Shared by Luegenia Cooley on May 14, 2019


 I never wanted to hear that I've lost you sitting where I am. I've lost so much behind  these walls of concrete and bars,  my Granny, my dad, my brother, and uncles. I've lost time and I can't ever get it back, I find myself lost for words and feeling cause the cold truth hurts everyday. I am the last on of You and my Father. Some people will look at my life and find everything wrong.  Other folk will criticize the choices you've made, but as for me your son I find all you did was your best. You lived with the hand life dealt. You had some bad days, but GOD turned it all around to good days.the memories we had together no one could take, like when we broke into the pet store and freed all the birds.Do you know that everyday I hear the parrots I think of you.MOMMA YOU ARE MY BESTFRIEND alongside of my granny and under no circumstances wilI I  wish for you to have been different sure there were hard times and rough moments but it only helped me to learn to love unconditionally.I WASN'T THERE TO SAY GOODBYE and I'm sure you rather me not. Therefore, I pray you were right with the father because my goal is to meet you in heaven.You got your life together,built long lasting memories, and taught me in the long run that things really do get better, so now I will work on me and live my best life in honor of you.I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER MOMMA IN A HAPPY WAY. Love you always your baby son, Trouble.

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