This tribute was added by Donna Normand Barnett on February 12, 2020
There are no words that can fully describe Chef and her contributions to so many students, friends and family.

She always, always had time for those in need. She was firm, strong and funny. She taught with a passion and a love of life and food. She made each and every student feel like we personally could change the world. 

Chef saw beauty in the thorns and potential in those the world had forgotten. Under her tutelage, I was able to turn my broken world around.

I will forever be grateful for the time I spent as one of her students and forever one of her friends.

Much love to her family....thank you for sharing her with us.
This tribute was added by Jarrett Brown on February 11, 2020
RIP Chef! You will be missed!
This tribute was added by Nicole Travis on February 11, 2020
Chef you was a very strong and inspiring woman you wore your armor strong .. we have had some good conversation... may your soul rest you ..always apart of the eagles at hinds
This tribute was added by Kneedra Bell on February 9, 2020
I attended Hinds Community College where Chef Sally Porter was my Culinary Arts Instructor.

Chef Porter nurtured my passion and quieted my fears. In the classroom and lab, the ideas and opinions of me and my classmates were always valued by Chef Porter. We felt safe to express our feelings and learned to respect and listen to each other because Chef Porter showed us so much respect. She created a learning environment that was welcoming to all her students (previous and current students).

The mutual respect in Chef Porter’s classroom/lab provided us with a supportive, collaborative environment. We became a “culinary family,” that we referred to as “fam.” In our fam, there were rules to follow and jobs to be done and each one of us students were aware of how important we were and the integral roles we had in the fam’s success. Chef Porter let us know that we could not only depend on her, but also on our entire class. We all had each other’s backs. Chef Porter is a great teacher that created a sense of community, family, and belonging in the classroom/lab.

Chef Porter was so approachable, not only to us students, but to everyone on campus. Chef Porter was a compassionate teacher to whom students knew that they could go to with any problems or concerns (the good, the bad, and the ugly). Chef Porter is an amazing teacher that possessed exceptionally good listening skills and she took time out of her super busy schedule for anyone who needed her. If Chef Porter was having a bad day, no one ever knew it because she never complained. Chef Porter was a warm teacher that was always accessible, enthusiastic and caring.

Chef Porter realized that what she expected from us students affected our achievement level in life. She gave us her all, and she expected that we give her our best effort in return. Chef Porter is a wonderful teacher because she sets high expectations for all of us students.

Chef Porter is a cornucopia of professional knowledge. Chef Porter had this burning desire to provide us students with the highest quality of educational information as possible. She taught us to not be afraid of experiencing new tastes and textures as well as incorporating foreign and domestic cooking techniques to be successful chefs. Chef Porter was always willing to share her knowledge with everyone. Chef Porter is an excellent teacher because she has such a passionate love of learning that inspired us students to be educated with more than just the course material with field trips to restaurants, grocery stores, and vendor warehouses.

Chef Porter was such an effective teacher because she emphasized shared decision making and teamwork. She conveyed an enormous sense of leadership to us students by giving us chances to assume leadership roles like being kitchen managers and assistant managers. Chef Porter is the very best because she is a skilled leader.

Chef Porter was constantly assessing her teaching throughout the lessons and always asked us students our opinion on ways to improve her teaching methods to help us learn better. She wanted to find new or better ways to present material to us to make sure that we all really understood what we were reading and what we were doing. Chef Porter is an awesome teacher because she could switch gears and was so flexible when a lesson wasn’t working for us or we were having difficulty grasping the concept(s).

Chef Porter’s communication skills were extraordinary. We had a powerful respect for Chef Porter because of her professionalism. Chef Porter is a fabulous teacher because she maintained a professional manner in all areas, from her personal appearance, her organizational skills and her attention to detail.

Teaching is a gift that seems to be quite natural for Chef Porter. It is because of those many qualities in which Chef Porter has that makes her more to me than just my teacher, she was also an architect that created that solid foundation for my successful life’s journey in Culinary Arts. She worked tirelessly to inspire me, and my classmates, to perform to a very high level. She showed us everything we needed to know about Culinary Arts. I look up to Chef Porter as a role model. She is the embodiment of everything I aspire to be when I become a Culinary Arts teacher. Her love for us students showed in everything she said and did. Chef Porter is truly such an incredible person that I feel blessed to have learned from and the memories I have made in her class/lab are ones that have left an indelible mark forever in my heart. I Love You Chef Porter Always and Forever.
This tribute was added by Beth Marchen on February 9, 2020
I loved my great high school friend, Sally. She was such a good friend! I was so sad that we fell out of touch for a very long time and then we found each other again! We got to see each other and have some long talks when we united for a class reunion a few years ago and Cindy and I were talking about heading East to visit her....wish we'd already gone! I can't believe she is gone, but I pray she is at peace, at rest, pain and cancer free!
This tribute was added by Amy Higginbotham on February 9, 2020
I was honored to know Sally. Her smile was contagious. Never one to shy away from difficulty, I saw her fight for every minute. She said to me once, “this will kill me, but it won’t take my life”. I am so inspired by her and the imprint she left on my heart. While my heart breaks for Madeline and Kemper, I take solice knowing there is no more suffering for her. My prayers are with the ones left behind. Keep on keeping on precious friend!
This tribute was added by Nicholas Thomas on February 9, 2020
Rest easy Chef! You have forever put a mark on my life that I will never forget. I was at a low point in life and you showed me a gift that I already had. Thank you, Chef Porter
This tribute was added by Nichole Brown on February 9, 2020
Chef Porter, I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for you. You taught me so much. You helped me turn my dreams into reality and I am forever thankful for your guidance, wisdom, and knowledge. You will be greatly missed but I'm glad you're at peace.
This tribute was added by Phyllis Beisecker on February 6, 2020
My beautiful, forever in my heart, best friend, sister, sometimes daughter. I am missing you so much. I would love to have one more day with you sharing stories, love, laughter, joy, & inspiration. To remind you of our loving bond, and all we have shared, and how you are loved by all who a had ever met you. You once told me that I was tiny but when I walked in a room I took up all the space; I feel the same about you. Now your spirit and energy occupy unlimited space and love.
On a lighter side a couple of quotes that you shared with me as gifts, “You’ll ALWAYS Be My BEST FRIEND.. You know TOO MUCH”. Another is a bit more inspirational “The Impossible Dream ISN’T”. I am afraid this time it is. What is impossible is to forget the beautiful joy filled memories of you! Your courage and acceptance of what was to be are an inspiration to all.
I Love and miss you forever and always!
This tribute was added by Mark Beisecker on February 5, 2020
Phyllis and I just learned of the passing of our dear friend Sally.

Heaven has truly gained another Angel who touched many lives in such a positive way. Her shining star has dimmed, but her bright light of love are within us all in the memories we each shared with her.

Rest well Sally, you deserve it. Our love to Kemper & Madeline.
This tribute was added by Claressa Wilkins on February 5, 2020
Chef Porter will be loved and truly missed. I had chance to be one of her students at Hinds Community College. Every time I saw Chef Porter she always had a smile on her face. She had an unique spirit that touched many people and her presence always lit up a room when she entered. She always made time for anyone who needed help with anything. Chef Porter have a special place in my heart and I will always carry the memories I have of her every where I go. Chef Porter will always be the best teacher ever!!!!!!!
This tribute was added by Doris Lewis on February 4, 2020
Sorry for your loss and praying for your Family, but so happy to have known such a great Chef ‍ who always gave me a smile whenever we crossed path. As a retiree of Hinds-Jackson Campus, I worked and shared many great meals with Sally for almost 20 years, I will truly miss her presence on this side, may God bless her Family.
This tribute was added by Vicki Colbert on February 4, 2020
There will never be enough words to describe this magnificent woman God graced us (students) with. The knowledge and will power she instilled and gave for many years have spreaded abroad. Just like Abraham, she will always be the mother of culinary. Thanks for winning the battle of cancer. To the wonderful family, thank you for sharing chef with us.

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