This memorial website was created in memory of Sally Mack, in order to share information about gatherings to remember her, and for people to share their memories, thoughts and feelings about Sally.  

For the Boston Globe obituary of May 3rd, click HERE.  For the obituary written by Sally's family, go to:

A memorial service for Sally will be held on Saturday, May 21st, at 5:30pm, at the deCordova Museum & Sculpture Park, 51 Sandy Pond Rd., Lincoln, MA.  A reception will immediately follow the service, at the museum.

If you have digital photos of Sally you'd be willing to share, please send them to by Wednesday, May 18.

CONTRIBUTIONS in Sally's name can be made to:
1) The Extraordinary Needs Fund of the Hale Family Center at Children’s Hospital, where Sally worked for many years. 
- To donate by mail, make check payable to “Boston Children’s Hospital,” be sure to include Sally’s name in the memo line, and mail to: Boston Children’s Hospital Trust, 401 Park Drive, Suite 602, Boston, MA 02215.  
- To donate by credit card, visit and be sure to check the box in Section 2 to indicate the gift is in honor of Sally.  
- Children's will automatically put any donation received in Sally’s name to their Extraordinary Needs Fund.

2) The American Friends Service Committee's work for Peace in Israel-Palestine
- To donate by mail, make check payable to "AFSC," write "Sally Mack Israel-Palestine Fund" in the memo, and send to: AFSC Development, 1501 Cherry St., Philadelphia, PA 19102.
- To donate by credit card, click here to give a tribute gift, and put Sally's name where indicated.  AFSC will automatically put the donation to their Israel-Palestine work.
- You can also donate by calling 1-888-588-2372.

Posted by Judy Hampton on May 19, 2020
Always in my heart
Posted by Judy Hampton on May 24, 2016
. Thank you for a weekend that was beyond words.Everthing was so beautiful, You did a memorable job,but the Oscar goes to Laila.


Posted by Elana Markovitz on May 21, 2016
My mother and Sally both kept Kosher together at the University of Michigan at Alice Lloyd Hall and lived together at the Martha Cook dorm. She kept in touch with her all through years. She said Sally had a smile you could dance away to,

When I moved to Boston, she was very welcoming and opened her house to me.
Posted by Linda Zatman on May 20, 2016
Sally was a wonderful, kind, beautiful soft spoken cousin - I am so sad that she is gone but have so many fond memories of her - She had such a beautiful smile and dimple and was so caring - She will be forever missed.
Posted by Aliya Mack on May 19, 2016
We miss you, Mom Sally... What a wonderful mother-in-law you have been to me, caring, kind, always full of love. Leila and Eric have had the blessing of growing up with the best grandma that anyone could ever have. The gift of your love will stay in our hearts forever.
Posted by Yvonne DeFreitas Chalmers on May 19, 2016
dear sally,
happy birthday.
I picked many lily of the vally flowers for you this year.
I can see your smile as you smell them.
I gazed at the bright moon last night,
Surrounded by an open field,
I tried to reason
watching clouds pass over the light
like waves adored
I miss you. painfully, beautifully
All in
In Honor
in honor of you,
I appreciate our treasured
Posted by Judy Hampton on May 19, 2016
I am going through painful withdrawal syndrome today. This is about many years that I haven't called Sally to wish her a HappyBirthday.
Posted by Michael Blumenthal on May 15, 2016
Sally was a beautiful, remarkable woman, whom I wish I had met earlier and wish I had seen more of late. My entire family will always remember her bright smile, her kindness, her generosity of spirit, and her largeness of soul. Among the many blessings of my life is the fact that I knew her and had the chance to share some days and evenings with her, among the most vivid being a visit of her and John to our rented house on Sutton Island, Maine where we celebrated our friendship, and our young son's life, among the glorious pines and the mushroom-filled woods. May she rest in peace, as she deserves.
Posted by Joseph Montville on May 14, 2016
Danny, Ken, and Tony. I loved Sally for all the reasons her friends have listed and many more. I knew her and you through my work with your Dad in the psychodynamics of peacebuilding with the Israelis, Egyptians and Palestinians and the psychology of the U.S.-Soviet relationship working with Erik and Joan Erikson. During these many years, Sally was an integral part of my consciousness with John. I stayed with them in Brookline many times. And I stayed with Sally when I came up from Virginia for John's memorial service in Cambridge.. It breaks my heart that I only heard of her death today, May 14, and I am locked in with personal commitments for Sally's memorial. But please know that I will be with you in spirit. Sally was and is a beautiful soul and I will never forget her.
Posted by Pam Dugas on May 14, 2016
Sally and I met through the Perinatal Social Workers Group. I was an ingénue, and deeply upset about babies dying, bereft parents. My supervisors had me join the group for support. I was instantly struck with Sally's compassion, humor, gentle caring, deep commitment to others.

Sally became my therapist after several months and held that position for over 8 years. She thought she was not experienced with major childhood trauma, but it was not expertise I sought; it was compassion and the help in rebuilding self-image/esteem. Those abilities she had in abundance. 

I can credit Sally with my own Social Work professional longevity. She helped me sort through my own baggage in order to help others with increased ability. She helped me raise my son healthily.

It is with deep gratitude, love and sadness that I bid her goodbye from this existence. I can only imagine her relief at being spared the rest of this political fracas.
Posted by Sally Lorber Stein on May 10, 2016
Sally Stahl Mack and I were roommates and close friends at the University of Michigan, 1952 and 1953. Through the years we have kept in touch via mail, email, and occasional visits. She is/was one of the most thoroughly good - and giving - people I have ever known. And she was also an open person: open to new thoughts and adventures, and open and honest about herself and her feelings. I send condolences and love to her family. You, like I and countless others, will always feel the presence of her absence.
Posted by Anya Almgren on May 9, 2016
Getting to know and work with Sally closely, first, as her personal assistant for many years and then as her friend, is something I will forever cherish. She opened her arms to me and became my family when I was so far away from home, going to grad school. She encouraged me in my studies and helped me to broaden my worldview and discern my calling. I will always remember, and miss, our late night phone conversations that would last for hours, watching the sun set over the ocean with her, and our deep discussions about the world around us. Sally was an extraordinarily kind and generous woman with her time, money and skills. She was a blessing to me and to so many others and she will be forever missed, but never forgotten.
Posted by Patty Lieber on April 30, 2016
My condolences to Sally and her family. We knew each other for many years through our work in the National Association of Perinatal Social Workers. We lost touch when our paths went in different directions but I remember her as a kind, sage, devoted and passionate social worker who cared for her clients and adored her children. I am glad I had the opportunity to know her and to work with her.
Posted by Ingrid Stocking on April 28, 2016
Sally and I were young mothers together. I know what a devoted parent she was, and I know how difficult it must be for her children to lose her. i wish you all well.
Posted by Barbara Dunlap on April 4, 2016
From a little girl in pigtails to a beautiful, intelligent woman and mother, she will always be my best friend. Rest in peace, Sally. You will always have a place in my heart.
Posted by Nancy Kehoe on April 3, 2016
I had the great gift of knowing Sally for over 40 years and what comes to mind when I think of her is the word graciousness - on every occasion, she was a person of such warmth, caring, engaged in the other. She loved life and dealt with the difficult curve balls that life throws at us with such a spirit of resilience, openness, ever able to take a lemon and make lemonade. The universe has gained a great spirit while we have lost her physical presence.
Posted by Yvonne DeFreitas Chalmers on April 1, 2016
One week ago today, before dawn was my most horrible Good Friday ever. My dear friend Sally passed becoming fully, only a Spiritual being?  I remember lighting two candles next to you on your last night. They were soft partners to each other, like you were to those you loved and our many passions and purposes. Thank you, thank you , thank you
Posted by Davida Dinerman on April 1, 2016
Her spirit and kindness and beauty were infectious. She has left a legacy for all to continue. May her memory be for a blessing. With love, Pearl and Lee Sherman, and Davida (Sherman) Dinerman
Posted by Yvonne DeFreitas Chalmers on March 31, 2016
A woman devoted to countless Noble aspirations, both at home and globally.
Posted by Yvonne DeFreitas Chalmers on March 29, 2016
I have heard the Spirit helps us in our weakness and intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words. Sally, the longing and pain in my heart can't be described today
Posted by Catherine B Hoffman on March 29, 2016
Sally was a genuine beauty- full of generosity, conviction, and evolving- she weathered a lot of losses and kept wanting a better world at the center.. I am sad for her passing.
Posted by Judy Hampton on March 29, 2016
When a star fell out of heaven-it was named Sallywith the provision that it be beautiful,brainy.caring,a passionate carer of causes,a great mom.& Grandma, love the sea & do her best to make the world a better place. Thank you star-you created the perfect person who will live in my heart forever

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Posted by Judy Hampton on May 19, 2020
Always in my heart
Posted by Judy Hampton on May 24, 2016
. Thank you for a weekend that was beyond words.Everthing was so beautiful, You did a memorable job,but the Oscar goes to Laila.


Posted by Elana Markovitz on May 21, 2016
My mother and Sally both kept Kosher together at the University of Michigan at Alice Lloyd Hall and lived together at the Martha Cook dorm. She kept in touch with her all through years. She said Sally had a smile you could dance away to,

When I moved to Boston, she was very welcoming and opened her house to me.
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Shared by Beth Rontal on April 30, 2016

I met Sally almost 30 years ago when we were in a women's group for several years. I remember how excited she was when her first grandchild was born. And what a good listener she was. 

We were 20 years apart in age but she made that difference insignificant -- except that her wisdom, warmth, and compassion were a model for how to live a life with heart and integrity. She listened, encouraged and challenged me in a way that I didn't have anywhere else in my life at that time.  

I am forever grateful that she unconditionally encouraged me to go into social work believing that I would be a good psychotherapist. My own mother died when I was in my late teens so encouragement from Sally was part of what I needed to make that decision, one that I have never regretted. She was to me, like so many of her "younger friends" the "mother they wished they'd had."

Sally was my friend, my mentor and in some ways, my mother. I am deeply saddened by her passing. Her memory is a blessing.  

Sally saved my life twice

Shared by Joan Hunt on April 14, 2016

To Sally's sons- 

I truly loved your mother - she saved me twice.  The first time I met Sally she was recommended to me by a leader of a breast feeding group in 1978.  I was suffering from a severe case of postpartum depression and she gently, lovingly and carefully put me back together and I was able to sucessfully raise a wonderful family of three children.  I always felt that because of her clinical expertise and care I was able to become a nurturing and loving mother and wife.  In 2000 I lost my oldest son to a sudden death.  My son Matthew was the baby who I brought to the weekly visits with Sally for all those visits that first year.  It took a while but I found Sally a few months after my son died.  Sally had been mostly retired by that point but did agree to meet with me again since I was completely devastated. She met with me twice a month for months until I was able to think straight.  The visits with her again were so therapeutic and healing and she was able to help me deal with my pain and my grief.  I will be forever grateful to your mother.  I am certain that she is in heaven.