mamie ruth and family GREEN
  • 69 years old
  • Date of birth: Sep 8, 1943
  • Place of birth:
    South west region, Cameroon
  • Date of passing: Mar 18, 2013
  • Place of passing:
    Kumba, Cameroon
Let the memories of Ma Ruth Ntuba live with us for ever. DR[REV] THOMPSON NTUBA

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, RUTH NTUBA, . We will remember her forever.

Tentative program of events .

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 almost 900 pictures . Thanks for all your support. 
 Celebration of life .[ Ruth, a woman of loyalty and determination. Ruth 1,16-18]
April  12th, 2013 
 Time -  9pm     


              12210 PLUMB ORCHAD  DR

               SILVER SPRING MD 20904   
                Phone  --  [888] 552-6797
                                 [240] 423-8699

RSVP    DR THOMPSON AKWO NTUBA[President Ntuba Clan USA ] 
              MRS    KIDI  NTUBA MAKIA
              MRS    YOHGEMA  NTUBA  SONA

              MR MBOE  BELLO   ABBA
             CAMEROON TEL--[011-237-72397994]

               MR ERICK  YONDA 

              MR  WILLIAM NATTY
              DR  EPIE NSEKE NTUBA 

              MS  FENDE CHRISTINA  SONA 
               Hm- 240- 391-6138
               cell- 240-374-8508

              MR  MAFANY  ITOE

              MS  DIBO TONG NTUBA

              MS  HENRIETTE  GWANULLA 

              MR  JIMMY NATTY

               DR  IWENI GEYFMAN

               MR  IBRAHIM ABBA

 26th of April 2013 . WAKE KEEPING-Kumba Town

27th April 2013  FUNERAL /BURIAL 

                           Hm--[011,237, 33355043]    Cell--[011,237,77859153]

                       MR  ABBA BELLO MBOE 
                           CAMEROON --[011-237-72397994]

                        MA SARAH NTUBA 

                       MA  LYDIA BELLE NTUBA EFIMBA

                       MRS MISPA NTUBA ITOE [011,237, 74090799]

                       MA GRACE  NTUBA
                       MR MICHEAL  ADUMA NTUBA
                       MRS MBONE BEATRICE NTUBA 

                       MRS FRANCISCA  NDOH  NTUBA
                        Hm--[011,237,33355043]   Cell--[011,237, 33030766]

                       JUDGE  BEATRICE  BEA NTUBA

                       MA NKOYO ANTIERO 

                       MA JOYCE NWENGELA
                       MR EBENIZER MUKWELLE NTUBA
                       MRS  DOROTHY  NKOYO ABBA TABOKO[011,237,99370810]

                        MR    KOUH EBONGUE

                       MR[REV] WILFRED MUKWELLE  NTUBA II[011,237,74799429]

                       MR  WILFRED    MUKWELLE    NTUBA  III

                       MR MUKETE  NTUBA 

                       MR VICTOR NTUBA 

                       MA MAGARETE MASEMBE 

                       MR AKWO SAMUEL NTUBA

                       PA  EBAKO

                       MUKETTE  DIKO 

                       MS KONG  NTUBA 

                       MRS  GLORIA NTUBA JUA

                       MR  MOKI MBELLA NTUBA
                       MS MBONE NANJE

                       MR  ALISON NTUBA 
                       MR VALERY ABBA

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by martina werner on 8th September 2017

"My wonderful Godmother,
today is yr Birthday.Cant say how much i have been missing u.
Oh death! RIP.
Yr Martina"

This tribute was added by prudence zembeh on 18th March 2017

"My Hero!! You held my hand when I was small, you caught me when I fell. Every time I think of you, my heart just fills with pride and though I’ll always miss you, I know you’re by my side. In laughter and in sorrow, In sunshine and in rain, I know you’re watching over me, until we meet again Mummy."

This tribute was added by Jacob Makia on 8th September 2015

"I promise myself I will never returned to this site again just to keep my sanity and the love you showed me embedded in my heart alive. No one has touched me emotionally like you did. Your love for my family, your advices, encouragement  and all you gave to me and my family can never be forgotten. Best Bo, where are you . I need you now more than ever. We loved you but God love you the most. The mountains of tear will never stop flowing. The vacuum you left behind is to big  to be filled. Happy birthday my mother, sister and friend. Where ever you are ,your spotlight will always shine and your generosity will always be remembered. You will be forever miss. Happy birthday."

This tribute was added by prudence zembeh on 20th May 2015

"Happy 20th may mummy........Am still looking for that person who will replace u, but unfortunately there's none. A million times I've needed u, A million times I've cried, if love alone could have saved u, u never would have died. In life I loved u dearly, in death I love u still, in my heart u hold a place no one else can ever fill. U didn't go alone, part of me went with u that day God took u mummy. There are not enough words to describe just how important u are to me..........kisses"

This tribute was added by ibrahim abba on 19th May 2015

"Earth has one gentle soul less,
And Heaven one angel, Time may pass and fade away,
But memories of you will always stay. Love you Granny!!"

This tribute was added by Henriette Gwan-Nulla on 18th March 2015

"Mommy, you will always be remembered.
I miss you immensely..."

This tribute was added by ibrahim abba on 24th April 2013

"You lived your life one day at a time.
The words you shared were always kind.
You loved us all with your whole heart.
It saddens us to be apart, and forever we
hold you in our hearts
Today you stand in God's bright light.
Watching over us day and night.
In our hearts you will remain
Until the day we meet again...
Forever Your love will live on in our hearts
and the hearts of those you touched."

This tribute was added by prudence zembeh on 14th April 2013

"Sweet mummy, words can't describe how heavy my heart is. u played the role as a parent to me, I thank God for the wonderful time i spent with you.Thank you mummy for the love and conern u gave me, thanks to you mummy i am good cook today.I love you mummy, i will forever miss you. May the good God grant you enternal rest in his bossom. Adieu mummy, your grand daughter vanessa."

This tribute was added by DRTHOMPSON NTUBA on 12th April 2013

"Loving mommy, breaking news of your death caught me  and kept me confused . knowing you in my life was a great joy.You were a treasure , a model , an icon to emulate , you were always sweet, gentle , very loving , caring  and peaceful but now you are no more , where are you ?
Death  why are you so wicked , you touched even  the untouchables.I love you so much and will miss you .  ZEMBE"

This tribute was added by Henriette Gwan-Nulla on 11th April 2013

"My Dearest Mommy, I love and miss you so much. Thank you for the love and great lessons of lessons of life. You were the BEST at everything. I will miss hearing your voice & the different names you called me.  I will Never forget you. I am sad but glad you had to go rest.

Love you forever ~ Shoo"

This tribute was added by akwo eseme on 11th April 2013

"Growing up, my mom, Jimmy's mom, aunty Beatrice Ntuba and Ma Kosala ( Bello"s mom) were very close. The love I saw and the sisterhood they had was unbelievable. I remember the days of the sweet sisters and I remember mama" s cooking. Today, I cry not just for her but also my mom and jimmy's mom.I thank them for showing us what real love is all about. Mami rest in peace and we will miss you"

This tribute was added by martina werner on 11th April 2013

"My God Mother! May your soul RIP....Am so happy that i had and spent very precious times with you when ever am in Kumba from Germany.I could still see your smiling face when ever i made you smile...I loved and will always love you.Missing you already.AM REALLY  SAD THAT YOU ARE NO MORE AND IT HURTS ME SOO MUCH..Well,RIP! Martina EKOKO WERNER"

This tribute was added by Job Elondo on 9th April 2013

"The shadows darken and the day is done,
And I cannot believe,
It's really true you are gone,
You were always here beside him;
You gave so much as the Queen of Hearts,
To those without love,
You were their voice when they could not speak,
A touch for the dying;
And as we say goodbye I can hardly see,
For the tears in my eyes,"

This tribute was added by Jacob Makia on 8th April 2013

"If I can change the world and be able to change an act of God, then you will be allowed to live forever. Best Bo the fountain of tears will never stop flowing  from my face.Goodbye, Goodbye my mother, my friend and my in-law. No one can replace you in my world. Thanks a million for all you did for me and my family.You will be forever in our heart."

This tribute was added by comfort misodi on 8th April 2013

"My heart weeps for you and my soul yearns for your-ever so kind and genteel personality. It kills me that I never had the opportunity to thank you, for all your support and input during my mom's passing, (Dora Elango), your bosom friend. I'm rest assured knowing that, my mom, had her signature smile when she saw you walking through the gates of heaven, welcoming you by saying; "Bo Ruth!"

This tribute was added by Mary Elango on 7th April 2013

"Dear bo Ruth,You were not only a friend to my mother but a mother and a friend to me aswell,.My heart is poured out in grief for lossing u so soon just after my mom.The Almight has dealt very bitterly with me for there is no sorrow like mine, my eyes are spent with weepx my soul is in tumuit.Do no call me Naomi(which means pleasent)call me Mara(which means bitter)asleep my friend asleep."

This tribute was added by christine mukete on 5th April 2013

",Mammie Ruth
We will miss your personality, charisma, caring for others, love and most of all your HEART!! You gave your all. Sorry I could not say thank you after my mother's burial, I thought I would see you in July. Thank you for reaching out to us during the time of our immeasurable loss. AH BOO, fly away from here. I know you are in good hands now.
Please greet your friend Mammie Dora"

This tribute was added by Grasso Ebako on 30th March 2013

"I will always remember her kind and gentle demeanor. impossible to say all in a paragraph. May the almighty Lord grant her a peaceful resting place.  Dr. G"

This tribute was added by Flo Vega on 30th March 2013

"Auntie, the tears will never stop following from my eyes. Ur life was a blessing to me.U will always be in our thoughts, ur smile, walk, dance and best of all ur love. Rest with the Lord Auntie Ruth, we shall meet again. Miss u dearly."

This tribute was added by DRTHOMPSON NTUBA on 29th March 2013


Mummy, you will be truly missed.The kids and i had  a blessed visit with you. May you rest wirth the lord until we meet again.
      Signed , HANNAH EPIE"

This tribute was added by DRTHOMPSON NTUBA on 28th March 2013

"Tribute from grandchild in the USA

My grandma treated us nice when we went to Cameroon, she bought me  alot of nice things . I will always love you grandma .

This tribute was added by DRTHOMPSON NTUBA on 28th March 2013

"Tribute from grand child  in the USA .

My grandma has gone to meet Jesus . I love  you grandma .

This tribute was added by DRTHOMPSON NTUBA on 26th March 2013


Auntie Ruth.
We miss you, you were so dear to us , we will never  have an aunt like you . Farewell, it,s a place for  every body . God bless you.
                                 Signed Fende Sona ."

This tribute was added by DRTHOMPSON NTUBA on 26th March 2013

"Dear auntie MAMA , few ever knew you were not my biologic mother but an aunt who played the role of  auntie mama[mother]. You were so protective of me and was so proud to be  an Ntuba . You were so full of life in a special style of your own. I can never say goodbye. Your memeories will live with us for ever.  Your Akwo[ DR, REV THOMPSON NTUBA ]"

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