEED" Mrs Mojirola Oguntola         

"Hi neighbor" as we fondly greet each other. Your sudden departure has left a vacuum in the many lives that you have touched, in particular our children. You showed concern about them even as they advanced in age.             You were a rare gem, filled with virtue and so much love. That's just who you were, someone who always wanted to make people happy and it was great fun being in your company. Though your passing to glory would leave a huge hole in my heart, I find comfort in the good memories we shared and the fact that you have gone to be with the Lord.  Adieu till we meet again at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ.              
Posted by Femi Lawani on June 3, 2021
Your death came as a great shock to me dear friend. You lived a selfless life for all that you came across. You were a daughter in Zion, great teacher, administrator of repute and much more. Your smile can NEVER be forgotten. Your cheerfulness gave hope and joy to many. Your industriousness was a virtue worthy of emulation. Your devotion to family and the church was second to none. Keep on resting at the Bosom of Jesus Christ. Indeed, blessed is the memory of the righteous.
Posted by Adesina Adedotun Samuel on June 3, 2021
What a Gem of inestimable value, what a mother in a billion, the rallying point for family and relations, an epitome of care giver and carer for all persons, humility personified. Always radiant and cheerful, readily assist in all area of life to the limit of her capability, a real source of motivation, silently dolling out relevant advise and admonitions without arrogance or subjugation. Any person that had ever had connection with you would surely miss you Mama.
Came into full knowledge of you as an adult in 1980, at bout the time going to former USSR for scholarship studies; your care and concern of my going to such far place can't be forgotten. Since then, you've been a real mother, not only to your biological children but to all. Where I live now as personal residence by God's grace is your handy work. At the time of acquiring the other half of the land, you took me along, even to kneeling down before men that I might be favoured. It was then I was made to understand that Daddy too ( Engr. Oguntola) have been a man of honor and helper to others, so I was only benefiting from your goodwill. That is to say: the good that humans do lives after them. May your generations to eternity continue to benefit from your excellent benevollence. You're always happy and delighted for the progress of all concern. If all around within families and relations were to be like you, then it would really be heaven on Earth.
The solace we have is that you're a daughter of the Almighty God through grace in Christ Jesus, therefore you're into your eternal rest, at the bosom of your Lord and savior.
We'll surely mis you ma, myself and my wife.
   - Akin & Yemisi Adesina.
Posted by Olurotimi Oguntola on May 24, 2021
From Elder. Joel Olawepo

Tribute to a sister

Sister, you fought a good fight. You have finished the race. You have kept the faith and the crown of righteousness await you. Your life was an epitome of honour, integrity and selfless service to God and humanity. You have indeed left footprints in the sands of time.
Sun re o!
Posted by Victor Oguntola on May 22, 2021
Once upon a memory Mummy calls me  " Agùn tá sho lo ", ”Olanrawaju Junior". Sad I can't hear that Queenly voice chant my name and give those motherly advise any more. But The sun, the moon, the wind, the stars, will forever be around,reminding us of the love you shared, and the peace she’s finally found. Rest on Mummy...
Posted by Olurotimi Oguntola on May 20, 2021
From Lanre Oguntola (for the Oguntola's family)


You will forever be remembered for your legacies of love, faithfulness, unblemished commitment to friendship and your ceaseless outpouring of affection for me, my wife and my children.
You were a genuine and dependable mother, wife, sister, friend and confidant. Lanre Oguntola's family feels exceptionally privileged to have experienced your care and love during your journey through life. You are now free, our darling mother and sister.
No longer shackled by the cares and woes of this world.
Sleep well my beloved in the Bosom of our Lord, till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Tumi Oguntola on May 8, 2021
My grandmother was one of the kindest, most compassionate, caring people that I've ever known. Hearing that she passed broke my heart. I knew that the day would come eventually, but I definitely did not expect it to arrive so soon. She was so accepting of me in all situations, and she always had my back. When I was younger, I spent so much time with my grandparents. I visited often, and I even slept between the two of them when we were there. Even now, it doesn't feel real, and I'm not sure what I'm going to do without her now that she's gone. I wish I had seen her, face to face, one last time. Though she may not be on this earth anymore, she will always live on in my memory.

-- Oluwatumininu
Posted by Tayo Olawuyi on May 8, 2021
Mummy Oguntola,

Looking at your picture here, makes it feel like you are still here with us and it hasn't sunk in yet. You were always welcoming to everyone and your smiles, calmness made your home feel like home to all.

We are all thankful to God that you lived a good life, left great legacies, and resting in the blossom of God Almighty. Continue to rest in peace ma.
Posted by Olurotimi Oguntola on May 7, 2021
From Mrs. G.B. Jawonisi JP (a.k.a. Anti Bose)

Tribute to My Beloved and Dear Junior Sister:
Mrs Ruth Mojisola Oguntola

I give  the Almighty God the glory and adoration for your life and time with us on planet Earth. Your sudden change of mortality to immortality was shocking and painful when I recollect my last visit to you at Ilorin last year 5th December, you told me you will welcome me back when you would celebrate your 80th birthday soon and I promised you my physical presence at the event.
I remember with joy my close association with you spanning over six decades. It all started in 1958 when you came to Egbe to work for one S.I.M Missionary and I offered you accommodation at my family house. We lived happily in the same room throughout your sojourn at Egbe.
Our relationship grew stronger and you were my best lady on my wedding day on 28th December 1967 at 1st ECWA Church, Egbe, Kogi State.
Your demise is a personal and monumental loss to me and my family. I will miss your sisterly love and infectious smiles. Your music still rings in my ears, as I still hear you calling 'anti Bose' with respect and smile….

(a.k.a ANTI BOSE)
Posted by Comfort Adesina on May 6, 2021
To God be the glory for a life well lived. You are my mentor on many areas of life and I have been your secret but not silent admirer; the way you comport yourself among the educated ladies in Igbaja in the early sixties encouraged me to be determined to do well in school so I can be like my favorite "Aunty", a title I still cherish using for you till today. Meeting you in church or anywhere makes my day fulfilled. Your leavng so soon is hard to grasp but our Lord is just.. sleep gently on in Jesus's blossom. I miss you Aunty mi owon
Posted by Oluseyi Owojaiye on May 6, 2021
Mummy Oguntola,
I kept reminiscing about our last time together, never knew it would be the last! You were such a calm personality, My dear teacher! I am consoled knowing you went home to rest, till we meet, rest on mummy!
Posted by Olabode Oluwole on May 6, 2021
Good night, Mama. It was a rude shock to me to hear that you have passed on to glory, while I was about to break the news that your "Olabode" has become a PROFESSOR OF PATHOLOGY. But God knows the best.
What my in-laws failed to do, you did for me, you comforted me in my marital turbulence and gave me hope that all things will be well. Your encouragement gave me the push to reach for my goal as a Professor.
You have a left a great vacuum that only God and the Holy Spirit can fill. We promised to hold the fort till we meet you again in the bosom of the Lord. God's love, peace and comfort be with us ALL.
Posted by Williams Adewumi on May 4, 2021
Dear mummy, I couldn't believe you are gone. Am grateful for the opportunity to be with you, knowledge and love you showed me.
I am thankful to God for a life well lived, the great legacy you have left behind. You will always be fondly remembered for your kindness, your healing smile...

Rest on...

Adewumi & Ighodalo
Posted by Olubunmi Ojienabor on May 3, 2021
From: Damilola Ajiboye

Oh! What a painful exit.

Just when I thought i will be closer to you and get to see you more, you left this sinful world.
Mummy Oguntola, a mother with a large heart. You embraced me with so much love!
I remember when I was pregnant with my son, mummy called to check on me as usual, but was disturbed with the way I sounded on phone. The following day, mummy was at our place without notice to check on me. She said her mind wasn't at rest because of the way I sounded on phone the previous day. Mummy would drive down to my place on several occasions to bring fruits especially mango and Oranges. She loved me and my family passionately. Even when I delivered my second child last year November, I called her on the day we named the child to ask if she would come, she told me she wasn't feeling fine but promised she will try to come. Mummy came and I thank God she was the one that carried our baby during the naming ceremony. Alas, that was her last outing before her demise.
So many beautiful memories of you that I will continue to cherish.

I miss you so so much mummy. I'm comforted cause you've gone to be with our Lord Jesus Christ and we will surely meet again. You have a large heart Grandma!

Your daughter
Oluwadamilola Ajiboye nee Oladiji.

Posted by Kunle Afolabi on May 3, 2021
Thank you so very much Ma for being a great Mom... We prayed the Lord to reward you with eternal bliss. You have been so wonderful when you were here. Rest peacefully ma.
Posted by Olubukolami Adebayo on May 2, 2021
Dear Mummy, I didn't want to believe you were gone when I heard but God's ways are not our ways, I am thankful to God for a life well lived, the great legacy you have left behind. You will always be fondly remembered for your kindness, your smile...they are the brightest and most welcoming, thank you for the gift of love and friendship you have given me through Bunmi. I pray the Almighty God continue to keep all that you have left behind. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord...
Posted by Sam Ogu on May 2, 2021
Dear mummy.
It is quite difficult to believe that we shall not meet you at Otaru close. You were such an inspiration, a mother to remember for ever. However we are not sad because we know you are at the Bossom of the Lord. We know we shall meet again. Sunreooo, odigbose, goodnight.

Jiboooola and Sammy
Posted by Olubunmi Ojienabor on May 2, 2021
From: Mrs Motunrayo Fajenyo Dairo


Auntie Ruth Omo Oyinbo, Mama Wale then Mummy. I had been so close to Auntie Ruth as far back as 1967 before she left for the USA.

When she came back in the 70s, she picked me up again as aburo, oko and daughter.

She organized my wedding programme for me. When I was waiting on the Lord for the fruit of the womb, she was there too. She brought hot water for my bathe after a surgical operation in 1988 at the maternity ward before 7:00 am.

She made sure that I live a peaceful married life. I can’t say it all. She took my husband as her son.

In December last year while leaving her house, she shook my hands for the last time.

In the end, I thank God that she saw Bunmi and Nike’s sons.

Goodnight, till the resurrection day.

- Motunrayo Fajenyo Dairo

Posted by Dr Dele Adeniyi on May 2, 2021
I meant to break the news that God had answered your prayers on my transfer but could only hear a sound of your voice in that room. You have indeed prepared your departure by the moments we shared last December. It’s very painful to let go of you in my memories for the impacts made even in my family and the neighborhood. You were beautiful inside out, honest, firm and very frank. Your simple and effective prayer life kept working for us. It is good night Mum, certainly missing your regular phrase, “eku okan nihin”
Posted by Adenike Akanni on May 2, 2021
Our dearest Mummy Oguntola,
A mum to my late Mum(Morounranti) and a Mum to Me(Adenike) and many others(uncountable) .

You were a true definition of a Super Mum.I drank full from your milk of Kindness.You came to my rescue when i had issues with my education in Secondary school,you registered me in St Anthonys Sec School and made sure i excel. You made your home mine ,fed me, and gave me the necessary support to excel. I took first position throughout my stay in St Anthony's, i was second to none in my class. I am better off today because of the love and support you gave me.

I wasn't good in mathematics but u and Daddy made sure i passed it by making me attend Mrs Fowowe's lesson at trinity.(Now my kids are in her school).You made sure and insisted that Rotimi tutor me on mathematics, a duty he performed excellently. I passed.

I remember our Sunday sunday pounded yam and egusi or efo riro.Your boys usually pound the Yam, (Bro Wale before he travelled, Bro Dapo (Woo ki lumo) and Rotmax (Oyinbo),even as guys,you taught them this and more....they were the cutest in the quarters back then.So so adorable.I found a sister and friend in Bunmi. Daddy was the best,always looking out for me,always till i finished and left for Lagod. All so friendly and accomodating, an amazing family u gave me. I love u all,THANK YOU.

Mummy, you sure have a special place in my heart because you were part of my success story.
Thank u for being so selfless 
May God accept the repose of your soul and grant you paradise together with my Mum,one of your favourite.
Together,we will celebrate your life,a life well spent ♥ ✨
Adieu Mummy.
I love you,mega.
Posted by Tejumola Olayemi on May 2, 2021

You were the best, always there to support and encourage me and my siblings .

I always get excited anytime you visit whether my mum was around or not.

You would say "Tejufoam bawo ni, omo ola" you would always pray for me.... I miss you maami.

You were the best and words can never express how much I will miss you........
Posted by Yemilola Adeyi on May 2, 2021
Maami Oguntola

You were a woman of grace. You were friendly, you loved without hesitation. You were my friend, yes I didn’t call as I should but when we did talk, we picked it up from where we left it. You were sincere, down to earth , funny, pleasant and graceful. Your stories of life while growing up with your grandma still lives in my grey matter.
Your sudden departure was shocking, unexpected but you lived well and you left happy. May your soul rest mum and May God keep all you left behind.
Love you more mum , even in death.
Funmi Adeyi
Posted by Olubunmi Ojienabor on May 2, 2021

I wake up each day, sometimes in the middle of the night, and every time I wish this was just a bad dream that will go away. This heart wrenching pain is none like I have ever had…. Oh Mum! I suddenly feel naked without you, I didn’t realize how much of a covering you were until I didn’t have that covering anymore.

How can I possibly describe the beauty and blessing of being your daughter? How do I put into words the joy of being a recipient of such selfless and sacrificial love that I constantly received from you….?

Mum, you told me times without number that you specially prayed for a daughter, simply because you did not have any sister. You called me your daughter and your sister. I am grateful to God for the beautiful mother-daughter relationship we had, for the beautiful memories of the times we had together that I will forever cherish. I say it today and forever “I am blessed to call you my mother”

Your dedication and commitment as a mother were second to none! Abiyaamo toto, your intuition was always outstanding, on the days that things are not just right in my world, you will just call as if you knew, that was how much in tune you were with me. A word in season, a heartfelt prayer that can only come from a mother’s heart, suddenly made everything right in my world and put a spring in my steps. Mum did not by any means play around with her role as steward, taking care of the seeds that God had placed in her care. She nurtured my siblings and I with love, with her, we were always confident of her love and support. You taught us to love ourselves and stay united; you were huge on this, and now more than ever I am grateful for the foundation you laid.

A praying mother! Oh Mum, no matter where I am, I knew with no doubts that you and Dad will wake up in the middle of the night praying for me and my siblings; calling each person by name, and as our family expanded and the names that you had to call increased, you still prayed for each one of us, calling us by name.

Mum, you were my pillar, all those long years in God’s waiting room, I don’t know what I would have done without you. You prayed for me and prayed with me! When my faith wavered, I rode on yours and you constantly reminded me of God’s faithfulness. You said to me many times” Olubunmi, God has never failed me, and he will not start failing me with you” You were right, Mum, as always. He came through for us!

Each time I hear Tese call me mama now, you come to mind instantly, because that was what I fondly called you. I wish you could have stayed with us longer to watch him grow, but I am eternally grateful to God that you were there to help me nurture him in the first six months of life and to navigate the uncharted waters of motherhood.

Mamma! You were a special breed, your presence carried an aroma that is seen in your smile, your walk and your talk. My very first mentor; you carried yourself with such grace and dignity; you were ever sweet. 

Corinthians 13:4-8 depicted your life and times, Mum, you were all about love; I watched you show love to everyone around you; you were a genuine lover of people; you believed so much in the power of love and you showed love, even to the seemingly unlovable people, simply because you were just who you were. You were as plain minded as they come; never one to hide your feelings, with you people always knew where they stood, because you will express your displeasure, but once you said what you had in mind, you will lovingly forgive. You could hold no grudge.

A true Proverbs 31 woman, you taught me about love, honor and commitment simply by watching you with Dad, You were a loving wife to my Dad for 53 years, some of those years I had the privilege of taking the front row view as you loved and supported him through the good times and not so good times, through the lean times and the fat times, you were a true friend of your “A Jolly Joe’’ Thank you both for giving us your very best and creating an environment that will help us thrive.

A wise woman you were, and I learnt much life’s lessons from you, one lesson you taught me I will never forget because of the circumstances that surrounded that lesson, is to always respect people, irrespective of their background and status. As I journey through life, this wisdom nugget has served me well and I am ever blessed by it.

My Mama! My personal sounding block, with you I knew I will get nothing but the truth, for an honest opinion you were always my go-to person because you would say it the way it was. It was either I take it or leave it.

Mummy, I miss you! Oh, how I miss you! I miss hearing your voice; miss our regular gist; miss your warm embrace and my heart breaks a million pieces at the finality of it all, but I am grateful to God for your life. Yours was a well-lived life; you were fulfilled, and you left behind a great legacy. I will not sorrow like them that do not have hope because there is an assurance of a future together in Christ.

My last meaningful conversation with you, you told me ‘’Olubunmi, I have been in heaven for the past three days, oh! Its so beautiful! It is really beautiful there” I guess you glimpsed your heavenly home, and it was just time to go.

You have fought the good fight; you have finished your race, and you kept the faith

Rest on, dear Mama! Rest in the bosom of your maker until the resurrection morning, when we will meet to part no more.

Your daughter,

Olubunmi Owon.

Posted by Olubunmi Ojienabor on May 1, 2021
From: Barrister Kayode Fajenyo

The deepest cuts, comes when we least expect it, we can only celebrate God for a life well spent, enriched with right spices of loving family, Godly ethics and a caring heart.

I learnt from her that a smile and listening ear, influences more than caning and chastising tongue. Always with a welcoming call out, kayoka !!!

A lot of time I know within me she is aware of the guilt weighing on my shoulder because of trouble I caused at home but somehow I know I'm always welcome with her, after which the correction comes over gist like advise !

Adieu my Aunt, friend and mother !!!

Posted by Olurotimi Oguntola on May 1, 2021
From: Dr(Mrs). Abigael Ebun Olayemi


Fading away like the stars of the morning......
Only remembered by what we have done.
You were a sister I sincerely longed for in my paternal home. Your words of counsel as we both stood in the roundabout between Amina Hall and Area A were catalytic converter in my marriage.
Circumstances of life didn't allow us much intimacy but your counsel even when I retired and returned to base, were not and will not be lost. Thanks as I pray that your children and generations to come will find godly counsel that will take them through the storm of life.
Good night Anti Rutu Ile Mogaji, Aya boda - daddy Oguntoye, Iya Bunmi.
Posted by Olajumoke Adeniyi on May 1, 2021
You're a mum with a beautiful heart, your death came to us as a rude shock, mummy you were great because you were kind, loving, generous and silently impacting others with your great ideas. You were a great teacher and encourager. Rest on mum till we meet again.
Posted by Bose Olayemi on April 26, 2021
Mummy Oguntola, as you were fondly called, God called you home when we least expected. The news of your home call was a shock to me because I never knew you were indisposed. But who are we to query God. Your maker called you home to rest, and we thank God for a life well-spent in His service and for humanity.
I am one of your silent 'admirers' when you were alive. I cherished your neatness, your sense of modest dressing, your intimacy with Daddy (your husband), your service to God, your love for friends and family, your words of endearment, ... etc. Continue to rest in the bosom of your Lord. Adieu Mummy.
Posted by Olanrewaju Olayemi on April 23, 2021
Great platform in memory of my dear sister. The good news is that we shall meet again in the morning.
Posted by Bimpe Oguntola on April 19, 2021
It still feels unreal.....I still find it hard to believe that you've left us!

Before we met, I had heard stories upon stories about you, your love for people, your caring attitude, your loyalty, your wittiness, your entrepreneural spirit, your beauty, your cooking skills, your generosity, your enduring spirit, your determination , perseverance and your excellent spirit.....

The day I met you , that afternoon at Elliot Close, opening the door and setting my eyes on you and falling into your warm embrace will start my own personal journey in experiencing your person .....

The stories I had heard paled in comparison to my experience - you were everything described and more !
You were there to assist me with each one of my children, bathing them, changing diapers, feeding them, teaching them , feeding , caring and serving me as well when I was too weak to get up- --you were selfless and loved to the very end!!

Your loyalty unsurpassing!
You were loyal to your friends, family, your children and your wonderful husband, Dad. You were always giving, always sacrificing, always there when we needed you.

Yet you were always firm, but never pushy, principled, always teaching and guiding us. I remember the stories you would tell me sitting by the kitchen table- how many life's valuable lessons I learned from you!

I never really thought of you as a Mother in law , I often forgot you were one - you were like a mother !!

I will never forget the shopping trips- to Macy's, JCPenney- mom loved to look good !
She was beautiful inside and outside.
I always enjoyed those outings- being your chaperone and beauty consultant though I was no where close to your expertise--

You are the best Mother In Law I prayed for , the best any woman could have had!

I miss you!

And yet we are not without hope , for we know we will see you again , albeit in your glorified body looking as beautiful as ever!

“For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who sleep in Jesus. For this we say to you by the word of the Lord, that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord will by no means precede those who are asleep. For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord.”
I Thessalonians 4:14-17 NKJV

Till then, rest in peace my dearest Mother in Law!

(I know what you're saying right now is:
ok Bimpé, get up, wipe your tears and keep going)

I love you Ma!

Posted by Fisayo Adigun on April 17, 2021
Mummy Oguntola was my favorite big mummy. She loved my dad and transferred the love to my mummy and us by extension. I still find it hard to believe that you finished your race ahead of our expectations.......

We will miss you my lovely mama, my mummy's gist partner. I can't forget nights when both of you will gist till the early hours of the morning, leaving your 'boda' and daddy to sleep early........ I can never forget how you opened the door of your house to us and took care of your "boda mi" when he had accident 4 years ago.

Although we could not comprehend your demise, but heaven gained an angel back home .
Sleep on Iya rere until the resurrection morning, when we shall meet again.
Posted by Olurotimi Oguntola on April 14, 2021
From Mrs. B.A. Dairo, P.R.O. Charity Sisters

Our matron, my mentor, a rare gem and a beauty to behold. Your standing, your dressing, your words of wisdom. All these encourage us as Charity Sisters. We thank God for your life. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Rest on till the day we meet to part no more.

Posted by Olurotimi Oguntola on April 14, 2021
From The Adigboles

Mummie, Iya Wale, rest on darling mum, sister and friend. You were my role model on family issues. Your counsel still in place today. You loved and loved me to the extent of asking me for ‘oriki’ so you can ‘ki mi’ every day.
Every working morning you will always say “Ajoke mi, Omobolanle omo ola”.
I’ll definitely miss you but you will remain in my heart till we meet at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ. Ruth Mojirola omo Afolayan sun re o.

Bola Adigbole
Posted by Olurotimi Oguntola on April 14, 2021
From: Egbe Ife Kristi of 1st E.C.W.A. Church Ilorin

We register our condolence to the family of our great Vice Leader who has been so great among us when she was alive. She will be greatly missed amongst us, but we thank God she served God and humanity to the end. We pray that God will console the husband, children and the entire family in Jesus name. Amen.
Posted by Olurotimi Oguntola on April 14, 2021
From: Alhaji Iyanda Ajibade, Chairman Budo Esso Basin GRA Community

What a loss to Budo Esso Basin GRA community! You were the first woman to accompany her husband to our community meeting which earned your husband (Engr. Oguntola) a prize from me. Mama, may your gentle soul Rest in Perfect Peace in the bosom of The Lord (Amen). May He also comfort your husband and children you left behind.
Posted by Olurotimi Oguntola on April 14, 2021
From: Hon. & Mrs. J.A. Ebodele family


With heavy hearts we are writing this tribute on behalf of Ogunrinade Oguntola family who was our great grandmother in Igbo-owu.
You are an exceptional Christian house wife and mother of our children. A house wife of high integrity has gone to the great beyond. Your demise came to us as a rude shock in Igbo-owu.
The most beautiful house wife on earth. How we long to hear your voice in the 1st E.C.W.A. Church Women Choir and see that beautiful smile of yours again. How are the Mighty fallen!!! You were indeed a perfect gentle and wonderful house wife with beautiful spirit. We strongly believe that you are currently resting in the Bosom of Almighty God. You are always in our hearts. Adieu!!! Adieu!!!

Posted by Ayomide Oyebanji on April 14, 2021
You may have passed on, but your memories would always live on within us. Thank you for your sacrifices, your care and concern, your love and everything that you have done for me. Wherever you are, I know you are in a much better place. I will be forever grateful and thankful that you are GRANDMA
Posted by Simbo Oguntola on April 14, 2021
I still cannot believe that you are not welcomed me into your family with open arms. You have truly been a wonderful second mom to me. You were there for me when I needed guidance with taking care of my children when they were babies. You are so caring, always looking out and taking care of everyone around you. You have always been patient and kind, showering us all with love. I truly do miss you and we all feel the void that you left behind. I am grateful that I knew you and that I know that you are watching over us all.

May your soul rest in perfect peace, in Jesus name.

I love you very much....Sun re.
Posted by Arinola Oguntola on April 13, 2021
I never thought I would be writing this so soon. We often joked about this, and I would often tell her she was not going anywhere, anytime soon. I was wrong, she caught a glimpse of glory...…, the streets made of gold, and it became impossible to keep her on this side.

With Grandma Ruth, I could do no wrong even though, I am not perfect. Whatever I did was just okay and good enough.

Grandma Ruth was easy going, she never held grudges. she is the perfect example of " be angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath. Ephesians 4:26 "
The sun never went down on her anger, you knew where you stood with her at any point in time. Once she expressed herself, you are good with her like nothing happened.

I remember when we were expecting our first child after a long wait, grandma was watching out for my every move, she would not let me do anything when I came around, and I was scared I had offended her. I expressed my fear to Rotimi and he told me "Arin, you did not offend my mum, if you did, she will tell you, she does not hold grudges''. I have found this to be true in her relationship with people around her(apparently, she was just being the mother she has always been, not wanting me to stress myself).

Grandma Ruth was a mother extraordinaire! Everybody had a place in her heart. She was no feminist, but her daughters in law were special to her alongside her sons, and she looked out for everybody's interest.
She was a grandma per excellence! Her grandchildren meant the world to her, everyone of them. She would do anything to be in their good books, ( including going around town with a potty in her trunk, because this grandchild would not go without a proper potty.)

Grandma's entrepreneurial skills were second to none, I remember going to Lagos Island with her to get wares for her shop. She would be walking so fast, if you were slow, you would find it tough keeping up with her steps.
Grandma Ruth was a true believer! A believer meaning that aside from knowing, loving , serving and following Christ, she believed there was some kind of good in everyone that was waiting to be tapped by just showing kindness. She would meet a perfect stranger and open her arms and doors to them.

Grandma was true to her name: RUTH!
She was an incurable romantic and it is evident in the relationship between her and Grandpa. They both showed us how to take our relationship to the next level. The trust, love, contentment and friendship between them was always a joy to behold.

Mama! I miss you, your smile, and our gist time . It is hard to believe you are gone.
Sleep well !!
Rest well beautiful soul, you deserve it !!
Ija do pin , ogun si tan, orin ayo la o ma ko, hallelujah !!

Arinola , Aya Baale, Omo Baale as she fondly called me.
Posted by Maro Ogu on April 13, 2021
Dear Grandma,
I still find it hard to believe that you've left this sinful world, words can't express the trauma I've experienced since your demise. I believe that you've gone to rest with the good Lord. You will forever be in my heart grandma ❤ .........
Posted by Dupe Oguntolae on April 13, 2021
To the world you were one person, but to me you were the world.
mummy how I miss you. The awful anguish and grief I have is unlike anything I have ever experienced. No words can express my grief of losing you from my life. Memories of your face, warm smile, large heart and good deeds bring tears to my eyes every minute of the day.
I love you dearly mum.. I am completely heartbroken that you are gone forever, it’s so hard to face reality. Goodbye mum. My heart bleeds.
Posted by Afolayan Babajide on April 13, 2021
You are forever missed Mrs. Ruth Mojirola OGUNTOLA.
The same measure of love you have for your brother (My Dad) was extended to me and my family. I appreciate.

May your gentle soul continue rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Adenike Babajamu on April 13, 2021
Elegant, poised with grace, sweet, charming, ageless and always smiling, a very pleasant and amazing daughter of Zion, a lover of God are just few words to describe Mummy Ruth Mojirola Oguntola. As a young girl growing up in our community, she was one of the very few women I looked up to in admiration and wished to just radiate like her. Her comportment and warmth each time I had opportunity to meet with her leaves such sweet memory. It’s sad that you had to leave so soon but we take solace in the fact that you sleep in Christ. You fought the good fight of faith and you won in victory.
Although you are greatly missed and the gap you left in the lives of our daddy, immediate family and all who know you can only be filled by the Holy Spirit, we are assured that you are at rest at last. Heaven indeed gained an angel. Rest on Mummy, even in death, you live forever in our hearts.
Posted by Joel Oguntola on April 13, 2021
The love of my life, my wife, mother of my children, my supporter, my critic, my encourager, my covenant-keeping friend . I don't know how I will cope without you. God help me.
Posted by Dapo Oguntola on April 13, 2021
Our grandma was an amazing woman. We still can’t believe she’s really gone. We didn’t get to see her that often but every time we did it would always be a memorable experience. Every time we would talk on the phone our conversations were brief, but we’ll never forget how happy she sounded to talk to us. She always was interested in what we were doing and how we were doing in school. We really wish we could spend time with her again. We will always love our grandma and always celebrate her life.

Damilola, Olaoluwa & Tomilola
Posted by Dapo Oguntola on April 13, 2021
If roses grow in heaven,
Lord please pick a bunch for me,
Place them in my Mother’s arms
and tell her they’re from me.
Tell her I love her and miss her,
and when she turns to smile,
place a kiss upon her cheek
and hold her for awhile.
Because remembering her is easy,
I do it every day,but there’s an ache within my heart that will never go away.

One of the things mum always said to me was that I will never stop being her baby, no matter what. She proved it time and time again. Story comes to mind readily. I wore a pair of “dirty” jeans to go to the store ( it was in style back then). My mum took one look at me and just shook her head no. I argued that I was a grown man, in my own house and I could wear what I wanted. Needless to say I changed out of those jeans. That was the kind of mother she was. The kind that could check you with a look. I will always love you mum.

Your Son,
Posted by Olurotimi Oguntola on April 9, 2021

It’s been a couple of months and I still don’t know if I’m going to be able to do this, words fail me. How will words even come close to articulating these emotions properly? Oh, the love of a mother!

Just like you taught me to do in difficulty, I’m taking solace in the Word of God knowing you’re in a better place (I Thessalonians 4:13-14). You left us with no doubt as to where you were headed. Your six year old twin grandchildren had a debate when they asked after you from Grandpa and he told them you had gone to be with The Lord. As they notice tears well up in my eyes yet again;

OluFayoKunmi: “Does that mean Grandma has died?”
OluFireKunmi: “But if Grandma has gone to be with The Lord, that’s a good thing, right Daddy? Grandma is in a better place.”

I’m still struggling to answer…struggling to hold on to the truth of God's Word that you’re only asleep in death. That we only just gained an additional angel in heaven watching over us. You had that creative ability to make adequate supply available, even during “austerity measures”. I first learnt about multiple streams of income from you. Oh how enterprising you were! You went above and beyond to make sure your children were okay. You went even further to give your grandchildren a good start! You’ve always been there for me, so I know you’re only transitioning to where you can do a better job of keeping an eye on me.

Oh how I wanted you to hang-on on this side, even if it was just for a little while longer. OluwaTumininu squeezed a promise out of you in a bid to keep you here a little longer. But your work here was completed. I so badly wanted to hear you speak to me again, pray for me again. But you were ready to leave to a better place and you won’t be speaking to me again, at least not the way you used to. Oh how I miss your declarative blessings! Those blessings that can only come from a mother’s heart to her child. But I have all of your words, I always will. The words of encouragement you said to me when things looked bleak. Your words that taught me patience when it looked like there was delay. Words of love. Words of guidance. A mother’s words that build up confidence in her child. Words of correction. Words of wisdom…

“Although we love you dearly, we could not help you stay. A heart of gold stopped beating. Working hands at rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best!”

Mamaa, you lived well and with dignity, and now you’re finally at peace (Isaiah 57;1-2 MSG). I’m strengthened as we get started on preparations to celebrate your life, knowing no one is more deserving of celebration than a devoted mother.

Farewell mum, till we meet at Jesus’ feet.

-- Olurotimi

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Posted by Oluwadamilola Ajiboye on January 27, 2022
It's 1 year today that we lost a rare gem. I miss you so much mummy, you will forever be in my heart. Till resurrection morning mama daada
Posted by Olubunmi Ojienabor on January 27, 2022
It is one year today that you went to be with the Lord. Mama, the last one year has been the longest year of my life….hmmmm I cannot put into words how much I miss you, thinking about you still brings tears to my eyes and it feels like the heartbreak will never end. But, I have peace in knowing that you are at rest, no more worries and care of this world, you did your best when you were here, your legacy lives on Mum. Rest on dear Mama, until resurrection morning when we will meet to part no more. Forever in my heart ❤️
Posted by Dapo Oguntola on January 27, 2022
Always and forever will love and miss you. Continue to Rest In Peace mum!
her Life


My Mamaa, Ruth Mojirola Oguntola, was born on Friday, January 22, 1943 in Igbaja, Kwara State to Pa Samuel Afolayan of Ile Mogaji in Igbaja, and Ma Deborah Afolayan of Ile Iya Oba in Igbaja.

She had her primary school education at S.I.M. Central School in Igbaja and graduated from Primary 6 in December 1958. Between 1962 and 1966, Mamaa went for Teacher Training at the Women Teacher’s College, Omu-Aran popularly called Wokowomu. Her tertiary education started at the exclusive Clarisa School of Fashion in Pittsburgh, PA, USA between 1970 and 1972 where she earned a Diploma in Fashion Design. Between 1976 and 1979 she earned her NCE at the College of Education in Ilorin. She attended Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria from 1984 to 1988 and graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree in Home Economics.

Mamaa’s first paid employment was as a child care giver to the children of Rev & Mrs Steltzer at Igbaja in 1959 and then Egbe between 1960 and 1961. Her teaching career started at Primary School, Olayinka, Kwara State where she taught from 1967 to 1968. She also taught at Polytechnic Staff School, Ibadan from 1975 to 1976. Starting as NYSC teacher at St. Anthony Secondary School Ilorin from 1979 to 1980, she held various teaching and administrative appointments there between 1980 and 2000. She worked for a brief period at Government Day Secondary School at Bala before retiring from public service as an Assistant Director of Education in the Kwara State Civil Service. Mamaa, well known for her entrepreneurship, traded in textile materials until  2018.

Ruth Mojirola Oguntola (nee Afolayan) was married to one husband, Engineer Joel Oguntola, on November 10, 1968. The marriage was formally celebrated on April 5, 1969 and the union of 53 years is blessed with 3 sons (me and my egbons) and a daughter (aburo wa Ajoke).

Mamaa lived in the United States of America from November 1968 to September 1974 and visited the United States multiple times between 1999 and 2019. She also went on Pilgrimage to Jerusalem, Israel in 2007.

Ruth Mojirola Oguntola, Protestant Christian, was a full member of Evangelical Winning All. She was a member of Egbe Itunu at E.C.W.A. Church Igbaja, a member of Egbe Ife Kristi at E.C.W.A. Church Ilorin, and a member of Women Choir at 1st E.C.W.A. Church Ilorin. She served in the household of God all her life and was Matron to several young Christian groups in church.

Ruth Mojirola Oguntola’s ascension to glory occurred on January 27, 2021 at 8:50 pm WAT at General Hospital Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. She leaves to cherish her memories: devoted husband Joel; children – Wale & Bimpe, Dapo & Simbo, Rotimi & Arinola, Bunmi & Victor; ten grandchildren; nieces like daughters; in-laws; and a host of nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

Recent stories

Post Humous 79th Birthday

Shared by Olubunmi Ojienabor on January 22, 2022
Dearest Mummy,
Happy 79th Birthday to you! How I miss you! This was not the plan, the plan was to celebrate your 80th birthday in a big way, with all of your children and possibly your grand children there, but God decided it was time you went home. Even in death Mum, I celebrate you. Rest on dear Mama! I am sure the angels are celebrating with you. I love you

Lessons Mamaa taught me – my pepper grinder story

Shared by Olurotimi Oguntola on May 9, 2021
My Mamaa was a serial entrepreneur! If you knew her well, you will know she was very enterprising. She was an excellent cook and often catered for corporate events back then. She made perfect meat pies, doughnuts and chin-chin! I’ll never forget packing cartons of Sabella fruit juice into the freezer to chill overnight for school inter-house sports the next day.

While I was growing up, my mum tried her hands on many things and I learnt many lessons from her from a very early age. Lessons on enterprise, book-keeping, Money 101….and yes, customer service! Which leads to my pepper grinder story.

We used to drive a bit of a distance to grind pepper in those days, so Mamaa bought a pepper grinder (not blender o…"ero ilota"… those very noisy ones that you use "orogun" to push the pepper in and you collect the blended pepper in big bowl….if you know, you know!). We kept the pepper grinder in the boys quarters and the house-help will sometimes provide pepper grinding service to neighbors.

On this particular day, I was home on holidays from school (big boy o!) and alone at home with mum. The house-help was not around and a neighbor’s daughter and classmate wanted to grind pepper. Imagine the embarrassment when mum asked me to go and grind the pepper for her! Teenage days are days of "posing" and the last thing I wanted was to be "pepper grinder" for a "toast-able chick"!

Mamaa insisted that only stealing is shameful, that whatever my hand finds to do I should do with all my might, and that I should never be ashamed to provide a service.  So I went to grind the pepper (for free of course!), but I learnt a lesson on dignity of labour and customer service! A lesson that proved to be invaluable in all my hustle at home and abroad.

Thank you Mamaa for life lessons!

Proverbs 14:23 -  In all labor there is profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.

Shared by Oluwakemi Ayinla on May 7, 2021
I always admired your lovely smile Mummy.
May God uphold the family you left behind and comfort the entire 1st ECWA Church, Ilorin. Amen.
We love you but God loves you more.
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace Mama Oguntola.