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Shared by Elizabeth Oskolkoff on March 2, 2012
I was laying down with Briana, she was crying for you. I told her you are with her always! She asked how? I told her, "you know how the wind blows and you can feel it? She said yes.Than that's how you know when she's around, you can't see her, but you can feel her, like the wind. I love you sooo much my gurl, GURL! And I miss you every minute of the day! See you soon. And when I mean soon, it could be tomorrow or fifty years from now, that's how fast life goes. It seems like yesterday we just got off the phone, always ending with I love you, because its that important! I love you always and forever. Love, Mommy.

The last night.

Shared by Amber Self on March 2, 2011

I remember the last night i spent with you. Mom had finally let you come over after not being able to see you for a while. We stayed up late and had a blast. The next day my sisters girls came over and we played with them. I still have the picture of me and you with the girls on our shoulders. It breaks my sisters heart to see that picture because the girls and i loved you so much. The girls still constantly talk about you. saying "when are we going to see Rylene again?" it makes me so sad because they dont understand that your gone. i cant tell them. they dont understand the concept of death. i dont either. Why do our loved ones have to die? its just not fair. later that day we went to melissas house for her birthday party. it was so fun.we chased people arround with squirt guns :) we had a hula hooping contest you won of course. you always beet me. :) we ate smoors and held the bunnies. after the party we went back to my house and spent our last night together. i remember that night like it was yesterday. i remember dancing to LOL smiley face, Like its her birthday, and solja boy. you always helped me when i needed you. even if you where buisy you would say something to make me smile or laugh. and when i was arround you i couldnt help but smile. i remember the day i met you. you where sitting on the soccor feild at the school, alone. i walked over and itroduced myself. in five minutes we where playing together and running arround. we had a blast. i wish you where still here.  i wish we could replay that day. i wish we could go back to when we where little and didnt worry about boys and high school drama. i wish you where still here to help me through this. i love you Rylene so much. we had plans to get back at someone this last year. we never got to.

Ill see you soon BooBear<3

Love you.


Shared by Cole McCubbins on February 28, 2011


Everyday I would walk down the hallways and you would always hug me.

I barely got to know you before you left.

Everyday you would brighten everyone up with your beautiful smile.

Everyday you would make anyone who was sad suddenly happy.

Everyday a wonderful angel would walk right down the hallways.

Everyday you are loved.

Everyday I miss you.


Shared by Kayla Heinrich on November 23, 2010

.. Jairra and Rylene were talkn at her locker between classes.. I wuz talkn to Jonathan who's locker iz next to hers.. I turned around and saw a picture of an ice cream sandwich and said "mhh that looks good!" they looked at me like I wuz crazy!! turned out they were talkn about the picture of vagisill cream and thought I wuz talkn about that!! lol :)


Talking to the Moon

Shared by Zak McMahon on November 12, 2010

I remember the day like it was yesterday. i still hold the picture and its in my wallet as i write this. I was a sunny day in alaska rylene and i had meet in town and she left her friends to go for a walk with me to talk about something. We went to the beach and walked in the water. we were walking in water up to are ankles for about 10 mins when Rylene went to turn around cause i was walking slower than her thinking. When she fell in i dont know how and i never will but she just fell and was cover in water. i bent down to pick her up in my arms like a baby and then i fell so we were both soaking wet. And instead of getting out of the water we just sit there. that's when i told her i was moving she was kinda up set and i said if you want me to leave you alone i will. she said no and we went up on the beach and sit on a log and talked for what seemed like hours. it kinda got dark and you could see the moon and i asked rylene have you ever talked to the moon. and to my suprise she said "YES"!!! i asked what do you talk about. she told me "LIFE" i said so do. the moon is a good listener she then replyed i said yes it is and she said if you ever get lonely with out me just look up at the moon and talk to it chances are im talking to it to. i only seen Rylene twice after that... now till this day forward i wish i would of stayed i loved her dearly and always will. i still talk to the moon and pray everynight and i will till the day i see her again in heaven

i love you rylene and miss you baby girl



Shared by jonathan evans on November 6, 2010


why did you leave?

all it did was bring harm

and tears

now i cant stop crying

and wishing

that one day

we'll meet again

i miss your smile

and your open heart

you loved everyone

everyone loved you

you were a part of me,

the sister i never had

now all i think

is that this world

actually is hell

i know it was your time

but couldnt you stay a little longer?

i love you rylene

i love everything about you

i loved your raven black hair

your sweet personality

they way you could always cheer me up

now your gone

who do i have now?

what will i do without you?

i need your help, rylene

send me a message

from above

i need to hear your voice

see your smile

share your laughter

i'll never forget you

not even if i got memory loss

you will always live

in our hearts

and in mine

untill it beats no more

but by then

i'll be with you

when i see you again

i'm going to hug you

i'm going to hold you

hopfully your in a better place now

and your watching down on us





i miss you girl

and it gets harder every day

i cry

and cry

and cry

i just wont stop

i know you dont want us too

but it's just too much

with you being gone

come back rylene

we need you

i need you

dont leave us yet.....

i'll see you soon

i dont know how soon

and i probably wont ever know

but when soon somes

thats the day i'll finally be happy again

I love you

Shared by Heidi Goodwin on November 6, 2010

It was Monday

Novemeber 1, 2010.

I called you to ask if i could come.

We haven't had one on one latley.

So i stayed for a while.

Then we asked if i could stay the night.

Usaully my parents didn't let me stay out on School nights.

But that night they let me.

We ate those greek peppers.

We loved those.

Along with icecream(:


We also did our nails.

They were all different colors.

I remember mine ket falling off.

We went to bed cause i was tired.

Its was 4am we woke up at the same time.

Then we woke up and got ready for school.

I remember sitting on the bus and talking to you.

And i didn't see you much at school

I remember the last thing i said to you.

It was in History.

I was like Rylene i love you.

And  you said it back.

Then after that i gave you hug after class.

Here comes 3:00pm

The phone rings.

It's Nathalie.

She was in  tears.

I couldn't  Understand.

"It's Rylene, she is dead".

Nathalie said.



I dropped the phone

and broke down.

My mom looked at me

and took the phone.

I went straight to her grandmas.

No one was there.

So i called Allison.

She didn't believe.

This isn't happening is it.

This can't be true.

Please be fake.

I just saw you.

This happened so fast.

My sister

My bestfriend

The person i told everything

She is really gone.

I went in her room it was hard.

I want you back soooo badddd.

please let me see your face one last time.

I wish this was a dream.

But i want all my friends

and her family

and everybody else.

She is in a better place.

This wonderful place called Heaven.

I wish Heaven had a phone so i could call you.

I still call you phone

to hear your voice.

Your Grandma Bobbie has been alot of help to me.

She is the one getting me throught this.

Your the best.

Your like family to me

and you guys mean the world to me.


I love you and miss you Rylene.

This really came from my heart.

R.I.P Darling.

I'll see you soon love(:


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