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Ryan Herman
  • 20 years old
  • Date of birth: Mar 17, 1993
  • Date of passing: Sep 13, 2013
Services will be held Friday September 20, 2013 at Dreager-Langendorf Funeral Home during the hours of 5pm-7pm. 4600 County Line Rd. Racine, WI 53403
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ryan Herman, 20, born on March 17, 1993 and passed away on September 13, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Steve Gillen on 13th September 2016

"It has been three years.Me and the boys and girls.will tip one for you,this weekend at the FALLRIDE for you RYAN.You will be missed,GOD BLESS. JOHN 3:16                 GILLEY"

This tribute was added by duwain herman on 9th September 2016

"This Tuesday marks 3 yrs since you passed away. Not one single day had gone by that I have not remembered you in one way or another. I may not be able to change the past, but that doesn't mean that I can't wish that I could. The world has become a lesser place without you in it. I miss you. I love you."

This tribute was added by duwain herman on 31st December 2015

"Happy New Years bud. I love you and miss you."

This tribute was added by duwain herman on 17th June 2015

"It seems like yesterday Ryan and I were making plans to do things together. I can't believe it has been 21 months since his passing. I would like to thank everyone that has visited this page remembering him. It means a lot to see the number of visits still grows after all this time. It is a testament to his character and the value of the friendships he bonded. Thank you all."

This tribute was added by Michelle Dellinger on 17th March 2015

"Happy 22nd birthday little brother. I think of you every single day. Each day is a different emotion. Regret, laughter, sadness, anger, and so on. But you are always with me as a part of my heart. Your niece, nephews and I all miss you and love you more than words can say.
Love, Sissy."

This tribute was added by Brittany McLane on 7th October 2013

"Ryan was a really cool cousin even though I didn't see him to much the time we spent together was dun and funny I miss him so much. I remember when he came up and we were all playing football it was fun. Me and Ryan have alot of good memories together.  love u Ryan"

This tribute was added by Diane Dickinson on 30th September 2013

"My heart aches for the loss of such a sweet young man. He was a delight to be around with such a positive view of people and life. The world is less without him here. Ed, please remember that you too are loved and cared for by your friends of the Fall Ride. Thank you for sharing Ryan with us. Hugs to you all."

This tribute was added by Jennifer King on 20th September 2013

"There are no words to express how sad we are for this great loss. He meant much to all of our family. Always smiling; always there for you. My husband would often tell me how he saw Ryan stopped on the side of the road, helping someone who's car broke down. He was precious to many and we are glad to have know him. Prayers go out to all ~ may his light shine still!"

This tribute was added by Victoria Beck-Bolanowski on 19th September 2013

"Ryan you were a very special person to our family especially to Ryan.You always brought smiles to our faces. You were part of the family. There is a spot missing in my heart now that you are gone Love you Ryan. Say hi to my dad as you 2 work on an old ford in heaven."

This tribute was added by Beverly Seitz on 17th September 2013

"I did not have the honor to know Ryan, however I did know his father and sister.  My prayers are with his entire circle of love!  Memories are everything and God will take good care of him.  Love you Ed and Mick!"

This tribute was added by Steve Gillen on 17th September 2013

"ryan was welcome at my campfire,and nancy camefire anytime.we loved having  ryan up north for the fallride. he always had a freesprit about him.and would help anyone.you will be missed ryan. eveytime me and guys and girls look at that eagle we will remember you for how you where. GOD BLESS. JOHN 3:16        gilley"

This tribute was added by Michelle Dellinger on 16th September 2013

"As I grieve for my little brother, however tough it may be, I'm also grieving for my dad, stepmom, and little sister. I ask that everyone please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. No matter how tough it is for me, I know it's much worse for them. In the great words of Vince Gill..."Go rest high on that mountain" Ryan. We all love and miss you more than words...."

This tribute was added by Tyler Engel on 16th September 2013

"taken too soon. so many things i could say about you. you were a great co-worker, wish things wouldnt have happened this way.youre gunna be missed man. put the screwdriver you gave me on the shelf above my tool box. wont ever forget you buddy."

This tribute was added by Kimberly Shore on 16th September 2013

"I had the pleasure of first meeting Ryan last year when he came with us to see a concert at the Rave in Milwaukee. I've heard many stories from my son Zach about Ryan. I know that he was loved by many and will be greatly missed. Rest in peace Ryan."

This tribute was added by Michael Stackman on 16th September 2013

"I only talked to Ryan a few times, but those few times were usually at great length, generally about everything and then again about nothing at all. Always polite, and very mature is how I'll remember him, but he also made me smile and laugh. He will be greatly missed by a countless amount of people. RIP Ryan, keep them smiling and laughing in Heaven."

This tribute was added by Rob Gillen on 16th September 2013

"The little brother I never had.  You will be missed, but i will see you on the other side.  Love ya man"

This tribute was added by Mandy Monnot on 16th September 2013

"A true gentleman. Ryan your passing affects so many. You always had a smile on your face, and hand to lend, and the best of manners. A true shining star. I've saved your drawings since the day you gave them to me in class. Such a talent on so many levels."

This tribute was added by kyle kitching on 15th September 2013

"Ryan was my biggest role model, my idol and my best friend growing up. I spent every moment trying my hardest to be just like him and I'd be proud if I did turn out anything like him. He taught me so much growing up, he was my big brother that just lived next door. The greatest moments of my life, ones I won't ever forget, were with him standing beside me. I love you bud, I hope you know."

This tribute was added by Becky Enright on 15th September 2013

"Ryan has truly touched my life and my heart more than words can express.  From the moment that I met him, I new that he had a bright future ahead of him. I just never expected that it would be a future that was not to be shared here with us.  What a bright, talented and grounded young man who I will miss dearly!  I look forward to the day that I get to see him again. RIP"

This tribute was added by Aaron Baclawski on 15th September 2013

"I worked with Ryan at ford since he started, he was a kid in the field that was eager to learn. It amazed me on the knowledge of random things he knew and knew how to work on. He was that guy at work that even if there was a day you guys didn't agree on certain things he was still there to give a helping hand. Hope you can rest in piece up stairs buddy."

This tribute was added by Danny Waite on 15th September 2013

"Ryan was like my big brother, he was always there for me if I ever needed it. We always had fun when we would hang out together if it was fishing to working on cars. At least now hes looking down on us smiling. I love you bro thanks for everything"

This tribute was added by Dana Andersen on 15th September 2013

"Ryan was the sweetest, most amazing guy I knew. He always had a smile on his face and always brightened my day when he came
Into Advance Auto for parts on his current work project. He was always offering to help anyone who needed it. Such a defining characteristic for a truly great man. I know 'He' has bigger plans for Ryan. I miss him so much."

This tribute was added by Colleen Batterman on 15th September 2013

"My son knew Ryan, so i would like to express our deepest condolences to his family and all his friends... May the lord be with you all..."

This tribute was added by Debra Dye-Durham on 15th September 2013

"My heart goes out to Ryans Family and Friends altho i have never met him he must have been a truly special young man...R.I.P. RYAN"

This tribute was added by Haleigh Metzger on 15th September 2013

"Ryan you were probably one of the greatest guys I knew. You never seemed to care what anyone ever thought about you, as long as you were having a blast that was all that mattered! I will never forget that about you and continue to live my life just the same way as you lived yours. You may be gone but you are not forgot. We all love you Ryan."

This tribute was added by Tina Schutten on 15th September 2013

"Do not mourn the loss of a great spirit but celebrate the re-birth of a wonderful soul in a  place that he calls home now. R-I-P Ryan. Thoughts and constant prayers are with the family and friends of this young man."

This tribute was added by Luis Guerra on 15th September 2013

"Truly a guy that will be missed. Ryan you taught me so much and i saw you as my competitor for the love of cars and a friend who shared the interest.You will be greatly missed and i won't ever forget. Thanks for the great memories you gave us and i hope you will watch over us."

This tribute was added by Taylor Herman on 15th September 2013

"I would not have wanted to grow up with anyone other than my brother. Ryan was one unique guy that taught me a lot growing up and still is teaching me things. He was my life-time best friend as we grew up in diapers together. He marched to the beat of his own drum and was always happy and always made others happy. Keeping smiling down on us Ryan you are gone but will never be forgotten <3"

This tribute was added by Zachary Walling on 15th September 2013

"It's still so hard you believe your gone, it seems like just yesterday we were driving around in that beast of a truck of yours. You're one of the nicest and smartest dudes I'd ever met. I couldn't have asked for a better friend throught high school or even in general."

This tribute was added by lilyana reyes on 15th September 2013

"Ryan it was an honor and a privilege to be called mom by you. I will honor you for the rest of my life. I was so proud of you. Especially the day you finished the challenger barefooted and all. You looked like a child on Christmas day. I love you my son. Take care of you."

This tribute was added by Karalina Dobrowolski on 15th September 2013

"Ryan, words can not describe the feeling I had in my heart when I was told what happened. The summer nights of hanging out with everyone at your house was probably one of the best summers I've honestly ever had. I will never regret meeting you and becoming friends with you. You were such a great guy and you are now in a better place. We will all miss you forever Ryan. RIP <333"

This tribute was added by Ryan Veselik on 15th September 2013

"To one of the coolest guys I ever know/knew you will be forever missed. You never cared walking in the garage with pajama pants on or your shoes that would eat things lol. The plow days with your teeth during winter. And the times where we would sing thrift  shop didn't matter how many times we heard it. RIP " HERMINATOR" lylab"

This tribute was added by Kim Shoffner on 15th September 2013

"I love you dearly and I will also miss you.  I know you are in Heaven and I know someday we will meet again.  Aunt Sharon will also miss you forever.

This tribute was added by Sherry Bowman on 15th September 2013

"Our sweet cousin Ryan.We never spent  as much time as we wanted to with you,but loved the times we had.I remember how excited you were, when you got your first Buck behind our house..The look on your face and how proud you were,and how proud we were of you.I'll miss our chats on FB..You were a wonderful young man, You will always be in our hearts and will be missed.Love Jeff & Sherry"

This tribute was added by Ben Vetter on 15th September 2013

"my friend Ryan Herman he was a caring and loving person. I will miss the hermenator  see you in heaven ryan."

This tribute was added by Kim Shoffner on 15th September 2013

"My nephew Ryan was so full of life.  He was a joy to anyone and everyone who come across him. He was just like his father, my brother.  I was so proud of the young man he was turning out to be.  He went to competitions for fixing cars and would come out the winner.  I will miss our FB chats and how he would tell me how to take care of my "FORD" so it would last a lifetime.  I will miss him"

This tribute was added by Randi Kisner on 15th September 2013

"Honestly one of the funniest guys I know. Met in middle school and had me laughing all the way through. You will never be forgotten. You left an impact on sooo many people. Sad to see you go so soon man. I know your looking down on everyone now. You will be missed!"

This tribute was added by Zac Rosenquist on 14th September 2013

"Ryan, You are truly cared so much by everyone. We all miss the good times. We have so many memories. Their are so many things that pop in my head that remind me of you. I hope to continue to do things in memory with you. Me and Jordan have a few promises to fulfil for you. You're in a better place now. Take care...."

This tribute was added by trudy zink on 14th September 2013

"I did not have the pleasure of knowing Ryan.  I do know he had a great sister and father.  My thoughts and prayers are with your families.  Embrace the wonderful times you had with your brother and your son."

This tribute was added by Michelle Dellinger on 14th September 2013

"My dear, sweet, little brother. Words cannot begin to express how much I miss you. Your niece and nephew as well. You were Josh's role model and Chrissie's hero. You've touched so many with your charm, kind heart and witty comebacks. We will celebrate your life forever and cherish the many memories we have. You'll forever live in our hearts. A piece of me has gone with you bro. Love, sissy"

This tribute was added by BJ Axelson on 14th September 2013

"Ryan, I didn't know you but know that you are still loved and will be missed by so many.  Ed, I am so sorry for your loss.  You ard your family will be in my prayers and I pray God's peace will be your great comforter.  Bless you, brother."

This tribute was added by Timothy Brulport on 14th September 2013

"One of the greatest guys I've ever met. he was a mechanical genius. when I met him in the 6th grade he could take apart an engine and put it back together like it was nothing. Real funny guy, always willing to give a helping hand to anyone in need. we'll all miss you man."

This tribute was added by duwain herman on 14th September 2013

"The greatest guy anyone could ever know. The best friend anyone could ever ask for. More than I ever hoped for as a son. Mere words can never express the sorrow I feel. There are times when I feel like I can't keep going. But I know that's not what he would want. I will love you forever bud. I wish it had been me instead.Taken too soon."

This tribute was added by Alyssa Mierow on 14th September 2013

"Ryan was one of the greatest friends a person could ask for.  If you needed help, he was there no questions asked. You will be missed so much Ryan. I know you are up there watching down on us."

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