Let the memory of Ryan be with us forever
  • Passed away on October 14, 2014 .

CAIN, Ryan Michelle, 34, Newnan, GA formerly of Columbus, died Tuesday, October 14, 2014. 

 Private Services will be held.

Arrangements entrusted to the staff of Progressive Funeral Home, Inc. “A Touch of Dignity for Those Who Care.” www.progressivefuneralhome.com 

Posted by Heather Cain on 22nd November 2018
Happy Thanksgiving Michelle!!! From your Loving family! We miss you sooo much. We were just talking this morning about how your last Thanksgiving you made sure you Spent it with All the family. Unforgettable!
Posted by Heather Cain on 20th November 2018
Hey sis I miss you sooo much your kids are growing up so fast. We're so proud of them. October 14th hurts. I couldn't visit you like I wanted to. Yes you're in my heart but I feel better close to your bones. I remember holding your hand but letting go n when they tried to close your casket I stopped them what y'all doing!! I needed to hold your hand one more time. I Love you so much n today feels just like yesterday n that day. I Love you I miss you so damn much!
Posted by Heather Cain on 29th September 2018
Hey sis guess what happened to me today??! I was at work on the phone with a lady helping her. I told her my name when I answered the phone. When I was done helping her, I asked, is there anything else I can help you with today? She said, no Michelle!!!, You've been great so helpful have a great day!!........I was in shock this lady called me Michelle!!!! I know you are with me PRAISE GOD AMEN!! THANK YOU FATHER!
Posted by Heather Cain on 7th September 2018
Hey sis, today was a beautiful day! I remember this past weekend on Sunday I felt you. I just went into my phone n looked at pictures, it wasn't even a few minutes before I saw the necklace. It was there I've been waiting n searching fa it, but right then, the perfect timing it read ONLY ONE LEFT! I ordered it I was going to send it to the house but you said no. I sent it to Ms Tiffany n she gave it to La'Chelle today. OMG! I know you saw her reaction so unexpected. She had to turn around n she cried. Ms Tiffany helped her put it on n with all that La'Chelle is going thru each day, her fight, her STRENGTH..it is a reminder of you sis. we Love you fa Life!! AMEN!!!!
Posted by Heather Cain on 19th August 2018
Happy Birthday sis, I Love you sooo much and miss the ykw outta you. My birthday was yesterday but I'm so used to going to see you and family I felt awkward today because I couldn't come to your resting site. Give you flowers, balloons, take pictures But just remember YOUR sister, bestest friend your Twin Loves the f outta YOU. And I CAN'T FORGET N NEVER EVER WILL!!!!! AMEN!! PRAISE GOD!!! Happy Birthday
Posted by Heather Cain on 12th July 2018
Hey sis. I must say yesterday was a great day. I finally got to take Gma to see Jay. She was actually getting good enough to take the trip n we went to visit. The kids had such a great time. Jay talked more than ever. He remembers Gma, his cousins, n You n even Zion Zijair Jade CK from when he was just 2!!! And don't get mad he has your nose. It's beautiful!!! Love ya sis.
Posted by Terrence Tiller on 29th June 2018
I just wanted to let you and heather know you two changed my life.I cried when i ot word of your passing.You will be forever missed
Posted by Heather Cain on 2nd March 2018
Standing ovation sis... Today at work I had a very familiar situation. You remember when you were in class n you asked the teacher a question n the whole class laughed when the teacher made you feel like you asked a dumb question. They laughed at you made you feel like they thought you were dumb. ..I remember you called me n told me. I said Chelle you know you the smartest one there you're God's child. Later a couple weeks go by y'all got an assignment to perform the specimen project on the microscope. The same teacher walked around the class and examined each student's microscope. When the teacher got to yours she stopped.? Everyone look at this this is exactly what it is supposed to look like. The whole Class had to come n see Your specimen. Now what??! The only difference is my teacher didn't laugh. The class was rude. God is Great!!!....I miss you sooo much. I Love you Sis
Posted by Heather Cain on 13th February 2018
I Love you sis I miss you sooo much
Posted by Heather Cain on 7th January 2018
Hey sis, I just want to say I Love you I miss you it's so hard without you. I have only one of your true friends that stays in touch with me. I know I didn't come to visit or write you on Christmas n New Years but today I was touched. I went to work at the store I was at when you passed. This morning a lady came in our drive thru screaming her sister just died. I stopped what I was doing and comforted her. It was such a reminder of how I felt that day and how I am not the only one. Father in Heaven I pray for those who feel this type of pain. Give them strength please. Amen.
Posted by Heather Cain on 16th December 2017
I Miss you sooo much sis. I Love you. Forever
Posted by Heather Cain on 14th October 2017
Hey sis. Today is October 14th and I actually can't come to visit you like usual with the kids and mom. It hurts really bad to not be together with the kids and family for you. Yet you are in my heart no matter where I am it what day it is. Yesterday I smelled a Sweet scent. I asked the lady what was it because it was sooo familiar. She didn't know for sure but called it beautiful. That's when I knew it was beautiful day, lotion I bought us many years ago. You still had the bottle in your car and I still had mine. As I rode down the street on my way home the other night, I said to myself I can smell the fragrance of you around this time. As I looked for the full moon I could smell the sweet myrrh of you. I got home opened the bottle in my dresser n embraced you. Funny how you came back to me thru this woman's perfume. I know you are with me. And each day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before. It's a beautiful day. Just like you Beautiful. I Love you so much not a day goes by that you are not with me you are forever in my heart.
Posted by Heather Cain on 25th August 2017
Hey sis, we went to visit you fa our birthdays. We got to see Jay he is so smart. It was the best bdays ever. But someone stole your flowers n balloon. I miss you everyday. Hour minute second
Posted by Heather Cain on 27th April 2017
I miss you sis.
Posted by Heather Cain on 26th January 2017
Hey sis, the world so lost. They carry themselves like they can take these things with them. They can't. Sex is the first things on dudes minds. Understanding u seems to be an argument. But just to let u know I hear u n what u teaching me. They blind n don't get it or even try. They go by their own thoughts what's that gonna do???......I Love you sis n thank You Lord for blessing me with a twin with such indescribable Love.
Posted by Diane Cain on 25th January 2017
Happy now year.I love you Aunit Chelle Love,Dierra from Diane C...
Posted by Diane Cain on 24th January 2017
I'm missing you
Posted by Diane Cain on 24th January 2017
I just found you on facebook
Posted by Heather Cain on 23rd December 2016
Hey sis, I miss you so much. I've been crying randomly in public at work,but in secret. I don't have no one to talk to. I miss you so much. Merry Christmas Sis. I keep thinking about that day. God help me. Jayceon needs to know you I hope God keeps your face n memories in his heart n eyes. I Love you always on my mind.
Posted by Heather Cain on 7th October 2016
Hey sis, today I played our number again. 143 amazingly it fell again, just at the perfect time. I thank God first because He is making sure I am able to see the kids no matter what. And also He gave me sign I really needed to know that you Love me and are with me..by letting that number fall. I've been dreaming of you and thinking of you very hard lately. And this number means alot so thank you Father.
Posted by Aaliyah Garrison on 7th July 2016
hello .. I know we don't know eachother but im your sons girlfriend , I wish I could of met you before you went , I wish I could tell you how amazing your son is , he is handsome and I bet we would of been great friends , maybe in heaven we will fall into eachother .. rest In peace
Posted by Heather Cain on 10th May 2016
And also Chelle after Kevin cut the grass and we really he put your other cross up and we were on the way to drop ma them off. ..I turned the radio up and then or song by oceans came on"where my feet may fail "....it was then that I broke down and ma heard me cry so hard for you. Not just in sorrow but joy to have done something with family to show you Love. And it felt like you confirmed it thru Our dad our Father in Heaven who will always Love us and keep us together.
Posted by Heather Cain on 10th May 2016
Hey sis, me and the kids celebrated mothers day for you. It was the first time Kendra been to your grave that I know of. We took pictures and left floating balloons and flowers for you.we wanted to do the Chinese floating candles but I couldn't find none in time. But it was great except Jayceon wanted to come and Richard wouldn't let him. Ms teagle could have brought him but she didn't.but I know God will make it work out. And please believe he hasn't forgotten you and he really wanted to be there. Love ya sis. ..always.
Posted by Heather Cain on 29th March 2016
Hey Chelle, I talked to Kendra today she is so amazing. She is so much like both of us. I thought she didn't want to talk to me but she calls me and text. This is so great to my heart. I love Jayceon too and of course all the kids. I pay to be a party of all of them. We miss you together Chelle. Me and Kendra had fun reminiscing about you and learning about our childhood and how you were with her and the rest of the kids.out gelt so great tip talk about you and it not hurt.
Posted by Heather Cain on 15th February 2016
Happy Valentine's Day Chelle I LOVE YOU SO OOO MUCH. THIS IS TRUE LOVE. AND BEYOND. PLEASE KNOW I LOVE FOREVER AND I COULD NOT UNLESS THRU GOD, BECAUSE HE IS LOVE. I worked all day and night and carry on with a broken heart. I know you're with me. .us but it's different and something I've been trained for but have to remember and adjust to. I miss you
Posted by Heather Cain on 4th February 2016
You can always email me hcain143@gmail.com
Posted by Heather Cain on 4th February 2016
Thank you La'Kendra she really needed that I love you sweetie.
Posted by Lakendra Miller on 3rd February 2016
I miss u mom
Posted by Heather Cain on 4th January 2016
Happy New Year sis. I shot fire crackers for you.
Posted by Larry Johnson on 28th December 2015
I am truly in pain not know and just learning now .Just wish that I could have paid my respects, but the memories I have of you will always be in my heart and on my mind. I will ways love ,you were a great friend. .Missing you so much. Love always Larry Johnson
Posted by Heather Cain on 28th November 2015
Happy Thanksgiving sis. Yesterday I put on the shirt I wore to your funeral. What a coincidence it was the first time I saw your head stone. Beautiful and refreshing. I Love you.
Posted by Heather Cain on 15th October 2015
Well sis, I went to your grave yesterday, like I have all year. Still no head stone. We can't find where you are anymore so we put the flowers where we thought you would be. Love ya. But best believe your sister is doing something about that.
Posted by Heather Cain on 29th August 2015
https://youtu.be/dy9nwe9_xzw This song makes me think of Michelle
Posted by Heather Cain on 19th August 2015
Posted by Heather Cain on 17th August 2015
Thank you all who have left something here for for precious sister. My twin. It hurts so bad everyday I miss her every second. I cry so much though I know she's with our Loving Father in Heaven. She's with me quite often but not the same. She's my best friend and the flesh I trust the most. We may be twins but Chelle is one of a kind like myself. It was our combination thru Christ that made that. Her birthday is 8/19 and I pray each of you will light a candle once you read this no matter what day it is. Mine is the 18th and all I want is my sister back. So I will light a candle for her then as well. I love you Chelle.Thank You Father for blessing me with such a great sister. I will praise Your Holy Name thru all of this.
Posted by Sonya Coore on 29th October 2014
Michelle.. I knew you as Ryan. You will be missed. I think back on our fun times as well as the serious ones. I can still hear you always trying to keep a positive attitude about everything. I love you and may your light shine bright in heaven as it did on earth!
Posted by Lorye Bronson on 26th October 2014
Dear LaChelle, My prayer is that God will wrap you in His loving embrace and comfort you and your family during this difficult time. Please know that I am thinking of you and praying for you. I'm only a phone call away. Love, Mrs. Bronson
Posted by Jessica Ortiz on 23rd October 2014
Diane and family, I am truly sorry to hear about your loss. Here I am as a sister praying to God to comfort your heart and the hearts of your family. I love you deeply. In Christ, Jessica.
Posted by Diana Torres on 23rd October 2014
Dear Ms. Diane, Latia, Lashelle, CJ, and family. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. We may have to let go, but we never have to forget. Michelle will stay forever in our hearts. Our family is keeping your family in our thoughts and prayers. May God comfort your family during this difficult time.
Posted by Donna Ballard on 22nd October 2014
To the Family of "Ryan Michelle Cain" I am SORRY for YOUR LOSS. I know there are NO Words that can Ease YOUR PAIN. I PRAY that GOD TOUCHES YOU with HIS PEACE and COMFORT. I had the privilege of knowing her during her CNA -Nurse Aide Course at Columbus Technical College. She was always soft spoken , smiled frequently and she shared her LOVE for Worship Music with me in Lab one day.I know YOUR HEARTS are HEAVY ,and It seems you can't go on . I PRAY that JESUS TOUCHES YOU and STRENGHTENS YOU EACH Step of the way. Donna Ballard , Columbus Technical College
Posted by Addie Wills on 22nd October 2014
"I tell you the truth," Jesus said to them, "no one who has left home or wife or brothers or sisters or children for the sake of the Kingdom of God will fail to receive many times as much in this age and, in the age to come, eternal life." (Luke 18:29-30) Michelle, rest in the comfort of His arms.
Posted by Stephenie Carter on 22nd October 2014
Michelle you will be truly missed. My team, Girls on Fire, will never be the same. You made everyone around you better by encouraging them to do their best and to never settle for the status quo. I admired your ambition and your tenacious spirit. Your Girls on Fire will keep your family in our prayers and thoughts. God Bless
Posted by Kim Hall on 22nd October 2014
You will definitely be missed. My prayers go out to your family. I will miss your smile and sense of humor. C/O 1997
Posted by Kathi Wright on 21st October 2014
Dear Latia, You have been in my thoughts and prayers this past week. I'm so very sorry that you are having to go through this. Please know that I'm praying for you. Love, Mrs. Wright

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