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Post Humous 79th Birthday

Shared by Olubunmi Ojienabor on January 22, 2022
Dearest Mummy,
Happy 79th Birthday to you! How I miss you! This was not the plan, the plan was to celebrate your 80th birthday in a big way, with all of your children and possibly your grand children there, but God decided it was time you went home. Even in death Mum, I celebrate you. Rest on dear Mama! I am sure the angels are celebrating with you. I love you

Lessons Mamaa taught me – my pepper grinder story

Shared by Olurotimi Oguntola on May 9, 2021
My Mamaa was a serial entrepreneur! If you knew her well, you will know she was very enterprising. She was an excellent cook and often catered for corporate events back then. She made perfect meat pies, doughnuts and chin-chin! I’ll never forget packing cartons of Sabella fruit juice into the freezer to chill overnight for school inter-house sports the next day.

While I was growing up, my mum tried her hands on many things and I learnt many lessons from her from a very early age. Lessons on enterprise, book-keeping, Money 101….and yes, customer service! Which leads to my pepper grinder story.

We used to drive a bit of a distance to grind pepper in those days, so Mamaa bought a pepper grinder (not blender o…"ero ilota"… those very noisy ones that you use "orogun" to push the pepper in and you collect the blended pepper in big bowl….if you know, you know!). We kept the pepper grinder in the boys quarters and the house-help will sometimes provide pepper grinding service to neighbors.

On this particular day, I was home on holidays from school (big boy o!) and alone at home with mum. The house-help was not around and a neighbor’s daughter and classmate wanted to grind pepper. Imagine the embarrassment when mum asked me to go and grind the pepper for her! Teenage days are days of "posing" and the last thing I wanted was to be "pepper grinder" for a "toast-able chick"!

Mamaa insisted that only stealing is shameful, that whatever my hand finds to do I should do with all my might, and that I should never be ashamed to provide a service.  So I went to grind the pepper (for free of course!), but I learnt a lesson on dignity of labour and customer service! A lesson that proved to be invaluable in all my hustle at home and abroad.

Thank you Mamaa for life lessons!

Proverbs 14:23 -  In all labor there is profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.

Shared by Oluwakemi Ayinla on May 7, 2021
I always admired your lovely smile Mummy.
May God uphold the family you left behind and comfort the entire 1st ECWA Church, Ilorin. Amen.
We love you but God loves you more.
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace Mama Oguntola.

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