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Ver Pena's Eulogy

Shared by Ramon Jocson on April 22, 2021
Ramon took over as GM of IBM Philippines when I retired in 1994.  His appointment was almost a given because he was the Director of Operations in the five years I served as GM.  In all of these years, I don’t recall it ever being a  typical boss/ subordinate relationship. It was more like working together on the same team. And we made a good team mainly because our styles were completely opposite and complementary. I was the slow and deliberate type and Mon was the fast and furious.  As they say, I was the “teka-teka”  leader and he was the “sugod lang ng sugod” type.

Even in sartorial style we were different.  I would settle for M & S and even Greenhills outfits, but for Mon, it had to be a Lacoste or a Louie Vuitton.  I remember kidding him about a photo he posted on facebook -  it was his picture sitting on a chair with legs crossed making sure we will not miss seeing his brand new pair of Ferragamo loafers.

Anyway, we worked out well as a team, Ramon made sure we made our quota and I made sure the corporate auditors stayed away.

Beyond IBM, we both pursued second and even third careers. The IBM experience served us well

As a customer of Federal Phoenix, I was accorded the vaunted excellent customer service. I got involved in a minor traffic accident and all it took was a call to Ramon and the claim was quickly settled. Through his facebook posts , I can see how much his employees loved him. That’s the respect for the individual culture of IBM at work again.  He celebrated his 70th year milestone with a grand party tendered for him by his employees, complete with dancing girls and costumes.

When I was asked to look for a replacement in my job as CICT Chairman,  I spoke to Mon and told him: Mon, ‘palit naman tayo ng trabaho.  Its your time to serve your country. Ako naman ang mag annual junket with your agents in all parts of the world. He just smiled at me and said “ano ako – naloloko?“ ;  besides, I cannot afford it yet.  It was obvious that he was enjoying his job. His style of empowering his people allowed him to take leadership roles becoming President of PIRA – the major association of non-life companies. He also served as President of the very prestigious Management Association of the Philippines.  

Bob Romulo, Dimacs, Monjocs and I had frequent lunches in the Zuellig Building. It was either to welcome a visiting ex IBMer or just exchanging current events and gossips in the business community. Bob would always tap the two Ramons to be resource speakers in the seminars he organized. As Monjocs said it, the three of us never stopped being AAs to triple R even after all these years.

Mon also had a spiritual side. I was surprised to see him as a Lector on Sunday masses in Rockwell. It was a side of Mon that was not very evident to me before.

Just three weeks ago, I texted you to ask about an insurance issue. Instead of just replying to my text, you went out of your way to call me and gave me a tutorial on board member liability insurance. Little did I realize that was the last time I will hear your voice. I guess it was your way of bidding goodbye.

Ramon, we will miss your energy, your gregariousness, your love for the good things in life, but never forgetting to serve God and your fellow men.

Farewell, my friend. We will all miss you. Rest in peace.

Ver Pena

Preparing for Dinner at Rockwell

Shared by Anna Roqueza on April 20, 2021
Ramon always found reason to celebrate, and often in Rockwell.  There was one dinner, I will never forget, the day he asked me to cook Paella for the Mancom get together.  I had no problem with that and was ready to get the ingredients I needed, but Ramon made it more then just cooking, he made it an adventure.  About 2pm on the day of the dinner, together with Bern we went to Baclaran.  He had a suki with great sea food that we could buy and use for the paella.  While waiting for the seafood to be cleaned, he brought us to ChowKing, where he said the HaloHalo was the best!  It was really good and refreshing. With Ramon, it was never just about the end goal, it was about enjoying the journey to get there. He showed this not just when making paella, but every day at the office, he made sure every day was fun, even in the challenging times.  

Road Trip with Ramon

Shared by Anna Roqueza on April 20, 2021
It was in the year 2001 when IBM was awarded the best HR programs by PMAP.  Ramon was to receive the award with me in Baguio. We were really excited to get the award, but more excited for the road trip ahead.  Ramon said he would drive rather then take the bus PMAP provided.  So a day before the conference, Vera, Bern and I got into Ramon's Audie T3, looking to get to Baguio in about 6 hours.
But our trip trip took about 8 hours, not because of traffic but because of the numerous stops we made along the way.  Ramon knew all the "bests" of every vendor along the the way, from the ever popular Suzy's in Pampanga, to the little street vendors where we ended up with the best local delicacies.  It was a trip filled with fun, laughter and stories galore.  My favorite was when Ramon told us of the happy times he spent with Susan and Mikki in the Baguio townhouse spending hours pressing the aligui from the talagka they bought :-).
The awarding was great, with people coming to me after Ramon's speech telling me, you are so lucky, you have a great boss, and yes that is so true.  But more fun was just spending the time with Ramon as a friend.

I Will Get You Back

Shared by Ramon Jocson on April 20, 2021
Ramon was well known for his spontaneity - his ability to think on his feet and to deliver his points extemporaneously.

In the mid-90s, as organizations transformed into global organizations - Ramon had various leadership roles at the regional level and he was well known for his extended use of the English language. As an example, Ramon would use "escalating" waterfalls as metaphors for his sales targets - in most cases, people would leave meetings understanding what Ramon's objectives were, but still trying to figure out whether there was a double meaning hidden somewhere. 

Ramon will be sorely missed by us - in my case, as a boss, mentor, friend - I learned a lot from him. For those who at one time reported to him, there is shared agreement that his personal interest in your welfare extended way beyond work and showed a genuine concern for you as a person - that is why Ramon was so well loved as a boss. 

Ramon will always be part of us and that is why I believe that all this while, when we ended our frequent phone discussions, there was always a double-meaning, a promise that he will always be around. Because unlike most of us who often say, "I will get back to you", Ramon would end his calls with, "I will get you back!".

Tula Para sa Kaibigan - By Germs Collantes

Shared by Bern Garcia on April 19, 2021
Tula para sa pumanaw na kaibigan

Paalam na minamahal naming kaibigan
Ikaw may nagtungo na sa huli mong hantungan
At mukha mo’y di na namin muling masisilayan
Nandito ka pa rin naman sa aming puso’t isipan.
Ang iyong alaala sa amin ay mananatili.
Isang kang halik na sa ming pisngi’y dumampi
Na kahit wala na may naiiwan pa ring kiliti
At hahanap-hanapin na sana’y maramdaman muli
Kami na nalulbob sa lungkot ng iyong paglisan
Ay magbubunyi pa rin na may masigabong palakpakan
Dahil pag nariyan ka na sa maluwalhati Niyang kaharian
Maibubulong mo sa Kanya na huwag kaming pababayaan.

Ramon, alam kong tayo ay magkikita-kita pang muli
Ang hiling ko lang, huwag naman sana tayong magmadali.

Our Little Secret

Shared by Aileen Judan-Jiao on April 17, 2021
When Mon first became the GM, I was in Services. I became close friends with my 2 lady bosses then. We worked hard but also took time out to go to a bar few times a week in Jupiter St just few mins from the IBM building in Paseo. We went there for our favorite Cagulo, a cocktail drink mix of 5 jiggers which you had to drink bottoms up in a very specific sequence. 

Among the many times we went, I did not get drunk. Mon found out about this and joined us sometimes. This is Mon.. didn’t matter to him what was your position or level, he will go out with you and make time especially food and drinks. But that one night that I got drunk, it was a time Mon joined us. I was so embarassed because I could barely walk.

He did not leave us. He offerred to take me home and leave my car. Checked on us (my other boss drove me home) till we got safely home. He even checked on me the next day. I will never forget this and how I felt so embarassed and irresponsible this happened with my GM with me. Yet I felt so protected and safe. I felt like having an angel and a dad in Mon that time.

He was the one who told me not to worry, this will be our secret for life:-) Even many years later, among us four, we would always joke around this Cagulo night, the same night kami yung nagkagulo! Cheers, Mon! 

Mon the Connector to the Rescue

Shared by Aileen Judan-Jiao on April 17, 2021

Within my first few months as a CGM, I hosted a luncheon for all past CGMs so I can get to  introduce myself and get to know them. Mon, being the people connector that he was, helped give leads where the others were that I did not know personally. This shot was taken right outside the venue Inagiku resto in Makati Shangri-la Hotel. The early birds were the youngest (me) and the oldest, Mr. Jose “Pempot” Arguelles, 100 years old at that time! I was thrilled butI thought to myself, wow, how do I start and sustain a conversation with this man? Just in the nick of time, lo and behold, my savior arrives…Mon. In his usual energetic self, he introduced me to Mr. Pempot who was accompanied by a private nurse, and conversed through a digipad if he could not hear well. I was just in awe watching and listening to Mon and Mr. Pempot share stories of their IBM days. Mr. Pempot was still very sharp. Mr. Pempot had vivid memories of IBM and asked me and Mon , like 10 times in a 15 minute conversation…”Sino na ba and IBM GM ngayon (Who is the current GM?)” , and “What’s your name again?” (Asking even Mon his name:). Whenever that happened, Mon and I just looked at each other and smiled quietly. As usual, he would just whisper to me, “Relax... ganyan talaga. It’s ok.” Then Mon being Mon, would patiently explain again. They told me how proud I should be of IBM’s legacy…..I was deeply honored to be in the midst of such fine gentlemen. I said to myself, this is what it’s like to be true IBMers at to be you po?

IBMP’s First MD

Shared by Monina Macaraig Gamboa on April 15, 2021
Yes, the “first” in the title is correct: Mon was IBM Philippines’ (IBMP’s) first Managing Director (MD). That’s because before his stint, IBM Philippines’ Presidents were called General Managers (GMs). When Mon took over from Ver Peña in mid-1994, he immediately put his stamp on his term by this rebranding.

Mon did not only want to do things well, he wanted to do things differently. His first kickoff as MD was in Corregidor — and he was appropriately dressed as General Dimacali. In the next kickoff, when cost-cutting was ongoing, Mon still spiced things up by gamely appearing in full Christopher Columbus regalia, complete with long, curly wig.

He was also the first IBMP President to get a female Assistant (previously a male monopoly), also rebranded from the term Administrative Assistant (AA) to the more managerial Executive Assistant (EA).

One Memory from So Many

Shared by June Teehankee on April 14, 2021
There is one memory of Mon that I cannot forget. I was an SE in Marketing with a desk by the farthest corner of that huge space at the 14th floor of the building we were occupying. Mon was the Director of all Marketing. He learned that my husband was dying of cancer. He went to me right away, sat me down and talked about what I had to prepare for. He said he learned this the hard way when his brother was diagnosed with cancer. He said:
First you have to let others do the walking and talking when the time comes.
He then contacted his trusted Pacific Plan agent who went to the IBM office soonest. He was there when the agent spoke with me about plans. When the time came for me to choose a plan i did so but then really I broke down when it was time to choose a coffin. They waited (about 10 minutes) for me to let it all out before Mon left for the agent to complete what needs to be done.
And to this day I cannot forget how Mon helped, allowed me to just grieve when the time came. And what he did for me I continued to do for others. Unfortunalely I was not able to show his family what he did for me. Rest in the loving embrace of of your heavenly hosts and let those sweet energy continue to flow. Junix

Mon always made us feel safe and taken cared of

Shared by Emma Llanto on April 14, 2021
The famous Maya Angelou said:“People may forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”I will never forget how Mon made me feel, as a big brother, as a colleague, and as a friend.

I first met RYD in the IBM Recognition Event in Tokyo. I think it was in 1984 or 1985.I was relatively new in IBM and RYD just came from a foreign assignment, so we have never met in the Phils. While lining up for dinner, he said “Hi, I’m Ramon (Ra-moan) from the Philippines!”.That’s RYD, he always make the introduction and made sure that we feel comfortable with him.

And one evening after an overtime, I was walking along Paseo de Roxas and a car suddenly stopped by my side.It was RYD who asked where I was going.He said that it was dangerous for me to walk alone in the evening and he offered to bring me home since I also come from the south.That’s RYD again,a big brother who made sure I was safe.

One weekend, he called if I can come to one of our clients’ office since their ATM was down. He was already our GM at that time. Of course, I said yes, and then again, he said he was picking me up at our house.He was very apologetic to my husband for having me work on a weekend.He also made sure that the team of engineers working that time had lunch and as you can imagine,he was always with our client assuring them that we have the whole team working on the problem.That’s RYD, making sure that people working for him are safe, taken cared of, and he was always living up to the IBM principles.

Dear Susan and Mikki,I am so sorry for your loss, but I know Mon is in a better place now, and you now have an angel praying for you, for all of us, that are left behind. Mon maybe gone, but his memories will never be forgotten.

Traffic Accident? President Mon to the Rescue

Shared by Lisa Guanio on April 14, 2021
One morning, while I was Mon’s Executive Assistant, I got into a minor traffic accident while I was on my way to work. I was in a hurry because there was a Mancom meeting scheduled that morning, so I just exchanged car insurance details with the other driver, and drove on to IBM.

By the time I got to the office, the meeting was over, and I explained to Mon why I was late. Hardly had I settled into my office when the IBM guard called from reception to inform me that I had a visitor. At the reception, I was surprised to see the other driver. He explained that he was a returning OFW, and that he had just borrowed his mother-in-law’s owner type jeep for the day in order to renew his seaman’s license. He was afraid to let her know that he had been in an accident. He pleaded with me to give him money so he could have the damage repaired before he went home that day. While I sympathized with his situation, I insisted that my FGU car insurance would cover the cost of repairs. The man must have been very scared of his mother-in-law, because he refused to leave.

Not knowing what else to do, I went back up to the GM’s office and told Mon about my predicament. No hesitation - Mon immediately stood up, went down to IBM reception with me, and introduced himself to the seaman as the President of IBM. Mon then told him sternly that he should not expect me to give him money as the point of having insurance was to cover situations like this. The guy was so intimidated that he did not object.

Mon then proceeded to get into his own car and led us in a three-vehicle convoy to the FGU parking lot to get estimates of the damage to our vehicles. The seaman left after that, I heaved a sigh of relief, and Mon and I went back to the office.

People might have thought that it was difficult to be RYD’s Executive Assistant. On the contrary, being his EA had its perks. You always had Mon ready to jump to the rescue. And he didn’t even need to get into a phone booth to change out of his Ferragamos!
Shared by Len Bautista-Horn on April 14, 2021
My Ferragamo shoe collection from late 80’s that started when I began as temp in IBM. Remembering Ramon and Ferragamo. Kept them for my future daughter. I now have 10 year old Martina who may use them someday. Sana bumalik sa uso. Passé na ang shapes ng heels ng mga shoes. Even the shape of the Vara toes have changed through the years. Nasulit na ang investment. Over 3 decades and still super maayos!  


Shared by Len Bautista-Horn on April 14, 2021
I joined IBM as a temp in 1988 and then in 1989, during my college summer breaks, but as an employee after I graduated from college in 1990. Mon was my last interviewer before I got hired. He was the DOO then. I remember Mon telling me that I looked too young and that the IBM customers might not take me seriously. He then instructed me to wear glasses when I face customers soI can look older. Sa tingin ko pumasa ako sa kilatis ni Mon kasi naka Ferragamo shoes na ako noon, trained during my temp days by no other than Tita Cora Antonio.

Golden Jubilarians Batch 1969 - by Lulu Santos

Shared by Jomari Mercado on April 13, 2021
In 2019, our batch of 1969 new hires (including Ramon) were to be “golden jubilarians” at the Blue Genes reunion that year. 
We raised funds worth P70K which we turned over at the reunion, half for the scholarship fund and the other half for the general fund. One of our members had suggested that we target P69K to represent our year of hire and that somehow got rounded up to P70K.
Shortly before the reunion we lost one of our members, Ditas Ramirez-Waggoner, and so it was fitting that our jubilee funds were given in her honor.

Shelter Me - from Richard Burgos

Shared by Jomari Mercado on April 13, 2021
Here is a little prayer for RYD offered by Richard, Alan, Henry and Gerry of the Science and Technology Information Institute of DOST. The song was composed by Fr. Michael Joncas, well loved American priest who has created many memorable hymns like In Eagles’ Wings, etc. Early in the pandemic he was inspired to write this song after Ps 23 and the hope that all will be well if only the Lord will shelter us.

I joined IBM as the country communications manager in 1999 in the throes of the Y2K transition. Dimacs was already an industry icon. He was the successful model for all of us corporate wannabes. He exemplified the old core values of IBM: respect for the individual, excellence, best customer service. He exhibited the right quotients that crafted his success: work ethic, intelligence, emotional, spiritual, moral and, yes, financial. He enjoyed the material rewards, Ferragamo and all, obviously, but without braggadocio, more like a boy happy with his toy. Once he bought a bright white Audi TT sports car and even the bosses in Singapore had to call us to confirm and ask if the ladies enjoyed the ride. One afternoon he invited me and Bern to play hooky and drive to Angono on his new SUV. We returned after he was satisfied that it could easily climb over the highway island. RYD was a shrewd investor. He won a trophy wife and raised a solid family. A happy wife is a happy life. He was generous and mirthful in sharing with others the dividends of this wise investment. Sometimes that meant a spontaneous dinner invite with a few colleagues, raclette, good wine, capped with canonigo. Beyond the confines of the office, he could read you better, and understand and support your career aspirations even if that meant reinventing yourself in other industries, or roles or parts of the world. Ramon was a friend and mentor and now patron saint. The best has come at last.

The Chairman

Shared by Errol Pereira on April 12, 2021
Sometime in late 1990s, I was in the Philippines for an IBM Dinner with Partners with George Samenuk (RIP), then IBM Asean GM.  Ramon was GM IBM Philippines and Chairman of the Board, but unfortunately could not attend as he was called to Vienna to contribute to the World Wide IBM strategy for Small and Medium Businesses.  I had earlier spoken to Ramon and he told me that though he was called away, he had prepared a video for the attendees which was duly played during the dinner.  Ramon's first comment was ......" this is your Chairman speaking, and I am sorry to be away in Vienna  ....... "   George was smiling broadly when he heard this and told me that he had only known two Chairmen in his life, Louis Gerstner and Ramon Dimacali, and even he wasn't a Chairman.  I am sure he ribbed Ramon about it after.  As always, Ramon's thoughts were with the attendees, and even being called away for other duties he would ensure that the people knew he cared for them.  


Shared by Leopoldo Cuisia on April 12, 2021
Mon and I worked closely in the PNB account during the pre-sales effort and the installation  of the first IBM intelligent banking terminals, the 3600 and the Duplex S/370 145.  I was the Marketing Rep assigned to the account and Ramón led the SE team.  During that time, I got to appreciate his professionalism and technical competence.
Much later, when I had moved on, I was sent to Singapore by Unilab to attend a meeting.  Mon who was assigned in Singapore at that time,  heard about my being in town, found a way to get in touch with me and invited me for dinner with Susan.  We had a nice time catching up and reminiscing the good old days in the PNB account.  Very nice thoughtful guy. 
May he Rest In Peace in the loving embrace of the Lord and our condolence to Susan and his family. 
Lilit & Maricar

Mon the Artist - by Lulu Santos

Shared by Jomari Mercado on April 11, 2021
Mon was my batchmate in the Marketing Class of 1969. In recent years when we would meet at the Blue Genes reunions he would always greet me  "Classmate" with his familiar smile and twinkle in his eyes.
I remember we were groupmates at one time in a class activity and we were preparing our presentation materials. In those days  flipcharts were the norm. Mon livened up our presentation with his skillfully drawn graphics. He said that he acquired this skill when he used to make illustrations for his uncle who run a cinema in his hometown. He made the drawings that were placed on jeepneys going around town to advertise the movies showing in the cinema.
Mon, I am deeply honored to have known you from our early days in IBM and to have seen you rise to the heights you reached in your career. Rest now, my dear friend. We will always remember you and miss you.


Shared by chestnut andaya on April 11, 2021
Nov 7, 1996 morning.    We had our weekly AR meeting at the GM's conference room at the old Paseo building.   Mon noticed that I kept looking at my watch and writing down the time.  

RYD: Chestnut, what are you doing? 
Me:  I'm just timing my contractions Mon, I think I should be delivering anytime today, I said in a calm voice. 
RYD:  (with panic in his voice)   Whatt??!!  Bern!!!  Please look for Raffy right away!  Tell him to bring Chestnut to the hospital now!   
Me:  Relax Mon.. This is my 4th.  We can finish my AR report and I will go.  Then I proceeded to do my "ouf of office" notification at my work area and left for MMC before noon.   Did Lamaze birth exercises in the labor room while Raffy finished a proposal and I was on the phone in between contractions following up year-end deals.     Shortly before 3:20 pm,  I delivered a healthy baby girl and rang up  Mon immediately to update him.  

This is one of my fondest memories of Mon who truly shows concern for his people.  He was indeed a big brother to all.

The Art of War by Ramon Dimacali

Shared by Wilson Go on April 11, 2021
As the Commanding Officer of Team IBM, Ramon gets involved with closing deals, specially the important ones...

A Good Leader knows what he has in his arsenal and how to use them given the lay of the land.  At the thick of negotiations of a very important deal, Ramon pulled me in to join the meeting at the customer's HQ at Ortigas CBD.  As CFO, I knew the financial details of the  deal...

After exchanging pleasantries, the discussions at the long conference room table, quickly got into the details of the deal, the Chinoy Taipan and his brother started conversing in Fookienese, that's when I realized why I was there...


He was my last interviewer before being hired @ IBM

Shared by Noel Morales on April 10, 2021
I will never forget RYD, (I preferred to call him - or Dimacs in 3rd person - there were other Ramons in the company)  I considered him to be my hiring manager, as DOO. He was my last interviewer, after 2 or 3 that day. In the middle of the interview, he looked up as someone peeped in; but signalled that he was still interviewing.
As our conversation progressed, it got even longer as he was keen to know what I had been doing in the refugee processing center in Bataan. I noticed he looked up again, as the person who had peeped in earlier, rapped on the door rather loudly this time. RYD jumped out of his seat and excused himself. So having a few minutes, I was thinking who was that rather rude fellow to knock so loudly, when an interview was being conducted.

RYD returned, not too long later and said - NEVER EVER keep your boss waiting!! It turned out to be RRR, who needed to get an answer from him!  When Ra-moan was the boss, he always had time for us, the "admin" folks. 
Rest in Peace, RYD. Our xy-IBM reunions will never be the same with you gone.

Big Brother Ramon

Shared by Wilson Go on April 10, 2021
Ramon is my Big Brother as a professional (he happens to be the same age as my eldest brother). He took care of and watched over my career in IBM.

When I was his CFO, I went to see him to ask permission to take my Masters, which meant I'll be absent every Friday for about 10 months.  He is was very supportive, it was a very easy and quick chat.  A few days after, Muriel who was then HR Executive asked for me. To my surprise, Ramon had arranged for my Masters to be fully paid!!!

When I was on foreign assignment in Singapore in 1997, the global financial crisis hit and my assignment was at risk of being cut short. It would have been extremely disruptive for my family. Without my asking, he was ready with a solution to keep us in Singapore till the children complete their school year.

Maraming Salamat Kuya Ramon!
Shared by Dido Nubla on April 10, 2021
RYD was a “character” and there were many untold stories of his colorful life. Monjoc mentioned the famous “escalating” waterfall during the eulogy. 

there was another incident reg “tulips” . This was when IBM sales occupied 3 floors of the BPI Family Bank bldg on Paseo de Rosas. The 4 elevators always breaks down. One time there were many of us waiting for a ride and RYD said “tulips out of por das bad”  lahat kami looked at each other... Ano daw tulips e flower iyon from Holland. Finally we all laughed, including him, when we realized he meant “two lifts out of four”. That’s RYD

RY Din

Shared by Raymond Yap on April 10, 2021
Mon was a good boss, friend and mentor even after my IBM days.

I remember that I got called to his office in 1995 and I was nervous why. I was covering government then. It turned out that I put in a bid in a government agency and I was the lowest bidder. It ruined the “plans” of the bid committee as they had special arrangements with all the other bidders. The bid chairman called IBM and looked for Raymond Yap and since I was relatively new, the call was inadvertently forwarded to Ramon Yap Dimacali and the person asked for an SOP from RYD. Mon called me to inform me this happened and we walked away from the project. The chairman was removed because the head of that department then happened to be the mom of my blockmate and group mate in UP and we used to do our machine problems in their house and I of course told Tita. 

From then on my team mates also called me RYD. RY Din.

After IBM I joined the advertising industry and Mon readily connected me to Susan when she was with McCann and both of them gave me great contacts in the industry when I started.

When Mon headed FPG I also got special rates from him for my personal and our company’s insurance. 

Mon never ceased to be a mentor and a friend and will forever be missed but also forever loved.

Don't You Know Me?

Shared by Victor Reyes on April 10, 2021
My most memorable encounter with RYD happens to be our 1st meeting. It was the early 80s, RYD was then based in the US & so I've not met nor heard of him.

I like being early for seminars, so I was at this HK Banking Seminar 30mins early. But someone, apparently the speaker, was setting things up.

"Good morning...I'm Victor Reyes from IBM Philippines," I said.

He eagle-eyed me piercingly, mouth if to say, "...SO?"

After he sensed I was not saying anything else, he boomed in typical RYD mode, "DON'T YOU KNOW ME???"

In my head, a thought bubble popped up: "Oops, I got a live Alzheimer's here...doesn't know who he is..."

But he had a don't-mess-with-me look...

That split second delay gave him a follow-thru..."I'M ra-MOAN!!!"

Am sure St. Peter will do better than I: "Hi Ramon, I know you..."

Ramon and Gold Cross BallPens

Shared by Ramon Jocson on April 9, 2021
In the mid 1980s, I was the AA of Ver and Ramon headed Marketing and I remember that during that time - no Montblanc yet- Gold Cross Pens were the vogue.

One day, we had an Advisory Board Meeting, and as we gave the Directors their per diem checks, one of them rifled through his pockets looking for a pen. Ramon suddenly whipped out his Gold Cross Pen and said, "Why don't you use mine?". So the Director took the pen, signed the voucher and instead of giving it back to Mon, pocketed the pen, stood up and said,"Thank You" and started to walk out.

I looked at Mon as if to ask him shall I go after the pen? But he shook his head and winked, and as soon as the Director left, he took out another Gold Cross Pen from his folder and placed it on his breast pocket - then he said, " I use Cross Pens for signing ceremonies so I always carriy extras - kasi they usually don't return the pens.  Kaya lagi akong handa - marami akong Gold Cross Pens". That's Mon - always prepared. 
Shared by Nilo Cruz on April 9, 2021
Our Condolences & Prayers to Susan & Family .. May you Rest In Peace Ramon ...

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