Such a dynamo!

Shared by Pam Hill on November 3, 2021
My husband Doug and I were fortunate to become friends and neighbors with Sally back in Elkins, WV.  Her personality was always upbeat and adventurous.  She also openly shared her generous spirit and pragmatic philosophies!  We became good friends that shared interests in cooking, home gardening, traveling, and life adventures!  She and her husband had an affinity for cats (me, not so much at the time!).  One time during the fall we dropped by her house when she revealed that she had baked 6 homemade pumpkin pies.  Impressed with that productivity, we asked to check them out. When we walked into the kitchen near the back of the house, we caught one of her cats on the countertop, casually munching into the center of a pie, after leaving bite marks in 3 or 4 of the other pies!!! Probably one of the few times we heard Sally cuss like a sailor!
 We were sorry to see her move on from Elkins, but knew she could land on her feet anywhere; such an independent soul!  
Sal, may your spirit soar all over the world! We wish you peace.
Love from Pam and Doug

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