Posted by alyssa baldwin on February 5, 2013
I still feel like this is just all a big joke, like you still her. like you not that far away and yet at the same time i know you gone, and i know its ok too miss you. i just wish i could see you one last time, just to say GoodBye,..
Im still going to name my kid Jerick when i grow up just like i promised<3 I miss you so much
Posted by Amber Self on February 1, 2012
If heven wasn't so far away, i'd pack up my bags and go for the day.
Posted by Kayla Heinrich on November 3, 2011
I still can't believe your gone.. It feels like a dream.. or maybe your hiding from us... I love you and miss you more than you could ever imagine <3
Posted by Amber Self on September 14, 2011
I was just thinking about you and the last day we spent together. then realized i still have your shirt. i kind of giggled. then it made me a bit sad. sad to think thats all i have left of you besides our memories... i miss you loads rylene.
Posted by Heidi Goodwin on July 26, 2011
Rylene you are an amazing girl. One of the bestest friend I have ever had. November 1st was the best day ever. We had a blast that night. I think of you everyday baby girl. I miss you so much. But I know your in a better place now. I love you Ry Ry.<3
Posted by Amber Self on April 14, 2011
Rylene i think about you every day. I even dream about you. The dreams feel so real. your always telling me to go with you and that i will be much happier if i do. i wake up crying sometimes. i remember when we where younger and we would play kickbal
Posted by Amber Self on March 2, 2011
I miss you so much Rylene. I miss you and wish i could see your face just one more time, hear your voice, see your beautiful smile. I think about you every day. This year was the first year of NYO that you werent there since we met. It felt like there was something missing. A hole in the fun we used to have, all the laughter and fun we had. I love and miss you. a lot. <3
Posted by salena pena on March 2, 2011
Today I thougth of you as the wind blew behind me, I know you are there with me everyday, watching me guiding me. I miss your voice and your laugh and your eyes that I told everything to. See You Soon! 
I Love You Rylene! You are forever to be my best friend and a little sister!
Posted by Dakota Wilkerson on February 25, 2011
Today i thought of you(: a lot though... I realized that i will never see you ever again...It makes me think of how soon i should die and be with you up there in the blue sky.....I miss you though i miss us going outside at my house and playing in the sand pit and peeing on the sidewalk haha i love you Rylene(::) so much.....
Posted by Kayla Heinrich on February 19, 2011
Rylene I love you!! I really wish u were still here!! I miss you baby gurl!! so very very much!!! plz.. help me.. I know ur watching.. I need ur help. <3
Posted by Dakota Wilkerson on December 24, 2010
I remember last year when we decorated our Christmas tree together,it was our own charlie brown tree as we put more and more ornaments on we seen how perfect the tree looked, all my family photos on the ornaments,but now your on my wreath ornament and always will(: I love you Rylene Arnell and you'll always be my sister,but yet your always be my bestfriend til' the end...
P.S I love you so much <3
Posted by Dakota Wilkerson on November 29, 2010
Rylene i miss oh so dearly I'm sure to see you soon..And every time I feel the wind blow behind me I know it's you and i always tell you how much i love you and miss you (: I love you sissy :P
Posted by Kayla Heinrich on November 23, 2010
I cant believe it's been three weeks.... some days it feels like it was yesterday and other days it feels like its been a year... I miss you hunny.. I love you. I want you back..
Posted by Zak McMahon on November 12, 2010
Rylene you are a very special girl to me and to everyone you touched in this world. you were my angel on earth and you are now my angel in heaven. i love and miss you dearly and i will see you soon.

Zakhary Taylor McMahon
Posted by Kayla Heinrich on November 12, 2010
I love you baby-gurl. I miss you tunns. I wish you could be here with me. But I know.. ur in a better place now. oxo
Posted by jairra seidl on November 8, 2010
rylene was my best friend when i moved here. we had such great times in the sm=now and in the pools. we hung out all the time and eventually we grew apart and the day that she passed the only conversation we had was a litttle head nod and hay hows it goin and then bfore i knew it she was gone. we miss you rylene. we hope ur in a better place.
Posted by Sarah E. on November 7, 2010
Rylene, I love you very much. I will miss you. Every thing will be okay. School, life won't be the same with out you. It's a terrible tragedy. our lives will change. she kept everyone happy, everyone excited, and she was the one that you didn't know what they were gonna do next! You made a huge impact on my life, and many others. You are one of my hero's and I am gonna miss you so much <3
Posted by Kayla Heinrich on November 6, 2010
Rylene wuz an amazing gurl... we all love her to death!! she taught us to not care wut others think, to be happy and not sit on the bad stuff... she wuz a beautifull gurl with a beautifull smile and laugh..
Posted by jonathan evans on November 6, 2010
she was the one that left me happy at the end of the day, i miss her, i love her. i'll see you soon. dont wait up
Posted by Dakota Wilkerson on November 6, 2010
Rylene when you got to school every morning you always brightened up my day...You always made my day special in every way....And i loved your beautiful personality that shined through the windows...
Posted by Heidi Goodwin on November 6, 2010
I can't do anything.
Rylene your a special girl.
I'll see you real soon honey.
I love you(:

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