• 20 years old
  • Born on May 4, 1992 .
  • Passed away on July 15, 2012 .

On July 15th, 2012, a great young man was taken from us far too early. Ryan Crews Mumm was a beloved son, brother, uncle, and friend to many.  While we are deeply saddened that his time here was unexpectedly and unjustly cut short, we feel fortunate to find brief moments of peace when remembering his boundless energy, bright smile, and gentle kindness.  

Our family would be forever grateful if you took a moment to share a story or memory of Ryan.

You can also help to preserve his memory and ease the financial burden on our family by making a donation to the Ryan Mumm Memorial Fund. Please take a moment and click here to donate now.

Posted by Kay Harkcom on 15th August 2012
Please click and read stories option. Written by Ethan Mathers
Posted by Kellilynn Feliciano on 27th July 2012
Sadly, I did not know Ryan, however, I went to school with his mother, Kim, who talked fondly of him quite often. If Ryan was anything like his mother is, I have no doubt that he was a very strong, bright young man with a lot of potential. Kim and family: I am so very sorry for your loss. No words can bring Ryan back or ease your pain. You are in my prayers.
Posted by Rachel Harrington on 22nd July 2012
I never had the privilege of knowing Ryan on a deeply personal level, however I did know him through his sisters and saw him on multiple occasions when visiting "Casa De Nana". Ryan always had the best smile, a twinkle in his eyes, and was always gracious with welcoming me. His sisters and mom have always spoken so fondly of him, you could and still can tell they love him so much.
Posted by Dylan Wright on 21st July 2012
but most of all i miss you because of how close we were and how we will never have those conversations late at night ever again. how you will never get on to me for burning your moms seats, how its all over i know ill see you soon.
Posted by Dylan Wright on 21st July 2012
My best friend, I never got to say sorry, and it gets harder each day i wake up my brother. I get on my computer and i see your homework i did for you that time . i know we got in a lot of arguments but i think its because of how alike we were. i wanted to be your friend again so bad and ethan told me we would like on thursday man. its hard to say goodbye especially if its forever.
Posted by Unknown User on 20th July 2012
Here is what made Ryan so special: Ryan was an organ donor. A selfless act but one that must be chosen. Ryan was young and healthy. His selfless donation helped many people struggling to survive to a second chance at life and to live normally again. Ryan will forever live in the individuals he helped and they will be forever grateful. Thank You for a true gift.
Posted by Brent Duncan on 19th July 2012
Another great memory was when you, my sister and i were up snowboarding and i was being a brat to my sister. You came to me and said "on the count of three lets get her." of course i wanted to so when three came i threw a snowball at my sister and you white washed me lol. I got over it, and i appreciate that you stuck up for her like that. We used to say we were brothers. Im gonna miss you
Posted by Brent Duncan on 19th July 2012
Ryan, you were a good friend to me. Every time i saw you we would talk and catch up, and you would always make sure i was staying out of trouble. I remember knocking you out when we collided on a snowboard, and before i could take your goggles off your eyes opened wide with a " what the hell are you doing look", One day at the lunch table a kid tried stealing my seat and you told him off.
Posted by Dalene Olson on 19th July 2012
Ryan was always shy around us, but I will forever remember his proud smile walking his beautiful sister up the aisle at her wedding to our son. Safe now from all harm.
Posted by Carlee Duncan on 18th July 2012
Ryan, my favorite memory of you is from our little sixth month anniversary in 8th grade. I gave you a rose in each of your classes, one for every month, and each one you shoved into your back pack because you were so embarrassed. The continuous smile on your face that day proves my money was well spent. I always loved making you smile because you made me so happy. I was a lucky girl. <3
Posted by Amber Bryand on 18th July 2012
I have SO many memories, and stories with Ryan. He was always so good at lifting you up when you needed it. I cant tell you how many times Ive stayed up till 3am, 4am, all night talking about absolutely everything. Just being there for eachother. He was my comfort & no one will replace him. No one will make me feel how Ryans made me feel or care like he always did. Im thankful I met him<3
Posted by Kaitlyn Johnson on 18th July 2012
Ryan was so amazing. Seeing his smile would always brighten my day. I will miss him so much... But I have the best memories with him. Watching fireworks on Taylor's roof.. Walking to my house just because Taylor didn't have milk for his cereal that he HAD to have :) And so many more. The summer I spent with him everyday was one of the best summers ever. I love you Ryan. Always in my heart.
Posted by Jordin Gano on 18th July 2012
Mister Ryan Mumm, what a great energy you were to have around. I haven't seen you in about a year, and now I miss you. Will never forget getting my first speeding ticket with you and how scared I was. Taking me in your Audi and doing donuts and freaking me the hell out is about the last memory I have with you, but your always in my heart.
Posted by Samantha Prunier on 18th July 2012
Ryan, I remember having a lot of fun playing volleyball together in our high school p.e class. it is so heart warming to see how much everyone loves you. May you rest in peace
Posted by Amy Erickson on 18th July 2012
Ryan Mumm how pleased i was to find out one of my sisters friends had a cute younger sibling, although Jesse and Kailys effort to get us to date never worked out I'm so happy I was able to get to know you <3 Such a handsome boy, I'll miss our occasional run-ins it was always a nice surprise to see you! May you rest in peace Ry my thoughts and prayers will always be with you and your family
Posted by Diana Valdivia on 18th July 2012
" Ryan I remember all those times we would hang out with rock and shelby! Walking to the dairy in middle school, and going to shelbys Halloween party! I even remember when I had the biggest crush on u! I know we lost contact, but loosing contact over the phone doesn't mean u lost contact in my heart! Your in a better place now, and I know u will look down on all of us!!!! Love u!!!
Posted by Rob Tolman on 17th July 2012
do you remember the steep hill next to the family center? We used to ride wheelies up that thing. I bet those scrap marks from the bumper dragging up the hill are still there! Or that time you and chris hit a tree and the windshield fell out. Ha your dad was so pissed. I want you to know ryan you gave me the best childhood! I'm always gonna have these memories in my heart.
Posted by Rob Tolman on 17th July 2012
Hey ryan do you remember mobin your golf cart around port Susan! Man we had some good times, I remember having 6 people on that thing.. the electric motor was the slowest thing ever haha I was the fat kid back then I had to get off and run next to the cart when we went up hills :P
Posted by Klarissa Kalviste on 17th July 2012
Ryan you were an amazing guy I know we lost contact after high school and I didn't know you as well as some people did but I did know you were a fun guy to hang out with and there was never a boring moment you were always up to something. My one memory I do have is Shelby southeys Halloween party and you were my first kiss lol. I know your in a better place now watching over. Love yah ryan

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