Ramon will always be part of us. Whether he was your boss, your friend or mentor, Ramon always made you feel special - his genuine concern for people and his friendship has made us all better persons. 

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ramon Dimacali. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Eboy Samaniego on April 9, 2021
Three words I associate with RYD

Sincere, Authentic, Jolly.

We'll miss you Mon!

Eternal rest grant unto the soul of Mon, oh Lord. And let perpetual light shine upon him.  May he rest in peace, Amen.
Posted by Shian waei Ou on April 9, 2021
Mon, you are one who live life to the fullest. Lots of friends !! Goodbye my friend, you are a role model for so many IBMers.
Rest In Peace R Y Dimacali
Posted by Bikram Singh on April 9, 2021
Mon you have been a wonderful friend, mentor and business partner. You guided us to achieve what we could not have without you. I will miss our time together. May God keep you close always.

Your friend,
Gurmukh Singh Thakral
Posted by Lisa Guanio on April 9, 2021

Demanding but caring.
Flamboyant but down-to-earth.
Hardworking but fun-loving.
Career-driven but family-focused.
Sociable but reflective.

A great boss, a true friend.
A kind and generous soul.
Truly one of a kind.

We are poorer for losing Mon now, but richer for having been graced with his presence all these years.

Rest In Peace, Ramon Yap Dimacali!

Posted by Enrique Velasco on April 9, 2021
I’ve known Mon way back 1990 when my company was appointed as an IBM Business Partner. I’m one of those very fortunate person who had the opportunity to meet Mon not only as a business partners but as a true friend. I’ve always enjoyed those IBM partner recognition events overseas with him and Susan. He is always fun to be with. He is always full of energy. For several years now we both serve at the Rockwell Sacred Heart Chapel and the entire Saint Peter and Paul Parish community will miss Mon. Good bye my friend and enjoy eternal rest with our Lord.

We also like to express our heartfelt condolences to Susan and family. You are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.
Posted by Percy Bulatao on April 9, 2021
Mon D, may you rest under the care of our Creator and those you left behind are comforted by Him.
Thank you for the wisdom you shared.
Posted by Jajo Quintos on April 9, 2021
I know Ramon as a colleague at IBM.  He was my boss for the most part of my career. But, he was more than a boss to me.  He was a great mentor.  Many IBMers, like me, whose lives he has touched, were under his mentorship.  It is a tribute to Ramon’s leadership skills that many who have come under his tutelage are now leaders in Philippine business.  Ramon was an inspiration to us all and the entire IBM family is grieving.  Ramon will be missed and we will always remember him with fondness and affection.  I learned a lot from Ramon and I want to share with you three endearing qualities of Ramon that truly inspired me.

First, Mon had an insatiable zest for life.  He was full of energy, joy, and vigor.  With his boundless energy, he had a natural ability to rally people behind him and follow his leadership.  I don’t know whether his experience as a Corps Commander at UP was part of his preparation, but certainly, his strength of character, drive, and charisma had people naturally follow him.  Personally, just watching him in action gave me a lot of energy and drive. I also remember Ramon to have such a flamboyant way of communicating, particularly when he was in front of large crowd.  Ramon loved an audience and he was your ultimate showman.  In the 80s, our presentations at IBM were done through plastic acetates which in turn projected unto a screen by an overhead projector.  At IBM, we called them “foils”.  Well, Ramon always had the best set of foils -- the most colorful and the most creative.  And, he did most of them himself.  Nobody could beat Ramon with those foil presentations. But, then came Microsoft Powerpoint.  A whole new world opened for Ramon!  Powerpoint was the world’s best gift to Ramon.  I still remember his rotating arrows and spinning bulls eyes. He took presentations all the way to a different level.  Ramon was a true blue blooded IBMer.  But, knowing him, I wouldn’t be surprised if he already had shares in Microsoft back then.

Second, was Ramon’s resiliency, courage, doggedness, and seizing an opportunity when it presents itself.  What inspired me the most about Ramon and real learning opportunities for me were during very difficult and challenging moments.  It was interesting to watch Ramon manage challenging situations, keep calm, and most importantly, maintain patience.  There was a steely determination about Ramon.  He never gave up.  He was such a fighter!  We all know he was fighting all the way to the very end in his battle with Covid.  Talking about seizing an opportunity, Ramon’s first meeting with Susan is the stuff of legend at IBM. So, the legend goes Ramon saw Susan walking along Paseo de Roxas from his corner office at IBM, was so attracted, ran down and ran after Susan to introduce himself, and the rest is history. I don’t know how accurate this legend is and how Ramon perpetrated this legend. Perhaps, we can ask Susan her version of the story.

Finally, a lasting impression was in how he treated people.  He was authentic and sincere. What you see was what you got.  To a great extent, that’s why he was so effective as a leader because you will never question his sincerity. He was truly concerned about your welfare. I learned from him, through the ups and downs of life and work, that treating with people with respect and authenticity, is not only good business but builds lasting relationships. And, as I eventually carried on the baton of leadership myself, I fully realized the wisdom of Ramon’s guidance.

To Susan, Mikki, and the family, we share in your grief and in the celebration of Ramon’s life. Please be comforted as the IBM family joins you in sending Ramon into the loving embrace of our Lord God and the angels in heaven.  Rest in peace Ramon.
Posted by Leopoldo Cuisia on April 9, 2021
Goodbye dear friend Ramón. May you Rest In Peace. Working with you in IBM with the IBM- PNB team made me realize and appreciate your professionalism and technical competence. Not only that, you were always mindful of the needs and concerns of the team members. You will be missed. This was a sad day for all of us who knew you. Sincere Condolence to you Susan... Maricar & Lilit Cuisia
Posted by Carol Tianco on April 9, 2021
Farewell Ramon, many memorable moments with you.

Remembering your pep talk before a presentation on IGF in 1997... You said something to the effect that those in the training audience ... does not matter I do not know them all. What’s important is that the audience knows me. Since then, I always make sure I say my name loud and clear, if there is one take away, it will be my name and the business unit I represent.

Thank you Ramon for your kindness and generous spirit. May Mary & Joseph accompany you to Jesus. How timely you join & celebrate during this Octave of Easter!

Pray for us here because living is a stretch, a challenge, and it will take a while before its a sales stage 8 (Won). I am sure you are cheering for us from above.
Posted by Errol Pereira on April 9, 2021
Dear Mon,

To my dear boss, and most importantly, my friend. Thank you for your support, guidance and friendship over the years, it’s something I truly appreciate and will never forget. Pat and I remember vividly and fondly our enjoyable time together on many of the Business Partner trips, a program you have initiated and is talked about by our partners whenever we get together.  Many of them have since called wishing to offer their condolences, such is your unparalleled legacy. You are now in the arms of the Lord, who will grant you eternal rest and peace.

May eternal light shine upon you. 

Hasta la vista, amigo …….
Posted by Victor Silvino on April 9, 2021
Dear Mon,

May God bless you as you embark on your new journey. Thank you for being a mentor, leader and an inspiration. I will always remember our conversations and our lunches together. Rest in peace now that you are in the arms of our dear Lord.
Posted by Chye Neo Chong on April 9, 2021
Rest in peace, Ramon. It was a great privilege knowing you. The warmth of your friendship, care and kindness will be forever felt and remembered.
Rest in Peace dear boss.
Posted by James Velasquez on April 9, 2021
RYD, You were not just a great boss but a true mentor and friend. I can't quantify the impact you had on my career at IBM and even after I left IBM. My first close contact with you as your EA in 1995 was a surprise for me and I was truly grateful you took me under your wing. I certainly learned a lot but also aspired to be like you, although that is never possible as you are one in a million. In basketball, most of us who play the game aspire to "be like Mike", but we know we can never be as great as Michael Jordan, In my days in IBM we all aspire to "be Like Mon", in the same mold, we can only aspire, as you are truly one of a kind in all the positive things of being a true blue IBMer. We will miss you. Eloi and I also thank you for sending us to Vietnam, we actually became stronger together. I am thankful I still had the chance to see you in person last November and I will cherish that "steak dinner" made special as you graced us with your presence. Rest in Peace Ramon and our sincere condolences to Susan and the entire Dimacali family.
Posted by carlos jugo on April 9, 2021
When i joined IBM Philippines as a Marketing Trainee in 1989, you were Director of Operations and while i was an Account Systems Engineer (SE) you became GM in 1993. At work, i hardly had the chance to interact with you but i saw even from a distance your gravitas that made you deserving to be our Leader, a quality that has become rare in the present day.  Years later, in the early 2000s, when i was still in IBM but you have moved on, we bumped into each other. I was pleasantly surprised by the friendliness by which you greeted me despite our having hardly met when we worked in the same Company.  It's both with respect and fondness that i will remember you.  
Posted by Ernesto Batungbacal on April 9, 2021
It is painful to say goodbye because you have touched my life deeply. You believed in me, nurtured me and supported me in true Dimacs fashion in and out of IBM. You are truly a man for others. Your selflessness will live in me and the numerous people you have helped. We are your legacy.

Goodbye my boss, my mentor, my friend. I will honor your life by trying to mimic you in contributing to the betterment of others. Maraming, maraming salamat Ramon
Posted by Abraham Thomas on April 9, 2021
Ramon was in Singapore and was the Director of Operations in IBM Singapore in 1986. I went to see him for my final interview. He looked very serious and intimidating. When we started speaking I could see him for what he really is.... a warm, sincere and fun loving person. I will always respect him as “my boss”. Ramon, Rest In Peace. You touched and impacted positively so many people and I will always remember you.
Posted by Leo Capinpin on April 9, 2021
Mon was CGM when i joined IBM fresh out of school. Like many more, i was very fortunate to have such a high benchmark as a role model and leader.

Thank you Mon for the guidance and wisdom you shared, whether in personal exchanges or observed from a distance - and always doing so with warmth, care and an accompanying smile.

RIP Mon and deepest condolences to family and friends

Posted by Janet Ang on April 9, 2021
Mon Dimacali will always be remembered as a warm, fun loving person who is a caring and fair boss, and an inspiring leader who walks the talk.
He has touched my life and the lives of many IBMers with his passion for the business, love for friends and zeal for life. We are all are very sad to hear of his sudden passing. Our prayers and condolences to his wife and family. May the soul of our brother Ramon Dimacali Rest In Peace.

“I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race.I have kept the faith.” — 2 Timothy 4:7
Posted by Carlo Subido on April 9, 2021
Dear Mon,
Just a month ago you were congratulating me and saying bagay ang song ko sa retirees - "I'm Finally Free".  Your sudden departure was not what i had in mind. But yes, you are finally free from the miseries of this world. You are now in a better place with our Creator. 

You are an inspirational leader, a great mentor and a friend.  You supported me (along with James V. and Mike Dy) in our IBM Vietnam assignment while you were the Country GM. Although some say that you just wanted us to get out of your hair (you had more hair then). I will always remember your wit and your 'words of wisdom' whenever you end a talk.  You will be missed. Thank you, Mon. Rest in peace.

My prayers and sincere condolences to Susan and to the Dimacali family.
Posted by Ramil Cabodil on April 9, 2021
Rest in peace RYD. Your leadership and friendship will truly be missed. People say, that you will see and recognize a true leader during crisis and tough times. You were just that Mon, so steady and cool during tough times. When things don't go as planned, i remember you telling me that I should not always believe what my eyes can see and what my ears can hear, just follow my guts and go for it. I will always remember these words and has guided me during tough times and when I am in a fork road. You are probably one of the most resilient leader, that I have met. God bless your soul.
Posted by Analyn Antonio on April 9, 2021
April 9 will always be a sad day for me because of the death of my father 7 years ago and who was also your colleague in IBM. Today it is doubly sad because I lost a friend, a mentor and a leader. Our last text to each other was March 20 and you thanked me for the prayers for healing. I was very sure that you will be able to overcome this knowing the fire inside you and the fighting spirit that is innate in you. But I guess the Lord has other plans for you. You will be greatly missed Mon. I know that you will be watching over Susan and Mikki and that I pray that they will be able to move on. It will definitely be hard but I am sure that they will be able to do this because they know that you are there watching over them. Pray for us Mon, those who are left here and also whisper to my Dad when you see him and tell him I miss him so much. Rest well Mon in the warm embrace of our Heavenly Father
Posted by ABNER ARRIETA on April 9, 2021
Rest in peace, Mon. Well-lived life. I treasure the lessons, the inspirations and the memories.

Muchas gracias, amigo.
Posted by chestnut andaya on April 9, 2021

You have been a good family friend and a great mentor in IBM.  Sue and Christine will be so proud of you knowing that you are WELL-LOVED, respected and highly regarded by many.  Since your hospitalization, the prayer warriors of your IBM family kept storming heaven with prayers for your complete healing.  You will be sorely missed, Mon. Heaven gained our IBM hero on the Day of Valor.   RIP!
Posted by Floyd Piedad on April 9, 2021
I will always remember you as someone who does not let your position and status in life affect your humility and willingness to help other people. I will never forget your smile and cheerful disposition no matter how challenging and difficult the situation may be. 
Am sure you are now looking over us all with that same glowing smile. We will miss you a lot.
Posted by Giovanni Co on April 9, 2021
Rest In Peace, Mon.

I see Mon often in Rockwell. My respect for Mon is so high that I have to consciously stop myself mag-mano. Every time I see him, we’ll end up talking for 15-20 minutes. Sometimes more. He’ll always ask about me, Andrea and Sophie. Sometimes he’ll talk to both of them. He will also share what is getting him excited at that time. At the end of our talks, he’ll always give me personal and career advice.

Mon, thank you for all the advice you have given me - back then in IBM, and every time we see each other. You have been generous with your time and mentorship to me.

Prayers to the family. May his loved ones be consoled by our combined affection and respect for Mon. 
Posted by Antonio-Tonton Almazar on April 9, 2021
Rest in Peace Dimacs, my first GM. I remember my coffee breaks with him at Starbucks Zuellig. Still provided coaching and mentoring. Thank you RYD. Condolences Maam Susan and Mikki
Posted by Mara Sy on April 9, 2021
Dear Mon, Just when I was about to go to sleep early this morning, I saw the very sad news on your passing. I had a very painful feeling in my heart, literally and figuratively speaking. You’re someone I look up to...a very accomplished man both professionally and with your family. You can look very formal but once you smile, the warmth of your character makes one feel very comfortable interacting with you. Thank you for making me experience the privilege and joy of having a boss who can also be a friend in and out of the office. I think I have more memories of fun times than serious work with you...hehe!
I will miss holding up your hand and putting it on my forehead (pag mano) whenever we see each other after mass at Rockwell. You’ll be reluctant but you’ll oblige :) I will miss our xIBM get together at your home (with the melting raclette). You are a dear friend that I look forward to meeting again someday (in heaven)...but not yet soon ha ;) In the meantime, may you rest peacefully in the loving embrace of our Lord.

To Susan, Mikki and the rest of the Dimacali family, my heartfelt condolences and prayers for you all.
Posted by Jomari Mercado on April 9, 2021
A boss. A mentor. A friend. That is who Ramon Dimacali is to me. I remember how no matter how well-prepared I thought I was for a presentation I was going to make to him, he will still hit me with a question that I had not anticipated. But he did not shoot me down, instead just reminded me of what I should plan for. He was always supportive and ready to give advice. He was always smiling, accommodating and made sure everyone is always fed – remember the raclette, chorizo and wine parties? One time, at his house in Highlands, I mentioned how I admired his Ral Arrogrante sculpture which I saw in his guest toilet. A short while later, he came out, handed me the sculpture and said, “it will be better appreciated in your home”. It stays in a prominent position in my house, and will forever serve as a reminder of a most generous and kind friend. Rest now, Ramon, you had a life well-lived and well-loved!
Posted by Suzy Sevilla on April 9, 2021
Thank you for the life you have shared with us. Your IBM family is grieving your loss but the fond memories will remain with us forever.
You have been a role model, inspiring leader, a mentor, adviser and true friend, humble, proud, generous and knows how to enjoy life. You are in a better place now, rest in eternal peace Mon.

Condolence to Susan, Mikki & the Dimacali family.
Posted by Emmanuel Mendoza on April 9, 2021
Will forever miss Mon. He truly embodied what it meant to be an IBMer, a model of the values that molded us. He was the only manager who could give you a scolding for a mistake, and still make you feel whole afterwards. He always ended with ‘you’re better than that” - thank you Mon for holding us to a higher standard and believing in us.
Posted by Fredric Tarcelo on April 9, 2021

You were my first IBM CGM and while I did not have much interaction with you, I've heard about your leadership style and your good relationship with client and IBMers,

But it was years later when I was already out of IBM that I got to know your friendly side. Working at Zuellig Bldg. and bumping into you at the elevator and the cafeteria, you always had a friendly smile and a quick "How are you?" because you recognized me as an IBMer, even with the little interaction I had with you at IBM. It is from these light encounters that I realized and felt that once an IBMer, always an IBMer.

Rest in peace Mon. Our prayers will be with you.
Posted by Ann Sytin on April 8, 2021
It’s sad to lose someone but even more sad to lose a dearly beloved friend. Mon, thank you for the wonderful memories. I am so privileged to call you my Compadre. I am heartbroken but i will celebrate the life you excellently lived with gladness. As the gates of heaven open for your arrival, we send you off with our loudest cheers. Keep watch over us from up high. Say hi to Padre Pio and St. John Paul for me. With much respect and love, rest easy now Mon. ♥️♥️
Posted by Liza Barrios on April 9, 2021
Mon is my first IBM Philippines Country General Manager. Under his leadership, I knew I joined a great company. He is a well loved and respected leader, more so a genuinely kind person. I am truly grateful to Mon for inspiring us with his contagious enthusiasm, and many happy IBM memories. He will be missed but always fondly remembered. RIP RYD.
Posted by Aileen Judan-Jiao on April 9, 2021
Dear Mon,
You are one of my greatest professional and personal mentors. An overflowing source of leadership lessons. Always full of energy, vitality, mental strength and compassion. The epitomy of a truly inspiring and proud IBMer , in and out of IBM. You always remembered my family by name even many years after IBM. Your legacy remains. THANK YOU for deeply touching our lives like we never imagined. The heavens now have another great leader in you. In God’s time... 
Posted by Xandra Olivares on April 9, 2021
My deepest condolences to Susan, Mikki and to your whole family ❤️

You will be greatly missed, in fact, we miss you already. From all the messages I've read since your passing, there is a common denominator in your relationship with each person you meet. We all thank you for your leadership, friendship and kindness. Rest In Peace Mon. I will miss bumping into you in the grocery. ❤️ Sincerely, X
Posted by Jett Pangan on April 9, 2021
As Beth's husband, I once shared the pleasure of Mon and Susan's company during my wife's IBM days. Mon knew very little of my work as a musician, but when I candidly sang at an event, he continued to celebrate what I brought to the stage long after the short performance was over. His zest for the good things in life is truly endearing, and inspiring. Thank you, Mr. Mon Dimacali.
Posted by Gina Pongol Acevedo on April 9, 2021
Rest in peace, Mon. You will always be remembered for your positive energy, humor and kindness. Thank you for inspiring us all!

Our prayers and condolences to Susan and the rest of the family.
Posted by Ramon Jocson on April 9, 2021
You were more than a friend. You took the time to advice and guide me throughout my IBM career. Even after IBM, you continued to offer help support and guidance. Like the others, I will truly miss you, BUT I know that you being you - you're looking down on us now and giving us silent nudges of encouragement and inspiration. Thank you Mon!
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Posted by Sam Williamson on May 3, 2021
I apologize for being late in posting this comment, but I just heard about Ramon's passing last week from my good friend James Velasquez. I will never forget first meeting the great Ramon Dimacali. I arrived in Southeast Asia in January of 1996 to start up the new IBM office in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. One day after arriving, I was sent to the IBM ASEAN management meeting in Phuket. And, that is where I met Ramon. He welcomed me to the team with open arms. His big smile and laugh and kindness were so amazing. He made me feel right away that I was part of the ASEAN team and that if I needed anything at all, he would be there to help. He was the type of senior leader that made IBM so great. Kind, smart, experienced and most of all caring for his people and our clients. He was loved by all and lit up every room when he entered. He also came to Vietnam frequently as he had sent three of his very best managers (Michael Dy, James Velasquez, and Carlos Subido) to help us start the business in this new environment. Ramon became a good friend to me, and I cherished running into him at IBM events for many years either in Asia or New York. I am saddened by his passing but also now overwhelmed with memories and feelings of gratitude that I was one of the lucky ones to be influenced by this wonderful man.
Posted by Gigi Llanes on April 21, 2021
Will forever miss your presence which always exudes quiet strength every time I would chance upon you, may it be in our industry or just in one of our casual run ins. I clearly remember when I saw you picking up some desserts, and you've shared with me that canonigo tastes better with Bailey's. Would have that one of these days in remembrance of you. Rest well, Sir Ramon. Go in God's light.
Posted by Bern Garcia on April 19, 2021
By Dido Nubla

Dimacs and i worked for quite some time in IBM, he was DOO and i was Marketing Manager for banking and finance. He was a "down to earth" person, action man, always positive and never said NO to an pretensions.

When IBM decided to move to the BPI Family Bank building on Paseo de Roxas, i had the 14th floor for the banking sales and SE group,  Dimacs told me that he wanted to stay on the top floor, which was the 14th. Since he was the boss, he got the best corner room facing Solid Bank, and i got the other corner room facing the Philcom building.  We had a very harmonious relationship. He would come to my room and vice versa for chit chat and he had great words of wisdom. We had long discussions even after office hours.

when i left IBM, after 27 yearsof service, I joined an IBM Business Partner - Right Computer Systems, which is now the oldest IBM Business Partner in the Philippines. Mon treated all partners FAIRLY ......resolved issues equitably among partners and he made sure that the Business Partners maximized their earnings, sometimes, with help from IBM.

At some point in time, Dimacs moved to an ASEAN role in Singapore where he had responsibility for the Business Partners in the region. That was the BEST time to be an IBM BP. Why??? Aside from the business of making money, Dimacs organized Business Partner meetings in Australia where he flew all the ASEAN BP CEOs to Aussie land. He organized Business Partner ASEAN Recognition Events in South Africa's Sun City which included a safari where the Philippine delegation's Land Rover had a flat tire in the middle of lion country.... There was also a unique dinner at "Carnivore BBQ Restaurant" where we ate exotic food such as zebra, elephant, kudu, etc.and also a dinner in the middle of the Great African plains where wild animals roamed. There was also a trip to Barcelona which included bull fights, tapas at Las Ramblas, flamenco dances and tour of the famous Basilica de la Sagrada Familia .....places you rarely visit and the best thing was all these were paid by IBM. How Mon did it, i do not know but it was very much appreciated. To this day, the IBM Business Partners during his time will never forget Mon Dimacs.

Now, fast forward to the most recent years. Dimacs is part of the group of 15 known as the "Big Blue Boys". Members of which includes Manolo Abellada, Nilo Cruz, Manny Dimaculangan, Paul Zaldarriaga, Hory Aycardo, RD Najar, Ricky Banaag, Vic Reyes, Ronnie Latinazo, Mon Jocson, Doy Santos, Beebot Jaramillo, Wilson Go, Dido Nubla, and RYD. This group meets monthly for drinks, food and fellowship.  No business talks. The bill is divided equally except if there is a birthday celebrant for that month, he does not pay. His motto was let's live food best drinks, best company. Normally he brings a bottle of scotch, on top of his share in the bill.

One time, dimacs was the first to arrive. So, he started ordering for everybody without knowing the prices. But we all ate with GUSTO. sarap talaga.  Finally the bill came and we almost fell from our chairs.  Sabi ni Dimacs, gusto ninyo masarap and we all started laughing and started paying our share.

Dimacs was an optimist, with a can do attitude. The group will miss him and his laughter but we will keep a chair for him in our next get together. Rest now my friend, mentor, supporter, colleague, and boss. In behalf of the now "14 Big Blue Boys", Good bye raMOAN. Rest in Peace. Thank you. 
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Ver Pena's Eulogy

Shared by Ramon Jocson on April 22, 2021
Ramon took over as GM of IBM Philippines when I retired in 1994.  His appointment was almost a given because he was the Director of Operations in the five years I served as GM.  In all of these years, I don’t recall it ever being a  typical boss/ subordinate relationship. It was more like working together on the same team. And we made a good team mainly because our styles were completely opposite and complementary. I was the slow and deliberate type and Mon was the fast and furious.  As they say, I was the “teka-teka”  leader and he was the “sugod lang ng sugod” type.

Even in sartorial style we were different.  I would settle for M & S and even Greenhills outfits, but for Mon, it had to be a Lacoste or a Louie Vuitton.  I remember kidding him about a photo he posted on facebook -  it was his picture sitting on a chair with legs crossed making sure we will not miss seeing his brand new pair of Ferragamo loafers.

Anyway, we worked out well as a team, Ramon made sure we made our quota and I made sure the corporate auditors stayed away.

Beyond IBM, we both pursued second and even third careers. The IBM experience served us well

As a customer of Federal Phoenix, I was accorded the vaunted excellent customer service. I got involved in a minor traffic accident and all it took was a call to Ramon and the claim was quickly settled. Through his facebook posts , I can see how much his employees loved him. That’s the respect for the individual culture of IBM at work again.  He celebrated his 70th year milestone with a grand party tendered for him by his employees, complete with dancing girls and costumes.

When I was asked to look for a replacement in my job as CICT Chairman,  I spoke to Mon and told him: Mon, ‘palit naman tayo ng trabaho.  Its your time to serve your country. Ako naman ang mag annual junket with your agents in all parts of the world. He just smiled at me and said “ano ako – naloloko?“ ;  besides, I cannot afford it yet.  It was obvious that he was enjoying his job. His style of empowering his people allowed him to take leadership roles becoming President of PIRA – the major association of non-life companies. He also served as President of the very prestigious Management Association of the Philippines.  

Bob Romulo, Dimacs, Monjocs and I had frequent lunches in the Zuellig Building. It was either to welcome a visiting ex IBMer or just exchanging current events and gossips in the business community. Bob would always tap the two Ramons to be resource speakers in the seminars he organized. As Monjocs said it, the three of us never stopped being AAs to triple R even after all these years.

Mon also had a spiritual side. I was surprised to see him as a Lector on Sunday masses in Rockwell. It was a side of Mon that was not very evident to me before.

Just three weeks ago, I texted you to ask about an insurance issue. Instead of just replying to my text, you went out of your way to call me and gave me a tutorial on board member liability insurance. Little did I realize that was the last time I will hear your voice. I guess it was your way of bidding goodbye.

Ramon, we will miss your energy, your gregariousness, your love for the good things in life, but never forgetting to serve God and your fellow men.

Farewell, my friend. We will all miss you. Rest in peace.

Ver Pena

Preparing for Dinner at Rockwell

Shared by Anna Roqueza on April 20, 2021
Ramon always found reason to celebrate, and often in Rockwell.  There was one dinner, I will never forget, the day he asked me to cook Paella for the Mancom get together.  I had no problem with that and was ready to get the ingredients I needed, but Ramon made it more then just cooking, he made it an adventure.  About 2pm on the day of the dinner, together with Bern we went to Baclaran.  He had a suki with great sea food that we could buy and use for the paella.  While waiting for the seafood to be cleaned, he brought us to ChowKing, where he said the HaloHalo was the best!  It was really good and refreshing. With Ramon, it was never just about the end goal, it was about enjoying the journey to get there. He showed this not just when making paella, but every day at the office, he made sure every day was fun, even in the challenging times.  

Road Trip with Ramon

Shared by Anna Roqueza on April 20, 2021
It was in the year 2001 when IBM was awarded the best HR programs by PMAP.  Ramon was to receive the award with me in Baguio. We were really excited to get the award, but more excited for the road trip ahead.  Ramon said he would drive rather then take the bus PMAP provided.  So a day before the conference, Vera, Bern and I got into Ramon's Audie T3, looking to get to Baguio in about 6 hours.
But our trip trip took about 8 hours, not because of traffic but because of the numerous stops we made along the way.  Ramon knew all the "bests" of every vendor along the the way, from the ever popular Suzy's in Pampanga, to the little street vendors where we ended up with the best local delicacies.  It was a trip filled with fun, laughter and stories galore.  My favorite was when Ramon told us of the happy times he spent with Susan and Mikki in the Baguio townhouse spending hours pressing the aligui from the talagka they bought :-).
The awarding was great, with people coming to me after Ramon's speech telling me, you are so lucky, you have a great boss, and yes that is so true.  But more fun was just spending the time with Ramon as a friend.