His Life

27th Birthday in Heaven

To My Dearest Son, Sal.

As the years fly by and I sit here in the quiet, the Memories of You and the birthdays we celebrated as a family.  Since you left Us 7 years ago, time has changed so much.

This time of year brings so many emotions and tears and the sweetest of memories you  gave to Dad, Becky and I.   October was your favorite time of year.  Not just for your birthday but for the fall.   I started a tradition for you when you passed away.  To go out and pick a pumpkin and a Mum and plant the most beautiful one I could find.  I write on that pumpkin with a message to you.   Today that tradition continues and always will till I can no longer do so.  Sal, my dearest Son, I Miss You every single day and I cry for You every single day.  You will never leave me. You are the stitches in my heart that hold it together..   I always say, that you left this earth to build your family a place in Heaven.  I bet it will be beautiful.   Sal, Happy 27th Birthday in Heaven

Sending You Hugs and Kisses.  I Love You For All Eternity, Mom

Chapter 1 He entered my world

October 11th, 1990   3:00pm  I can remember that day so clearly.  The day I gave birth to the most beautiful baby that I have ever seen.  He cried when he came into this world.  A big boy he was and what a gem in the rough. He is and Always will be my Son, My Angel, My Prince!  Sal these past 5 1/2 months since you have gone have been so hard for us at home. Everyday is a challenge to wake up and continue, but I know you would say, Mom, please don't do this.  This is not what I want.  Please try for me, Mom!   Sal, You are so missed and every day my heart cries for you!  I Love You Sal      Ride in Peace, My Son