Ruthmary Cohen, 97, beloved mother, grandmother and aunt, and long-time resident of Ann Arbor, died peacefully on January 3, 2019, following a brief illness.

She is survived by sons, Joel and Jonathan, daughters-in-law, Pat and Glauce, grandchildren, Alex, Leonardo, Sofia and Isabela, niece, Gail, and nephew, Michael. In addition to surviving her husband, Harold, she also survived her younger brother, David Woolf, who died in 2017 at age 91.
Posted by Vicki Cohn Pollard on February 8, 2019
It's always said that one dies as one lives. Ruthmary died peacefully, surrounded by her family. She lived peacefully, with family always of great importance to her. Ruthmary kept in touch with me long after I had moved away from home, was married, raising my own children. She wrote about the choices she was making in her life - unusual choices for those years. She wrote about eating healthfully, about exercising in a loving way. She was a visionary in many ways. I felt a connection with her, as she chose to live somewhat outside the box. She added something quite special to my life. I'm grateful to her.
Posted by Arlene C Rubin on January 22, 2019
My grandmother, Ida Woolf Cohn or Gommy, and Ruthmary's father (Uncle Joe to us) were brother and sister. When the Woolf family visited Decatur, IL where my family lived, they brought intellectual curiosity, deep interest in children, and a quiet, sweet aura. My grandfather, Louis or Bopa, hosted an every-five-year birthday celebration--an excuse for an all-family gathering, a ritual continued by my father. Bopa's side of the family was rambunctious, extroverted, and humor-loving--which sometimes overwhelmed these gatherings by sheer number and volume. But I remember finding a way to absorb and appreciate those Woolf characteristics, too--and that is how I remember Ruthmary. Gentle, kind, multi-faceted, experimental--and many other adjectives used by others above. I am picturing her soft-featured face with generous lips and smile.
Posted by Pam Ferris on January 21, 2019
I remember Rosemary well, and know she will be sorely missed by all who knew her.
She was a lively, interesting and interested person who always had an abundance of energy and a zest for life! 
I want to extend my deepest sympathy to Joel and Jonathon and their families during this difficult time. May the fondest memories of the times you shared stay in your hearts forever, and may her memory be a blessing to all who knew her!
Much love,
Francy Cohn Melnik Starr’s 3rd daughter
Posted by Pat Pecorella on January 15, 2019
I've known Ruthmary for over 40 years because I'm married to Jonathan, her younger son. I've always admired her intelligent, vivacious and exploratory nature. So did my father, who met her at our wedding rehearsal party (which Ruthmary threw for us) in 1976. He shared with me how much he enjoyed her. I think she brought up for him fond memories of my mother, who had passed a handful of years before our wedding. I also admire how gracefully she surrendered to her decline - I know she's smiling now.
Posted by Liz Hill on January 10, 2019
What an honor to have known your mother. She was always a bright spot in the day when she came out to the club for her swim. I was always amazed at her enthusiasm for life and learning, and her ability to bring sunshine even on the cloudy days. She was one of the truly special people you meet in life and she will be missed but always in our hearts.
Posted by Leonardo Koslosky on January 10, 2019
Nana, a very intelligent woman who inspired people around her with great strength and positive thinking. I know she is resting in a better place, she is still alive in our hearts and minds, through us, she lives on.
Posted by John Schneider on January 7, 2019
I grew up on Arella with her sons. I have many good memories... especially learning to square dance in her basement in 3rd or 4th grade.
Posted by E Kimball on January 7, 2019
Those of us who enjoyed Readers Theater with her will miss her enthusiasm and sense of humor.
Ed Kimball
Posted by Leo Bleiman on January 7, 2019
Jill and I extend our heartfelt condolences on Ruthmary's passing. Ninety-seven years of a life well-lived. We will always remember her for the shared family get togethers, family Seders and newsletters of her yearly accomplishments and activities, as well as her visits through the years.
Posted by Marcy Fry on January 6, 2019
Thanks so much for posting this website. I learned so much about her I didn't know. What an incredible, accomplished woman! May she rest in peace. - Marcy Melnik Fry (Francy Cohn Melnik's first born daughter)

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