Posted by Denise Rogers-Heydt on January 3, 2021
Every day I wish I could hear his thoughts on the state of the world today...the next few months are going to be difficult, cant believe it’s almost been a year....
Posted by Marlene Bertrand on January 1, 2021
Salome, you brought a lot of love into the world. You enhanced the lives of many with your kind and generous heart. And even though, physically, you are not here with us to share in our day-to-day activities, your spirit is still here. We still feel your love and kindness, and because of that, you will be here with us, in our hearts forever.
Posted by Vince Lomeli on December 31, 2020
Breaks my heart that we didn’t get to spend more time as adults together Sal, I know your such a great person and Dad, I feel you couldn’t leave Amari alone so God let you be be her side. Well meet again old friend.
Posted by Daniel Williams on July 8, 2020
My son was an amazing boy we will always keep you in our hearts. Salome you live through all of us because you were and will always be a special person. Just know son your kids are safe with and doing well, love you son!!!:-)
Posted by Christian Franco on February 20, 2020
You will forever be my brother...I always wanted to keep in contact with you weekly n its a huge road block, but you know what? it is like my grandmother, Your not gone, you just moved.... my memories are always going to be mine and no matter what i will always appreciate all the dope times i had with you bro. You have my energy
Posted by Mariana Rivera on February 19, 2020
Salome was such an amazing person. Growing up he was my favorite little person. I would carry my lil Salome everywhere even if he was half my size. I would baby sit Salome and his big brother during the summer. One evening the roof was being supported by a big piece of wood and some how someone kicked it and the roof came crashing down. We were so scared we would get in trouble. So once my aunt Lydia and Danny got Home we told them it just fell by itself. They believed it! It’s not until maybe a year or two ago they confessed what really happened smh!! That was supposed to be our secret forever! But my uncle Danny mentioned how I covered for them so they wouldn’t get in trouble shows my loyalty to them. Every time I saw Salome he always had to mess up my hair and make fun of how short I was. And we always called eachother lil big cuz. We will miss you so much Salome. Everything about you was perfect and now you are a perfect angel! Love you lil big cuz❤️
Posted by Michaela Kanawyer on February 19, 2020
We were only about 6 years old when I was entered into the Williams family. Salome, Little Danny and I used to all love playing Mortal Kombat, the floor was lava and chasing eachother around the neighborhood. I remember sleeping over. Then I remember hanging out at Grandpa D's and Grandma Elvias watching their endless movies from the movie store, watching tons of boxing and eating chicken! When Grandpa D passed away Sal had became more of a young man and had grown into a responsible and wise one.
As we got older and with the passing of my own mother it became more of a choice to stay within the Williams family. There was never a question of if I was family or not for Salome and for that I have been overly blessed.
When I came to stay with them in Mariposa we all had such good bonding times over good grubs, hiking adventures, working the ball park with Gma Elvia, watching shows, and hanging out with all the williams kids. I was getting ready to join the Army and Sal had just finished graduating figuring his life with His high school sweetheart. While I was away serving Sal started his family with Tabitha. Starting his family also began his career in the Army. During his training he had his wife Tabitha and son lil Salome come to stay with me in Virginia. He always put his family first and with Tabithas condition, being pregnant and recovering from an aneurysm, he wanted her close. Tabitha, lil Sal and I really got to bond and I fell in love with his mini Sal. I loved seeing Salome and Tabitha as a family. They were raising their kid so well and being there for Josiahs birth was so exciting. I wish I could have spent a bit more time these last couple years with them, but I was busy starting my own family in Florida. Whenever I could catch a game with Salome online with league of Legends I would. He was sooo much better than I at league. Salome was a year or so younger than I but I looked up to him and admired him. He was wiser than his years on Earth. He was the every bit of good in his parents. He was respectful, always looked out after GMA Elvia and his mother and then his wife and children. He respected his mother , father, elders and every living individual. He loved his family more than anything and he showed it. Salome was one of the best, the favorite for so many of us and a priceless individual. The best of the best. I will miss him dearly. The blood that wasnt my blood, but loved ever so much!
Posted by Steve Williams on February 19, 2020
My nephew Salome was a blessing and a cherished soul. Me and him liked a lot of the same music and artist and loved Tupac like no other. I'm going to miss him more than anyone will ever know, but I also know that Sal, right now, at this very moment is looking down at us all with happiness and joy. He is with his daughter right now. And it gives me comfort to know that Sal watches the gate till we come home to meet him as well. Love you Nephew, with every ounce and inch of my soul!
Posted by Rachael Awad on February 19, 2020
I will forever remember fondly our fence conversations. Passing food, beer, fish, children and dogs over the fence with him. His smile was infectious.

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