Posted by Sam Williamson on May 3, 2021
I apologize for being late in posting this comment, but I just heard about Ramon's passing last week from my good friend James Velasquez. I will never forget first meeting the great Ramon Dimacali. I arrived in Southeast Asia in January of 1996 to start up the new IBM office in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. One day after arriving, I was sent to the IBM ASEAN management meeting in Phuket. And, that is where I met Ramon. He welcomed me to the team with open arms. His big smile and laugh and kindness were so amazing. He made me feel right away that I was part of the ASEAN team and that if I needed anything at all, he would be there to help. He was the type of senior leader that made IBM so great. Kind, smart, experienced and most of all caring for his people and our clients. He was loved by all and lit up every room when he entered. He also came to Vietnam frequently as he had sent three of his very best managers (Michael Dy, James Velasquez, and Carlos Subido) to help us start the business in this new environment. Ramon became a good friend to me, and I cherished running into him at IBM events for many years either in Asia or New York. I am saddened by his passing but also now overwhelmed with memories and feelings of gratitude that I was one of the lucky ones to be influenced by this wonderful man.
Posted by Gigi Llanes on April 21, 2021
Will forever miss your presence which always exudes quiet strength every time I would chance upon you, may it be in our industry or just in one of our casual run ins. I clearly remember when I saw you picking up some desserts, and you've shared with me that canonigo tastes better with Bailey's. Would have that one of these days in remembrance of you. Rest well, Sir Ramon. Go in God's light.
Posted by Bern Garcia on April 19, 2021
By Dido Nubla

Dimacs and i worked for quite some time in IBM, he was DOO and i was Marketing Manager for banking and finance. He was a "down to earth" person, action man, always positive and never said NO to an pretensions.

When IBM decided to move to the BPI Family Bank building on Paseo de Roxas, i had the 14th floor for the banking sales and SE group,  Dimacs told me that he wanted to stay on the top floor, which was the 14th. Since he was the boss, he got the best corner room facing Solid Bank, and i got the other corner room facing the Philcom building.  We had a very harmonious relationship. He would come to my room and vice versa for chit chat and he had great words of wisdom. We had long discussions even after office hours.

when i left IBM, after 27 yearsof service, I joined an IBM Business Partner - Right Computer Systems, which is now the oldest IBM Business Partner in the Philippines. Mon treated all partners FAIRLY ......resolved issues equitably among partners and he made sure that the Business Partners maximized their earnings, sometimes, with help from IBM.

At some point in time, Dimacs moved to an ASEAN role in Singapore where he had responsibility for the Business Partners in the region. That was the BEST time to be an IBM BP. Why??? Aside from the business of making money, Dimacs organized Business Partner meetings in Australia where he flew all the ASEAN BP CEOs to Aussie land. He organized Business Partner ASEAN Recognition Events in South Africa's Sun City which included a safari where the Philippine delegation's Land Rover had a flat tire in the middle of lion country.... There was also a unique dinner at "Carnivore BBQ Restaurant" where we ate exotic food such as zebra, elephant, kudu, etc.and also a dinner in the middle of the Great African plains where wild animals roamed. There was also a trip to Barcelona which included bull fights, tapas at Las Ramblas, flamenco dances and tour of the famous Basilica de la Sagrada Familia .....places you rarely visit and the best thing was all these were paid by IBM. How Mon did it, i do not know but it was very much appreciated. To this day, the IBM Business Partners during his time will never forget Mon Dimacs.

Now, fast forward to the most recent years. Dimacs is part of the group of 15 known as the "Big Blue Boys". Members of which includes Manolo Abellada, Nilo Cruz, Manny Dimaculangan, Paul Zaldarriaga, Hory Aycardo, RD Najar, Ricky Banaag, Vic Reyes, Ronnie Latinazo, Mon Jocson, Doy Santos, Beebot Jaramillo, Wilson Go, Dido Nubla, and RYD. This group meets monthly for drinks, food and fellowship.  No business talks. The bill is divided equally except if there is a birthday celebrant for that month, he does not pay. His motto was let's live food best drinks, best company. Normally he brings a bottle of scotch, on top of his share in the bill.

One time, dimacs was the first to arrive. So, he started ordering for everybody without knowing the prices. But we all ate with GUSTO. sarap talaga.  Finally the bill came and we almost fell from our chairs.  Sabi ni Dimacs, gusto ninyo masarap and we all started laughing and started paying our share.

Dimacs was an optimist, with a can do attitude. The group will miss him and his laughter but we will keep a chair for him in our next get together. Rest now my friend, mentor, supporter, colleague, and boss. In behalf of the now "14 Big Blue Boys", Good bye raMOAN. Rest in Peace. Thank you. 
Posted by Muriel Macabuag on April 18, 2021
April 18, 2021
Ramon Dimacali Tribute:
A lot has been said about Ramon Y. Dimacali in these last few days that I do not know if I have anything new to say. So, I say a disclaimer that some of you may have heard the same things said and I beg your indulgence for the repeat. At first it was very hard for me to say anything in the viber groups because I am deeply affected by his death. It seemed unbelievable that he succumbed to the illness even as we were being given daily updates that indicate it was an uphill battle. Ramon was a fighter and when he said he would make it, I thought he had a chance. That being the persuasive salesman that he was, he could sell the idea to God and have a miracle. My daughter, who practices in Makati Med said that the resident doctors attending to him would say that as soon as he would be out of sedation, he would be talking to them as if assuring them he was alive.
I chose three words to describe Ramon and they are: Inspiring, Relational and Compassionate and a Fearless Fighter.
a. Inspiring
• Ramon was an inspiring person but he wasn’t always like that. He was my first manager and his first managerial job was SE manager of the public sector. IBM challenged him to the hilt as he was doing his account SE job for PNB at the same time that he had his first managerial role.
• It was also the first time in a long time since IBM hired women and we were a handful. Masyado daw kaming reklamador. On top of that, he had to manage a team that were mostly his seniors, people who were in IBM longer than him. 
• But in a short period of time, he had us all towing the line and believing in him. But one of his strategies was to separate Georgina and myself. He said the public sector was too small for the two of us or we were too noisy to be kept in one team.
• This is to give you a glimpse that Ramon works hard and he perseveres over the challenges given to him. 
b. Relational and Compassionate
• He was inspiring but not intimidating even though he has a loud voice. 
• He was the type who you could laugh with even if the joke is at his expense. We had a lot of what we call "Dimacalism’s."
• He can relate to people at all levels and he built friendships at all levels. He has boundaries but he built no walls.
• He also values friendships. He is always present at get-togethers when some ex-IBMer’s would come and visit. 
• And even after he was with Federal Phoenix, when we suddenly invite him over to lunch at Eastwood, more often that not, he would join us. "Kaladkarin" is what we call him.
• When Aileen paid tribute to Ramon, the other day, she shared about how Ramon had gone to the wake of her parents and daughter. I too a similar experience. My mother died in 2016, 10 years after I left IBM and maybe 15 years after Ramon had left. He came, paid his respects and stayed until we closed up for the night. Things like this we treasure in our hearts. 
c. Fearless Fighter: 
• He fought for his people. He promoted people even when if others in the management team had doubts. I was HR manager and He was GM and our guiding principle was, we promote them, we have an equal responsibility to make sure they succeed.
• Ramon was the GM when IBM was transitioning to a new organizational structure. In the country, there was confusion about roles, the changing values, the different organizational set up.  He himself was pressured by his own vertical.  And he reassured us when he said, at the end of the day, the people on the ground are who will make the difference. All these new rules and values will be implemented by old leadership who adhered to customer service, respect for the individual and excellence as a way of life.  Thus, he kept morale up and his team intact.
• He fought this disease to the end. We saw his fighting spirit emerge very strongly that we thought he would make it. His doctors say that if you look at him, clinically, he looks like he was recovering but his labs should show otherwise. His affect did not reflect his true condition internally. 
• In the end, he decided when it was time to claim his victory and go home to Mama Mary and Jesus.
• Goodbye Ramon Yap Dimacali. You will be forever missed. Until we meet again in heaven.

To Susan and Kristine, we share in your loss.
Posted by Al Panlilio on April 18, 2021
Rest In Peace Dimacs  Prayers always

Sincerest condolences to Susan, Mikki and family. Gone too soon but we have someone watching over us

To this day, IBM is playing a huge part in my life. My first GM was Ver but in my 2nd Year it was Dimacs na. Thank you
Posted by Amy De Pano on April 18, 2021
Our loss is heaven's gain! We praise God for your life excellently lived, Ramon. Till the very end. We thank you for your friendship and great, inspiring leadership. Our hearts go out to Susan and Kristine and the family. May God's comfort and peace embrace you tight during this very difficult time of grief, Sue and Mikki. Rest now in God's eternal peace, Ramon. To me, you will forever be larger-than-life Mr. Invincible who will be sorely missed. Well done, Boss!! Snappy salute to you!! For sure you will rock heaven like no other in your unique and extra special RYD way. ♥️♥️♥️
Posted by Mini Cruz Hormigos on April 18, 2021
My sincere condolence and prayers to Susan and Mikki. Mon (RYD) was the CGM when I joined IBM. He was an inspiring leader. He was fatherly. But most of all, he was personal. He knew us all by name even until before he left us. I recall him asking me an integrity question in my interview. That to me made all the difference for me to decide to work in IBM. He was a leader who truly lived out our core values. Mon, thank you for your leadership but most of all thank you for your friendship. Even after IBM, you continued to help us in our intiatives. To me personally, you helped me in the Insurance Forum we organized by connecting us to the industry association and agreed to be the key note speaker. You said it was the crossroad of your career as an IT and Insurance Industry Leader.

But what endears you to us the most is that you always reached out to people. In our IBM days, you would eat at the cafeteria and sit with anyone. No one was high or low for you. In gatherings - whether it be a formal event where we invite former IBM CGMs or a casual party for friends, you would be the first to make a conversation and put people at ease. One time I bumped into you at Rockwell, sabi mo “Bakit wala ka sa viber group ng XY IBM?” And right there added me to the group. Even when you were at the hospital, you even responded to my msg. You are a man with a big heart. And so as we say thank you and farewell, I send you off with a prayer - May the gates of heaven open for you. May you rest in God’s eternal embrace. Amen.

Mini Cruz Hormigos
Posted by Bern Garcia on April 17, 2021
Obtained from an FB post

May Ramon rest in peace. His kindness, care and friendship will be remembered forever. Rest in Peace, dear boss.
From Chye N. Chong

Ramon has touched the lives of many IBMers. It’s with a heavy heart that we bid him farewell. Our deepest condolences and prayers are with Ramon’s wife and family.
“I have fought a good fight, I have finished the race. I have kept the faith.” — 2 Timothy 4:7

May his soul Rest In Peace
From Janeth GH Ang

Posted by Mario Renato Navas on April 17, 2021
Dear Mon,

You were the GM of IBM Philippines when I first worked for IBM as legal counsel. You have great passion for the company and it showed how you loved its people and company products.  I saw you marvelled at the "butterfly" keyboard of the early Thinkpads and was full of glee when you demonstrated to me how it worked.  You loved technology. Every time we meet, you'll be like a child getting a new toy and you showed me the new and latest gadget you got and happily demonstrate how it worked. You will then smile and that will be magnetic.  I can't help but smile back. 

I remember when you got an Audi TT and brought it to IBM. You told me that it was a gift from Susan and you were so happy.  You shared the happiness to colleagues by inviting them to be with you and drive around the IBM parking lot.  I heard you invited Jo Mari Mercado and gave him a lift home after work. Of course, some of us will avoid being invited to ride with you just to avoid being called upon riding on a car with such a name.  I laughed at the joke and you laughed too when you heard it.

I also worked with you when we established Asia Pacific College and IBM was the main partner with SM to provide technology education to Filipinos. You were very committed to it and saw through its establishment and operation. You even stayed as a board member of the College after you retired from IBM.  You inspire me with your dedication to help bring quality and meaningful education to Filipinos.

When I think about you, you bring smiles, happy moments, laughter and inspiration.  Thank you Mon for the privilege of meeting you and being part of your life.

Posted by BT Lim on April 16, 2021
Ramon Dimacali was my boss when I was the Service manager for India, SriLanka and Bangladesh (aka South Asia). I fondly called him Lima Kali( rhymes with Dimacali - 5 times in bahasa) - indeed 5 times in generosity, helpfulness, resourcefulness and most of all possesses a huge amount of patience to listen, teach, empathize. It was a pleasure working for him. Most memorable and sad moment was we had to close down IBM Bangladesh. Salute you my dear Boss. RIP.
Posted by Tomas Contreras on April 15, 2021
I am Kulas. When RYD needs help on something tech, like the IBM Simon, he would call on Kulas. Took a while for him to get used to my real name but the moniker is etched in history.
It was a privilege to have worked for a man like RYD. A man whose character abounds with warmth and laughter that instantly makes one at ease.
You will be missed sir, because nobody else can be as cool as you.
Posted by Bern Garcia on April 15, 2021
IBM -Inspired By Mon

Mon wore many hats, he was a friend , a colleague, a boss, a leader, a coach, a mentor, a father, a brother, a driver, a husband and in all of those hats, he was so understanding and had a great big heart.

He navigated IBM thru high tide or low tide making sure that he was on top of the situation at all times. He was a great inspiring leader with a great vision for the company.

Am thanking God for the borrowed life He has shared to us. I am greatly blessed to have worked for him because Mon was greatly respected and was an inspiration to all whose lives he touched.

To Susan n Kristine its not a goodbye but rather a good night and till we meet again.

May God’s peace , comfort and strength embrace you tightly specially during your sad moments.

To Kristine, I wanted to let you know that when you were still studying at St. Scho and you would call him at the office, he instructed me to give him a note and interrupt him during his meetings. He wanted to make sure that he talks to you every time you would call. You were his no 1 priority more than anything else. Be comforted by remembering this. God bless you and May He give you the strength to carry on.❤️
Posted by JS Lin on April 13, 2021
Mon is a caring boss, a trustworthy colleague, and a great friend.
Our paths first crossed in IBM Singapore when he was Director of Operations and I was Business Plans Manager.
The year was 1985, in the midst of Singapore's first ever recession ... oh did we suffer!
Despite my being a rookie in planning, Mon had been patient and emphathetic.
Soon, I trusted him, and he me.
Together, we learnt to survive in the sinking economy, and perfected the art of telling bad news positively ... oh did we have fun!
Afterwards, we kept in touch and became friends.
Years later, at one low point in my IBM career, I ran into Mon and, after a casual conversation, he went out of the way to arrange a senior executive session which escalated my spirits.
All these years, I've always been grateful of his friendship.
In a dog-eat-dog world, it's difficult to find someone like Mon who is not only successful in career but also loved by people around him.
It was devastating to learn of Mon's parting, though he will always live in my memories.
Sige mauna na ako, Mon, and have fun wherever you are!
< LIN, Jinn Sin (Singapore) >
Posted by Sony Fajardo on April 12, 2021
Mon was a dear friend whom I will miss. He was such a caring and thoughtful person that when I had cancer in 1993, he would drop by Makati Med with Vera to visit me. He even brought a cake from Sugarhouse. When I went back to work, he would every now and then pass by our office in Personnel to ask how I am.

After I retired from IBM, I would see him in Rockwell or in the IBM reunions. He never fails to ask how I am esp my health. I was happy when I joined another group of IBMers who would have get togethers once In awhile. I would always hitch with someone to go to the venue and back to our meeting place. Mon almost always offers his car to be our school bus. Of course, Mon being Mon, there was never a dull moment during the trip. He really had a big and generous heart.

Ay naku Mon, why did you have to leave so soon? They say that God will take you when you have reached the full moon of your life. You have lived a full life and have touched so many lives that your memory and legacy will linger on with us always. Godspeed Mon and rest in God’s eternal embrace.

My heartfelt sympathies to Susan and Mikki. Thank you for sharing Mon with us.
Posted by Nuen Foo on April 12, 2021
I did not have the privilege to work directly under you but you had made deep impression on me, a campus joinee from Singapore with your warmth, friendliness and humor as the MD of IBM Philippines.

O Lord, let perpetual light shine upon Ramon.

Posted by Long Inton on April 12, 2021
It was one of my first days in IBM, fresh out of college, a fellow new hire and I were waiting for the lift when it opened and startled we were when we saw RYD inside the lift beaming with a smile, holding the door, and encouraging us to get on. Not much choice but to do so, we hesitatingly got on and before the lift doors closed, my colleague and I greeted him "Good afternoon Sir" softly, almost in unison. In classic RYD fashion, he said, “Call me Mon please, no Sirs nor Mams here in IBM.” He politely asks for our names and how long we have been with IBM. Once we reached the Ground Floor of the Paseo Building, he lets us out and before he moved seemingly towards the direction to the right which was most likely the parking lot, he said “Have a good day” uttering our names and then turned to walk away. Almost instantaneously, we said, “See you later Mon!” and that’s when he turned back, thumbs up and with a big smile said “Now, that’s more like it!”

And that was how I met Mon and how I was introduced to one of IBM’s principles respect for the individual. This is one of the many reasons why I’m still with IBM a quarter century later.

Thank you Mon for the time and support you generously gave to the IBM family as well as the community. The amount of people you have touched in your lifetime is testament of who you were as a champion human being. You will be missed fondly. May the angels lead you to paradise. Rest in peace Mon!

Sincerest condolences to Susan, Mikki, and the rest of the family.
Posted by Cor Tuvilla-Suarez on April 12, 2021
Dear Ramon,                                                                            
You and I lived parallel lives. I first met you in the early 1990s in a PMAP national conference held in Baguio, where I was tasked to moderate a plenary discussion among 4 CEOs, and prepare a compelling summary of key take-aways. I scribbled notes on the talks of the first 3 CEOs… and was confident that a closely-knit message would soon emerge... until you gave your talk. You were all over the place, which made integration impossible. With the clock ticking, I quickly approached you to ask which thought you  would want me to highlight, to which you replied, “whatever makes good sense.” As early as then, I should have known that you were in a category of your own.                                                            I finally joined IBM in 2008, after regretfully deciding otherwise in 1982, when my brother Raymund Tuvilla was still there. I was treated to your regular presence in the gathering of IBM retirees as well as special company events, where your talks were a consistent hit --- insightful, inspiring, and, most of all, entertaining.                                                                                      It was, however, from the eulogies delivered during the 3-day celebration of your life that I got to know you best. The experience was as personal as it could get, for as it turned-out, I personally knew 9 of the 12 people your wife, Susan, had chosen to deliver eulogies. My friends from college, church, Ayala, and IBM communities gave me the chance to appreciate you better, albeit vicariously. I discovered that you wove a tapestry of brilliance, passion, leadership, and sincere care for people that covered every facet of your professional and personal life....and highlighted with the colorful thread of laughter.                                                            I am sad that our parallel lives converged at this time; yet happy that you are now in the place reserved for those who exhausted themselves for God’s purposes. Thank you, Ramon, for your shining example of a meaningful life… lived in the service of others. Contrary to what they say, there is a forever --- your personal legacy! 
Posted by Paul Thai on April 11, 2021

You have left your legacy with the IBMers. You certainly have made an impression on me with my short stint in IBM Philippines more then 20 years ago. In fact, IBM Philippines was one of my most memorable post in IBM and that is because of the colleagues and friends that welcome me and my family with open arms and treated us like part of your extended family. I think you have created that culture for many of us to follow and I want to thank you whole heartedly for being a great IBM leader with passion for the business and compassion for the people. With all that you have contributed and accomplished please rest in peace. You will forever be remembered by many of your fellow IBMers.

Paul Thai and family.
Posted by Connie Sanin-Ignacio on April 11, 2021
Vaya con Dios, Ramon!

Ramon was the Country General Manager of IBM when I joined the company. I remembered being interviewed by him right on his birthday and his office was filled with cakes, bottles of wine, and gifts. I was nervous, I did not expect to be interviewed by the GM himself considering I was just an early professional hire. But Mon was kind and pleasant, and I felt his sincerity as a person. We ended up talking about the value of education and it felt more like an exchange of ideas than a job interview. When I finally joined IBM a month later and bumped into him, I was surprised and humbled that he remembered my name. 

I have many more encounters with Mon before he left IBM... the most memorable ones were in Ria Bintan and Singapore where a large group of us went for a recognition event. There I felt Mon’s personal concern for us, his fatherly care... and that is how I will remember him, aside of course from being a great leader.

Thank you, Dimacs for your leadership, great example, and care. You will always be remembered with respect and admiration. You are one of my IBM idols! We entrust you to our Lord... may He grant you eternal rest.

My condolences and prayers for Susan, Christine, and the rest of the bereaved family.

Posted by Mm Sun on April 11, 2021
I have been out of IBM for almost 15 years but thankfully I have kept my IBM friends because they are like family. I "grew up" in IBM as it was my first job and I worked for them for almost 20 years in total. I remember when Mon became our GM, I told him - Mon, I was thinking of resigning but because you are our new GM, I decided to stay. It was a sincere comment because the company was not doing well and I was not so happy with how things were being run then but I trusted Ramon would be able to lead us to better times. On a personal level, I remember a time when we were going home from one of our drinking parties. In other words, I was slightly ;) inebriated. While driving home, I was crossing the wide EDSA with my karagkarag old volkswagen. The traffic light turned yellow and instead of slowing down to stop, I floored the gas to beat the light! Little did I know that Mon was behind me and he was horrified with what he saw. Next time I saw him, he told me that he saw what I did and told me, "Miren, wag mo na gagawin yon ha?!" Another time, Lisa G. reminded me that we were in HK. We were a big group of almost 10. I told Mon that I knew of a place that served delicious peking duck. Spring Deer! There was no google maps then and I couldn't check the exact address when we were already out. We ended up going round and round by foot (!) because I was lost. I am sure if it was only me, the others would have told me to quit it. But Mon was so supportive. Tawa lang ng tawa when we were already so tired and hungry. Ang bait mo Mon. I also remember our parties at your place. Food would be overflowing but I especially remember the kilos of raclette that you would proudly serve us. Also you were happy to feed us often. Of course there are still a lot of anecdotes about Ramon that we will continue to talk about for years to come as we reminisce about him. Ramon - mabait, mapagbigay at maalalahanin. Maraming Salamat. Rest In Peace and receive God's rewards.
My heartfelt condolences to Susan and Kristine. We all know how much he loved you. Thank you for sharing him with us. May your sorrows be assuaged by the love and gratitude that we all have for knowing Ramon. I only have gratitude and panghihinayang for how he went but I guess God said, "Ramon, you have done a lot in your life, I now want you back." God bless always. Hugs and prayers.
Posted by Alma Peralta on April 11, 2021
Mon - A True Family Man

"How is your Dad doing Alma?" Mon inquired as our meeting started, knowing my Dad then was in and out of the hospital. He emphasized to me that it was my opportunity then to care for my parents, especially at their age when medical challenges were expected to happen, which is when they need us the most. He would take the time to talk about how the family is doing.

This is what made Mon markedly different from most IBM managers. He genuinely cared about you, not just as an employee, but as an individual, as a daughter, as a spouse, and as a mother to your children. 

And he "walked the talk" - back then he had his father under his care, and lived with him in his twilight years. I recall his father spoke during his retirement party. While there were a number of us who shared our insights of how great a leader and how amazing an individual Mon is, what stood out to me was how his Dad shared his anecdotes of Mon, who was the 4th in the brood (?).

Mon's father reflected on how Mon showed responsibility at a young age, but tenderly spoke of how Mon had taken care of him, and how Mon's love for family had been evident in their relationship, as well as in how Mon had shown love as husband to Susan, and as father to Christine. 

Mon stood as proxy Ninong for Nonoy Amoranto, when Dod and I wed in June 1987. Mon also attended our Silver Wedding Anniversary in June 2012. Dod then said he was our adopted Ninong, so gracious in his ways of relating to us. 

Many of us in IBM had been inspired by Mon as a leader, and as an amazing individual who genuinely cared for people, as much as he cared for business results. Some of us he worked with eventually became part of a privileged circle of friends he had genuine interest in mentoring, and in staying in touch with through the years. 

We will surely miss Mon, his smiling countenance, happy disposition and care. I saw in the Gallery some photos of the last get together we had in June 2019 at home - such a wonderful time spent with IBM friends.

No one will miss Mon more than you - Susan and Christine. 

May the Lord be the source of your comfort and strength during this difficult time. May the treasure trove of memories of times he spent with you sustain you, and the love he had for you - be your source of joy.

May the thought that Mon touched so many lives, and made a true difference professionally and personally - among so many of us -
be your reason to celebrate and commemorate his life well lived. 

Posted by Alma Peralta on April 11, 2021

Mon - A True IBM Leader

"We will get back to you on that 'name of regional GM withheld' ". - was Mon's response. Mon and I (as then Country GM and CFO) were at the regional review of the plan/outlook for the current year. IBMP had a record year prior, needless to say it was a difficult review as the numbers did not reflect projected growth.

There was a lot of pounding on the table, and Mon could not clear one chart without criticism and nasty comments. This was despite the fact that we had so diligently prepared for this, with Mon working with the country leaders on the roadmap to make up for the decline in topline revenue and profit. He himself worked on and did the final edits of the charts before we flew to Singapore. While the elements of the plan were aligned with the regional vertical leaders, none of them spoke when questions were hurled at Mon, specific to their business units. I tried to speak and explain from a financial perspective how we would bridge the gap on the numbers through other means below the profit line, but that did not matter - revenue and profit were projected to be declining from the year before.

Working with Mon directly gave me windows of opportunity to know him as a person, and how a true professional he was - driving the business, balanced with the sense of reality, and caring for those he worked with. 

That specific business review meeting though - when he responded very calmly to the many questions, without any real palpable support from anyone of the vertical leaders in a room of 20 people, or so, my absolute respect and admiration for him as a true IBM leader was solidified. He maintained his composure and respectfully gave responses, he uttered no defensive or offensive word. 

It was such a terrible review conducted, I felt so bad for Mon in how he was treated - after the presentation I ran to the ladies room and cried. I rejoined the group, seeing Mon talking to some of the regional vertical leaders, as if nothing of the sort of proceedings happened in the past hour or so. 

During our debrief, I told Mon I admired him for how he handled the very unpleasant review. I told him, if it was me (and thank God it was not me :-) ) , I would have probably told the regional GM off. 

Mon's response was that this was the reality of running the business, and that you should expect that regional leaders would do their job of pushing for results where the outlook is not where they hoped it would be. I said that I understand all that, but the approach had been disrespectful, unprofessional. That specific aspect - Mon attributed to the personality of the incumbent regional head "Well Alma, that's 'name of regional GM withheld' for us." 

He then stated "But then, we do have work to do" and we went back to scrubbing the numbers so we could prepare an updated response on the outlook.  Yes, the review was difficult, yet Mon knew how to handle the situation, and remained focused on the required outcome that the country team needed to work on further. 

During our subsequent discussions with the country leaders on the required comeback, Mon maintained a very positive tone, never criticizing the regional leadership - even while he smilingly considered what had transpired during the business review, yet never losing focus. 

Now, that is Mon for you!!!  

I consider myself blessed for having had the privilege of working with, and knowing you Mon! 

Posted by chestnut andaya on April 11, 2021
It’s been 2 days since Mon has left us it's still hard to accept that he has gone ahead. My last exchanges with him were on March 17 when he was at the MMC ER. He told me of their struggles to get into any hospital and he was being offered to stay in an ambulance in the meantime. But his words “but wawa naman those who will need it”. That is the selfless Mon that we know.  And to show off his “look”, he sent me a selfie using a tube to the nose from a high flow machine to help with his breathing. Told him na parang naka CPAP Lang siya.  His last message to me were “I will recover!” That’s the Ramon that we know of, full of fighting spirit until the very end.

Mon is more than a mentor, boss and friend to me.  He and Susan have become good friends with my parents and siblings and have been part of our family celebrations. He and my mom became text buddies for jokes.

Mon, you will be sorely missed.  We thank the good Lord for sharing you with us, You who have taught us so many things in life.  RIP. 
Posted by Gigi Bunch on April 10, 2021
It’s hard to think about Mon and not be happy. I think of him and I smile, I chuckle. I remember how dapper he always was, how well dressed and put together. Not because he was haughty or a show off. But he loved the fine things in life. When he said he was wearing Espray... we who heard it were trying to contain our laughter and giggles. We gently told him it’s Esprit silent “t”. And he said “ah, ganoon ba!” And he continued laughing with us. How sweet and how humble a man he was; but also how self-confident that he could laugh at himself. Jokingly we asked him if he had a Philippe Patek watch. Ah! He winked and said, “It’s Patek Philippe.” You can’t help but love this man!
When I think of Mon, my breath catches and my heart constricts also and tears well in my eyes. He was always there whenever you need him. On April 15th 2008 my brother died so I flew from the States for his funeral. My return flight from Manila was at 6:00 which I mistakenly thought 6pm. Naturally the flight left at 6am and I was at the airport that afternoon desperately trying to rebook for the following day. Of course - stand-by - was the best PAL could do for me. The closest person I could think of was Mon at Rockwell. Embarrassed to the hilt at my predicament and more embarrassed for inconveniencing Mon, he was his usual jolly self reassuring me all will be well, he would love the company and it was not an intrusion at all. He sent his driver to fetch me, put me up for the night in his home, fed me so much for dinner, and insisted I bring home several packages of longganiza.
As sad and forlorn as I was for my brother’s death, Mon was that ray of positivity and hope. How I appreciate his compassion, his caring and generosity. And ever the optimist, Mon said good bye to me that night as he was sure the driver would come back empty- handed in the morning because I would make that 6am flight.
There’s more sunshine and light in heaven now with Mon there, more laughter and grace. I miss my dear old friend and boss already.

But for sure, Susan and Mikki, you will continue to feel his love and devotion. Mon will definitely continue caring for you, keeping you safe and will always be there for you. May God bless you with peace and comfort. His mercy and love is everlasting!

With deepest sympathies,
Agoo Ebrada-Bunch

Posted by Ricardo Romulo on April 10, 2021
I am so sorry to learn of Ramon’s death. Over many years, I work with Mon first at IBM and then at Zuellig. He became not only a client but a trusted and much respected friend.

Please except my deepest sympathy for your irrepressible loss and my prayers for the eternal repose of his soul.

Dick Romulo
Posted by Peena Yeo on April 10, 2021
‘Many people will walk in & out of your life but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart’ (Eleanor Roosevelt’s wisdom)
An embodiment of Mon to me.
My first encounter : Knowing that computers will rule the world, from banking I applied with IBM. Dimacs was a key decision maker & with nil knowledge of bits & bytes, I was on tenterhooks. Halfway through he asked what I knew about hardware. Classic: ahhh, a store where one can buy the screws & bolts, etc. Silence. He carried on nonchalant. And my IBM career started; the most enjoyable career in my life.
Friendship pervades over the years extending to my husband & my 2 sons (who travelled to Manila frequently for their regional jobs...Tito Mon was there). IBM Singapore.. we worked together again. T’was fun for him going thru the nuances here. & laughter after laughter for me

Susan & Mikki, Nigel & I fondly remember your ‘Singapore days’. May peace prevail in your hearts as you move on.

When I count my blessings, I count meeting Mon twice.
Posted by Lisa Guanio on April 10, 2021
Posted on behalf of Andrew Rutter, ex IGF Asia Pacific

Ramon was a man full of life and vibrancy. Condolences to all of his dear friends and family and prayers for Ramon from here in Adelaide.

Andrew Rutter
Posted by Anna Roqueza on April 10, 2021
Posted in behalf of Johnny Muñoz

My Deepest Condolences to Susan and family. Ramon was a good man who continued to take care of us retired IBMers. Most recently, together with the othe CGM’s of IBM, he gave us gift bags when the first lock down was declared. Thank you Ramon for your kindness and for never forgetting us. Rest In Peace in our Lords Embrace.

Johnny Muñoz
Posted by Anna Roqueza on April 10, 2021
Dear Susan and Kristine.

My deepest condolences to you both on the passing of Ramon. 
I pray that Mon rests in our Lords loving embrace. He has touched so many lives with his generosity and friendliness. As my boss, I always wondered where he got all the energy to do so much. For me, he will always be that boss, a friend, who saw something in me, that even I did not know I was capable of. Truly the sign of a great Leader.

I will pray for you both, For strength to cope during this difficult time at the loss of your husband and father. Although he was a big boss everywhere he went, he always spoke of you both fondly and with so much pride. May Mama Mary help you both today and always. 

Finally to Ramon, thank you for being my mentor, my boss and my friend! A Man larger then life. Thanks for being an inspiration to me and to others. God speed!
Posted by Phil Ondaatje on April 10, 2021
Rest in peace Mon - it was a pleasure knowing you during my time in Manila. My condolences to the Dimacali family and all at Federal Phoenixn
Posted by Benjie Avergonzado on April 10, 2021
Dear Sir Mon,

Maraming salamat sa malaking tiwala na binigay mo sakin noon, Kahit ako ay isang manggagawa na under IBM RESO Department bilang isang telephone technician, nong nakikala kita dahil sa pag check ko sa inyong telephone connection sa inyong office at doon nag simula ang ating pagkakaibigan.

Sir Mon, hindi ko inaasahan noon na pati sainyong sariling tahanan at sa mga condo unit ninyo ay ilang ulit akong nakarating upang gawin ang linya ng telephone na ikaw mismo ang kasama, na pinagdadrive mo pa ako hanggang makarating sa inyong tahanan at sa inyong condo, nilalakasan ko nalang ang loob ko habang nag uusap po tayo habang bumabyahi tayo ilang oras din ang ating kwentuhan habang nasa loob ng inyong sasakyan, Pakiramdam ko noon saya at takot sa twing tayo ay magkasama na magkamali ako ng sagot sa ating kwentohan pero dahil sa sinabi nyo sakin na ituring kitang kaibigan kahit sa loob o labas ng IBM office dun napanatag ang kalooban ko sa inyo sir, isa sa hindi ko makalimutan pagkababa ko po ng sasakyan ninyo ay agad akong nag umpisa sa pinapagawa po ninyo sa inyong tahanan pero ang sabi po ninyo magpahinga muna ako at nililibot nyo ako sa inyong pamamahay at loob ng subdivision ninyo, at ng ako ay nag umpisang mag layout ng telephone cable from Ground floor to 2nd floor sa inyong bahay nagawa pa ninyo akong tulungan na alam ko namang kaya ko yung gawaing iyon. Sir Maraming Salamat sa inyong kabutihan loob. At nag luto pa po kayo ng napakasarap na halo halong seafoods na noon ko lang natikman. Hindi lang kayo magaling na leader kundi magaling din kayo pagdating sa pamamahay at sa Pamilya po ninyo, kita ko po that time kung pano nyo alagaan ang inyong ama na hirap ng makalakad dun po saludo ako sainyo sir, noong kakain na pinaghain nyo pa ako at sinabayan sa pagkain gulat po ako saisip ko si sir napaka accommodating na tao. At ng hnd natin maubus yung niluto ninyo pina take out nyo pa sakin sa pag uwi ko, at ang hnd ko makalimutan ay hinatid nyo pa ako pag-uwi kung saan ako nakatira sa Maricaban Pasay city kahit sa maliit na eskinita pinasok po natin upang mahatid nyo ako sa bahay, Sa totoo lang Sir Mon first time ko pong makasakay ng Mercedes benz, at ikaw pa po ang dadrive Noon sir, pag hinahanap nyo po ako kay Ms Bern asan si Bunso pakisabi maghanda sya ipaalam mo sya sa manager nya para isama ko sya sa bahay yan ang mga words po ninyo noon pag kelangan nyo po ako, ang sarap lang alalahanin na merong isang leader na ganun po ang turing sa katulad ko. Maraming salamat sa taon na pinagsamahan natin sa IBM at sa mga naitulung nyo po sakin isa ka sa mga naging inspiration ko upang pagbutihin pa lalo ang aking trabaho.

Sir Mon, alam ko pong kasama nyo na po si papa Jesus ngayun bilang kaibigan nyo po ako gabayan nyo na din po kami. Amen 

May you Rest in Peace Sir Mon,

Posted by Ruben Umali on April 10, 2021
Along with 17 other trainees, Ramon and I joined IBM in May 1969 and participated in the year-long series of training programs to prepare us for our eventual positions as IBM professionals. Ramon’s performance in this program was not short of excellent. We knew then that he was one of those who would advance to higher positions in the organization. And he did just that.
Rest in peace Mon. Your earthly mission may be over, but you will be remembered well.
Posted by AiTee Ang on April 10, 2021
Mon, you always had a warm heart and a great sense of humor. You are a great role model for so many of us .
Posted by Ricky Lacson on April 10, 2021
My sincere condolences to Susan, Mikki and the Dimacali family on the loss of a great man.

Mon, you were an excellent mentor during our IBM days. You have shown what true leadership is in inspiring us with your confidence in the face of adversity, encouraging each of us to excel, and being a humble leader in letting your teams shine.

I was glad that even after IBM, you were still the generous Mon who would gamely find a way to make our reunions a reality, who had an inquisitive mind and a zest for life, and who continued to inspire us.

Thank you for everything, Mon. We will miss you, but we will also remember you fondly.
Posted by Eric Cruz on April 10, 2021
My fondest memory of Mon started as a horrific experience. This is an anecdote I often tell IBM friends. Mon was my seventh interviewer when I was applying for a Project Manager post in IBM for the newly formed SI/AD group back in 1991. After a very tough technical interview with Hermie L. Oliveros (HLO) and a few other managers, I was down to my last two.

Mon was the DOO then and I remember entering his room and being greeted by a man who had an imposing presence and a distinct smile in his eyes. His first sentence was a warm “Hello Eric. I understand you are applying for the PM position.” “Yes, Mr. Dimacali, that’s right!” was my confident reply. I was not really totally familiar with the PM role and at Intel Phils. where I used to work we didn’t have that position then. PM was a relatively new IT position, like Services was a new IT offering in the early 90’s. But heck, I got this far, survived HLO, so I thought I can be confident, if not a bit cocky. 

“Can you tell me what PERT-CPM is?” ..... PERT What?? My brain was racing to recall any of the many acronyms I encountered at Intel or in school back in UP. Zero, blank! I was thinking of talking my way out of this black pit I was suddenly thrown into by the not-so-nice anymore Mr. Dimacali. But I can still remember all the sweat I lost from the HLO interview and I thought I would surely get dehydrated from this one and might collapse right where I was seated.

“Sorry Sir, I don’t know what PERT-CPM is.” was what I, now meekly, mustered to say. I was prepared to be thrown out of the room or get berated with that booming voice of RYD, lectured on what those acronyms were. But Mon just kept his expression on his face. I couldn’t figure out if his ever-smiling eyes were saying “Gotcha!” or “That’s alright son”. He moved on to his next questions none of which I could even recall now. To me it was a PERT-CPM interview and I was sure doomed!

Days after, to my eternal delight and surprise, I got a call for an interview with then Country GM Ver Pena. I spent the next 21 years of my corporate life in IBM. As fate would have it, my first mancom post was given by Country GM RYD, the man I thought doomed my IBM chances forever! Years later, Mon would continue be present in my post IBM life, patronizing our family business and coffee products and even endorsing us to friends and family. He visited our coffee shop and office several times, the last one we will forever cherish, on Nov. 21, 2020 with other IBM friends.

That was the RYD I was privileged to know. He would embrace you not for what you know or what you say, certainly not for what you have but for who you really are. (Well, maybe for how you look or what you wear as RLJ would say?) He is much beloved not just because he is generous, intelligent, energetic and witty but because he is the same Mon to all, caring, authentic and a true friend, manager and mentor.

Goodbye Mon for now. Keep the coffee cup warm up there while we struggle on down here to be a fraction of the man you were. I may already be rusty on the project evaluation techniques (yes, I eventually learned them) but I will never forget the essential critical paths I needed to take. I learned them watching you. Thank you for everything.
Posted by Nanette Roldan on April 10, 2021

My first few years in IBM, I had the opportunity to work with you as Marketing Support when you were still the DOO and then later on as Sales Ops when you were the CGM. Your energy and positivity is something that will always keep the team going no matter in what situation we are in. After you retired from IBM, you still never fail to keep in touch. Your birthday greetings mean a lot. 
Thank you Mon for being an inspiration. You have touched so many lives and I am one of them. Rest well, rest in peace. You will always be in my prayers. With so much respect and admiration ... Nanette
Posted by Swanie Tolentino on April 9, 2021
I am very saddened to hear about your passing. I remember the first day I met you when I joined IBM fresh from college. You were very kind, patient, and genuinely interested in helping me and many others grow professionally and personally. I’ve always admired your boundless energy and positivity about you. And that smile!
I am forever grateful that I was able to get to know you. 
Posted by Eddie Jocson on April 9, 2021
I first met Mon Dimacali while I was a rookie market analyst at IBM. My boss the kind Ramon Caballa suggested to make available whatever data we had and assist with RYD’s presentation foils. The IBM personal computer was just to be announced and RYD wanted a foil that would show the PC XT bursting out. With the limited time to prepare I returned to RYD without his PC bursting out foil. Just couldn’t find such image. Then he smiled and punched a hole through a piece of bond paper and positioned a cutout of a PC in front. He then asked me to create this as an acetate on the photocopier. His eyes twinkled when he presented this like a boy finding a toy.
I consulted RYD about leaving IBM in 1998 to lead a GEIS initiative in partnership with SGS and the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) to setup a system at the Bu of Customs which eventually became the Super Green Lane, one of the first UN/EDIFACT paperless transaction in a Philippine government institution. I was hesitant to put 16 years with IBM on the line for this. He was very interested, and encouraged me. Two years after the project went live it was sidelined by the new political dispensation. I lamented about this with RYD. It was the last time I saw him. He tapped my back congratulating me for a job well done. Puzzled I asked him why is he congratulating me while I am about to lose my job. He said, “Sometimes there are tasks that we have to do which we may not see the fruits now or even in our lifetime. I knew you could make this happen.” I was not happy then but I was at peace. After migrating to North America I rejoined IBM in Canada for 7 more years. Thank you, Mr. Dimacali.
Posted by Dominic Medenilla on April 10, 2021
Truly a great and inspiring leader, his legacy will live long in the people he has touched.

I was blessed to have RYD as my hiring GM in IBM in my first job right after college. He is still my gold standard of a leader. He is the epitome of how one can be command respect, be firm and authoritative, but also be approachable and empathetic.

I have 2 fond memories of him in IBM -one when he lovingly talked about his family during a company gathering, clearly showing what was most important to him — and the other was when he joyfully danced “Mmmbop” with the rest of his ManCom during a Christmas party - to celebrate the season and be one with his IBM family.

Rest in Peace, RYD,
Posted by Hoon Meng Ong on April 10, 2021
I am saddened to hear of Ramon's passing. I last saw Ramon 2 years ago when I visited Manila. He was friendly, warm and full of passion talking about the activities he was working on. This is the Ramon I know and the memory I will keep of him. Ramon - may you rest in peace and may His light shine upon you eternally.
Posted by Esca Andrea on April 10, 2021
Joining the early morning prayer date on April 9 with XY-IBMers a tad late made my heart sink when I heard it was being offered for the repose of your soul. But I guess it was time. God wanted you back. He only lent you to us so you can perform your magic on us big or small.

I fondly remember back in the day when managing by walking was fashionable, you chanced upon me working and my kids were also busy playing behind me on the office floor. Imagine my horror to see you, the big boss, with other big bosses, and the sigh of relief when you said with a genuine smile (and a sense of pride) “this is proof that IBM is a child friendly organization”. . With a leader like that I knew I was in the right place. Thank you Dimacs, RYD, Mon, Sir for taking good care of us. Rest in peace.

My sincerest condolences to the family. May God’s warm embrace help you during this time of grief.

Andrea Escalona (batch ‘91)
Posted by CK Chan on April 10, 2021
Dear Ramon,
Rest In Peace my friend. You will always be remembered as a compassionate and witty man who did not hesitate to help out or defend anyone who needed it. I have very fond memories of our interactions throughout the years we worked together.
Posted by Doy Santos on April 9, 2021
Mon, I was truly disappointed and shocked to hear about you being in the ICU due to Covid-19. We kept praying that you would recover and we were quite hopeful that you would indeed do so. I can't believe how someone as energetic as you would suddenly and so swiftly depart. I remember you being as fresh as you were throughout the day whether it was for meetings very early in the morning or even late at night when a lot of us would be ready to go and rest except you. You were always very dynamic and so full of life and it truly is unimaginable and difficult to accept that you are gone. I'm so very glad that we had an opportunity on March 10 2020 to have had dinner with you together with the other Big Blue Boys but I never thought that it would be the last time I would ever see you in person. Travel well in eternal bliss Mon.
Posted by Muriel Macabuag on April 10, 2021
Dimacs was my first manager in IBM, he was also mentor and a friend and sometimes a partner in crime. He had a knack of being a friend to everyone despite his high rank in the organization. He built relationships and kept them even when he was no longer in IBM. 
He was full of ideas, very energetic and he inspired us all to perform.
And I remember how much a fighter he was when the IBM organization changed to a vertical organization and the leadership changed. He kept the old IBM values intact and he was one of the reason that most of us stayed during that transition period.
Mon, I am very sad that you have moved out of this world and on to the next. I cannot imagine the informal get-togethers without you. Sino na ang magdadala ng lechon sa Picked? ...... I feel somehow, the light has become a bit dimmer. 
My "bilin" - don't cause a riot in heaven. 
Posted by Mariels Almeda Winhoffer on April 9, 2021
Dear Mon,

My years back in Manila were richer because of you! I met you during my first month as IBM Philippine Pres as you welcomed me along with all the amazing IBM Philippine Presidents. You encouraged me with my lofty aspiration for the country — and you continued to set the stage and bar on what it means to be beloved not only as a leader but as an amazing human being. You will be missed and your life and memories celebrated amongst many of us who can only smile when they hear your name uttered...because like many, you’ve left a memorable mark in my life which I know I am better for! Always, Mariels
Posted by Wilson Go on April 10, 2021
Ramon will always be remembered with affection, respect, and admiration! His contribution to society and industry goes beyond his own time with us, it extends through the leaders of enterprises that he has mentored... Many successful careers were nurtured and guided by him! He had graciously and quietly supported efforts to alleviate poverty through education!

Ramon had on many occasions stuck his neck out for his subordinates, he is not one to throw another under the bus to save his own behind. One can always count on Ramon to have your back. This is a testimony of his integrity and being principled. I have personally experienced and benefitted from his care and looking after.

Ramon is one Boss I've had in my career that I proudly acknowledge as my Superior, because he just is that much better than I am and perhaps ever will. Through 36+ years, our relationship has evolved from colleague, mentor, counsellor, and advisor, but always overlayed with friendship... I always accorded him with respect because he is my senior, not due to age, but recognizing "marami pa akong kakainin"...

Ramon has left a huge elegant branded confident pious void in all of us! There will be a big empty seat in our next get together! We will miss his booming yet gentle voice, his wit, his creativity, his warm smile, his affection...

Mon, thank you for enriching our lives!
Posted by Bernadette Nacario on April 9, 2021
Dear Mon,

We never had the chance to work together in IBM because when I joined, that was the time that you left already. However, we met in several IBM events where you spent time to know me and do pep talks with me. When I left IBM, you never failed to congratulate me each time I move to another company. I will also not forget the short talks whenever we bumped into each other in Rockwell. Thank you for your kindness, your guidance and for being an inspiring leader.

We lost one great leader in the industry. You will be missed. Rest now and enjoy the everlasting life.

Deepest condolences to the bereaved family.
Posted by Dido Nubla on April 9, 2021
RYD will be missed specially by the group of 15 xIBM , known as Big Blue Boys, who meets every month for drinks, dinner and kuwentuhan. The cost is split except any birthday celebrant of that month. As usual, Mon would bring a bottle of scotch. In the next get together, after the pandemic, we will reserve a seat for him. Rest In Peace RYD
Posted by Paul Zaldarriaga on April 9, 2021
i have learned so many things from, mon, about career and about life. but one profound lesson stands out. once you have set your sight on your dream and source of happiness, you must pursue it with a passion and be fully invested in it. there is no room for compromises and hesitation. 

thank you for bringing me under your wing and for making me feel a part of your team and family. i am better and am so grateful for it.
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