We miss you mom and hope there are lots of books and cats where you are.
  • 89 years old
  • Born on September 20, 1922 in Athol, Massachusetts, United States.
  • Passed away on November 17, 2011 in Lansing/Haslett, Michigan, United States.

Thank you for coming to this memorial, dedicated to our mother, Ruth Sharp.  Although she died in the fall, we waited until her favorite time of year, spring, to post this.

These pages show her life in pictures, but they barely touch the surface. 

Anyone who knew her will remember her courage, independence, intelligence and great sense of humor.  Please take a moment to share a story or memory with us.

If you have a story to share, please put it in the stories section as the tribute only allows a few lines and we'd really love to hear what you have to share.

David Sharp and Polly Sharp


Posted by Bonnie Ellsworth on 18th November 2015
Your mom was a very special lady. I feel honored to have known her and I think of her often. I've enjoyed looking at these pictures. She certainly had a full life. I especially enjoyed her relationship and bond with her last cat Ben. They really loved each other. I know you miss her every day. I'm so bad with dates and anniversaries but am so glad you posted this site. My sincerest and heart felt sympathy to you and David on this day. Hugs!
Posted by Pauline Sharp on 20th September 2015
Birthday to mom. I added a special card that we both loved.
Posted by Pauline Sharp on 20th September 2014
I decided to add a new picture in celebration of her birth date. It's a group graduation picture from Mary Fletcher in 1944.
Posted by Pauline Sharp on 20th September 2013
Another birthday I wish she were here for.
Posted by Pauline Sharp on 17th November 2012
One year ago today - 365 days and I've missed her on every single one. Love you and miss you mom!
Posted by Pauline Sharp on 20th September 2012
Today would be mom's 90th birthday. Not sure how thrilled she would be about it, but I wish she were here to tell me.
Posted by Jurene Breidenbach on 30th May 2012
Ruth always had a wry sense of humor and some funny stories to tell about her experiences and frustrations with travels and visits to patients. I remember her way of telling stories, her chuckle, and her click of the tongue with irritation. No specific stories, just precious memories of our times together in our health department office.
Posted by Sallie Shears on 25th May 2012
I remember Ruth's great fondness for her cats, and the pleasure she experienced at their antics. She was an avid reader and we shared many books. She was a good friend, indeed.
Posted by Cynthia Church on 24th May 2012
I returned to work as a Public Health Nurse in 1984 so this must have occurred sometime that year or the next before she retired. She was at odds with a ground hog in her backyard and told the story of how she was determined to win. After all it was HER garden. “Who is going to leave, me or you.” Well…the ground hog stood and stared at her and it did not take long to see who was winning this argu
Posted by Jeanette Lamere on 23rd May 2012
Ruth's enjoyment of books, iced tea and fresh, home grown tomatoes and her sense of humor--those memories will always stay with me. She offered great conversations when we were together, and she knew exactly what to say to me to offer comfort when our first child left home. Keep laughing, Ruth.
Posted by Rita Miller on 22nd May 2012
A friend indeed, you could always visit after being away from each other over time. Thanks for sharing the website dedicated to her. Heart strings are being pulled seeing this tribute to her... all well deserved. She was a nurse who really cared for her families... and laughed with us "fellow nurses" during the difficult times when we needed to see the humor in things. A special lady
Posted by Marah Simon on 21st May 2012
I was her aide for quite some time. I learned so much from her. She was such a strong, independent woman. We had many great times together, like ordering in food & watching movies to just talking about her memories and much more. She always talked about how much she loved her children. I took my son to see her often, she hung his artwork all over. She will be greatly missed & loved.

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